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Not my cup of tea. Some may like it. Thought I'd go for something different and it was.. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.
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This book was good, however not amazing. I wanted to love the characters however never really became attached to them. I enjoyed the details, however felt at times the descripting took away from the story telling.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers of "Story of L" for  affording me the opportunity to read and review this book. 

There's no doubt from the book synopsis or the front cover that this storyline will travel into the world of BDSM. 

This is no watered down story. Neither is it poorly constructed. It's simply a very well-crafted and written gripping erotic account of one person's journey into Submission. 

Real life BDSM can travel into Sadism and Masochism, depending on individual preferences and limits. If that is out of your comfort zone then this will be an uncomfortable read. But this is not about the reader's comfort, but about Liv's. An active player in the BDSM world, both as a Domme and Switch,  the Void she craves becomes possible when she is topped by experienced Domme Cassandra . They both have what the other craves. And this book is the story of how their journeys progress. 

The purist in me would have liked to see the formal contract signing of  both Cassandra and Liv's agreement rather than verbal third hand agreements. The lack of direct communication from Cassandra may have worked for Liv, but  I would have preferred to see safe practice acknowledged and adhered to more closely simply because  there will always be those who try to imitate art and it could lead to dangerous power play. 

Yes there are aspects of this journey that I found uncomfortable and which would have been hard and very hard limits for me to undertake but this is not about the reader despite the author drawing the reader in so succinctly. This is the story of  how Liv became L. and is unique to her.

Thank you for such a gripping read.
4,5 *
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This is a short read. I'm guessing more a novella than a novel. Only took me a couple hours to finish. It's an intense and realistic glimpse into the BDSM world. Some scenes might offend people looking for some of the more vanilla aspects like in 50 shades.
The work this is loosely based on, The Story of O, angered me at the end. Happy to say this one gave me a much better feeling at the end. There's some hope here. It might even be possible we'll get a sequel sometime.
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This is not my first time reading BDSM...I’ve read a variety of stories that have light, intermediate and advance BDSM scenes. I would probably say this was more intermediate/advanced. I really enjoyed this book and lost sleep over it because I wanted to see the conclusion...
The growth between the main characters is astounding! What really got me was the whole aspect of longing for something, but yet you don’t quite know what that is until you find it. Then once that longing is fulfilled it somewhat surprises you because you didn’t expect that to be what you were longing for. 

For me BDSM is all about trust and intimacy on a different level. Which this book definitely had. It might not be what you would expect, but if you’re open to experiencing something different then read this for sure!
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We all know how much Fifty Shades was acclaimed by the world, even though it doesn't take any BDSM experience to notice the hundreds of red flags popping throughout those books. It was obvious the author had no experience with these kind of relationships. I spent houuurs talking this through with some fellow bookstagram friends, who are more into the BDSM scene. This is also why I was intrigued by this book, which led me to request it on Netgalley!! 

• The (many) gender and sexual diversity 
• The descriptions were so detailed and well done
• The portrayal of the deep connection between Dom and Sub
• This book isn't just about sex. There's a story and a well developed plot! 
• Consent, consent, always consent!!!! 

• The spelling mistakes 😅
• The fluctuating pronouns for one of the characters. I don't know if it was supposed to show off gender fluidity, but it just looked like the author kept changing her mind about the character's gender and forgot to fix all of the pronouns 
• The Dom physically marked her sub very early on in the relationship, which felt kinda forced 
• How both Dom and Sub fell in love with each other, without ever talking about their lives outside of sex

Overall, I definitely appreciated this book about self-discovery, new experiences, and trust. Definitely worth so much more than Fifty Shades 😅
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This wasn't very good. I've read The Story of O, which is very good.
I never understood why the characters felt the way they did. Their alleged affection for each other was told, not demonstrated.
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Okay, so this book is truly a dark fantasy that likely will stir many loins. I won't elaborate on where I sit on the spectrum, but I will simply say that I found it difficult to sleep last night after reading the first half of this book. It is well written and spares the reader of the crude degradation that so many books of this erotic genre carry. It is frank, yet tender. I was tentative as I started and quickly found myself hooked. It is lesbian fiction, and while I can't speak for straight women, I can say that it was a memorable read that mindfully parallels the classic Story of O. As a lesbian, this is the satisfying story that I wanted.
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A compelling voyage of discovery story. Even though I failed to connect to the characters the story made me think and consider situations and dynamics differently, which I enjoyed very much. Akin to walking a mile in someone else's shoes.
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I thought this was a pretty good book until the Sunderland fiasco. This story has many elements that are similar to "The Story of O" such as the o-ring collar, L's training in Sunderland, and her name being shortened to an initial. I thought this was a pretty realistic BDSM story since the main character still worked at her job and there was a lot of focus on consent, limits, and aftercare. This was less of the 24/7 submissive slave type fantasy. The Sunderland part kind of ruined the story for me because it seemed very random and Cur's girls were just high school level drama which just jarred me out of the story. After this point I still kept reading to see how it ended and it had a pretty decent ending. I thought L's relationship with Cassandra was beautiful in its own way. However, this just wasn't my type of fantasy and I wasn't too engaged in the story after Sunderland.
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This book was not as good as I thought it would be. The blurb sounded interesting and being an award winning book I assumed it would be fairly good. I just couldn't get into the storyline and characters felt like strangers to me so no real connecton.
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What a wonderful book. A simple story, despite whatever you may imagine of a BDSM lesbian romance, its really just a sweet and fulfilling love story. I can't recommend better, and more of a delightful surprise for any reader. There is little here not to love. 

