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Cover Image: The Rawley Family Romances Volume I

The Rawley Family Romances Volume I

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ALL FOR HOPE, the first book in the Rawley Family series is an interesting story with several twists to the storyline. Hope Sheffield feels compelled to save the baby of a friend and believes the only way to accomplish it is to kidnap the infant. Her good friends and family, despite her actions stick by her in her adventure. In the end, all is made right for Hope and the baby.

This is my first book from Olivia Hardin. Good story. Well developed characters. Uncle James is a favorite. I enjoyed this one and am looking forward to book two in the series. 4 stars

JUSTICE FOR ALL is the second book in Olivia Hardin's Rawley Family series. Justice For All's timeline seems to run concurrently with All For Hope which is the first book in the series. Both books are stand-alones and either can be read first without too much confusion with the overlapping stories.

Justice For All focuses on Kay Rawley who is the daughter and second child of the Earl of Arrington, in Durma (a small European country) and her life in Colorado as a law student and an intern at a prestigious law firm. 

She happily finds her admiration for Audrick Van Buren, her once professor and now her boss (one of the partners in the law firm) is wholeheartedly returned. They begin their love affair slowly and tentatively, but it rapidly builds into something more. Despite their somewhat secretive plans for discretion to protect their professional relationship, they are found out by someone who is not at all pleased and Kay finds herself in grave danger.

The romance in this story is well-written and the two main characters likeable. I liked the overlapping with All For Hope. My only criticism is I didn't feel any true danger because the "stalker" and the way he tracked Kay were easy to spot right from the beginning making the plot predictable which killed any suspense. 3.5 stars 

ALL FOR FAMILY is the third book in the Rawley Family Romance series by Olivia Hardin. My favorite in this series! It takes us back to explain how Meg and Jeremy Rawley met and fell in love. I knew I liked Meg in the previous books, but until this story I had no idea of the depths to her kindness and compassion. She is a true lady with a heart of gold. No wonder Jeremy fell so deeply in love with this innately elegant and gracious woman. Likewise Jeremy is a gentleman in all the best ways... and yet capable of intense passion when it comes to making his Lady feel loved, admired, and cherished. Wonderful story of love. Meg's scene in the greenhouse with Larra Rawley was very touching and really brought to life a character who had only been talked about in the first two books. 4 stars

ALL FOR A LITTLE CHRISTMAS is a sweet little snippet that features Officer Robert Guillory and Detective Lipton who we met in All for Hope.  Brennan and Hope Rawley are back in town with their two little girls for Christmas. They stop at the church to see Father Berault and discover that baby Jesus has been stolen from the nativity scene. Hope asks specifically for Officer Guillory to help in finding baby Jesus in time for Christmas Mass since she knows what a great detective he is.  Eva Lipton is thrilled for the excuse to work with Guillory again and hopes they'll find a little Christmas magic of their own while they search for baby Jesus.  *I definitely recommend you read All for Hope before reading this short story. 3.5 stars

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