The Breakdown

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Good, but not a great mystery. With a lack of characters, it's not particularly hard to guess who is responsible for the murder. Nothing really happens for a long time in the novel and there is a lot of telling instead of showing. There was also a lack of connection for me with the narrator. Despite my dislikes, the last third of the novel does get more interesting and kept me reading. Recommended for those looking for a rainy day mystery read.

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For me, this one was okay. I figured out the mystery very early in the book, so it didn't have a lot of tension. I loved Behind Closed Doors and I guess I can't help but compare the two books and find the one lacking. B.A. Paris is a great suspense writer, so I will gladly read her next effort.
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I enjoyed this book with all its twists and turns.  It is different from Behind Closed Doors (which I loved), but still a quite a page turner!
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i enjoyed this book, however several times throughout I wanted to shake Cass and I became quite unsympathetic towards her. I wanted to see her fight from the start. This  is my first book by the author and I am definitely keen to read more. I was disappointd with the lack of plot twists towards the end. I would read more from this author, there were moments I could not put it down,. so a good read.
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading « The Breakdown ». It’s a fast-paced, psychological thriller that you just won’t be able to put down. Looking forward to B.A Paris’s next book as I loved « Behind Closed Doors » too !
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One of my favourite thrillers I've ever read! It was so suspenseful, mysterious and mind blowing. B.A. Paris kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book and it managed me to creep me out immensely. I loved it and highly recommend it.
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Fast-paced story chock full of drama and suspense that kept me reading til the wee hours of the night. Loved, loved, loved!!
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Cass is happily married and living the ideal life. One night, as she is returning from a party, she encounters a woman on an deserted road. The storm is in full swing, but Cass can't decide if she should check up on the stranger. She hurries home to her sleeping husband who had strictly warned her against using that particular route back home. 
What follows is the news of the death of the woman she saw on that road. What also follows is a constant fear of being stalked... Perhaps by the murderer of that woman. Could Cass be next? .
The book is a gripping tale of Cass and her constant fear or being stalked by someone. It also talks extensively about her deteriorating mental state. It was a brilliant read for me. Right from the very start, the book was engaging. It wasted no time in getting to the point! I felt the restlessness and the agitation that Cass felt. I felt one with her in her agony. Somewhere along the story, I had an inkling of where it was headed- but that in no way hampered with my desire to read this book! 
It was an engaging read and I loved how the Author took us through her journey of being abonised over the events that occur in her life. This is Paris's second book and I wouldn't hesitate to say that this is better than the first one. 
It is one of those books that pull you right into them and leave you troubled- as troubled as the ones in the book. 
I wanted to know how the book would end, just as much for Cass as for me. It kept me up, and I couldn't read anything other than this book while I was at it! 
Overall, if you love books that are more about character development and totally mess with your mind- you could find yourself enjoying this one😍. (Gave me the girl on the train, woman in the window feels)
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When B.A Paris publishes anything I am buying it the day it comes out. I am a dedicated fan and never fails to disappoint. 
Paris' books hit all the right spots for me. Mystery, intriguing characters, suspense & red herrings with a great plot / setting. 
I always read Paris' books in one single setting because I can't be taken away / need to know what happens. I have missed meals and deadlines.
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Amazing psychological thriller. Is she truly going mad ? That is the question you will ask yourself over and over. Kudos to the author
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Have you ever just really, really disliked a character in a book? Admit it, even though they're fictional, sometimes these "people" are just so very unlikable. That was the case for me with this one. I just didn't like her. But then she redeemed herself.  Not gonna tell you how because that would be too spoilerish.
When Cass makes a seemingly minor choice on her way home late one rainy night, things will never be the same.  Her decision to NOT stop and help a stranded motorist begins to haunt her as soon as she finds out that the motorist, a woman traveling alone, was murdered that same night. She torments herself with thoughts of what if...
And then she begins to forget things, to misplace things, to question her sanity. It doesn't help matters any that her mom suffered from dementia. So Cass is certain that she's going down that same path.
This is one of those stories that's hard to review without giving too much away. The story drags a bit in places, and as I mentioned earlier I really didn't like Cass for much of the story. But because I've loved the author's other books, I stuck with it. And I'm glad I did. You kind of see what's coming near the end but that last twist is something else.
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Another very engrossing and enjoyable mystery thriller from a very talented author.  Highly recommended.
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Yes, I know! I know I am late to the B.A. Paris Party but I am here now!

The Breakdown is an absolutely rip-roaring rollercoaster of a psychological thriller and I loved it. It is fast paced from the very start and the momentum does not slow down for a minute. I found the opening chapter completely chilling and was hooked from thereon.

I liked Cass in the main and couldn’t tell what was really going on with her; I really felt for her, but occasionally I did want to shake her. The story was well-plotted and I loved the way there were a lot of red herrings throughout so you never really knew what to think or who to trust. I thought I knew what the outcome was going to be several times but I never got it quite right.

