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Honestly this is stereotypical transphobic and biphobic. It feels like a cishet guy got high then watched The L Word(OG not the new one)and decided he could add more sex. I dont recommend.
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This was very different to what I usually read but I fancied a change. It was a quick, intense read and I enjoyed the authors writing and the plot.
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I hadn't read BDSM erotica in a while and this one was good. I'm not really into the humiliation aspect so that did not work for me and I never really understand it when the characters fall in love at the end; it was these two personal preferences that made the book a two-star read for me.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.

This book was about bondage and submission between two women one an aging superstar Cassandra on the BDM scene and another L. who try as she may is never sexually fulfilled  until she is taken over by Cassandra and becomes her new submissive darling plaything . This book was well written and easy to read even if the subject matter was hard to understand at times. 4 stars
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The Story of L by Debra Hyde

Readability: ★★☆☆☆

Immersion: ★☆☆☆☆

Character Depth: ★★★☆☆

Originality/Innovation: ★★★★☆

The Message: ★★☆☆☆

Total Stars: ★ ★ ★☆☆ - 2.5/5

The Story of L by Debra Hyde is a BDSM/LGBTQ+ novel. I enjoy reading different literature - and give erotic books a go now and then. However, this book has poor writing. The prose was so lyrical as to make it unreadable and did not allow me to get into the story at all. I didn’t feel for the characters as well, and many scenes felt awkward to me. There was a lot of telling instead of showing and wording that was over the top but didn’t provide a better description. While I will give the author another try, I feel that there is awesomeness that could occur - this book was a no for me. 

Read On,

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Liv is having an emotional time as she is feeling the Void. She is usually a Dom but need to be a submissive when she feels the Void. She goes to the Lesbian BDSM club where she plays as a bottom with a friend. She has several emotional events but still feels the Void until Cassandra arrives. Cassandra is a legend in their circle but Liv had never met her. Cassandra plays with Liv and finally feels that void. Cassandra s a very demanding Dom but she is what L needs. This novel explores the relationship.
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I was interested in this book to read something different. Ultimately it was not my cup of tea. Nothing wrong with it but not a book I would recommend or reread for my own personal taste.
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Very intense and moving story of filling up the Void. When one submits fully to the other. It has parts of self discovery and following your instincts. Good read.
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“Leather. It was its own heart note, a scent complex and rich, an intrigue.” -Liv Alderman 

Yearning. Learning. Acceptance.

No hesitation. The author started the novel in a sex club and there was no question that I had booked a ticket on the steamy BDSM train. I did not know what to expect when I started reading this book. I knew it was inspired by the 1954 novel Story of O, by Anne Desclos; a novel that was “criticized by feminists as a glorification of the abuse of women” (Britannica).

Thankfully Debra Hyde wrote a novel that did not objectify or glorify the abuse of women. The women were in control and chose their sex roles. The progression of the dominant and submissive relationship was believable. I appreciated witnessing another form of falling in love. For some people, they do not want their first date/encounter to be dinner and a game of 20 questions. They want to start with sexual compatibility and let the rest filter in over time. To each their own! 

Other topics in this book: aging, bisexual prejudices, transgender people’s transition within the queer community.
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Anyone with an appetite for F/F BDSM would enjoy this book. There are some eyebrow raising moments and for those who are more vanilla (like myself) it’s an eye opener. I enjoyed that the book not only delivered intense sex scenes but threw romance into the mix.
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I’ve only read maybe a couple of books in this genre so it was definitely a peek into a very alien world but it felt accessible and not too exclusive so was readable enough. 
The main character is quite vulnerable yet headstrong so this made an interesting combination and you felt as though you are on a voyage of discovery with her.  The dominant female seems multi layered and that there’s more than what initially meets the eye which we gradually discover some of throughout the story. 
This is quite graphic in places so might put some off but the storyline is equally enough to balance that aspect.
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I've never read a book quite like Story of L. This is modern retelling of The Story of O which I haven't read or watched the movie but I have heard about. In Story of L there are same sex  BDSM relationships. This book was a really fast read and offered a hard glimpse at the lifestyle of dominate/submissive world. 

Unfortunately for me, there was no emotional development or clear understanding why they joined into these relationships. I fully understand more intense sexual relationships within the bounds of real healthy, emotional limits but this felt a little forced to me. 

