The Laws of Success

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The eight principles presented in this book tell us how to achieve success and well being as well. I highly recommend it.
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Not usually one for 'self help' books, this one resonated with me in a way others hadn't previously. It's great for putting things into perspective when you're struggling, whether that's at home, within yourself or at work and it shows how your thoughts can help to control your success. A great read.
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The Laws of Success A spiritual guide to turning your hopes into reality by Ryuho Okawa is a tender book although the topic is aggressive.
We speak of personal success and how we should reach it. With  grace and integrity.

Forget an aggressive approach, the author thinks with love and ethicity.

I decided to choose to read the two books in publications these weeks by Mr Okawa (the other review will come soon) because I do love the Japanese approach at life.

It's less aggressive, surely more compassionate and real than not the ideas developed with the time in our part of the world.

Yes because success as explain the author is not a selfish condition, it's not a point of arrival in our life that we reach oppressing other people, reducing them in misery.
Success, assures Okawa is a product of compassion and love.

Most successful people in fact are not egoist, are not selfish, but are able to donate love and share with others the luck and fortune they have had along their way.

The author describes the heart of love and how you can cultivate it, staying in contact with the world and with people, trying to understand societies also very different from the one where you live in.

True love must be cultivate always. True love doesn't never end and the research for immortality and eternity can't never stop although our life one day will end, but it's indispensable to touch that sparkle of eternity we are made of.

I loved the parable told by the author for describing the search for success and the long trip of a man searching for it. Very wise.

Forget that successful people don't find and don't prove joy. They do, they are also noble people. A word maybe not anymore used in these times but this word is very important: nobility.
You will discover how to cultivate and stimulate this important characteristic thanks to the tips offered by Mr. Okawa.

What happen when people decide to criticize the work of people considered weak for destroying them?
A Chinese proverb says: "When you act with all your resolve, even demons will keep you out of your way."

It's necessary to develop self-confidence and with that one no one can hurt the person.

The confidence that we will develop will attract other people and so on.
Successful people have a constant beautiful energy in their mind, a positive one able to radiate and communicate.

Of course the author doesn't forget the hard times and tips and advice for moments in which what it is necessary to do is not to put us down tremendously. Persevering is one of the keys of success.

Failures can let us become undecided and insecure but courage is necessary for going on, for looking forward.

Then Mr. Okawa insist: we must have a sunny beautiful smiling attitude regarding the world so that we can live in the world with harmony being in harmony with everyone using good words, and seeing in every situation the positive side and believing that everything is possible.

Success can be reached respecting our supervisors, our chiefs, helping the other co-workers and subordinates. It's also indispensable to be very productive, to produce a lot also for asking for more money and to keep constantly active the sacred flame of passion for work so that supervisors can decide for promotions.

Another important factor is to improving everyday like also to be opened with life and other people thanking often the Divine creature and Entity, God has a lot of names it depends where you are born in, that you must be thankful for, for the gifts He donated to you in particular the Gift of Life. Let's ask  to ask to ourselves some crucial questions: what will you leave once you will die? What are the things that just you, because you are unique can bring to this world?

In this way we will also leave a spiritual legacy made by our past, our actions, our unicity.

Then the author will explore in the chapter: "The gate to economic prosperity" the modality for becoming a rich community for example.
Because to the author of The Laws of Success prosperity attracts other prosperity and it means work, and stability, and motivation and good mood.
Same is add the author for wealth: wealth attract other wealth.

Nothing can do better than our thoughts in this sense and our true thinking.

If we think positively we will obtain everything.

It is true: I can tell you that. I experienced negative thoughts and in this period I am experiencing positive thoughts and they are working.

It's necessary to look at situations under a positive perspective also when it is a failure the one we are living.
Let's try to imagine how we can change that failure in a potential success.

Another very important chapter is the Path to Ultimate self-realization

The important thing to do is to "seek the kind of happiness that leads to happiness of many." I consider this phrase beautiful.
Happiness is not selfish but contagious and can be and should be transmitted.
Sure says the author: it is indispensable to choose the best people picking them up them very carefully because most of them could damage us.

Why reading this book?

Because it's positive, dreaming, touching, and it will warm your heart at th same time creating a different and much more ethical, wonderful,  good, cleaned successful human being.

You can search for Ryuho Okawa  founder also of Happy Science through the net.

I thank NetGalley for this book.
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I think, for the most part, this book was interesting, engaging, and an okay read.
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This is a great self-help book! It gave me a chance to review my life and I found that the author's suggestions were realistic. It's a book I would love to keep coming back to in times of need.
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Lots to learn from. Rivals Napolean Hills book by the same name.
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Really dry and really boring, I decided to DNF this book
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