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Very inspirational. A must read to those who love travelling. While reading, it made me feel like I was voyaging together with them. It’s a true story and I’m very awed by how a family of four has managed to successfully sail around the world despite the countless trials they faced while at sea. Their resilience and perseverance has been tested again and again in this unforgettable journey of the Wilcoxes. Highly recommended to those with wanderlust.
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A fascinating account of a family's round the world trip during the 1970's. Way before GPS and all the other modern conveniences.

Sailing has always sounded romantic and without effort. Having never sailed myself, it is easy to picture an effortless lifestile, lazing around in the sun. This seems to be very far from the truth. This family survived many perils, including a shipwereck. Fascinating, sometimes grim reading. You have to take your hat off to them for undertaking this monumental voyage.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This book,is about travel,boats and four people traveling,a very good read
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At a time when we take GPS, mobile phones and internet for granted, it is a miracle that the Wilcox family survived this voyage!

It was so nice to read a contemporary report of such a voyage, and to note, with interest, how organised and accessible the world was 40 years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the book - despite being an avowed land-lubber, I felt totally immersed in the adventure, and felt I was in the cabin of Vela for the whole journey. Beautifully written with sparse prose weaving seamlessly with the contemporary account taken from logs and letters. The yachting terms are somewhat confusing for the lay person, but handily the book has a glossary at the back - which I singularly failed to notice whilst reading! However, the Kindle allows you to highlight and look up a word so it was not too much of an issue.

A thoroughly engrossing, exciting read of one family's perilous journey with enough action and adventure to keep you on the tips of your deck shoes!
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Being a sailor with a lot of sailing books sitting on my shelves I was looking forward to reading this, however it just never appealed to me. The way it was written did not capture my imagination.  I think the problem I had was that the author was relating a story of a trip her husband took as a boy with his family, and to me she never got over how that trip was, she was too far removed from the tale herself.
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Thank you to Net Gallery.  I love all things with a nautical theme.  This was a story of a family picking up everything and sailing to several different ports without the use of modern technology.  I found it humorous that the children's' homework had to be mailed at some ports. But, that is life on the sea .  The story was well written and I recommend it to anyone looking for a true adventure at sea.
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A real eye opener on how in sum ways things were easier when travelling years ago.
On the other hand how much harder sailing was years ago without modern technology.
A fascinating read.
Give it a go.
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I would like to thank Netgalley, the publisher and Wendy Hinman for the ARC of "Sea Trials" by Wendy Hinman.
The genres of this book are Nonfiction and Travel
Wendy Hinman  writes about the Wilcox family which is her husband's family . They planned to sail around the world in four years on a large Sailboat, "Vela". Due to unforeseen circumstances  it took  five years. This was around 1973.  
  Chuck and Dawn Wilcox and their two children made preparation to sail, gathered their passports , money,important papers, schoolwork, and whatever would be needed to start and complete their journey. Dawn . a Nurse, tried to have medications on hand, if needed. She arranged for her children to be sent school work at various ports. They were able to cook, and use electricity when they first started the voyage.
  The author uses notes, transcripts photos, and media to describe the journey. Each time the Vela sailed to another port, or country, their passports and papers were checked. The family would have to get to land to go to a Post Office. Of course this was a wonderful experience for the family, especially the children to see various people, cultures and traditions,as well as the scenic countries.
    Of course, this journey could be dangerous. Medical issues , such as food poisoning, Scurvy, broken bones, fevers, and more had to be handled. The sea and Mother Nature could be problematic with hurricanes, storms, winds,heat and cold. The biggest upset is when the sailboat hit some reefers and was shipwrecked. The family was lucky to find a house to rent, and tried to get  to repair the sailboat.
    In the close proximity to each other, there were arguments. At times getting food was difficult. Also everything cost money, and as much as the Wilcox family planned, many additional expenses came up.
    In the 1970's the political condition of the world was changing. Egypt and Israel didn't get along, Leadership of countries changed. In some waters there was the threat of pirates.
   I found this book fascinating and intriguing. I know I get seasick on the ferry, so I can appreciate how this family wanted to live their dream, even though there were dangers.  It is hard to believe that this is a nonfiction book, and I would recommend this to read about a great adventure.
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My 1st read, written by Wendy. I loved it. So creative and imaginative. I have often wondered what it would be like to take a boat around for traveling purposes? We are campers but never been on the seas for a long long time. Only for a short trip or journey to see a tour or what not. Of course I had to think of Gilligan's Island, the song and those silly tv shows. I can not imagine being shipwrecked and what you would do for food or water. Or what about "Castaway" with Tom Hanks.  I can't wait to read  more from Wendy very very soon. Well done, if you love ships, ship journey, sea travels, anything water related please check out this beauty. Great read!! ( ;
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An interesting, and sometimes humorous account of 4 member family trip sailing around the world.  There was a lot of geography and history also that explained about the different parts of the world they sailed to.
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