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For me, I wanted to enjoy this book, and I did finish it which is obviously why I am writing a review, but it wasn't 100% awesome. It's not very often that books leave me feeling incomplete but Evidence Not Seen did just that. Now I will let you know, that since I had gotten this from Netgalley. All I had was the title and author; I didn't have a cover. So I didn't realize it was a Christian fiction book. With the title, I had assumed that it was going to be a mystery and it started off that way with the main character's father coming up to the end of his 27-year prison sentence. Jeff Galloway spent his life becoming a lawyer and tried looking into his father's sentence as things didn't add up. The other thing is that this book is set in 1979 which I didn't know. I thought it would be a contemporary tale. This book as it seems is more about the romance blossoming between Jeff and Melanie and Jeff learning to forgive his father's past transgressions. What frustrated me about Evidence Not Seen was that I had hoped for some closure about his father's sentence and why he was sent to jail for stealing when obviously he didn't in the first place as Jeff did visit the original detective on the case but all we were given was riddles. Personally, I felt that Evidence Not Seen left readers with too many unanswered questions and the book just finishes like that leaving us readers to go WTF did I just read. Evidence Not Seen shows readers that like anything, not every book published bloggers will love and rave about.
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Thank you.
Enjoyed it.
Will purchase copies for family and friends.
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This was a sweet little read i really liked Jeff and Melanie and enjoyed their story this was a good read and i enjoyed it would read more by this author.
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