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I received an ARC of this book via #NetGalley.

I felt like this was a very solidly written BDSM story. It seemed more realistic than most. I didn’t realize that it was a solidly lesbian story, which I am personally not into, but I did still enjoy the story and thought it was quite well done. I took a star off the rating because I felt it could have used a bit more proof reading. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I did get confused in some areas when transgenders were referred in some places as female and others as male with pronouns. I do recommend this story to fans of BDSM erotica.
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I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  
Thanks NetGalley!

erotica, dom/sub/ bdsm, lesbianism; 

definitely a sexy read.    i'm a huge fan of erotica that touches down on submission and bdsm.   i'd read others by this author
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uhrm .... this story was difficult for me to read...and now difficult for me to review.

I requested this book out of curiosity of how lesbian bdsm world would be betrayed. This book was disjointed and the flow was hard to keep in line. One minute its a descriptive narrative on a persons feelings and the next was about some other scenario entirely,  The word 'yet' seemed to be used repeatedly, which always comes across as a filler word when it's not even necessary.
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Liv is being plagued by the "void" that seems to consume her.  It is almost an unquenchable sexual hunger that demands satisfaction beyond all common sense.  Liv turns to her friends to help he slake her needs.  While she does find some type of relief, it just isn't enough.  Well, until She walks in.  Cassandra is a legend in her own right.  She not only tames Liv's void but gives her so much more to hold onto.  Before long, Liv finds herself on the road to being a true submissive at the hands of Cassandra.  This is the very first bdsm f/f book that I ventured into reading.  I really enjoyed it.  Debra Hyde's writing is fantastic and kept me turning the pages.  Her characters literally leaped off the page and never left you wondering.  It was a quicker read, I managed to finish it in one day.  I enjoyed the depth of emotion that she packed into it.  It has plenty of juice and steam in it too.  I was really glad I gave it a shot.  I do recommend it.  I did receive this book from Net Galley for an honest review.
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DISCLAIMER: The book is given by NetGalley, the author and the publisher in exchange of an honest review. All the review written is not related to any personal issues or connection.

TRIGGER: This is an erotica book which offers several sexy and steamy scenes or things related to BDSM. Get your vibro ready!

“By contrast, Liv fell somewhere in the nebula of androgyny. No doubt in form and soul, and a lesbian in love and desire but neither butch nor femme in either presentation or whom she found attractive, Yet she did not feel undefined; being queer was being enough, and she liked not having to fall into a strict dichotomy. It was like having your cake and eating it too.”

Defo a very sexy book to read

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I've loved reading books by Debra Hyde for awhile and this one did not disappoint. While a quicker story than some, this is well developed and intense.  A lot of emotion and not gratuitous sex scenes but things that really advance and add to the story.
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This novel provides a glimpse into the world of submission and dominance , bondage, piercing, tattooing,  and ownership, It may push the vanilla readers to look up terminology,  grapics and piercing diagrams. In the midst of exploring a world of sex lies a love story. The fabled, older dom Cassandra and her submissive L.  We follow the lovers as they meet at the H club full of sex and lust. Through L's journey to submissive and falling in love. This book is a must read for those who want to explore the other side of pleasure and pain. It can also be a guide for those seeking to be an excellent  submissive. It is not a one and done novel, the reader will review it often and maybe incorporate some of the scenes into their bedroom. Happy reading and playing.
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3.5 stars. This was a modern retelling of The Story of O, but with characters that have different sexual orientations. The story of Liv’s descent into submission to another woman, Cassandra, was absorbing. It was very different than what I usually read, but the great writing style kept me hooked. I felt Liv’s nervousness and captivation with Cassandra as she took each step towards submission. There was a slow spiral downward, and I was left on edge wandering, 'How far will will Cassandra have Liv go?'

The story was told responsibly and realistically. Consent and all the problems that can arise within this sort of lifestyle were addressed. In a market where good lesbian romance and erotica is sorely lacking, this book fills a void. 

I will say that there were moments that dragged in the book. Some of the scenes were explained with such precise detail they came across as more clinical than erotic. The developing relationship between Cassandra and Liv was so interesting these moments were worth pushing through, and 
halfway through the plot got crazy (in a good way) and I couldn’t peel my eyes away.
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This was decent, I loved the relationship but erotica is not my favourite genre. I still recommend it though, if you enjoy a sub/dom relationship.
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Interesting read. I liked the different twist on the dom-sub story involving two women. Actually had a decent story line and kept me interested through the end. I would read other books by this author. She seems to have a good grasp on the concepts and workings of the community.
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Although I'm a fan of both lesbian and erotic fiction, this book didn't hold my attention. There was nothing I actively disliked, and at times I was truly drawn in by the prose. But I found it all too easy to set aside to read something else, and ultimately gave up at about 50%.  I won't be posting a review outside of NetGalley.
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I liked LIv a lot. She is hardworking, loyal and unafraid to ask the important questions. Her submissive side did not turn her into a mindless idiot with no sense of precaution; instead, she was sensible in giving in to her wants without risking her life.
Cassandra is harder to place. She doesn't really play a major role until halfway through the story, so she has less page time overall and suffered for it in my opinion. While I was happy she was not put on a pedestal, I still found her role as the love interest/dominant to be underdeveloped and more wish-fulfilment than an actual three-dimensional character. I loved seeing her flaws and reading about her differing perspective on the scene.
But Reese was definitely my favourite. His role in Livs and Cassandra's dynamic was very interesting and I loved it whenever he was on the page. I also think he was the best-portrayed switches in the entire story.
As for the plot, I am undecided whether I liked it or not. I understand that this is partly a fantasy that I can totally get behind and enjoy. Who wouldn't want this infamous dominant suddenly be interested in you? And I think most of the risks were avoided or at least prepared for. Do I disagree with some of LIv's choices and Cassandra's demands? Yes, but I can also see the appeal in taking a chance.

