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Singh unsurprisingly does it again with this fantasy romance all about Silver and Valentin. I like the dichotomy in this series between the two protagonists. The growing threats are interesting; Singh is so deft with political tensions. Their relationship is well-developed. That's everything I can ask for and more (taking in the yumminess of Valentin!) out of a romance read.

*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*
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Jennie: * Technically, Silver Silence is the first book in the new Psy-Changeling Trinity series, but I didn’t note much difference between this book and the previous books in the original Psy-Changeling series. Some new characters, yes, but a lot of familiar faces and conflicts, and the structure and tone were the same as in the previous series.

Anyway, on to our story. It opens with Silver Mercant, familiar from previous books as Kaleb Krychek’s ultra-efficient second-in-command, opening the door of her Moscow apartment to Valentin Nikolaev, alpha of the StoneWater Bear pack. This is not the first time Valentin has gotten into her apartment building by mysterious means, ostensibly to conduct business but clearly also to flirt. Except Silver doesn’t flirt. She is Silent, and she’s a Mercant, meaning she’s pretty much perfect and precise in her every thought and action. If there is some vague stirring of emotion deep inside her when Valentin comes around, she does an excellent job of hiding it.

Valentin is pretty much the opposite of Silver – charming, playful, and in spite of his alpha ruthlessness (and some secret, pack-related sorrow), a happy-go-lucky guy. Still, he’s drawn to Silver, whom he suspects of harboring a “secret fire.”

Their brief encounter (playful on Valentin’s part; irritated, if irritation didn’t break Silence protocols, on Silver’s) is interrupted when Silver falls to the floor and convulses. Valentin immediately summons help, and then uses his extra-keen bear sense of smell to confirm what he already suspects – she’s been poisoned.

Thanks to Valentin’s quick actions and the work of the Psy doctors summoned by Kaleb Krychek and Silver’s grandmother Ena Mercant, Silver recovers from the poisoning. But while she is being worked on, Valentin and Ena come up with a plan to safeguard Silver until her attacker is unmasked: she will travel to the StoneWater den under the conceit that she’s working to strengthen Psy-Changeling bonds, particularly as StoneWater is the controlling Changeling presence in the area.

Silver is the director of the worldwide Emergency Response Network, otherwise known as EmNet. EmNet is tasked with coordinating disaster response under the authority of the Trinity Accord, the fledgling organization of humans, Psy and Changelings trying to build a new and more equitable world for all three groups. As such, she’s a visible target for those who don’t want the Trinity Accord to succeed. The reader is given the perspective of one such person, an unnamed human who hates and distrusts the Psy. But Silver and her grandmother also suspect that a Mercant had a hand in the poisoning, because no one else would’ve had access to Silver’s food supply.

The only Mercants Silver can continue to trust are her grandmother, the matriarch of the tight-knit Mercant family, and her brother Arwen. Arwen (his name put me off – isn’t that the name of one of the elves in Lord of the Rings?) and Silver have always had a special bond, which seems odd to say given that all of the Mercants were Silent before the recent change in Psy protocol that allows Psy to choose for themselves if they want to maintain Silence or not. But the fact is that throughout the series there have been Psy who, while technically Silent, have had emotional connections with each other.

This is one of those aspects of the series that I’m unclear on – is it the author’s intention to show that following Psy protocols completely is impossible? Or are we supposed to believe that certain Psy are “perfectly Silent” even when that doesn’t seem to be the case?

Janine: My reading is that the only Psy we are meant to believe are truly perfectly Silent are the cold killers and the sociopaths. The Psy protagonists in these books have flaws in their Silence, but many conceal those flaws so well that they fool most people—and in some cases, even themselves. Silver might be one of the latter; I got the impression that she was influenced by the empathic Arwen’s presence in her family in ways she did not always acknowledge.

Jennie: You’re absolutely right – Silver might easily be more perfectly Silent without Arwen. Her other close connection is Ena, her grandmother, but Ena is a much better at presenting a facsimile of Silence than Arwen is, I think.

Anyway, Silver has a mysterious reason, frequently referenced but not spelled out, for feeling that giving up Silence isn’t for her. At one point she tells Valentin that she has a mutation in a genome that makes breaking Silence dangerous for her. It feels like something we’ve heard before; someone else will no doubt remember what books/characters had similar conflicts in regard to breaking Silence.

Janine: Judd is the one who immediately comes to my mind. He could not break Silence for fear that he would lash out at people with his telekinesis and harm or even kill them unintentionally. I’m pretty sure Faith had to stay Silent too, but I’m fuzzier on her story.

