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An excellent addition to this series! Very happy with every Andie Christopher book I read, and the Miami setting is amazing.
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Javi Hernandez was finally back to working after his sister Alana reminded him what he needed to do.  After his bitter divorce, he went on a binge for everything, women, sex and alcohol.  He was good looking and wealthy, so he always had flock of followers.  Nothing satisfied him until he saw Maya, one woman he couldn’t forget.  
Maya is back in Miami from New York and trying to establish her artistic career.  But before her career takes off, she needed to work as a bartender and a caterer with her brother.  When she finally faces Javi at a night club where she works,  she pours tequila on his head and leaves him.  
Now Javi finally realizes she is back in Miami and he wants to pursue her.  Both known each other from college days when he was attending college and she was bartending.  Cole, Alana’s boyfriend and Javi’s best friend, Javi and Maya were good friends until Javi wanted to marry someone else.  
Maya pour her heart out to Javi before and it shattered her before.   She is not ready to let that happen again.  But every time she is near Javi, her body is ignited. So she proposes only one night, but will it be enough for both?
Javi only married Karrie to satisfy his parents and he thought that was what he needed to do.  But he really didn’t love her and it ended in bitter divorce between them. 
Maya feels she is from wrong side of the town  and her background will never measure up to his standard.  Now circumstances are different for both but they kept running into same problems as they had before.  Maya feels she is not enough for him even though Javi’s trying to convince her she is perfect for him but nothing will be same... 
His ex-wife keeps popping up and creates problems for him and Maya’s insecurities catching up to her.  Will they finally admit to each other??

It was quick read and I like Javi’s siblings. I can’t wait to read about his sister Carla.
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It’s not just the air that’s steamy when Andie J. Christopher transports us back to Miami in “Dusk to Dawn,” her second book in her “One Night in South Beach” series!     

Javi Hernandez is tired of being the family’s hot mess.  He’s trying to stay off the booze and out of the clubs so he can be respected professionally and he can respect himself personally.  But when Javi’s past saunters right up to his present, things more messy than just the vodka that got dumped on him!  Artist Maya Pascual met Javi back in grad school and they became fast friends….except Maya fell in love.  Laying her heart on the line right when Javi becomes engaged broke Maya’s heart and she left town and Javi behind.  But now Javi is divorced, Maya is in Miami too and the potent chemistry between these two cannot be ignored!

I loved this story - sure, it was a second-chance love story, a beloved trope amongst us romance readers.  But it was so much more than that; it illustrated how trying to meet expectations that are created for you but not true to you can be dangerously damaging.  For Javi, he was expected by his very conservative, old-world Cuban father to successfully run the family hedge-fund, be married to the perfect-host, mainstream wife and have those 2.5 wonderful children.  When his marriage crashed and he was burned, the expectations went up in smoke as well.  Hot-headed, tattooed and creative, Maya did not fit the mold as the perfect wife of a successful businessman, but she was a strong, brave and true - the “ying” to Javi’s “yang.”   Maya did not fit the profile of perfect-host, mainstream wife, but she fit perfect for Javi.  And Javi’s soul-deep love for her made him the perfect man for Maya.  The expectations I had of a good second chance at love plot were quickly replaced by a great story filled with wit, emotion and steam (lots of it!)   I cannot wait to visit Miami again for Carla’s story!
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This is the first book of this author's that I have read.  Overall it was a good read that I enjoyed from the beginning.  The plot moved along well and kept me interested.  The characters were well written as they worked through their issues.  I would recommend this book to others.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book via NetGalley.
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Javier Hernandez seems to have it all, he is loaded, privileged, sexy and lives life to the fullest. And yet he feels empty inside. He can’t stop thinking about Maya, the woman he can’t have, even if he is divorcing. Maya was his friend, he never acted on his intense attraction to her and married someone else to please his father. Life has driven the distance between them but seeing her again is a shock to his system. Maya and Javier come from very different backgrounds. Maya comes from the wrong side of the tracks and grew up in a dysfunctional family. She has insecurities and feels she doesn’t belong in Javier’s world. He is a wealthy Cuban, an arrogant playboy without a care in the world.

Maya is convinced that Javier is a player without serious intentions, but she can’t control her feelings for him. She wants to get him out of her system, forget the fantasy man she has built up over the years and accepts a friend with benefits relationship. This should give her the opportunity to sate her curiosity in order to move on with her life and finally forget about Javier.

I loved how Javier never gave up once he realized what he really wanted. He has never had to struggle with anything but he is ready to fight for her. He wants her to be a permanent part of his life. He loves her free spirit, her sarcastic mind and her impulsivity. Their chemistry is intense and explosive. In my opinion, though, the repetition of the sexy scenes overshadowed the emotional aspect of the story, their soulmate connection. This aspect of the story could definitely have been more developed.

