A Kiss to Build a Dream On

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This was a weel written, fun and sweet romance though at times Aidan frustrated me in the way he said no to love. He meets Beth when he is sloshed and she takes him home and waits for him to wake up. They become friends and then start a fling.

He is in town to film a movie and is a big star but he also is just divorced so he feels he will never fall in love with her. Beth knows she will love him but she is lonely and she wants the fling. This was a wonderful story but I felt it could have been much deeper. The author could have gotten more into Beth and Aidans background and pain and it would have been a richer story. But even though it didnt I did enjoy it.
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Love the book, it was a really light fun read for a calming afternoon. Perfect to relax and remember the teen years. It is sweet romance where a famous actor falls for a librarian. Love this sort of cheesy stories, movie or book. 

Aiden literally falls onto Bethany’s feet, they meet like that, and from then on it is an opposites attract story. Would be looking forward for the next one.
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A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Katie Baldwin is that kind of book that you will want to read when you have been dreaming since forever to have a few minutes alone with your favorite star.
You should not expect it to be totally realistic because that would raise questions at certain points of the story and this would be harming the feelings this book can evoke within you if you let it.
So please give the story some leeway – I had problems with that at the beginning too but after a while, when I let go of my stoic need for it to be realistic, I got into it and then it this plot worked for me.
The plot is well developed, the writing is good and with the exception of the few times where I felt it could be more realistic it was a really good story. Even a little different from other stories that cater to the “hunger” of the same audience.
Aiden felt like a nice enough guy most the times so it was easy to connect with him, with the exception of his strange behavior when it came to relationships.
But Bethany seemed a rather strange person and felt detached from everything. And because of this appearance it was a little difficult to connect and with her.
In total it was an good read and I would certainly pick up another book of this author if the blurb sounds good to me.
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A super sweet read if you are looking for a cute romance with a HEA then this is for you a good read that you wont want to put down can't wait to try more from this author.I really enjoyed it.
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This book was a real treat to read. What woman hasn't dream about meeting and falling in love with the movie star of her dreams. Aiden, a sexy famous movie star is in town filming his latest movie. Bethany finds a drunk Aiden on a bench outside the library where she works. What to do? Of course she takes him home to sleep it off in her guest room.  

Aiden knows she is special, he just doesn't realize at the time how important she will be in his life.  Theirs' is a feel good story that will leave you feeling dreams can come true. This book will definitely be on my reread list.  Thanks Katie Baldwin for this well written book.

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A Kiss to Build a Dream On,  Katie Baldwin

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Humour

OK, I enjoyed this, but its a very light and sweet romance. Perfect for if you just want a quick, easy to read escape but if you're looking for drama and depth you won't find it here. 

Bethany's a sweet lead, librarian, good friend and fits the stereotype well. You just know she leads a conventional drama free life. She does have some tragedy in her past, but its not a big part of the story. 
Aiden "ride the Aiden train", the film star lead was another "nice" character. None of that rabble rousing, womanising, alchohol and drug filled rampages for him. He's happy with a cup of tea....
I couldn't help liking him but - he's a hot celebrity, pursued (every now and then, less than I expected) by paparazzi in the story, and it made me wonder why he didn't have bodyguards, how he could get away with wandering round town and eating in restaurants with Bethany without being besieged? 
That worked for the story but kind of took him out of the " Film star/Celebrity" league for me. Just didn't really fit. 
His ex was a nice piece of work, and I'd hoped for some sparky fireworks but no, simply a few damp squibs. 

In the main, apart from the ex everybody is just...nice. Bethany and her work mates, Aiden, his staff and friends. If you want a sweet and cute romance, full of lovable characters, no surprises or dramatics this is perfect. 
I read it, enjoyed it but it didn't grab me by the throat, make it impossible to put down, have me wondering what would happen next. Somehow what was coming could be seen, and the only surprises for me were things like potential plots that I thought might come up but didn't. 

Stars: Three, a cute and sweet romance, but for me not a keeper. 

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