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Great read. Amazing storyline. A real page turner that I just couldn't stop reading. I would highly reccomend this book.
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I was given the chance to read this title for a honest review. This book left me looking for more, Although it was a great book I personally feel there could had been a better ending. It was going everywhere in the right direction, the ending was flat. The romance genre was never an interest to me before. This author is my favorite, this is one of her older novels. She is a excellent author who has grown a lot since publishing this book. If this doesn't work for you, she has tons of great titles out there.
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I have previously read her romantic suspense titles and I very much enjoy her writing. I do love a good romance and this was definitley a good one.
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Lance Alexander is interviewing for a wife.  He is really not impressed with his new fundraiser, Mahdi Muldoon and feels she doesn't understand nor take life seriously as she should.  

Life has a way of answering your wishes and Lance wants to find that special woman he can have his children with.  

Madi wants to assist Lance to trust his heart more as she sees he isn't good at.  She has her own issues she is dealing with and she won't let Lance in on her true feelings about family and marriage because of her mom's history and her own struggles with feeling anyone could be for her.

This is a novel that allows you to laugh and see different sides, opposite in many situations and still remember love can be found in the oddest of places and under the most amusing situations.  This is a novel that can really be enjoyed!  I sure did and it left me with a smile and remembrance of how many things are within our reach if we are patient and open:  This is a well written book!
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Just finished the book,    LOVE it!   Lovely story with great characters   and saving Turtles, too!
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This was a sweet story- Lance is a nice guy who doesn't want to have a future involving fatherhood, but he does want to find a wife.   Madi is career focused but has recently realized her biological clock is ticking.  Lance and Madi have great chemistry and love being together, until the (not so) unexpected happens- she finds herself pregnant.  Of course, this is a romance so this sweet story all works out in the end.
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Erica Spindler's tale will have readers enchanted from the very first page. A timeless story with wonderfully written characters. Definitely recommend!
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I absolutely loved this book! Erica Spindler brings one into a story and makes you fall in love with her characters! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. If you are in the mood for a love story this title will steal your heart.
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This is a brilliant romance that makes you believe love exists!
After reading Erica's crime and romance thrillers this was a brilliant change. Erica writes romance without the cheese on toast extras you can get with romance novels.
Lance Alexander is a director for a turtle survival conservation trust when the board appoint Maddie as fundraiser. Their sexual attraction is undeniable but both know neither are right for each other. With each meeting they learn more about each other and themselves with an ending that befits the book brilliantly. I cannot wait to read more romance from Erica now!
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I have followed this author for many years. She has written one of the most intriguing series I've ever read, starring Jeffrey Tolliver and Sara Linton and continued with the addition of Will Trent.  So when I say I will read anything and everything by Ms. Spindler, I do not exaggerate. When Erica Spindler began her writing career, it was sexy romances long before she moved into Romantic Suspense.

Lancelot (Lance Alexander) is working for a charity that helps to save and re-populate Sea Turtles ... not the most romantic thing to do, but something he is passionate about.  When Madison Muldoon is hired as fundraiser for the charity, he is not pleased. 

She is today's woman ... confident of herself and her abilities, and the ability to laugh at herself when necessary. She's known as a people person ... she's beautiful, the daughter of an actress (of sorts).   Her mother has been married 6, 7 , 8 times and Madi's take on marriage and family has been colored by her mother's life.

Lance's mother never married his father. His father was a no-show and his mother waited forever for him to come back into her life.  He doesn't believe in love ... and as he's turning 40, he decides it's time to get a wife and have a family, so he's interviewing, for lack of a better word, various women, hoping to find someone compatible.

Can these two injured souls heal each other?

Her characters are flawless in their actions and reactions.  They are truly opposites .. but yet not.  There are minor blow ups, sarcastic remarks, humor and laughter, and caring. This book makes a great Valentine's Day read.    Guaranteed to touch every woman's heart.

Many thanks to the author / Double Shot Press / Netgalley for the digital copy of WISHING MOON.  Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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