Overall, Dusk until Dawn was a good read, with engaging characters, including Javier’s meddling sisters. It’s the story of a young love that truly stands the test of time and separation. I would definitely love to read more books by Andie Christopher.
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Javier Hernandez, my manwhore crush from Stroke of Midnight, gets his story! Maya Pascual has my complete approval as the strong heroine to win Javi's heart. I enjoyed this story of the man with the seemingly big ego falling hard for the woman from his past. Javi has to own up to the mistakes he has made in the past, realizing his cheating ex-wife Karrie wasn't completely wrong. 

Maya comes from the wrong side of the tracks, tells it like it is and has been in love with Javi since she met him. Them meeting back up is destined to start some major fires!

Great story! I can't wait for the next one - Carla's story!
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Dusk Until Dawn is a volatile, sexy second chance read. Maya and Javi (Javier) have a history. They were once good friends while they were in college. But, Maya confessed her feelings went deeper than just friendship right as Javi was about to propose to his fiancé, and it ended their friendship when Maya couldn't handle the rejection.

Now, years later Maya is back in Miami and runs into Javi at the club where she's a bartender. She mistakes his interactions with the models he's with, and his expensive suit and an expensive bottle of vodka both pay for her misunderstanding. Javi realizes his attraction for Maya hasn't waned despite the years and despite the fact that she walked away and he hasn't seen her since, but Maya's got even stronger walls around herself than she had back when they were friends. So, he'll have to work really hard to get into her bed, into her head and into her heart.

I like Dusk Until Dawn, but I felt like I was missing out on something important the whole way through. Their backstory isn't fleshed out well, it's explained sort of, but never completely detailed. They have some seriously sexy chemistry, but I never quite believed their connection was as strong as they said it was. There's a lot of back and forth between the two, mostly on Maya's part, because of her insecurities about her childhood and where she comes from. She's a boricua (Puerto Rican) from Harlem and he's a wealthy Cuban who's never had to worry about money a day in his life. She's loud and has tattoos all over, and he's a smooth, expensively dressed playboy. Their two different worlds highlight the reasons why they shouldn't work, and Maya lets all this get in her head time and again. And there's the fact that she constantly runs from him instead of talking with him like an adult. She's a bit immature and it grated on my nerves after awhile. Javi is a nice guy, though, and I like that he seems to do a lot of maturing and growing up even within the short timeline of Dusk Until Dawn.

Other than the slight annoyance that Maya's immaturity brings, and that their backstory isn't well developed, Dusk Until Dawn is a great read. It's super sexy, Maya and Javi are both interesting, likable characters, and both Maya and Javi's siblings are awesome! I hope there is more from this world, because if so, I'd love to read about it.
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This is the first book that I have read by this author, but her writing and this story has me intrigued. Thoughtful and emotional as each character works through their family problems. Great book and I am planning to read the first story to keep myself in the series.
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3.5 Stars!

Are you looking for an erotic love story with originality as its canvas? Then Dusk Until Dawn by Andie J. Christopher is the book for you. This story takes place in Miami and the heat between the two main characters is comparable to the summer sunshine that customarily beats down on The Magic City. This is a sexy read and all the characters are well developed and easy to get to know.

Javier Hernandez married the wrong woman, and after they separated, he spent a ton of time being unhappy and sleeping around. With his divorce barely final, he runs into the love of his life, bartender and aspiring painter, Maya Pascual. Seeing Javier again brings back the tremendous hurt Maya experienced when Javier chose his now ex over her.

Way back when, Jave and Maya were very good friends. They flirted a lot, but never crossed the platonic line even though they wanted each other badly. Now it is present day, and they cannot help giving into their attraction for each other, because their feelings are so raw and strong. Javier and Maya have many obstacles and baggage to overcome in order to forge a future together, including Javier's ex, Maya's insecurities, and their opposite positions in society.

I liked this book, however I found the pace to be a bit on the slow-side.  The sex scenes were seductive and steamy, but became a little repetitive after a while. I loved Javier's very involved sisters, and the way they welcomed Maya into their lives. Overall, a solid read.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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After finishing the first book in this series, I was really excited for Javi’s story. He was a divorced and jaded hero drowning his misery in booze and women...and you know he was just waiting for the right woman to come along and shake things up. Then I read the blurb for his book and saw a second chance romance got thrown into the mix…one word immediately came to mind…SOLD! 

After 4 years of friendship, Maya decides to proclaim her love for Javi when he gets engaged. Even though he knew he was marrying his fiancé mostly out of convenience and because his family thought she was “the right girl” and he had feelings for Maya, he felt that Maya and he were wrong for each other…so he turned her down. She fled town, he married and now they meet again. 

And oh boy...their first meeting sets the tone for the snarky banter that I ate up. Javi is shocked, Maya jumps to the wrong conclusion...and some quality vodka and a good suit pay the price. It's clear right from the start that time and distance did nothing to quell the attraction they feel.

