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Reviving Jules

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Rhett Carson had a sweet young daughter who missed having a mother.  Her mother had died when she was very young and Rhett had sworn off marriage.  His marriage had not been a happy one but Andi  kept praying for a mother every single night.  She had made friends with Jules, a woman with a difficult pasta d she wanted Jules to be her new mommy.  

This is a sweet and clean story about Christian values and forgiveness and learning to trust again.  I found myself cheering for this young family to succeed.  My only criticism is that the story resolved very quickly.  I would have liked a little more development of their story at the end.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Poor thing, why should talking about family upset her? 

 Oh, her husband was cheating? And what did his mistress have?

How old is she, and her daughter? 

I so don't like his coworkers already. 

Omigod, this is such a cute kid! 

Ew, how long is he planning to let those dishes sit? 

Someone stab Gary. There's helpful, and then there's nosy meddling. 

Hoist by your own petard, buddy. 

She's going to be a grandma at thirty-nine? Whoa. 

Geez, Melanie, could you be more obvious? And brainy kids can play sports too, you know. 

Interesting prayer chain Andi's school has, haha! 

Wow, he has a nice house! 

What does "keep your carbon" mean? 

It's not an insult if she's actually about to become a grandma. 

Jeez, how does she function on so little food? 

Damn! And it's spooky how she knew something was wrong. 

What about her ex's new baby? 

Ugh, her mother and sister are horrible. No wonder she moved so far away. 

Sheesh, who is her mother, Elizabeth Taylor? 

That schmuck! Okay, now I'm glad he's dead, and I'm not sorry. 

Um, can't she just be a live-in housekeeper? 

She sure is fertile.
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