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Family of Warriors

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It's an interesting story, but the telling is a bit dry, at least at the beginning which makes it a bit difficult to read.
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I really wanted to like this book, but it is simply not well written.
The story is pure gold, but the execution is definitely lacking. A good editor would do wonders for it.
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Family of Warriors tells the story of five brothers who all serve in different combat regions during the Second World War, detailing their experiences, challenges, hopes, dreams, tragedies and adventures. It also includes the story of their parents throughout the way, giving a small snapshot not only into the various areas of combat, but as well that of the home front. 

It's well grounded in research and historical content, as it starts each chapter with a small description of what was happening in the world of war during that time. This helps lay the foundation for that chapter and the stories that unfold. 

There are heavy religious undertones, as well as patriotic one (it's a novel on the war, that comes with the territory). Each title chapter is a line of the American national anthem, which helps cement that theme. 

The dialogue comes across a little stiff, as the historical content isn't always seamlessly blended with the conversation, which breaks the flow. Most of the conversations aren't used for character or plot development, but to expand the information. 

This book may not be ideal for someone who is looking for entertainment with some educational/historical knowledge, but is really great for someone looking for a lot more of historical content.
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