You do have to suspend disbelief a little but that is fine by me and totally worth it for when everything really comes together. I loved the ending and the way that this came about and how things were wrapped up (being deliberately vague here – no spoilers!).

With a great plot, chilling thrills and great twists, I highly recommend The Breakdown and although this was my first B.A. Paris book, I doubt it will be my last. I have Behind Closed Doors on my TBR so must get to that one sooner rather than later.

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC of The Breakdown.
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I was enthralled by this book. It was so well written and it really drew me into this world. I could not turn the pages quick enough to find out what was going to happen. I absolutely recommend this for your next read!
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What I love about this author is the feeling of utter unease while reading her novels.  The plot of this ended up being a bit unbelievable but the way she crafts the inner thoughts of her characters is just as creepy as can be and this ended up being the perfect vacation beach read.  I received a digital copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a VERY fast read for me, I simply could NOT put this book down for the life of me! There is something so captivating about this particular story that stood out from all the rest i have read lately! 
Right away your caught up in the suspense of her riding home in the storm, the back road she shouldn't have taken, but who wouldn't want to shave all that time off their drive in the dark right!? Then there it is, a mysterious car sitting on the side of the road, is it a trap, did someone break down in the worst possible conditions they could ask for, do you get out and see if everyone is okay, do you lock the doors, roll your window down a crack and wait to see what the person approaching you looks like and hope like hell you won't end up staring in your own horror flick?! I think the reason this part of the story grabs you and keeps you paying attention is because this could literally happen to anyone at anytime, no matter how careful of a person you are! It's human nature to want to help another person in need right? But what if you don't, what if the person doesn't get out of the car and you decide it's too risky to get out and go to them so you just drive off!? What kind of repercussions are there the next day when you pick up that paper or hear about it on the news and find out what happened? Knowing you could have saved them, you were there RIGHT BEFORE that persons life ended, does the guilt eat you alive, do you just shrug your shoulders say "oh well" and move on !? When you find out who was in the car, someone you knew, does your outlook change!? 
This story is so suspenseful it keeps you on your toes, keeps your guessing right up until the plot twist! and let me tell you is sure is a GREAT plot twist! I mean you suspected, you had your suspicions on this person or the next but WOAH did hat sure mix things up!! By the time the book was on its last pages it had me begging for more because i was not expecting that at all! So YES i highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a little mystery, anyone who likes to play the guessing game of "who done it"!! I WILL be looking out for other books from this author in the future, and if anyone is curious, YES i went right to my library and put her other books on hold!
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When a woman is killed close to her home, Cass Anderson realizes that it is the same woman she saw alone in a car on the side of the road during a storm. Her anxiety about the murder is the beginning of a series of events that lead to a mental breakdown.
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The Breakdown grabbed me from the first chapter. Well developed characters, brilliantly woven storyline with lots of twists and turns. Buckle up you will be in-store for a bumpy ride.
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Thank you for the opportunity to review this title. Unfortunately in this case I found it difficult to connect to the story. As I didn't completely finish this book I will not be publishing a review. We do not review uncompleted books on the blog, and again, thank you for sending through a review copy. Although this title didn't work for me, I do look forward to reading more from this author in the future as I have loved some of her previous work.
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Cass was really shaken up to find out that there was a woman murdered on the same dark, deserted road that she chose to take home after drinks with her friends. She wasn't supposed to be on that road as she promised her husband to avoid it because it was so unsafe.  She is even more shaken to discover that the woman murdered was an acquaintance of hers and she actually saw her car on the road where she was murdered.   Cass goes from shaken to unstable in a pretty quick fashion.  She is starting to forget even the most minor details. Like where she parked the car, why she ordered a stroller when she doesn't even have a baby and plans she made with her best friend.    Cass is afraid that the Early Onset Dementia that killed her mother has shown up in her and that almost terrifies her more than the phone calls where there is nobody on the other end and the feeling that things are out of place in her home.  Cass is struggling to hold on to what sanity she has left, but then she discovers something that changes everything.  Will Cass be able to figure out who killed her friend before she slips into the abyss of dementia?

The Breakdown is another psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.  Cass and Matthew are a nice enough couple.  Matthew seems to genuinely care for and worry about his wife. He seemed a little controlling, but they were newlyweds, so I shrugged it off to silly newlywed behaviors.   I hated how demure Cass was at times, how she let Matthew control her almost every thought and action.  The more things started to go south with Cass, mentally,  the more I just knew that there was more to this story. Something just started to feel hinky.  I was right and had figured out *most* of the plot, but I had one little detail wrong. - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS  I was thrilled with the way the book ended, it made it all worth it.

Bottom Line - B. A. Paris hit the psychological thriller scene last year with quite a bang.  Behind Closed Doors was one of my favorite books of the year and I was eager to read the follow-up. While I didn't like The Breakdown as much as her first book, it was still the kind of book that a fan of thrillers should not miss!

The Breakdown by B.A. Paris
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Publication Date: 7/18/2017
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