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His Wicked Highland Ways

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As an avid Scottish historical romance reader, I must say my hat is off to Ms. Strickland for writing such an engaging, enraging, endearing romantic tale. I can’t remember the last time I was so infuriated with a hero I positively hated him at times. It takes a skilled author to create such a Jekyll and Hyde character that has you rooting for him minute then hoping he is thrown to the wolves the next. 

Finnan McAllister may be a murderous, for hire mercenary on the battlefield, but he was just as lethal to the heart and soul of sweet, innocent, just trying to survive Jeannie MacWherter, widow wife in name only, of his fellow warrior comrade and best friend, Geordie. Finnan’s “play nice” and “fight dirty” strategy helped him achieve his goal but nearly cost him everything, folks. For most of the storyline, it had me wishing he was swimming with the fishes permanently. Believe it or not, that comment will make a lot of sense with a second entirely different meaning you won’t fully appreciate unless you read this book. 

His battle scars and tattoos do not nearly begin to tell the full story of his life and how ate up with revenge he is for his family and his friend. Yes, this man has a plan, and he’s worked a decade to get him where he is today, so he can carry out the final installment. Well, that revenge with help from karma and the spirit world teach this handsome knucklehead you better be careful what you wish for. Oh, and you know what they say about payback. Well, it begins with a “b”. You know....backfires. Yeah, that other word, too (wink). 

For my posse of Goodread romance safety gang friends, you are going to have some major issues when Finnan finally delivers the final blow to Jeannie’s heart.  So proceed with caution, and only if you are willing to hold out for this hero to not come to his senses until the very end. 

So I’ll close now by just saying the title fits verra, verra well. This story contained a very slow build up of predictable but nonetheless heart destroying mayhem that followed with a very remorseful hero who almost didn’t survive it all. 

Title: His Wicked Highland Ways, Author: Laura Strickland, Pages: 310, stand-alone, perfect Scottish brogue, a touch of highland magic, virgin/widow heroine, set on revenge hero, former manho hero, wrongful revenge, unexpected plot twist, virgin heroine, no cheating, no love triangle, no OW/OM drama.

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This is a hard book to read. This is a good thing. This is after the Battle at Culloden. It is hard for us to know how to understand the days back then. Finnan is all about killing, being paid to. The family in the Glen destroyed his family. Major Spoiler! He is here to take it back. He also detests Jeannie who has the Glen cottage after she married Geordie and he died. Finnan blames her. Spoiler. This is a good way to learn the history of the Clans. It is a crude way to live. The Dowager lost a son so her grandsons come to kill Finnan. Finnan had seen his father murdered and lost his mother and sister. He wants Revenge! Jeannie and her maid help him and his boy where he found Danny with one arm on Culloden. Spoiler. This is a book for adults. There is a lot of graphics and descriptions in this story. I believe everyone should read this story. Don't let this one get away! You won't regret it! I volunteered to read and review this book.
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3.5 stars.  In "His Wicked Highland Ways" I just couldn't like Finnan.  He was a jerk - plain and simple and I don't believe he redeemed himself.  Jeannie is a widow - she was in a marriage of convenience, never love, with Finnan's best friend.  Finnan gave the friend a cottage and Jeannie moved into the cottage after her husband's death.
Finnan had been gone from the valley for a long time, but came back to throw Jeannie out of the cottage.  Seems his friend had written to him about how terrible Jeannie was to him - she didn't love him, she wouldn't bed him.  When Finnan first meets Jeannie he tells her he wants her out of the cottage even if she is there by right.  Of course she is beautiful and he would like to sleep with her, so he comes up with a better idea - use her and then break her heart and leave her devastated.
There is a war with the former ruling family of the valley and Jeannie gets sucked into that fight because of Finnan.  Toward the end of the book, Jeannie became almost unbearably stupid and needy.  
I didn't care for the end either, wrapped up way too neatly.  Just wasn't a fan of this book.  The love scenes lacked something too - they were there, but they felt kind of empty.
At the end, I still believed Finnan to be a jerk and Jeannie to be his doormat.
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Publisher's Description:
Widowed following a marriage of convenience, Jeannie MacWherter has fled lowland Dumfries, Scotland, for the highland cottage bequeathed to her late husband by his brother-in-arms, laird of the glen. Though she’s never met the laird, local rumor labels him both murderer and seducer—a wicked, dangerous man who Jeannie learns is determined to chase her from his land.