Jennie: I knew you would remember at least one example!

Silver settles in at the StoneWater den and is able to view up close, for the first time, a very different way of living. The closeness, the nosiness, the physical affection are all, obviously, alien to her. Meanwhile, Valentin is continuing his courting of Silver and it’s beginning to work. Despite her super sekret reason for not wanting to break Silence, she begins to consider engaging in a physical relationship with Valentin so that she knows what she’s giving up by maintaining her current lifestyle. Valentin wants more, of course (he’s definitely one of those heroes that are all in from page one), but he’s willing to be patient (sort of).

So, there are a few plotlines going on here: one, obviously, is the shadowy, seemingly human-driven entity that wants to disrupt EmNet and the Trinity Accord, both by poisoning Silver and later by terrorist acts targeted mostly at humans. Then there is Valentin’s grief and an impending decision he needs to make about the division in his clan, one that apparently occurred when he took over from the previous alpha. There’s Silver’s own struggle to maintain Silence and resist Valentin’s charms, all while dealing with a potential traitor in her own family. Then there’s the actual romance running through it all, as Valentin and Silver are thrown together and learn more about each other, and as lust and intrigue deepen to love and respect.

As I stated early in this review, none of this is structurally or thematically different, IMO, from the first 15 Psy-Changeling books; the only difference is that we’re supposedly in a “post-Silence”/Trinity Accord world now. I suppose the introduction of a new changeling group, the bears, could also qualify as a change of sorts.

The bears are a little different from the leopards and wolves we’re familiar with from the earlier books. Their personalities seem to be generally more light-hearted and playful (they have a reputation for raising hell in the Moscow bars). As someone who has never been that into the “animal” aspect of the Changelings, I didn’t care *that* much, but there is something viscerally less romantic, I think, about bears. I think of them as shambling rather than sleek (I guess while leopards are sleek, wolves aren’t really. But come on, wolves are cool). After a while I stopped being concerned with that aspect of the story, though. It helped that we didn’t spend a huge amount of time with Valentin in bear form.

Janine: I just could not get into the bear thing, and it didn’t help that Valentin was said not to lumber, or that he and his sister were described as having grace, because trying to picture a graceful bear just brought up the image of the bear from the Charmin toilet paper commercial. Along similar lines, when, during a love scene, Valentin spoke of Silver’s pussy “glistening with your honey,” my mind called up Disney Winnie the Pooh imagery, which wasn’t conducive to a sexy mood.

(Incidentally, the word “pussy” jarred me too. I expect it and have no problem with it in erotic romances, but I think it’s new to the Psy/Changeling books.)

Jennie: Ha, I think I stopped on “pussy” too – I wasn’t consciously aware that it was on the graphic side for Singh, but it did give me pause (not “paws” – the ursine humor just keeps coming). I didn’t even notice the “honey” mention but it seems unfortunate in this context.

Janine: In addition to mentally tripping up over pop culture bear iconography, I was disappointed that the bear changelings were so similar to the leopards and wolves in their characteristics—warm, loving, close-knit and fierce defenders of those they loved. I would have preferred that this book deal with the loner ocean changelings of BlackSea. That would have felt like something truly new, rather than a surface change.

Jennie: I’m afraid that even the BlackSea members would get the same treatment if they were to get their own full-length book. Singh has developed such an iconography around the Changelings; I’ve complained about it at length before. They are imbued almost entirely with positive traits, and a lot of their representation is tied up in how cute the little ones are and how protective and flawless the adults are in their treatment of the babies and children.

I mean, she could prove me wrong, and represent BlackSea differently, but it doesn’t surprise me that the bears are familiar, because the leopards and wolves have always been very, very similar to each other.

There were developments fairly late in the book that engaged me more than the first 3/4ths or so; the earlier part felt familiar to anyone who’s read the series, especially the books that feature a Psy-Changeling pairing.

Janine: I was frustrated and frankly, bored with the first 70% of the novel because the plot revolved around three tropes that have already gotten a lot of play in the series, from the Psy heroine who discovers the warmth, love and emotion of changeling life (Sascha in Slave to Sensation, Zaira in Shards of Hope) to the Psy character who must, at all costs, remain Silent (Faith in Visions of Heat, Judd in Caressed by Ice), to the character facing the possibility of impending death (Sascha in Slave to Sensation, Katya in Blaze of Memory, Vasic in Shield of Winter).

Don’t Psy have any other problems in their lives? I feel ready for some romance tropes we have not yet seen in this series such as a friends-to-lovers story in a Psy or changeling setting, a secret baby kept hidden because of his/ her Psy abilities, or a marriage of convenience story. Heck, I would even take a fake romantic relationship which is one of my least favorite tropes.

