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Since the book says it is for everyone i assumed that it wouldn't be only for everyone INSIDE THE USA. But that is more or less what this book so as a european not actually usable at all since most tips are very focused on everything USA. And since i am not from there i can't really say how good the tips are.
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A fast, easy read detailing where to look for discounts, coupons, and freebies. A good resource guide. I thank Netgalley for allowing me to read and review this book.
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It was ok, most of the things mentioned in the book are easy to find online these days.
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Free Stuff Guide for Everyone Book by Peter Sander is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early May.

In an encouragey, car salesman, yet not get-rich-quick tone, Sander offers knowledge on online freebies, discounts on both must-have's and something-specials, deals on home items, and travel perks in an overall, non-region-specific way.
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A very well organized and readable book, detailing websites (mostly U.S.) available for substantial discounts on pretty well anything you are looking for. From coupons to discounts, the senior shopper should be able to navigate this book and save money when needed.
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Very good book for those who are looking to find discount sites.  There is a lot of information especially for those who are new to finding discounts.  There is much time devoted to the senior shopper and how they can find sites to aid them in getting lower rates.

The book was well organized and easy to read.  I found it to be quite interesting with some new information.. I appreciate that the author did not try to "do it all", as that would have been impossible.

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Good basic book for the new to discount shopping consumer. The major discount site and club offerings are discussed and detailed as well.  I found a good amount of information for the senior spender who may not be using all the available discounts offered.
I am thrifty and have used many of the sites mentioned in this book. I didn't find anything new for myself but I would recommend it to people who are not discount hunting wise. This would be a great starting place.
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Get Into the Habit of Asking For Discounts

In FREE STUFF GUIDE FOR EVERYONE, the author presents a large assortment of discounts and freebies.  I already knew about some of them—but a lot of the discounts were news to me.

For example, I had no idea that AARP membership would give me a 15% discount at Outback Steakhouse. That happens to be one of my favorite restaurants, so that’s good to know.

Another suggestion was to ask the server at Subway Sandwiches if they give senior discount.  Well, I asked, and they gave me 10% off just for asking!

For folks without dental care, the author has a great tip: “If you happen to be located near a major university that has a dental school, you can often get routine and not-so-routine dental care at reduced cost or even free.”  Well, I happen to know some folks on limited income, and this is a good idea that I will pass on.

One of the good points concerns utilities. California has a program called “CARE,” which gives discounts for low-income users.  The author mentions a 20% discount, but it’s actually better than that--30%. 

Here’s probably the funniest discount: Chick-fil offer “One free entrée to anyone wearing anything cow-like on Cow Appreciation Day (July 12).”  Well, I almost never wear cow costumes, so I guess I won’t get that discount.

So all in all, I thought FREE STUFF GUIDE FOR EVERYONE was a useful book, and an easy read. Of course, not everyone will be eligible for some of the discounts, but I discovered several for me that saved me money.

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This felt less like a guide of free stuff, and more like a guide about where to research how to get free stuff.  And it was overwhelming in the number of websites that were listed. And the organization wasn't great.  And a lot of it was repetitive. Yes, groupon is a great resource, but it doesn't need to be listed numerous times.
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This book is very informative. Learned that some stores and restaurants will not HONOR coupons for  free items.
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I found a lot great tips in this book.  Would recommend to anyone who likes free stuff or wants to know how to get discounts.
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Not usually the kind of book I choose, but I was curious.
I found this book to be well written and the tone was fine, but I was expecting maybe to find reasons why someone like me should care more about spending the time to find/track/follow-up, etc.  I don't think I am in the demographic.  Plus, it's very American.  I can see how some things are the same for some other countries, but mostly, it leans American.
Because of the ability of the author to connect with the reader, I read more than I intended, so bravo on that note.  :)   I skipped around and didn't finish.
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When I first saw this book, I knew it was something I'd be interested in because as a family of 7, saving money is something that I am always looking at. This book definitely caught my attention with the cover, and the title, and seemed interesting to read.

I find that it took a few pages for me to want to continue to read on, as some information was either something that I've already heard about, or didn't pertain to me. There are actually a great amount of great information that I will be incorporating into our lives, but other than that., I find this book a bit lacking. I would still recommend this book to friends that are just starting out and wanting to know some basics way to save money, but for those that have been doing it awhile, some of the tips are repetitive.
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Lot of pages, not much information. I remember reading these type books many years ago, and seemed to get something out of it. This not so much.
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