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First Kiss, On The House

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This was a story about Miriam, the school teacher who had never found her one love and Joel, the divorced father  who was left bitter and hurt.  His daughter, Adele, had cerebral palsy and he was concerned that another woman wouldn't be able to love his daughter like he did so he avoided relationships.  But, Miriam, had a way of getting under his skin and into his heart.  Joel was opening up a microbrewery in their small town.  The more time Joel and Miriam spent together, the more they wanted to make their relationship permanent.  Would they both be able to overcome those things that would keep them apart?   

There were some great secondary characters in this story but I had a hard time connecting to either Miriam or Joel.  Normally I really enjoy this type of small town story with lots of loving family and friends but I just had a hard time connecting with the main characters.

I was given an ARC copy f this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the fourth story in a series.  I somehow missed the first and the third while reading the second.  That's ok, it is not required to read the other stories to enjoy this one.  While it would provide a little bit of background on the secondary characters, they are not the focus in this story so it does not impact.

What I liked about this story is that the characters were average looking.  They were not portrayed as the epitome of beauty as some of the previous characters in the last book I read.  This made them more relatable to the average "Joe" and could be appealing to those who get sick of people being portrayed as perfection.

While there are no real surprises found within the pages of this story, it was an entertaining read.  It was relatively "clean" for this genre although there is sexy time to be found within it.  For those who don't need the graphic details in their reads, this may be a good choice.

Altogether a good read.
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The Teacher and the Brewer.
I guess you would call this a cosy romance; a divorced father of a teenaged daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy moves to a new town to start a brewing business and meets a spinster teacher; their love story is all wrapped up in hallmark movie town with lots of secondary characters. It's slow paced with no angst and little emotional impact; I would designate it an OK read.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.
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This was just an ok read for me.  The story wasn't bad.  I just never really connected with these characters.  I did appreciate how Adele was portrayed and how the author handled her situation.  

Single dad raising a special needs child comes to town to start a new business.  The town is welcoming and although he swore he didn't want another relationship after his disastrous marriage Joel finds himself attracted to Miriam.  She's funny, smart, and beautiful.  Could she be his happily ever after?
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I was surprised to see this new release in the Mill Pond series, as it was fairly recently that I had read the previous books in the series, as well as an ARC of the most recent release at that time! That being said, this book really wasn't that great.

We get new blood in town in the form of Joel and Adele, a middle aged father with his daughter that has Cerebral Palsy. I loved how Adele was depicted, and how the author chose to handle her disability and Joel's reactions in regards to it. I also liked the fact that Adele's mother was only mentioned in passing and did not make more of an appearance in the story. Joel's new business was a welcome addition to the tapestry of the town and I liked how the townsfolk grew to accept and welcome them both.

Miriam was a bit of an unknown to me, because she didn't seem to take a prominent role as a friend to anyone in the previous stories. I seemed to recall that she was mentioned in passing at best. However, I really began to hate her! She was so gun shy about relationships, she about killed her chance at one before it really got started! That made her a great match for Joel, due to his own issues with his relationship past, but it also made a romance between the two of them feel rushed and fake to me.

All things considered, I don't think I'd recommend this series to others. I also don't think this author is for me, and will be avoiding her in the future.
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I am sorry to give this book such a low rating because I was very excited to read it.  I love stories with teacher heroines, but I just couldn't connect with these characters.  The writing seemed a bit juvenile to me and I couldn't get past that.  I'm sorry to not be able to recommend this book.
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I liked this read. It was sweet with a few hiccups that did not detract from the story. You are never to old to fall in love and you are never alone.
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