Jennie: Ooh, a marriage of convenience would be interesting! Maybe between two Psy?

Janine: The main thing that saved this book, to the degree that it was saved, was that the last thirty percent of it did introduce a brand new trope I have not seen used in this series—or elsewhere in the genre, for that matter.

Jennie: Without going into spoilery detail, Valentin and Silver’s relationship is basically reset and I found the action in the last quarter poignant, engaging and romantic.

Janine: I’ll go into BIG spoilers, but hide them:

Spoiler (“spoiler”): Show

I agree that this last section was far more engaging than the first three-quarters. It felt fresh and different in a good way and provided the story with a satisfying conclusion, but for me, that felt like too little, too late.

I don’t often restructure novels in my imagination as I read them, but in this case, I found myself wishing that this book had been structured differently, beginning with this last section and then telling the earlier part of the story in flashbacks interspersed between Silver and Valentin’s dates, because doing so might have lent the first 70%, which was so familiar and tired, that same poignancy and high emotional stakes that the final third had.

Jennie: That would’ve been interesting. I think I was just glad that the good part was at the end, though, because it left me finishing the book with a happy feeling.

I was pondering why I think I liked this book better than I have many of the other books in the series, and I think a big factor is that Silver felt more like an equal than the heroines in many of the Psy-Changeling books. I have often complained that the books give lip service to heroines being “badass” or challenging to the hero’s dominance. But inevitably it’s made clear that he’s really in charge, and that he’s stronger, faster, more dominant, etc. In Silver Silence I felt like Valentin really did admire Silver’s strength, and they were actually pretty evenly matched. I liked that a lot.

Janine: Yes. I’ll agree with that. I got a little weary of the oft-repeated “Silver. Fucking. Mercant.” meme, but your point stands. Silver has always been a badass and I’ve loved that about her since she was first introduced as Kaleb Krychek’s assistant a dozen or so books ago.

I’ve been waiting a long time for her to get a book worthy of her and for me, this was not that book. I liked Valentin and I agree he was a good match for her, but in addition my main issue (tired tropes in the first two-thirds), I also felt that the external suspense plot involving the attacks on EmNet and Trinity lacked freshness and suspense. I was never truly scared for Silver’s safety or that of the Trinity accord.

Jennie: Fair, and I feel like terrorist attacks have been a central theme for a while now (am I remembering right?). I don’t like the overreliance on them, and it hits a little too close to home these days.

Janine: Yeah. I could not help but compare this book to Slave to Sensation, the novel that began the previous arc and the Psy-Changeling series itself. Maybe that comparison is unfair, since the series was completely new and it’s impossible to compete with the freshness of that. Slave to Sensation was not a perfect book and I had some issues with it, but at the time, Lucas, Sascha and their allies were underdogs fighting the all-powerful Psy Council, so the threat to them felt real.

Here, so many powerful people and groups have now signed on to the Trinity accord that the accord does not feel truly vulnerable. If anything, it is actually Trinity’s shadowy enemies who are the underdogs in this conflict, and their defeat feels like a foregone conclusion. That doesn’t give me much reason to keep turning the pages.

Jennie: If I were to have a quibble (I always have quibbles!) I would say that for a book set in Moscow and featuring ostensibly Russian characters (well, I’m not clear if Silver is supposed to be Russian, since she doesn’t have a Russian name, but she’s based in Moscow, and Valentin definitely is), the setting and characters didn’t feel very Russian to me. There were Russian words thrown in here and there, but I never got the sense of a different culture, with different worldviews and history and foods. I guess one could argue that in the Psy-Changeling world, Russia isn’t “Russian” the way it is here, but I was disappointed not to get some local flavor out of the setting.

Overall, though, a book that started off for me being another B-/C+ (or so) Psy-Changeling book was really elevated by the last quarter. I am giving it a B+.

Janine: Usually I grade Singh’s books a bit higher than you do, but in this case, it appears we are reversing positions. The first two-thirds were a C- for me, and the last quarter, a B. And since the later section was considerably shorter, I have to give the earlier one more weight. It’s a C for me.
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Nalini Singh isn't capable of writing a bad book!  Before I read this book I wasn't sure if I would like a book based around Silver.  I am happy to say I was wrong.  I loved this book and the characters were awesome; likable, funny and intriguing.  Bears are the best and the worst (in the best way)!  The perfect blend of romance and paranormal.
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Silver Mercant is a character we have seen through much of the Psy-Changling series. It was an unexpected delight for her to be the first to have a story in the second season. Silver has been Silent, but loyal. Her family is a great one, but they also protect their own. Now with Silence falling, Silver is working a critical role in emergency management.

