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Fantastic story you can not put down! This author knows how to craft characters that leave you wanting more and more
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You will love reading about Samson and Claire.  I so loved reading this that I have got to go back and read book 1 of the series.  Perfect combination of love and suspense.  Samson is a bad ass man who shoots and steals. Claire is in love with Samson but wants more then money this go round from him.  He keeps pushing her away though.  I voluntarily read this advanced readers copy of this book.
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I must say that after I read Able and Teagan's story in No Good Dead, I was looking forward to Claire and Samson's story. Alas, this story fell flat for me. I just could not get into it like I did with Able and Tegan. I found myself taking forever to finish read it and just closed the final page yesterday. I actually liked Claire in the first book but in this one she was downright annoying and faking her amnesia all to get Samson in on the con was just too much for me. They had a previous relationship and had been broken up for 2 years now. It is so obvious that they still have intense feelings for each other but because of a misunderstanding that could have been cleared up, they decided that they were not going to discuss it until it was forced upon them? I just could not. I am getting tired of these 2nd chance at love stories when all it would take, is a few minutes from either the hero or heroine to clear it up, if you love someone as much as Samson and Claire clearly did then work it out for pete's sake. They was mention of the crew and some of them appeared in this story as well, and for that I am grateful. We have some action scenes as they are trying to stop a sex trafficking ring, this time around. Not entirely bad but definitely could have been better.
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No Good Truth 
Bad to be Good #2
Dana Volney

Wasn't too into this one. Had a hard time understanding what was going on. I'm assuming Claire and Samson are some kind of mercenaries. While they were on a stakeout Claire was hit in the head and ended up in a coma for a few hours. When she woke up she pretended to have amnesia. I didn't understand why she was pretending to have amnesia. 
Claire and Samson were in a relationship in the past, but that had ended years ago. Now Claire is pretending that she can't remember the last 2 years and thinks she is still with Samson. 
Samson doesn't want to get back with Claire because she already broke his heart once and he doesn't want a repeat. 
They are trying to take down a sex trafficking ring. 
This story has a little bit of romance along with some action and drama. The cover is awesome and totally made me pick this book to read. 
Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.
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Perfect combination of love and suspense. I loved it. Looking forward to the next one.
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The previous book 'No Good Dead' had so much potential in fact it proved to be an enjoyable read with only one real flaw, Teagan.
I find the older I get and the more I read the less patience I have for stupid so without Teagan I was really looking forward to this book especially since Claire had proved to be an interesting character.
As we know from the previous book these characters have joined together to help those in need but these are professionals so I was asking myself why professionals would just sit in a car where anyone can see them, outside a club they're staking out.
I know you're thinking I'm picky and I am but seriously?
This is an amateur move what happened to the cool confident professionals?

I also had a huge problem with Claire lying to Samson, her friends, her team. Pretending she had amnesia for a reason that was frankly beyond me was cruel and beneath her, it made me dislike her and honestly the book was lost for me, there was no coming back from this.
As if at wasn't enough Claire also took to calling Samson "lover" and I cringed every time, 20 times.

It's safe to say this book got off to a bad start but since I'd requested it I continued on albeit by skimming but it never came back and I've decided I'm done now. This series had potential but both books have been let down by the female leads.

I'm showing my age now but years ago Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke played a couple of truly awful characters, Wayne and Waynetta I couldn't even watch these but they were popular and Waynetta constantly referred to Wayne as "luuver" and this book reminded me of that. I appreciate this won't be the case for most (if any) readers but despite this "lover" is still annoying.

I voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by NetGalley and Mark My Words Book Publicity.
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No Good Truth is one of those books that's not terrible, but isn't great, either. I like the premise, con artists turned good guys who help others who can't help themselves. But, unfortunately I could not seem to connect to Claire, our heroine. She and our hero, Samson, have a long, not pretty history, but they have to work together now, and make the best of it. Of course, they end up involved again, as their history just can't be put into the past completely.

I like Samson a lot, he's tough, smart and sexy and loves Claire. Claire, though, isn't a very good person. She plays Samson and doesn't seem too sorry about it. She hurts him way too much and just shrugs it off. I supposed she has her reasons for her behavior, but they don't excuse her behavior. I just couldn't bring myself to like her, but I do like some of her traits, that she's tough and a survivor. I can always, always admire those things in a character.

If Claire had been more palatable, I easily could have given this 4 stars, but as it stands, I just can't. I am looking forward to more from this author, though.
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I was disappointed in this book.  I was excited when it came out, because i enjoyed the first book.  The first thing that I did not like was that Able and Teagan did not have an active part in this book, they were just mentioned.   Now I did like Samson, and was happy he was getting his own book, however Claire, I really did not like, which was a shame because she had a lot of potential, and did like her in the first book.  Claire was selfish, and really not a good person, the story line that they chose for her having a supposed amnesia, that she lied to her team, shows she did not know the meaning of this.  Claire put her team in danger, and she did not have that right, and she also played on Samson's feelings for her.  Yeah, I disliked this book, she did not know meaning of being a team, and more importantly being in love with a person, that is not real love.I am going back and forth, wondering if I will continue the series, because I liked the rest of the group, but will it turn to crap, like this one?
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Claire and Samson are con-artists, but for the good guys now. Ready to do the dirty work cops can't to try and save people. When a woman goes missing in a case that hits home hard for Claire, she'll do anything to try and find the missing woman, including turning a con on her team after her head injury and making her ex-lover Samson think she forgot about their breakup. After a con that went bad and caused Claire to walk out of Samson life, can she put it aside and keep old feelings come rushing back?

No Good Truth is told in multiple POV's between Claire and Samson. You could definitely feel the sexual tension and history between Samson and Claire throughout the book, but I feel like the ending should have been expanded a bit, or even an epilogue added. They never talked about the reason they broke up and I feel like that should have been cleared up between them. This book kinda reminded me of the show Breakout Kings and that was really cool. 

Two words to describe Claire would be tough and independent. She can handle her own, but sometimes relies a little too much on herself when there are other people to help shoulder her burdens. I really enjoyed Samsons character also, being an alpha male, but not so much so that he seemed too controlling. 

Overall I'd say I'd give this a 3.5 out of 5, but rounded up to 4 stars. 

*Copy provided via netgalley from the publisher in exchange for review*
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Samson has a way of distracting Claire, “I can think of something to do that is in the here and now.” He kissed her again and ran his fingers over the silhouette of her curve down to her hip." This was an alright read, I didn't hate it but I also wasn't in love with it. I thought it ended too abruptly and I wish the book would have gone into more detail about Claire and Samson's past.
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