Two Girls Down

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An interesting read. I had trouble connecting with this story at first, but if you stick with it you're sure to be surprised and entertained. A pretty good mystery that most will surely enjoy
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The story begins with a frazzled single mother who leaves her daughters in the car while running errands and returns to find them missing.  Enter a private investigator from away who finds a way to get hired and who in turns hires a local former police officer to help.  It’s a race against time to find the missing children as clues pile up, pointing in several directions.  
This had the potential of being the “same old” missing children plot but crisp writing and well developed characters make this an excellent read. Once I picked this up I couldn’t put it down, and when I got to the end it did not disapppoint.  And no spoilers, but the ending is off the chart on the creepy scale!
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Great psychological fiction, kept me intrigued throughout. I had a clue midway through who the culprit might be (and I was right), but I didn't know the details so that had me invested to figure it out. Great story and I loved Alice, I hope that Luna will have more books featuring her as a main character. She's quirky and smart and I really liked every scene she was in.
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Two Girls Down really grabbed my attention. The book is full of twists and turns that you are not expecting. The characters are well rounded, especially the main character, bounty hunter, Alexa Vega.  This was a good read and if you like suspense you will like this book!
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Talk about suspenseful! My heart was racing through out this entire book. Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna is every mother's nightmare, and is sure to pull you in and not let you go until the very last page.

Jamie and her daughters Kylie and Bailey are shopping one day, when Jamie decides to head into a store alone, when she comes back out, she notices that her daughters are no longer in her car. After seeing the security camera footage, Jamie realizes that her daughters exited the vehicle on their own, but something or someone lured them away from the camera's angle. Talk about having a heart attack. No mother or father ever wants to go through something like this in their life.

When there are no other leads, Jamie and her family decide to hire a bounty hunter named Alice, as well as a private investigator named Max. The pair are determined to find the girls and bring them back home to their family. The local police are not happy that these two outsiders have started working on the case as well, but with very little resources, the police have to let the pair step in.

As the story unfolds, there is no doubt that you will be pointing a finger at every single character in this novel. Once you find out what really happened, though, you will be shocked beyond words. This book is incredible, it will leave you breathless! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, Louisa knows how to create that utter terror in her characters that will make you feel sick to your stomach.
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Definitely a gritty thriller. I found some of the descriptive parts unsettling, so would skim. There are plenty of twists to figure out what happened to the two girls from the mall.
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Thank you to Doubleday Books and NetGalley who provided me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

What an exciting read! Two Girls Down is a page turner with well developed characters, an intriguing and well written plot, and full of suspense. 

Jamie is a single Mother to two young daughters, 10 year old Kylie and 8 year old Bailey. She is running errands and goes into a Kmart alone. Does anyone leave kids alone the car anymore?  While she is in the Kmart picking out a birthday gift, her daughters get out of the car and disappear. Later they are seen on camera walking around, going into an ice cream shop, and then walk out of the camera's frame. Gone. Missing. Abducted. It doesn't help that eye witness accounts vary and not all eye witnesses are viewed as reliable.

Jamie's family calls in a bounty hunter named Alice Vega to help find the girls. She has a reputation for finding people that the police cannot. While in town Vega hires Max Caplan, a private detective who was once a police officer who resigned after a scandal. The local police are also on the case but they are stretched thin and the family wants answers as the clock is ticking. The police are not happy that Vega and Cap are also investigating which adds some angst to this story. Every second counts in child abduction and even the feds are eventually called in to find the missing girls

Initially there is not much to go on but Vega has the assistance of an unknown Computer hacker/whiz called "the Bastard". As their computer whiz begins digging up info, Vega and Cap have information to go and start the process of eliminating suspects. Along the way they get leads, some of which pan out, some of which don't. 

This was a real page turner! Vega and Cap had great chemistry together. They are tough and driven to find the girls.Throughout the book, there was a feeling of dread as the two young girls are missing and there are seemingly very little clues. Will they be found alive? Will they be harmed? Could they have been taken by a child molester? Were they sold? Will there be a ransom? Are they dead? What the hell has happened to these girls!? AAHHH!

I loved the fast pace of this novel but oh the anxiety!! Looking forward to the next book by Louisa Luna!
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Two Girls Down is an unputdownable, well-written mystery with a cast of complex and fascinating characters. I read this so fast and loved it! I think any fan of suspense books will feel the very same!

This story is about a single mother, Jamie, who has two daughters ages 8 and 10. She’s feeling worn down from parenting and just wants even a few minutes of peace. She leaves her girls in the car while running into a store and when she returns, both girls are missing. This leads Jamie to eventually hire a bounty hunter, Alice, and a former police detective, Max “Cap.” The pair work together to uncover what happened to the girls, following leads and determining which people pose a threat or not. Along the way, they find out just how deep this crime is rooted within the town while battling their own personal demons and trying their best to bring Jamie’s girls’ home.

