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I was drawn by this cover and enjoyed this sweet romance between injured parties. My rating 4.25.

Molly Jenkins was abandoned by her boyfriend and her overly strict father when she became pregnant at a young age. She struggled as a single mom to get through college and try to provide a decent life for her son, Ken. Now Molly is stymied by her sulky, twelve-year-old son who is making bad choices and leaning toward negative influences. Molly takes a job with a small-town school in Colorado hoping to remove Ken from serious trouble.

Before they can settle into their new home, Ken is caught throwing rocks on the neighbor’s ranch. Nathan confronts Ken and marches him home to announce his punishment will be to work off the harm he has done. Molly is wary, but agrees that Ken has to make up for the damage.

Nathan grew up without a father and was in trouble as a teen until his mother abandoned him to a boy’s ranch. Nathan doesn’t believe in love due to his mother’s abandonment. Nor does he believe in mother’s coddling as he is insistent that every growing boy needs strong male discipline to learn proper respect. Molly takes affront to Nathan’s attitude thinking he is insulting all the single mom’s that have worked so hard to raise good children.

Molly and Nathan butt heads, not only over Ken, but over Molly’s proposed project to open a community center for teens in the small town. Although Molly can’t deny that Ken’s behavior begins to improve under Nathan’s strong guidance, this doesn’t resolve the other conflicts between Molly and Nathan. It takes time for a loving family to help them to begin to soften their stubborn stances.

Ken witnesses a scene that triggers his rebellion again and the slow growing friendship between Molly and Nathan is challenged. Can they manage to find mutual ground to help Ken before he ends up in jail?

This is an easy read as the writing moved along well, although I noted several grammatical errors which may have been fixed before publication. The thirtyish characters were extreme in their opposite views but this made for the conflict that they had to work through. There is a puppy element so the cover was accurate to draw in a reader. I enjoyed the story and I recommend this to readers who enjoy small town romances with more mature (not YA or college) characters.

I received this title through NetGalley.
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Love Takes Two is a well written romance.  I enjoyed the plot and the characters. The story of an over protective mother and her troubled son was an interesting concept to me.  It is a good quick read.  I recommend this book
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I read this book from NetGalley for an honest review. This book was do-able, but certainly not a favorite, baseline for story was good, but maturity of the story was just not there, would be good for very young adult maybe. I felt like the story was set  back in the '60's . it's about a mom who moves to a small town/country setting to get her 12 year old son away from negative influences and to keep him from acting out. She meets the neighbour, Nathan after her son Ken has acted out in a negative way. The story unfolds and we learn about Molly and Nathan's past, about what they both feel is important in raising children with both discipline and understanding and love.  I just felt that is was written in a very immature way and not really how people act/ feel or deal with emotions and circumstances. Sorry to say I would not recommend this book
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Molly Jenkins left Denver to give her son, Ken, a chance at a better life. He was becoming a sullen, rebellious twelve year old and his psychologist felt that he was heading down a path of destruction unless Molly got him away from the bad influences he had being exposed to. Molly was a single mom trying to provide her son with everything he needed. But, she couldn't be a father or father-figure to him and apparently that is what he needed.

Nathan Jones owned a 100 acre farm next door to Molly Jenkins new home. He caught Ken throwing rocks at one of his rescue horses and he felt that boy needed to learn a lesson. As a consequence of his actions, Ken had to work with Nathan in repairing some of the damage he had done to the horse. Ken became a new boy who was no longer sullen and surly. He was blossoming under the tutelage of Nathan Jones.

Molly and Nathan were like oil and water and didn't always see eye to eye about what was best for Ken but Molly couldn't argue the fact that Ken's behavior and attitude were improving the more time he spent with Nathan. Molly and Nathan began to see each other in a different light, as well. Could they ever be more than friends?

I enjoyed reading this book. While I didn't always agree with Nathan or his ideas, I do believe that single parenting is hard and that a child can benefit from the influence of someone of the same gender as the missing parent in the family.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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sorry just not for me did not like it i raised two sons all on my own and both are great men
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I don't completely agree with this psychologist. Just because he doesn't have a dad doesn't mean he will automatically join a gang. 

This kid is not throwing rocks at a horse! I'm sure he knows that is wrong. 

He's actually a good kid. I'm pleasantly surprised. But why is he giving his mom such a hard time? Nathan has a point about her babying him. 

I would have never called an adult by their first name. 

Man works fast!

I don't think he should have manhandled someone else's son like that, but it sure was effective. 

She never thought to get Ken involved in a sports team or something? 

Poor Walt. I'd call Child Services so fast... 

This Donovan guy can't fund two projects? 

Amelia seems so nice. Nathan is being a turd. I could see if she was abusive and mean, but she clearly loves and misses him. 

Connie is really quite smart. 

I thought her idea of a community center was great. but I guess funding would have become an issue. 

I really like that they both have values.
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