There was a plot outside of sex scenes but that was limited. This is a great book for someone wanting to read purely about BDSM relationships. It is not a great book for someone wanting character driven epic novels. I wanted to keep reading it and found the book entertaining for a snowy afternoon so solid 3.5 stars from me!
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While it was nice to read about a F/F BDSM relationship. It's well written. But, not too much like The Story of O. That book ended on a dismal note. This did not.. The characters were likable enough. The storyline and premise were good. The character arcs were believable. But there were certain points during the book where I didn't think a vivid enough picture was painted. A good book always makes you feel like you are in the scene.
All in all I would check out more of the authors work. This was a pretty solid read.
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I’m definitely walked into the wrong classroom  with this one! I was just a little in over my head with this book. I guess I am more vanilla that I realized. Two women meet at a club in a very unorthodox manner and are taken with each other. The story progresses smoothly through their strange relationship. There were a few jaw dropping moments but my interests were kept high through out. It’s also a romance, which was a little unconventional and odd, but surprisingly well received on my end. Overall, this book is really well written, very intelligent and quite enjoyable if your up for something a little different and extreme.
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I never had read erotica before and I legit came to reading this with no expectations. I felt there was for sure a lot of steam as well as character development. The main character learns to view herself in a new light with her lover who challenged her ideals. The erotic scenes felt believable as well as the dialogue.
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Fascinating look into the lesbian BDSM world. I found some of it to be a bit much, not because of the actual story but the verbiage was so redundant and cringe worthy at times. Over all I enjoyed but wouldn’t read again.
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Promoted as a lesbian story version of Story of O, I believe I may have had the wrong expectations coming into this story.  When I was in my late teens, I read the Story of O and thought, wow, this is really hawt sex.  In my later years, I realized, it was a kind of BDSM erotica that no longer appealed to me, except as spank bank porn.

To say that this story pays homage to the Story of O is probably true.  That is about as close as it gets.  This erotic tale started out rough for me because the writing style doesn't appeal to me.  I am not quite sure what it is that bothers me about it, but it isn't what I enjoy.  It lacks a certain polish or finesse that I like in my story telling.  Since I tend to be picky about stories if I don't like the characters, the first 25 to 30% of the book I nearly put it down as did not finish.  I am glad I stuck through because I ended up linking Cassandra quite a bit.

First off, I enjoy lesbian stories and I love femdom.  It is hard to find both femdom and Ff stories.  Most of the time femdom is a caricature of a dominant who is extremely selfish and cruel to their submissive. Thankfully, Cassandra is not a cruel mistress.  What she is, is an old guard that is a dying breed.  At first, the hurdles aka tasks Cassandra forces Liv aka L to go through bothered me.  It has been brought up that if this was a male dominant doing it to a female submissive, I would find it okay.  That is not the case.  If this was a male dominant putting a female dominant through the same hoops, I'd be just as creeped out and thinking that something skeevy is going on.  

When L and Cassandra are finally able to be together in person, and Cassandra reveals her thoughts, sorrows and fears, it becomes clear, the hurdles are a self protecting measure.  Seeing it from Cassandra's point of view is sad.  There comes a time when even the most notorious will be replaced by the young who no longer care and find a "dinosaur" to be irrelevant.  For those who love the spotlight and being in the edgy center of attention, it is difficult to age out and end up in the sidelines.  

Second, when it comes to the kink part of this story, it is pretty accurate.  Lesbians tend to not take well to bisexual women.  Just like submissives and dominants tend to have issues with switches.  For L who is a switch and Cassandra who dabbled with men, these two strikes against them have caused conflict in their Lesbian kink community.  This is pretty realistic as I have been on the receiving end of such disgust.  The kinky scenes are delicious and realistic.  The fisting scene is notable and there is a certain intimacy that can only be experienced, not explained when it comes to this particular act.  I enjoyed reading all about it here.  Ms. Hyde does a lovely job in all the erotic scenes.

This erotica novel is recommended for femdom lovers who also like Ff.
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Thanks Netgalley for copy of book in exchange for an honest review.  

5 Stars 

Gripping to say the least. Liv is experiencing a lull in her sexual desires. One night at the club, that all changes. A lucky, in the right place at the right time, she finally meets The Cassandra. There are some feelings there, maybe a longing desire. A desire that can be achieved if your eyes are open to it.
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The Story of L is wonderfully written BDSM F/F erotica, yet I am not sure exactly how I feel about it. 

I have been reading more and more BDSM novels lately, and I really appreciate ones that portray the lifestyle with respect. This book includes club scenes, private scenes, all of which are described in detail. While it's intense it's beautifully written, and you can feel all the pleasure, pain and release that L is feeling and how much her submission means to her. I also really appreciated the accurate portrayal of Reese as a transgender male during his on page intimate scenes.

While what I mention in the last paragraph are so important there were a few things that I was missing from the story for me to really love it. Some might say I'm being nit picky but in my version when in reference to the transgender side character Quinn the author miss labels their pronouns, which bothered me. I also feel like it might have been an editing oversight because the other transgender character Reese is never once referred to with the wrong pronouns. On another note, as the reader I had trouble connecting with Cassandra. I feel like we really knew nothing about her until way past the halfway mark and then was only able to form a surface level connection to her. I felt a stronger connection and care for Reese than Cassandra. The connection I want to feel with both Dom and Sub wasn't present in the novel for me. I understand that the story focus was L and her journey, but I just prefer more.
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One of my first LGBTQ reads and i definitely enjoyed it. One of those books that makes you wish you explored that part of your life instead of leaving it as one of those things you live vicariously through books and others
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