Finnan MacAllister has come home to Glen Mhor in order to right past wrongs. He doesn’t care that Rowan Cottage is the beautiful Widow MacWherter’s only refuge. He’s convinced she’s a wanton who deliberately broke the heart of his best friend, Geordie, and he’s vowed to get even with her: seduction is his weapon of choice. But will his own heart betray him?

My Thoughts:

Revenge no matter how deserved is not always the right answer.
Finnan is out to avenge his friend who was married to an unfeeling lass who proceeded to break his heart.
Jeannie entered into marriage with her now deceased husband, Geordie as a marriage of convenience never knowing he felt anything for her.
Can this revenge via seduction turn into love for the two combatants.

I felt this book was good despite it's lengthy nature. I would have preferred that some of the shorter chapters be combined to at least give it a semblance of not being so long.

I gave this book 3.75 of 5 stars for storyline and character adaptation and a sensual rating of 3.5 of 5 flames.
I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This in no way affected my opinion and I have left this review voluntarily.
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His Wicked Highland Ways 
by Laura Strickland 
Anna Swedenmom's review Feb 28, 2017  
it was amazing

A wonderful encompassing read of life. I was totally captured by this authors writing. Her characters, her way of bringing the story to life and each step of the way was superb. It is not often you read a book that just stays with you, this is one of those. I adored the way you go from betrayal and love and passion to life and sharing. Each time I turned the page , I was held by surprises and wondering what next. Stubbornness thy name is humans. What a great read for those who love historical romances. 
This author is truly one that I shall keep track of and read her works. I cannot wait for more. I was given this book in return for an honest review. Anna Swedenmom
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This book takes place after Culloden, five years later, yet has Highlander's wearing kilts, raging battles against each other, and no English presence. All historical inaccuracies.  If I didn't know that, I might have better enjoyed the story., although it was a little far fetched.  The h is a widow, living alone with her maid, the H a Highlander mercenary who has come home to reclaim his birthright., stolen by neighboring highlanders.  He is determined to evict her as she broke the heart of his best friend.  He decides to break her heart as she had his friend.  Meanwhile he is burned from his home and wandering the glen , with occasional booty calls to the h.its not a bad book other than the wrong historical facts.  But I probably won't read this author again.
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Finnan vows to revenge his father's murder and then his friend and brother in arms Geordie's death. In the last he has the target of Geordie's widow, Jeanie and offers her a wee cottage in his glen along with her servant.  Along the way Jeanie touches his heart in ways he is not aware . Family promises and greed, feuds and battle while these two find their paths to peace.  This books seeps the reader to the years after Culloden in the Highlands  to explore the true nature of love.
Ebook from Netgalley and publishers with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.
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This story is about the ultimate underdog.  Both Finnan and Jeannie are down on their luck, but with dire consequences.  Jeannie has fled Dumfries for the widow home that has been promised to her by her late husband's friend.  Finnan is trying to claim his land and keep back from the villains who stole it from his family and killed his father.  Both have everything to lose.
Finnan wants Jeannie gone off his land as he feels she misled and betrayed her late husband, his best friend Geordie.  He wants to meet this widow and once he sees her he decides to seduce her and then break her heart - tit for tat.
Both experience danger from the Avries family that has taken over Finnan's land.  They join forces as Jeannie cares for him and his fellow fighter.   This cat and mouse game Finnan plays with the Avries family is interesting and drives the plot.  It forces him to seek shelter with Jeannie on a frequent basis, which then allows him to further his plan to get revenge.
What works well is the relationship between Jeannie and Finnan.  They share a great passion for one another and the scenes are paced well.  What didn't really connect for me was the revenge plot with the Avries.  How was one man supposed to rout the family and regain his keep?  It seemed more than insurmountable and it clearly was considering how Finnan was chased and hunted for most of the book.  While he was an admirable character and I was rooting for him, I found myself thinking it was unbelievable while reading.
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WOW! Definitely a good romance. Enjoyed!!!!!! I enjoyed the story!
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Finnan Macallister thinks he's getting revenge but he's actually getting the love of his life. This is a great read showing that revenge isn't the answer to everything. Jeannie quickly falls for Finnan and it's easy to understand why. The author makes him an instant book boyfriend with her detailed descriptions. The tension between Jeannie and Finnan is there from the start and makes this read so much more interesting because of the revenge Finn is set to serve Jeannie. The story is easy to get into and while it's steamy, it's no overly descriptive. The biggest surprise for me was the meeting between Finnan and his sister. What I really enjoyed most about this book is that it is so different than other highland romances I've read. There were times I really didn't know how the story would play out. I also really liked the secondary characters and that they found their happily ever afters, too.
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Good historical romance with a few surprises along the way.  Loved the characters.  Looking forward to reading future books from Ms. Strickland.
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His Wicked Highland Ways by Laura Strickland 