In this new world, The Consortium is still working against the Trinity Accord that is trying to bring peace to the three major races. A new group wanting the three races to stay separate is growing in the shadows. They have set their sights on Silver. Bringing down the one in charge of managing emergencies would cause chaos. So is born the idea to take out Silver. When a poison attempt comes too close, Silver is thrown into a the wild world of a bear den and with the one man that could draw emotion from her if anyone could.

Valentin Nikolaev, the Stone Water bear changeling clan, is more than what everyone sees. He cares for his clan deeply, has a mischievous side, agonizes of what his parents have done to his family. and wants a better world for all. But most of all he sees the fire in Silver no one else sees. The one he finds himself drawn to and in need to have in his life. He pursues Silver, knowing she is he one mate he craves, no needs. As his story unfolds, you learn the depth there is to his character that you don't see on the surface when you meet him.

The romance is slow and at times seems to be stalled. When tough decisions are made, Valentin has to accept his Ice Queen needs to figure things out for herself even if it means she will never be the mate he longs for or even in his life. There are a lot of elements to juggle through the slow build of romance. The slowness of this at times left me feeling off.

While you don't totally need to read the Psy-Changling series, it will help you understand all that they have gone through and what they are putting in place today. Past characters are integrated into the story and without knowledge of who and what their past is will have you missing out on the entire experience that is Psy-Changling.

I expected the series to jump further in the future, so when they picked Silver shortly after the last book, it feels more of a continuation of the same series just with new enemies and circumstances to deal with along the way. The Psy-Changling series drew me in with the unknown, but this new series has me wondering if the bad guys and circumstances will build enough to have the epicness of the original series. Time will tell!
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Silver has been Silent since she was very young.  She had to be as it was the only way to save her life.  She is now the director of EmNet and doing a wonderful job at it.  Unfortunately she keeps getting visits from Valentin Nickolaev, the Alpha of the StoneWater Bears.  She should be sending him away on a regular basis but for some reason she’s not.  On one of these visits Valentin saves her life as she had just been unknowingly poisoned.  The only people that could have poisoned her food was family so her grandmother and Valentin work out that Silver should stay in StoneWater territory until they find out who tried to kill her.  Silver hates the plan but figures she’ll recover and then move out asap – probably within a few days.

Once at StoneWater Silver finds a different kind of life than one she’s used to seeing.  Valentin makes no secret of the way he feels about her and when he finally talks her into breaking her Silence she loves every minute of their time together.  Unfortunately as I said earlier she was Silent to save her life.  She has a Psy designation that will soon kill her if not fixed.  She’s loved not being Silent but isn’t ready to die.  A surgery by Ashaya Aleine and her sister, Amara, may save her life but then she’ll probably be 100% Silent.  Valentin is willing to deal with any outcome as long as Silver is alive.

I have to say that reading about Silver in previous books didn’t make me want to read her story.  Kind of like with Kaleb’s book I was, of course, pleasantly surprised.  Silver was a wonderful heroine and I loved her dry sense of humor and the fierceness of her love for Valentin.

Valentin was one persistent bear and I loved that about him.  He knew that Silver was his mate but wasn’t about to let things set just because she was Psy.  He approached slowly but when he had his opportunity he took it and ran with it.  He was a good, good man and had so much love for Silver, his family and the entire bear clan.  It truly warmed my heart to read about this amazing hero.

We also got to learn more about other characters, the Consortium and events that happened with Bowen Knight.  I have no idea what’s going to be happening next in the series but I can’t wait!

Great book, definitely recommend it – like, read it NOW. 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5
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I really enjoyed the beginning of the Psy-Changeling Trinity. However, I would not recommend this book to newbies, they would feel overwhelmed. This is not only about steamy romance, there is a political background that would be hard to follow if you haven't read at least some of the prequels from the Psy-Changeling series.

All in all, I really enjoyed the whole story, the main and supporting characters. There is nothing in particular that I disliked. I will only say this - you will love Valentin. He is not the overbearing, annoying alpha. He is sweet, patient but also very protective and brave. I think that is the perfect combination.
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As usual, Nalini did a great job creating differing personalities and using resources already created in another only tangentially related storyline to handle the twists in this one. Love the bears! Valentin was sweet as well as hot.
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I adored this book! My first bear shifter read and it's made me want ALL THE BOOKS!! I'm rating this 4 stars only because it was very confusing in the beginning. The story needed more details. I understand that it's a spin-off but being the first in the series I expected more backstory. 

