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Everything for Love, Time Rogues Series #1, by Marilyn Vix - Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy

Deidre Thompson is a Timeanaut on a mission to record artists from history.  She time jumps to research various Artists  to learn more about the techniques they used .  In the future little things like that was lost due to the updates when information was transferred to digital.   In order to time travel the Time energy bracelet must have a full charge.  In order to get the charge the wearer must engage in sex three times. 

Deidre's last time jump to Paris 1899, she loses her partner James and is now time-traveling alone.  At first it seems like something that would happen in a normal setting in 1899 on the highway robbed by highway robbers.  Intriguing part is that James's death is not just coincidence.  The Time Counsel is behind it.  But why?  In order be able to time jump again Deidre's time bracelet must be charged.  When she is able to jump to London 1914, fifteen years later, she sees encounters Max, someone she saw watching her in 1899 Paris   Max is a timeanaut too and her new partner.  But why would the Time Counsel send her a new partner and send other timeanauts to kill her?   I was hooked and  couldn't put the book down.  Entertained and guessing till the end. There is Romance, Action, an excellent blend of believable and Sci Fi and historical atmosphere for me that I loved the whole package.
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I received a free copy of the book from Shadowcat Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

Everything for Love is romantic science fiction novel by Marilyn Vix. It is the first novel in the Time Rogues series. This novel focuses on a woman named Deidre Thompson who is a timeanaut, or a person who time travels. She time travels to study famous art. In order to be able to go back into time, she must have sex to make her time machine work. During one of her adventures into the past, she meets Max, a man who looks like one of her past/deceased lovers. She discovers that just like her, Max is sent into the past on mission but his mission is a request from his boss. They decide to work together and continually go into the past together in order to discover just how time travel really works. Together, they discover excitement, lust, love and due to their constant time-traveling, make enemies along the way. They quickly figure out that they must fix the errors they have created during their time in the past and ultimately must save themselves.

Everything for Love is a fast-paced and exciting novel that will make you want to learn more about different time periods. I thought the way time travel was used in this novel was interesting and different. Deidre, the main character has a strong voice. I did not like the fact that every man pined for her but I did end up enjoying her character. Mike is a good character as well; his feelings for Deidre are palpable and I was glad to see his feelings explored throughout the narrative.

However, I do believe that there are noticeable problems in this book. The fact that Deidre has to have sex in order to power the time machine felt unrealistic and unneeded to me. I understand that this is a romance and it serves as a “romantic” element but at times I thought it to be too much. I also thought the narrative was just plain hard to follow. This story is all over the place and most of the time it is hard to know where you are within the story, which just made me feel confused.

Marilyn Vix is a solid writer and displays some great ideas throughout the novel. I loved learning about the other time periods and especially enjoyed the scenes with the famous artists. Her descriptions are wonderful and the imagery is what makes this book come alive. Overall though, I feel like there are too many unneeded details and scenes that do not add anything to the story. The book is readable as I did make it to the end. But I also believe if this story were more fleshed out then it could potentially turn into something great. I suggest this book to any person who is interested in time travel and is looking for an intense romance with a shocking ending. This book teaches you that sometimes it is okay to trust your true heart’s desires.
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I really wanted to enjoy this more...but there were some big gaps in the research both in terms of art and period that i could not get over.
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I received a copy of Everything for Love from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Everything for Love, unfortunately, did not work for me. I selected it for the time travel element but I think it shows why I should stay away from romance...

Deidre Thompson is a time traveler (a timeanaut) who travels throughout time to study the greatest artists of the past. In order for her time travel device to work, it must be recharged which is accomplished by having sex. It’s billed as a time travel romance so okay, a little sex to recharge Deidre’s device is expected. A little in this case turned out to be quite a bit - with several partners.

Deidre is still reeling from the loss of her partner, James, and is now time-traveling alone. When the book starts, she is in 1899 Paris, getting ready to leave for 1914 London. Without James, she has to seek out one of her many admirers and have sex with him - or them- to power her device. When she is able to jump to London fifteen years in the future, she sees an anomaly - someone she saw watching her in 1899 Paris (or someone who looks very much like him ) is also in 1914 London. After she is attacked, this mystery man comes to her aid. His name is Max and he is a timeanaut as well sent by their bosses to be Deidre’s new partner. They begin to work together to insert themselves into their subjects’ lives and discover all they can about them. Soon they realize something is wrong: at some point, their actions have caused the timeline to change which causes their bosses to send people to stop them - apparently, by any means necessary.

The interesting premise is buried under quite a bit of filler, causing it to drag in several places. The ideas are really good and when the story moves to time travel and the tools used in its execution, it is pretty entertaining but often the research part of the mission caused me to lose interest. I also rolled my eyes each time a male character professes his love for Deidre. Pretty much every man is infatuated with her - even Max who tells her almost immediately that he is in love with her. I know it’s romance but still...

If you love romance, this may work for you. I think I would have liked it better if it had more descriptions of the people and places and if it had more meat on its bones in general. It just felt sparse in places, like something was missing. Three stars for the interesting take on time travel.
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