And let me tell you, these two have chemistry in spades! Maya and Javi burned up every room they found themselves in together. 

Javi was a dirty talker who knew how to use his words. I’m talking 12/10, A++ game. His goal in every situation was maximum pleasure. And he delivered. He delivered wonderfully. 

Maya was a heroine I could get on board with when it came to the physical side of her relationship with Javi. She was comfortable in her own skin when it came to sex. She knew what she wanted, how she wanted it and she wasn’t afraid to ask for it. There were no insecurities present when the clothes came off. She was open and confident. I loved that!

Unfortunately, the whole basis of the second chance romance ended up being a disappointment for me. The history between these two characters is underdeveloped. We don’t get much information about their friendship from years ago…not enough to have me as emotionally invested in their present relationship arc as I should be. How did they meet? How good of friends were they? It was mentioned that Javi used to hang out at the bar Maya worked at while she bartended, what else? 

It’s clear that Maya and Javi really care for each other, but the constant back and forth (especially from Maya) had my head spinning…I wanna try and be together, we’re too much together, we have a connection, this won’t work, I wanna be with you, I don’t trust you... 

They couldn’t and didn't talk about what they felt and wanted because their libidos were getting in the way. That chemistry that I mentioned above…I’m pretty sure their pheromones were operating at red alert levels. Both Javi and Maya were constantly boarding the horny train whenever they were within 10 feet of each other. Everything flew out the window except for one thought….must orgasm now. I have no problem with lots of sex in my books, but I do take issue when it replaces communication. 

When the no-strings sex turns into even deeper feelings, insecurities begin to pop up. Those, unfortunately, were also underdeveloped. Maya comes from a rough childhood (lower income family, volatile parental relationship, father in jail, etc…). Bits and pieces of information were sprinkled in throughout the story, but in a very clunky way. Instead of giving the reader a foundation of Maya as a character, the author would just insert a couple of facts about Maya’s past whenever she would have an insecure moment. Providing her history this way felt very disjointed, and it made it hard for me to connect to her doubts about getting into a serious relationship with Javi.

However, one HUGE SHOUTOUT that I do have to give is to Maya’s relationship with her brother, Felix. They were so supportive of each other. A great relationship filled with unconditional love and hilarious banter.

Overall, this was a read that had its bright spots but suffered from underdeveloped details that would have really made this story shine.

Even with the issues I had above, Andie Christopher is an emerging author who is one to watch. Her characters are unique and her stories are relatable. She definitely has her own voice in the romance world and I’m looking forward to watching her grow.
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This book broke my heart. It's basically a second chance romance, with a twist. This trope always seems to sink it's claws into me and doesn't let go. But, I have a love/hate relationship with the feeling it always seems to give me. 

We met Javi in book 1. He was the hot mess, bad boy, player of a big brother to the heroine, and best friend to the hero in book 1. He was such a mess in the first book, but by the end you really felt for him. When I saw his book would be next, I was very intrigued. Javi helps run his family's successful hedge fund. He comes from a wealthy Cuban immigrant family, and his father is very traditional. In book 1 he'd been on a drunken, sex-crazed bender following his contentious divorce, and his sister Alana was picking up all his slack at work. But, for the last 6 months he's really gotten his act together and started to become his old self again. His father has lost trust in him though, and that's not so easy to get back. His heroine was not anything like I thought, but she was perfect for him. They also have a very interesting backstory.

Maya is a Puerto Rican girl from Harlem, NY. She had nothing growing up. She and her brother are very close, and he's the only family she has left. Her mom has passed, and her dad's in prison. He was a drunk, and a conman, and he once tried to kill her mother, which is what landed him behind bars. She's an artist, but to pay the rent she's been bartending at her brother's boyfriend's club since moving to Miami. She's a bit of a hothead, and sometimes her attitude was a little much for me. She always flies of the handle, and it was seemingly very hard for her to rein herself in at times. She usually regretted it later, but her temper usually seemed to get the best of her. She runs into Javi in the club one night, gets the wrong idea, and soaks him with an expensive bottle of vodka in the VIP lounge. They have quite an interesting history together, but I won't spoil that here. But, sparks fly between them like whoa and it takes her by surprise after all this time. She runs, because that's what she does when things get too crazy.

Javi and Maya had a very deep connection, and that came across right away. Their chemistry was super steamy, and the sexy times were very well done. They were both a little immature going into this situation, and they both came a long way in their own development in order to be successful together. I really liked Maya's interactions with Javi's family, especially his 2 younger sisters. It's always refreshing to see female characters forming successful friendships on the page, instead of tearing each other down. There was plenty of that from the antagonist. Hated her! And because I truly hated her, I consider it a job well done by the author!