I am all about Valentin!! Silver and Valentin's romance had me swooning in the best way! I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. The sort of all in love that every romance reader devours. 

I was gifted a NetGalley widget of this book for an honest review from the publisher to better understand the 2nd book in the series.
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Silver Merchant has been tasked as the director of a worldwide emergency response network. Her business suits are her armor as she battles to bring the three races together. Valentin Nikolaev, alpha of the StoneWater Bears, keeps sneaking into her life and especially into her apartment building. One morning he rescues her from an attempted assassination by poison. As Grandmother Merchant tracks down the poisoner, Silver is sent to the bear clan for protection and to foil any other attempts.

Why I started this book: I clicked on the netgally request button so fast my track pad is still glitchy... and even though I had tons of other items on my to do list, I dropped everything and stayed up way too late to start (and finish) this book.

Why I finished it: Changeling bears! Drinking, changeling Russian bears! What fun, to see a new animal clan, to meet new characters and to shift to a new location. I love that Singh's world is big enough to encompass the world... that each character and mating pair are unique and not a recycling of previous books with just the names changed. (We all know those series.)
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Title: Silver Silence
Series: Psy-Changling Trinity Book #1
Stand Alone Title: yes
Author: Nalini Singh
Genre:  Romance, Paranormal, Sci-FI/Fantasy
Blurb: New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh returns to her extraordinary Psy-Changeling world with a story of wild passion and darkest betrayal...
Control. Precision. Family. These are the principles that drive Silver Mercant. At a time when the fledgling Trinity Accord seeks to unite a divided world, with Silver playing a crucial role as director of a worldwide emergency response network, wildness and chaos are the last things she needs in her life. But that’s exactly what Valentin Nikolaev, alpha of the StoneWater bears, brings with him.
Valentin has never met a more fascinating woman. Though Silver is ruled by Silence—her mind clear of all emotion—Valentin senses a whisper of fire around her. That’s what keeps him climbing apartment buildings to be near her. But when a shadow assassin almost succeeds in poisoning Silver, the stakes become deadly serious…and Silver finds herself in the heart of a powerful bear clan.
Her would-be assassin has no idea what their poison has unleashed... 
Favorite quote(s): “I climbed up a building for you,” he said pointedly.  “That’s better than shouting love words from the street.”
“Kiss me later,” he dared in a whisper for her ears alone.  “Prove you can keep your distance.  Prove you’re Silent.”
Thoughts: I put off reading this book for a good long while.  I loved the Psy-Changling series by Singh, however fifteen plus books in the series it was growing a bit stale for me.  A series so very strong in the beginning was slowly flickering out.  With Silver Silence?  Wow, talk about a breath of fresh air!  Not only did this book help revive a dying series, but it in actually reminded me of what I loved most about this series in the very beginning, when every book was a strong, memorable, entrancing book.  While the new Trinity series ties in with the world we have come to know and love, and we catch glimpses of familiar characters, it doesn’t rely on it too heavily.  We get fresh new characters to fall in love with – and Singh couldn’t have picked two stronger characters to come barreling out of the gate with.  I loved both Valentin and Silver – I loved their characters, the roaring wildfire of chemistry that existed between them, and the love that defies all odds.
This is why I fell in love with Nalini Singh as an author.  This is why I love the Psy-Changlings.  And this is why I have fallen in love all over again with both.
Rating: A+
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5 stars!!!

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This story was amazing, evolving, with an on point world filled with depth, danger and action. Unique strong characters held my attention from the beginning. I really liked how even though there was multiple POV which usually irks me, it really worked here. It helped push the story forward and added depth to the story. I really loved how a typical Who-Done-It mystery was done in a unique way with high suspense and action.

Their relationship was so fun to see develop. Filled with depth, challenge, growth and a blazing hot connection. I loved how their relationship really took time, even with their strong chemistry they took the time to really know each other. I was bit sadden to miss their meet-cute but that was made up for with the multiple developments of their relationship.

I loved how Valentin was determined to win Silver over, not being intimated by Silver’s power and dominance but its what made him drawn to her more. I really enjoyed how even though Silver was harden by Silence she was courageous enough to step away from what she knew to explore emotion and love with Valentin. Their journey to love was indeed complex, emotional and intense. I think its obvious how much I loved Silver Silence by Nalini Singh and I really can’t wait to read more from this new avenue of the series.
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It's definitely an interesting time to be reading a romance set in Russia. Luckily, it's an alternative universe, so it's still a nice break from reality. Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series is much beloved, and Silver Silence is the first book in the spinoff series (The Psy-Changeling Trinity). It can definitely be read as a standalone, but I think having read the previous books in the Psy-Changeling series would be really beneficial. I do want to underline that it isn't necessary though. (But why wouldn't you want to know the background of the secondary characters, not to mention read excellent romances?) 

