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Dance with a Devil

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Dance with a devil by Iona Monson.
Jessie is enjoying an evening run, grateful her life is finally back to normal. Starting the incline toward home, a sudden terror grips her. Someone is watching her. She picks up her pace, but he’s hot on her heels—and he means to kill her. She narrowly manages to elude her pursuer and reach the safety of her house. The first one she calls for help is the man she has grown to love, Matt Parker.

Matt already has his hands full dealing with a notorious hitman who’s in the area and a thug who followed a visitor to Blue Cove. Now Jessie is in danger, and Matt will do anything to keep her safe. He can’t lose her now.

When Matt becomes the target, it’s Jessie’s turn to help. She has a few surprises in store as a few ghostly friends come to her aid.
A very enjoyable read.  I loved the story and I loved the cover too.  4*.
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Must admit I probably only read half of this, found it difficult to read, couldn't understand story, not one for me at all.
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Thank you.                                  
Enjoyed it.                           
Will get copies for family and friends.
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