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A thrill for 3-6-year-olds!

Zebra on the Go is a fun kids' book by Jill Nogales that will entertain your preschool and early elementary children.

Zebra on the Go is a story about a circus in town. To begin the story, Zebra accidentally steps on Lion's toe, and Lion becomes furious! As a result, a chase through the town ensues. Zebra desperately runs from Lion through the town, past townspeople, onto the dock and aboard a boat where the story comes to a climax.

Illustrations by Lorraine Rochas are very colorful and detailed, adding action and drama to the story.

This book has been a hit for my three-year-old son. He has had me read it to him multiple times, and he delights in telling the story himself.
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Everyone is enjoying the circus until zebra accidentally steps on lion’s toe. Nice, short rhymes add to the suspense and hilarious illustrations follow the zebra and lion across a busy city to an exciting conclusion.
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There's nothing wrong with this simple story -- told in rhyming verse and solid illustrations -- but there was nothing spectacular either. There were a few short pages with a "find the zebra" in the art that I enjoyed, but the story and words were so-so.

It kept my daughter entertained and she did think it was cute. Her generous rating because she admitted there were way more cuter and funnier books out there that she likes: 4.5 out of 5 stars. Mine is 2 stars.
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Silly rhymes for the preschool set

Zebra steps on lion's toe. Mayhem ensues. All's well that ends well.

Not much of a story, but it's for the younger set. Nicely illustrated, it's completely in rhyme. Very much a read aloud book for the younger ones.

The publisher provided me a copy for review.
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I enjoyed this book and it had some lovely images.  When the animals get loose at the circus, the laughter begins. This book is told in rhyme, is easy to read and has a great ending.  I can certainly see it becoming a firm favourite.
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How can one not go on and on about this cute book? It was adorable from the start, the pictures were so well illustrated that I felt as though I was in the book. A great read for all ages of children.
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While performing in the circus, Zebra accidentally steps on Lion's toe and starts a grand chase across the city. Will Lion catch Zebra? Will Zebra and Lion make amends? Kids of all ages will have fun searching with Lion for Zebra in each new illustration. A wonderful addition to the class library for upper elementary schools!
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I'm sure it will have it's little fans, but a story based on a zebra stepping on a lions foot and then being chased by said lion through a city, seems a bit of a stretch, not to  mention alarming! Illustrations were fun.
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When the animals get loose at the circus, the laughter begins. This book is told in rhyme, is easy to read and has a great cadence. It is a fun tale with lion chasing zebra through town after he steps on lion's paw. The illustrations are fun and detailed. In several of them you can look for zebra who is hiding from lion. Once they are on the run, everyone else follows until there is a happy ending and zebra and lion are no longer in a tiff. A great read aloud for classrooms. This is a wonderful book for schools, libraries and homes as well.
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Great read-aloud for storytime, with plenty of action words, fun rhymes, and busy pictures.
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What would happen if circus animals got on the loose? Zebra on the Go gives us a silly tale of circus animals on the loose and it is quite a show!  The beginning of our story we enter the circus. Unfortunately for lion during their performance, Zebra steps on his foot leaving lion very upset and leaving the circus. The story depicts what happens to lion along the way outside of the circus and it certainly causes much chaos.. In the end it is Zebra who rescues Lion, ending their rift between each other.  With bright illustrations and rhyming words galore, Zebra on the Go is a delightful read that kids will enjoy.
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I loved the rhythm and rhyme of the story. “Zebra on the Go” was action-packed fun.
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"Trumpets tooting, cannon shooting, Music playing, horses neighing, flags are flapping, children clapping".

Fun! Fun! and more Fun!

Can you tell I might love this book?

I wasn't sure what to expect at first,  but as soon as I turned to that first page and those words just slipped so easily off my tongue, I knew straight away that this book would be prefect for a story time session.  I had visions of laughing children, them engaging with the pictures and getting excited about what would happen at the end.

The book is utter chaos and fun (I think I may have mentioned that a few times already), and the illustrations have so much for a child to look at and talk about which is great for early literacy skills.

I can see this book becoming a favourite of many children and storytellers because the words flow so easily and you just want to know what is going to happen in all that craziness.  The book speaks a message about feelings and helping people especially with lines like "temper soaring" and " friendship mending. Lion Hugging".

The rhyming of the words in the book help children progress more easily with their reading, for example if you are rhyming words like "chase is ending, friendship mending" the child is able to see the relationship between these two words.  This is turn assists with learning several words easier  because of the same ending e.g. ing.

I highly recommend this book, its fun, its chaotic, its fast paced, and its a fiesta to the ears and eyes.

Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for giving me a copy of this to read for an honest review.
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I received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.
A fun read about a circus animals running away. The zebra steps on the toe of the Tiger and makes him mad and then the zebra runs away. Great illustrations and fun rhyming makes this a great read-aloud book for kids.
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This delightful romp about a misunderstanding at the circus should encourage readers to see the circus before it becomes extinct,
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A fun book, unless you are the zebra that stepped on a lion’s toe.  Now they are all running around away from the angry lion.  But the lions temper will cool.  A fun rhyming story with great illustrations.

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