I love the Changelings. I just do, and in Silver Silence, we're introduced to a new kind. Bears! Yes! Polar bears, grizzly bears, panda bears. Bears galore! They're delightful, and just ... bears. They're frustrating, primal, incomprehensible, loving, fun, and beary. They love to have a good time and party, but also have such depth. I'm trying not to be too vague, but I also definitely don't want to give away any major plot points.

There's a lot of angst because much of the book focuses on Silver's emotions, or lack thereof. As she's Psy, since childhood she's been conditioned to not allow any emotion. There's something different about her though (not just emotion or her lack of it), which throws a kink into Valentin's courtship. They seem to always be taking one step forward, with two steps back. Valentin is up to the task though, because he's got the stubbornness and persistence. Bears might be able to give goats a run for their money. 

What's special is that both Valentin and Silver are alphas. Not in the same sense of course, but Silver Fucking Mercant commands respect, and possibly fear worldwide. She's a force to be reckoned with, and can handle anything, and everything. Including an intractable alpha bear. (Quick sidenote, if you're seriously offended by the phrase “Silver Fucking Mercant” maybe skip this book - it's Valentin's “nickname” for her, and used at least 25 times in the book.) 

I loved the bears. Valentin is a delight. He's definitely an alpha - and not just that but one that can stand toe to toe with any alpha out there. He's a predator. However, when wooing Silver, he's more than willing to let his softer side show. He teases her and plays with her, unconventionally of course. He asks a Silent Psy to an ice cream date. Sends her gifts that he signs Mr. I.M.A. Medvezhonok - Mr. I’m a Teddy Bear and asks her to call him her medvezhonok - her teddy bear. It takes a really secure male to go that far out, and it's adorable. He's smitten, and not afraid to let the world know it.

Silver Silence is a wonderful story. Both Valentin and Silver are incredibly dynamic characters, with strong networks of friends, family, and colleagues. Even Silent Silver, because the Mercants stick together. Loyalty is everything to the extensive family. You really get a sense of who both of them are, and how they come to fall in love. Of course we know Valentin is an alpha, but Silver is set to take over her powerful family—and is already running a global taskforce that helps all three races - Psy, Changeling, and Human with crisis relief.  Not to mention she was Kaleb's assistant. Silver is strong enough to garner the respect of Valentin's bears.

This is a story that will tug at your heartstrings. While reading Silver Silence you will laugh, cry, and fall at least a little in love with the bears. That being said, I really want to read a romance that casts Silver's cousin Ivan in a starring role. Or her brother Arwen—basically, I'm really excited to see where Ms. Singh will take us next. 


I’m a huge Nalini Singh fan and loved this book. I was super excited when it was announced this would be Silver Mercant’s book and include bears! Things move quickly from the very beginning and don’t really slow down. Valentin, the alpha of StoneWater bear changelings, has bear stuff he’s dealing with. His crush on Silver is cute and his playful pursuit of her is the only time he gets away from Denhome. I love that through everything, he always believed Silver could do anything. Silver is changing careers, standing up a new organization under the Trinity Accord, and cementing her place in the Mercant family hierarchy. Basically being a badass. Both the Mercant family and the bears fascinated me. I hope we get more of both in this new arc, Psy-Changeling Trinity.

Silver Silence starts a new story arc for the Psy-Changeling series. Someone who doesn’t have my issues with reading series in order can probably read it without reading the other books in the series but why would you?! Psy-Changeling series is awesome!

One of my favorite things about these books, and that continues in Silver Silence, is the extensive world building and political machinations between the three groups—humans, changelings, and psy. Even though silence has fallen for the psy, there’s still political maneuvering. Humans are trying to get more equal footing with psy and changelings. Psy are still trying to figure out how to live without silence (for those who can or choose to give up silence) and intertwined with humans and changelings. Changelings continue to protect their families, business interests, and territories.

Part 1 focuses on Silver and Valentin’s budding relationship. They’re forced into close proximity for a period of time, exposing Silver to Valentin’s adorable family (can we get a novella with Nova and her mate? Please and thank you!) and clan members. Things progress nicely then a huge issue comes up that may tear them apart (and the crying starts…now!).