The writing was okay in my opinion. Some metaphors were too dramatized. The author sometimes went off on tangents that ripped me out of the moment. So did all the classification in femmes, butches,  and so on, it felt very artificial and robotic. Liv makes several remarks about her (too) femme clothing; the importance placed on that confused me. And Liv calls her submissive cravings the Void was something I just could not get behind, it disconnected me to the story. And, personally, I just was not a fan of the ending.
I feel the balance between smutty BDSM scenes and everyday life was well done.
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I received this ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. 

This is the first BDSM F/F novel I have read, so it is definitely a departure from what I am used to reading. In some ways I found it to be easy more intense than M/F SM books I have read. It was very well written and the characters well developed as the story of unconventional love is portrayed. That said, it wasn't the type of story I am into. For those that are really into the lifestyle, I feel you will enjoy this a lot.
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A very sexy quick read. My first book by this author. I enjoyed the writing style. Would definitely read another book from this at.
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This book isn’t the usual lesfic storyline that I read but when I requested it from the publisher through Net Galley, i thought I’d push myself out of my comfort zone and read about a subject that I don’t know anything about. So to say I was rather sceptical would be an understatement.
Well, I was hooked within the first few chapters. 
A story centering on a lesbian BDSM club and doms and subs and slaves. I was riveted with the story, the respect shown and displayed and ultimately love between L and Cassandra.  It is so well written and flowed perfectly. Totally kept my attention. 
So much so that I am now trying to get the authors’ next book, By Her Hand which sounds great, given the excerpt at the end.
A great read which gave me lots to think about.
Thank you Debra for a super read and for pulling me out of my comfort zone.
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Story of L was my very first book from Debra Hyde. And I'm conflicted on my review. I went into this book totally blind. But I love erotica, especially BDSM erotica. However I didn't know going in, it was about lesbians. That's normally a genre I don't read. I Just don't like gay romance, and I struggled finishing this one. The writing is good at times, other it's way over the top. Sometimes I was really confused. 
The Story of L is about Liv, who's trying to battle her inner self, wanting to submit to Cassandra. It was interesting to watch. But I can say I don't plan on reading any other books in this series.
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I love these types of books couldnt read them all the time but they are nice to red in between other books really enjoyed it
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This book reads like lesbian 50 Shades of Grey fan fiction.  It does not flow and L is too in her own head.
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We’d like to start by saying that BDSM is totally not our genre. Pain is not sexy to us. We picked this book more on a whim than anything else; and we must confess we were surprised. It doesn’t convert us to BDSM, but the author has managed to write cringe-worthy acts without making them torture. Little wonder that it is Winner, Lesbian Erotica, 2011 Lambda Literary Awards.

The book, as it says in the blurb, is the story of Liv, a switch, with bottomless sexual hunger that she has dubbed The Void. She tries to fulfil the hunger with SM acts performed on her, but it always returns. During one search for curbing The Void, Liv is serviced by Cassandra, a legendary Dom. Liv ends up having a crush on Cassandra after this, so when Cassandra reaches out to her with an offer for Liv to become her submissive, Liv gladly takes the opportunity. The rest of the book details the steps towards Liv becoming Cassandra’s submissive, L. 

What really works in the book is that the author narrates the story through Liv’s perspective. Her thoughts and emotions are detailed through every step, every act showing her willingness and excitement for what is happening. In fact, there are times when the author has got into practically a lyrical vein with the emotional reactions making it almost a regular romance. However, since we do not comprehend this world, we could not develop any sort of positive emotion about Cassandra, who only seemed to want a plaything and recapture her past time without an iota of real emotion (despite the best efforts of the author to make her vulnerable and giving). Nope, give us regular people with their love and loving any time. (Confession: we actually had to take a break from this book and this world and read a couple of romances in between to get stabilised).

If you are at all in the BDSM lifestyle or genre, this is a great book to get ahold of. If romance floats your boat, steer clear of this because despite some sort of loose romantic elements, this is certainly not romance.  

The rating is for the author’s ability to wax eloquent about arousal and emotions rather than the story or the BDSM elements.
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The Story of L is the journey of Liv as she is trying to fulfill The Void as she calls it and decides to switch character and become a submissive. Enter Cassandra who is a legendary dominant and creates a series of tests for Liv to pass as a submissive.  
BDSM is not a typical read for me and I found this book intense and I contemplated whether to finish it or not. I'm glad I read through to the end and as I got used to the role play between the characters I was given an insight into the world of BDSM.  I found the characters were well constructed, particularly L and her transformation and the emotion surrounding her transformation was well written. 
If you're looking for BDSM erotica then this book is for you.
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