What is of particular interest is the interweaving of a very graphic sexual story with genuine heartfelt exchange of love between two people getting to know each other. You find depth of character, intense feeling and a very real sense of motivation and expectation. Although I never expected the emotional climax and fulfillment to come with L fisting her Mistress. Its not my experience or the world of many who will enjoy this book  but you can't get away from the fact it is well written.

Debra Hyde writes a nice short novella that encompasses  a lot of desire. There is here a great exposition of what masochistic and submissive desire is. The expectation, the focus on the beloved, the strong identification with the desires of the other, and a heightened sense of her own feeling and desires builds a depth of character and definition with the heroine. This is a treat and nothing prurient or strange. 

I would recommend this book for any adult reader. Anyone who wishes to explore what desire is and what is the meaning of fulfillment should read this. Its almost so many other things, philosophical, drama, mystery and memoir. But it stops short in leading you away from what is a very simple story well written.  Most of all, like the Story of O which this references in the title The Story of L stands alone in a class of its own. Well done Debra Hyde.
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I am astounded at how much I adored this book. This is the first BDSM erotic novel that I actually enjoyed. It felt true to the BDSM scene and had very inventive encounters between the characters. The sexually experiences in the book were like none I have read before and they were very fun to see unfold. From beginning to end the book was well written, fun, and interesting. I couldn't ask for more in an erotic novel. This author and her book are very underrated and I cannot believe that I haven't heard of her works before. I get asked a lot for good books to read after 50 Shades of Grey and this is definitely the one I will recommend to everyone!
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The entire experience of reading "Story of L" feels like a guilty pleasure from start to finish. It doesn't have to be that way; erotica can be warm and rewarding, and an engaging way to explore less talked-about topics. But in "Story of L," the sex is front and center, relationships pushed to the side, sub and dom characters existing without chemistry outside of BDSM.

The focus on sex instead of character may appeal to some readers, but it lacks the engagement and humor of other books in the genre. Recommended only for the "action" elements.
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This was an interesting story, but I struggled to stay engaged. Many times throughout the book, I felt  it was simply the retelling of “The Story of O”. I felt the Dominants character was very detached, and  the submissive to be overly passive.  I felt there was very little chemistry between the two main characters. When a book focus on physical connection, chemistry is a real must.  I also found the writing style a little to descriptive in some parts. Especially when there was absolutely no need for additional (pages long) detail, 

I received a free ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is my first F/F read and I really enjoyed it.  Liv and Cassandra were intriguing characters and their relationship was non-traditional. This is a short story provided an intense and realistic glimpse into the BDSM world.  I found the story flow easily and some of the scenes were hot.  A unique experience for me.  If you are looking for a non-traditional F/F BDSM erotica with an abundance of steamy sex scenes, I would recommend it and even if you are not,  I would urge people to give it a chance.
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This is a fairly good book. At times it can be fast paced and at times it's slowly paced. I do wish the novel would have explored the dynamic between the  couple and the main character a bit more as well as the culture. I do however love the accuracy of the BDSM community that is in this novel.
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4.5 Star Review

It's obvious that the author of this book aced her SAT's in school. The erudite vocabulary alone made this reading session a  schooling in literary verbiage (see what I did there?) And that I'm saying this of a hardcore BDSM F/F erotica novel. leaves me completely flabbergasted.  I really enjoyed this read, and not just because it's beautifully, cleverly written. The erotic themes were far from vapid - there was depth here, deep-rooted explorations of the psychology of sexual submission. Clearly the subject matter isn't mainstream, and I don't suppose many except fans of the sub-genre of master/slave relationships would embrace it, but I see the allure and appreciate the message that the story conveys. This is probably the most successful BDSM master/slave erotica tale I've read this year. It tackled difficult topics with maturity and courage. The scenes of intimacy, even in the most intense of scenes, were never initiated without established consent, and were never conducted in a distasteful or masochistic manner. And though there were times the flowery wording seemed forced to the point of histrionic, it didn't take away from my appreciation of the story. I enjoyed being inside L's head, even if her borderline dramatic litany of the Void and Cassandra became repetitive - it asserted the narrative of what this relationship was and what it meant to her and I respected it through to the end, even though many might not understand or even approve of it. 

All in all, a great read.
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I've heard great things about Story of L, so I finally dove in and checked it out. Now, I don't pretend to understand a BDSM relationship, and I can't say that I would even consider some of things Liv so readily accepted. I will say that Debra Hyde does know how to set a scene, but that fine attention to detail is sometimes detrimental to the story. There's a fine line between giving a good visual and dragging it out a little too far, and sometimes, this one went over the edge. The story is - well, it's erotica, plain and simple. It's one woman's journey to complete submission. However, I would not consider this a romance. Oh, it generates plenty of steam, but sexual attraction and steamy goodness is lust, not love, and I don't feel like this one ever got deep enough with these characters to call it love. The book is okay for what it is, but I prefer a better connection between the characters, something more than just attraction. Basically, I wanted some substance, something to show that these two women are as compatible outside a BDSM scene as they are in one. So, if you're looking for FF BDSM erotica, this is it, but if you want some real story, I can't say that I found that here. In the end, Story of L was worth the read, but it isn't something I would revisit.
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Liv has deep seated sexual desires that can usually be ebbed but topping. When she enters into the "void" she wears out endless tops to try to fill her need. Cassandra steps into the scene and presses Liv's sexual needs and finally she can feel the "void" distance. If you are looking for erotica with a bite BDSM this would be a great read. Hyde develops  the complexity of Liv "L" as she explores the switch from top to submissive. Would like to have seen more emotional connection between Liv And Constance. Really enjoyed Quinn and her affection for Liv. 
I received a copy of this from NetGalley for my honest review.
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