On to Part 2 and the end. The resolution of the romance between Silver and Valentin felt a little rushed to me. Silver’s position seemed pretty clear at the beginning of Part 2—there wouldn’t be any changes. She’d made her choice. Then it starts changing and pretty suddenly for me it’s completely different. Maybe I was reading so fast I missed how that happened? I needed more time to re-build their relationship. Otherwise another incredible story from Nalini Singh! I like the new direction for this series and can’t wait to read more!
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Silver is one of the few who needs silence to survive.  Valentin (Mischa) is a bear determined to coax Silver into breaking silence.  Can Silver chose another way not that she is a woman grown or will silence be all that allows her to survive?
Silver Silence by Nalini Singh is the latest story in her psi world but first in the Trinity series.  I want a Mischa!!  He has a big heart, strong will, sense of fun and could kill you dead with one strike.  Silver isn’t quite sure what to do with the bear shifter Alpha who is determined to uncover the fire within.  I loved his sense of playfulness not only with Silver but also with his den.  Ms. Singh did not make Mischa a caricature of a Russian although I will admit a few stereotypes slipped in.  Mischa was a fully developed male with deep feelings and a strength of honor that was bone deep.  And while Silver wasn’t used to anyone like Mischa, I loved that she did not allow herself to be seen as week; even when Mischa sees her at less than her best.  I adored Silver and Mischa together.  Family is important to them both and a willingness to protect at all costs was deep within both their dna. This story is well written.  It is full of joy, pain and love.  I can’t wait to see where Ms. Singh will take us as the Psy-Changling world continues to grow and change.
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I received a free copy to read and review. 
I love this author, and there is nothing I haven’t read and loved. 
And this was no exception. 
As always a great story. Strong characters and a great cast of supporting characters.
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Silver Mercant has a full card with her dual jobs of being the director of the Emergency Response Network known as EmNet and as the senior aid to Kaleb Krychek.  She really doesn’t have time the for bear who keeps asking her for an ice cream date.  Yet, when an assassination attempt is made on Silver, it is that same bear who not only saves her life, but finds the way the attempt was made.  When it’s time for Silver to “disappear” from the public eye for a while, it’s just her luck that the place she is sent is to the very home of her persistent bear suitor.


Valentin Nikolaev is the Alpha of the StoneWater bear clan in Russia and while he has the same overall attitude as most bears, when it comes to protection for those under his care or those he loves (sometimes one and the same), there is no doubt about why Valentin is the Alpha.  Valentin has been attracted to Silver since he first saw her, and he is determined to show her that they could be an item if she would only give it a chance.  All Silver’s constant refusals do is fuel his determination.  When Silver is moved into the StoneWater clan home, Valentin knows he will never have a better chance to prove to Silver his love and how they belong together.


Silver starts out as just mystified by how the bears live and go through their day-to-day activities, but as she is exposed to life in the clan and sees Valentin in action, it becomes harder and harder to stick with her silent leanings.  Valentin is even amazed at how good he and Silver are once she gives their attraction a chance to become love.  What Valentin never expected is a fight that Silver has kept secret and how her feelings have become a danger to her.  So as Silver and Valentin hunt the person or people behind her attack, all while exploring the love that has sprung up between them, they both are working on figuring out a way to solve the worst danger of all to Sliver and their love.  When Valentin convinces Silver to go for an all or nothing cure, it’s with the knowledge that he may lose his mate forever to silence or death.  The question is, can Silver and Valentin have their forever after or will their future die before they ever get the chance to reach for it?


Take one pushy and laid-back bear Alpha and one efficient and silent woman, throw in equal parts of danger, adorable bears and a passion that quickly turns to love, and you have just a bit of an idea of what Silver Silence is all about.  I quickly grew to love Valentin and saw just as fast on why, if anyone, could drag Silver out of her silence, it was him.  I will also say that I never thought anything would get Silver to leave the silence that she has lived with her entire life.  Watching as Valentin showed Silver just how good life could be when you included feelings, and especially love, was an adventure at every turn.  I also loved watching as Sliver fought and then gave up her attempt to not give in to her feelings. She was such a goner as soon as she moved into the clan home.


All of the things I have said above only covers the top layers of why I fell in love with Silver and Valentin’s story.  There are also times that made me want to cry and times when I laughed out loud.  This was a book that I turned around and re-read as soon as I finished it, and I discovered new elements that I had missed the first time.  If you ever wondered just how determined bears can be—Valentin not only won Silver’s love once, but he did it twice against all the odds against him.  How can you not love a man who can do that??  Silver Silence is definitely a Joyfully Recommend Read and has become one of my top favorites in the Psy-Changeling stories.  I can’t wait to see where this Trinity series is going to go next.
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I've been a huge fan of the Psy-Changeling series since I started reading it many years ago. I was super excited when this book came out because not only is it the Silver but we get bear changelings! They've been on the edges of this world for several books now but now we get a closer look. While I did enjoy this book, enough to give it four stars it is not one of my favorites. The plot almost seemed like a repeat of previous stories and I don't feel like we have progressed as much as we should have for 16 books in. It almost feels like we're back at the beginning. 