Revenge is what this book is centered on. Two families are at war with one another creating pain, murder and mayhem for all who try to thwart them. With Finnan feeling the MacAllister family had been betrayed by the Avries – he wants revenge on those who betrayed him and his family. With the Avrie family also feeling betrayed – they want what they feel is theirs to take from the MacAllisters. Then there is the revenge that Finnan feels his friend Geordie deserves  and Finnan has decided to wreak revenge on Geordie’s widow Jeannie. What a twisted mess of writhing snake-like revenge lurks in this book. 

In addition to the underlying revenge theme of this book there is the idea of family and what it really is and how alliances can be made and broken. It is about friendship, caring and trust. It is about evil and how it can slither through generations of families. It is about choosing to find peace if and when it can be found instead of continuing to hate and wish for revenge. 

I am not sure how I felt about the characters. I think I liked Danny the best. I felt that many in the book were not deep or multi-faceted but instead rather one dimensional and selfish. The story was well written but none of the characters really appealed to me or made me want to have them as my friends. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Wild Rose Press, Inc. for the ARC. This is my honest review.

3.5 Stars
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Absolutely loved it.Could not put it down it was a great read and very well written i really liked Jeannie and in the end Finnan too but i did kinda wish he had learnt the truth about his dead friend he deserved some punishment and he should feel bad about the way he treated Jeannie.I enjoyed this and would read more from this author
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Thank you.
Enjoyed it.
Will purchase copies for family and friends.
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Strong words for someone he's never met. 

I didn't know trout were sacred. 

So, no giving her the benefit of the doubt, huh? Even though she helped save your friend's life?

He really needs to kill these brothers. 

Yeesh, I could never sew on my own arm.

Because nothing says sexy-time like being wounded in a home with two other people. 

You're a good man, Danny.
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'His Wicked Highland Ways' by Laura Strickland is the story of  Jeannie MacWherter  and Finnan MacAllister.  Both Jeannie and Finnan have very sad backgrounds.  Finnan is set on revenge whereas Jeannie is trying to live a isolated life.  One of the people that Finnan has in his sites to get revenge on is his best friends wife...Jeannie.  Finnan feels that she was the cause of his death and that she made is life miserable.  Jeannie has heard a lot about Finnan and his reputation so she does use caution at first but Finnan has a way about him.  But will Finnan find that revenge against Jeannie is all he thought it would be?  How can Jeannie deal with this next back-set.  
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
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I really enjoyed aspects of this novel. His Wicked Highland Ways is a well written novel, typical to its genre. On top of the romantic plotline, there was also a highland battle, and even a little bit of magic. There are two faults I personally found with this title. First off I didn't appreciate the fact that the hero did not grovel or do more than apologize after the horrid act he preformed. As a reader I saw the act coming (it is described in the back of the book summary) my problem was that he did nothing to atone for his mistake, minus asking the heroine to forgive him. Secondly I found the fight in the glen to have started too quickly in the book, yet the author wrapped it up in a chapter. I just felt that if I was reading about this upcoming fight for half the novel, it at least deserved a proper ending. Removing those two points this novel was great. Sadly, I have to take those scenes into consideration and it takes this novel down from amazing to okay.
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