I absolutely loved how Luna made me suspect EVERYONE. It’s one of those books where you’re not quite sure who to trust but you’re still rooting on your main characters. Cap was a really interesting character and Alice was badass. For me to truly love a suspense books means for me to empathize with the characters, and Luna excelled at that. 

Not only that, but the reveals that occur are surprising and well-thought out. I’m so looking forward to the next book that Luna writes. She’s an author to watch, without a doubt.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Doubleday for a copy of this book.
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I loved Cap and Vega and really hope the author has plans for more books with them.  This was a terrific crime story that I got really sucked into.
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I've really been interested in mysteries and thrillers lately, so when I saw this book available through my association with NetGalley, it piqued my interest.  I had never heard of Louisa Luna, but the cover and the story definitely seemed right up my alley.

The story begins with two little girls - Kylie (10) and Bailey (8) - who disappear from a parked car in a strip mall when their single mother, Jamie, leaves them in the car to quickly run in and buy a gift for a birthday party they are on their way to attend. When she comes out of the store about 10 minutes later, her car is there but the girls are missing.  (Really? Who does that? Wow.)

The police department is short-staffed and unable to provide the time needed to do a thorough job investigating the situation.  Alice Vega is a private investigator from California with a reputation for locating missing children. Vega is hired to find two little girls in Pennsylvania, and she enlists the assistance of a former policeman, Max Caplan, as her partner in this pursuit.

Vega and "Cap" form a very interesting partnership; they are two flawed people who work against the police and distraught parents in a race to save the two missing girls.  Very slowly, Vega and Cap must determine which leads are false and which might have potential. They need to determine who poses a threat and who might have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

This is a fast-paced, tension-building story as if the girls are to be found alive every hour counts. A good mystery that kept me flipping the pages and hoping for the girls to be found unharmed.  It's a well-written, suspenseful "who done it" with some really fascinating characters. The only negative I would say is that I could have done without all the swearing. The book would have been just as good without them. I did enjoy this book and read most of it in one sitting. You can bet that I'll be looking out for the next book in Luna's career!

I received an advanced readers digital copy of this book from NetGalley and Doubleday Books in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to provide a positive review, but I did because the book was great!! Thank you NetGalley!
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This was a great thriller, with well developed characters and a great plot line! It had some excellent twists that kept me guessing. I definitely recommend, if you’re looking for a fun thriller.
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Two Girls Down will go down in the books as one of my absolute favorite books! There was such an amazing set of characters with n amazing storyline that I just couldn't get enough of!
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This is a new author to me... and one I'm sure I will see more of. She has breathed life into the characters of Alice and Cap. Their back stories are terrific. The story premise is exciting..full of action. I found myself trying to guess who took the girls ... I failed.  Amazing story.
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A dark, twisty thriller with wonderfully complex characters. A certain romantic/physical tension kept the pages turning.
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This book was quite an enjoyable read, from the plot that kept me from being able to stop reading, to the interpersonal relationships between the characters. I liked how the story kept winding about, and while it did seem to take a little while to get where it was going, I really enjoyed it. Especially the ending that I did NOT see coming.
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Did not get to review the book, kindle broke, by the time i bought a new one this was archived.. Hoping to rectify this by renting from my library and editing my review at a later date. If this is never updated my library did not have the book, Thank you for approving me and sorry for the inconvenience.
The rating i will be giving this books is their rating from Goodreads since i HAVE to give one to send this.
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This was a decent mystery story that lovers of mystery will really love. For other readers, this will be a fun, but not incredibly memorable read.

When two little girls go missing, private investigator Alice Vega is called in to find them. She quickly enlists the help of former police officer Cap and the two race against the clock to find the two girls (hopefully) alive.

This was a fairly well-written mystery story. As a reader, you were constantly left wondering what would happen next and I was left guessing how things would turn out until the very end. The author did an excellent job of building suspense and of keeping you wondering where these poor young girls were. 

The characters were also decent. Alice Vega was such a fun - and inspiring - heroine and Cap was a really interesting sidekick. Plus, Cap was just a great character that I wanted to hang out with him and his daughter. Also, the author was careful to make the other characters (and our many suspects) easy to keep track of and I really appreciated that. Often, it's hard to remember who everyone is in a mystery novel, but this book kept things simple.

Now, what set this book apart and what really made it memorable for me were the motivations of the kidnappers. I could never have guessed the ending and it was far more disturbing and unsettling than I figured it would be. Beyond that, this was a very typical mystery/thriller story.

Recommended for lovers of mystery stories.
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Thank you Netgalley for sending me a pre-release copy.

This was a pretty good book. Kind of messed up. Loved the chemistry between Vega and Cap. Kept you going to the end. Good page turner.
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This was a riveting story about two PIs trying to locate two missing girls. The writing was average, but the story really kept you engrossed in the book. The female PI’s character was interesting, but the other characters in the book were less well-defined. Overall, a good book that definitely kept me reading. 3.5⭐
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I found this book to be gripping and engaging, even from the beginning. Highly recommend and thoroughly enjoyed.
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