With that in mind I did thoroughly enjoy the bears! They were a refreshing and adorable addition to this series and I'm so glad we got some time with them. The Merchant family is quite fascinating as well as Silvers place in her family as heir apparent. I really enjoyed These two together, our hero forced playfulness on Silver and started pulling her out of her silence but it all may be in vain as Silver has a secret... If her silence breaks... so does she... Can love overcome?
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Silver Silence is a book that definitely benefited from me not reviewing it immediately after I read it. I remember distinctly that I came to love it after I finished that first time, but it took me a LONG time to really connect to Valentin, especially. Silver I was always connected with, but Valentine….not so much. I think because he was just so different.

Which obviously makes the fault mine. Because I want different. I don’t want to read about the same heroes and heroines over and over again with different names. I love the world that Nalini Singh has created here, and the huge variety of characters, cultures, and people.

Obviously, we’ve known Silver – at least peripherally, and recently more closely – for quite some time. She’s always intrigued me. And when I first heard that this book was going to be Silver’s, I was sure that Bowen was going to be the hero. Wrong. But I’m so happy I was wrong. Valentine is perfect for Silver. As she is for him.

This is the first book in the new Psy-Changeling Trinity series that starts immediately following the events in Allegiance of Honor – which you’ll recall was a bit of a “where are they now” book, except one that had an amazing story. So we’re still in the same, albeit newly made, world of the Psy, Changelings, and Humans. The triumverate that makes up the planet, and Trinity is the beginning of them trying to figure out how to live, for the first time in hundreds of years, together with each other. Silence has fallen. The Psy are starting to feel. Humans are gaining power. And there’s a ton of resentment, mistrust, and worry to go around.

But there’s also a strong will, by many, to move forward, to make it better. To heal the wounds. I once thought that this series would end when Silence had fallen. Because that was the goal for so many books. And so many stories end when the main battle is won. Nalini has taken it further, where it truly and naturally would go. The story isn’t over when the battle is won. Life, change, is a constant battle. Some small, some large, but the struggle and the drive to continue along….it doesn’t just stop.

There are a lot of logistics to work out yet. How, after so much discord and wrong-doing, will these three disparate races learn to trust; to love? This first book, in the second series, of the Psy-Changeling world begins to tackle just that.

I, for one, can’t wait to see where we go. Can’t wait to see them succeed. I need to see that success, especially in the world that I currently live in. After all, this is why I read fiction. Not only to escape from the real world – which is increasingly too harsh for me – but to see the best, to see the possibilities, to see others overcome evils just as great as stand in the real world.

When I read this for the second time, I loved everything immediately. I love Valentine – because I understand him now. Silver, I always loved. I adore Ena. That didn’t change from the first read – I am absolutely relish Grandmother Mercant.

But what really struck me the second read through, is to watch and pay attention to all the people fighting for what’s right. Quietly struggling to do good. To not lose hope when things seem horrible, but continue pushing for what I know to be right. Thank you for that, Ms. Singh. Thank you.
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Whats not to live about this series. This is Nalini sighn to the max. Loved it!
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Oh my goodness! The Bears! I love the bears! As much as I've enjoyed reading the cat and the wolf books, there was just something so great about the bears. They still have that strong sense of pack and family that the others have, but there's just something... more about them. That and that the mating games they play by sneaking after their "prey" aka future mates, was just so yummy! The bears are so rowdy and full of trouble and yet everyone can't help but loving them. I found myself grinning from ear to ear the entire time reading this. Trust me, if you've enjoyed the pack dynamics of the other packs, the bears are going to instantly win your heart ten times over.

Onto the romance. Remember my love for the bears? Their traits made for one heck of a fun and hilarious mating dance. The shenanigans Valentin gets up to are nothing short of hilarious. But don't worry, Silver gives him more than a run for his money. Still it was incredibly enjoyable to watch him slowly break down her walls one by one. Their chemistry is off the charts from the first page despite her initial coldness. It truly made for an incredibly enjoyable read.

Simply put, Silver Silence is utter and completely fantastic. You cannot go wrong with a Nalini Singh book, but Silver Silence knocked it out of the park!
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