Javi and Maya really broke my heart. Every time I felt like they were starting to figure things out, another road block popped up, real or imagined. It really crushed me every time Maya felt inadequate, or Javi felt like his life was spinning out. I really wanted them to find a way to be happy together. I really enjoyed this story, and I thought the ending and epilogue were perfect. I'm very interested to read Carla's story next!
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I received this book to review via Netgalley.
This is the second book in the series, and I really enjoyed reading this book. Enough that I will purchase book 1.
I limed the chemistry between the two main characters, and the storyline was just brilliant-even heart wrenching at times.
I would definitely recommend this book
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it's totally obvious why i keep thinking this is a vampire book, but i know it's not. dusk until dawn continues the story of the hernández siblings. i had been luck enough to read the arc for stroke of midnight and i'm happy i got to do the same for this one. 

one of my favorite things about this series is that the lead characters that the series is built around are latino. the hernández family is cuban and are pillars of miami society. meanwhile, maya pascual is a puerto rican from el barrío. she and javi first met in school, but he was already dating his now ex-wife, and they weren't crossing any lines. 

until, of course, one night where maya confessed how she felt about javi. but he had just proposed and so he didn't tell her how he thought she was beautiful and funny and how the sparks between them scared the living daylights out of him because how could it be possible to maintain that kind of passion. he was supposed to lead an exemplary life. so maya was left feeling rejected and less than, even though the problem was more crappy timing and overdeveloped feelings of obligation and responsibility. 

when javi's marriage didn't work out he went on a bender, his whole life he'd done everything exactly right. and all he had to show for it was a divorce and alimony payments. his bender ensured that he'd lost his family's vote of confidence, since he's screwed up one too many times and left his sister holding the bag. when he re-encounters maya he is stunned and elated to finally have a second chance with the woman he should have had more courage to pursue. 

except maya isn't going to make it easy for him. she's been rejected before. she has no interest in going through that again. she loved javi and he broke her heart. and since then it's never been quite whole. she's never been quite whole. and opening herself up to more pain and hurt doesn't seem like a smart idea. 

but there is that chance that things can end up quite differently. 

at first maya is intent on one night to get the tension over with. she thinks perhaps closure is what she's been missing all these years. but javi slowly gets her to see that maybe there is a chance for happiness if they stick together. maybe things don't have to be so hard. maybe it's as easy as saying yes at the chance to be together. maybe it's time to say yes to the things that make you happiest. and for javi, the answer is clearly maya. it's always been maya in spite of his inability to make the correct choice before. 

but getting maya to trust him and believe in their second chance is going to take a big, billboard-sized gesture. and seeing how they get there is well worth the read.
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Dusk Until Dawn was my first time reading Christopher, but it won't be my last. In fact, I bought book 1 while it was no sale recently and will definitely be reading it. I'm also looking forward to book 3 after a brief tease that Christopher gave about the couple while chatting on Twitter a few weeks ago.

For whatever reason, I don't have a lot to say about this book -- and it's not because I disliked the book! On the contrary, I very much enjoyed it and consider it a solid 4 star read and recommendation. However, it's just one of those times when the review mojo just isn't there for me and I can't think of much to say on this title. It happens!

What I do have to say though:

~ Quick read, very enjoyable
~ Quite hot, no complaints there!
~ Really enjoyed Christopher's writing style and voice, found myself smiling/snorting at more than a few lines, and she definitely kept the pages turning for me.

My one problem was with the shitty ex (because of course) and how Javi was not the greatest about actually communicating with Maya, especially when he was trying to deal with said shitty ex. I have a thing with shitty exes, across the board in romancelandia, so that's a fairly common thing I bring up, not just exclusive to this book.

Overall: Great read, will definitely be recommending it to others, and will be reading more from this author. Plus, that cover tho! 
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I love this author! My second book by this author and I need more! Well written and a great story!
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book
I really enjoyed the chemistry between Maya and Javier, and LOVED Maya and her brothers interactions they were hysterical. Maya feels she is not good enough for Javier and He is always so serious and worries how his family sees him. Javier does his best to prove to Maya that she is good for him. Add in a crazy ex to this and OH wow. I highly recommend this book
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I lost sleep while reading this book. I needed to know what happened next. You cant help but fall for these characters and find yourself feeling for them. You will want to slap them, hug them, laugh, get angry, and swoooon. This book was worth the lack of sleep.
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Dusk Until Dawn is a very erotic, but also funny book. Maya is funny, but when she's with her brother they're down right rib cracking. Javier is so serious. He's so worried about how his family views him. Maya knows that she's not good enough for him, but Javier does his best to prove her wrong. Then we have the crazy as hell ex. All together it made for a fantastic book that I could not quit reading.
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She was Puerto Rican.  He was Cuban.  Apparently there's a culture clash.  Who knew?


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loved this book
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