The Bug Boys

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 07 May 2017

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The Bug Boys is a fun read.  It tells of two boys who somehow eat the wrong food and then after eating other bugs can take on some of their traits to become almost super hero's.  Of course two boys in a Yorkshire town don't know exactly what to do with these powers so their story is one of mistakes, laughs and farts...quite a few of those.  They set about to try and improve things but find out that life can sometimes be a little more complicated and that super hero's don't have it their own way.

Aimed at a young boys market this works well as a fun, diverting read which is very predictable but has enough of the emphasis on fun that you don't mind. The characters are a little two dimensional though so it can feel a bit lightweight.

There is space here for a follow up and that would be interesting.  For now this is enough fun and makes eating bugs almost palatable.
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Not a book I would normally read because of its sci-fi nature but I was pleasantly surprised because I did enjoy it and it was really funny.  I love YA books a lot and mostly read that genre but this one is really geared to the young adult crowd, especially boys.
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I didn't like it from the beginning I couldn't feel the story even though I tried many times to read it.
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Alex and Ian eat a lunch at the coal mine that has been infected with nanobots from another planet that take over their body and transform that into any bug they ingest. The boys decide to use their new powers to do good but being superheros is much more complicated than they had anticipated. I enjoyed this book, though I don't think it was written with me in mind. I liked all the details about the Secti's home planet and the boy's were pretty hilarious. It was really cute and fun even though the beginning was a little slow. I really enjoyed the Secti's being amazed by the bugs the boys kept swallowing, their descriptions amused me. Also Reddish Brown's whole relationship with the Robin was also excellent. I think younger kids that are into superheros and science fiction might enjoy this one.
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The Bug Boys is a fun book to read. As an adult I was able to enjoy it, but I wish I'd had the chance to read it when I was younger. This is Young Adult done right; it respects the audience. The fun, superhero sci-fi story gets a healthy dose of humour. Good humour at that. A wry, mature approach to comedy that I would've craved as a young teen. Yeah, this is a book for those kids who raced ahead of the class and were forced to choose between books they'd outgrown and adult books that, whilst they could enjoy and appreciate, sometimes wanted something a little lighter to enjoy. Hoffman delivers something that can be enjoyed young and old, but more than anything fills that niche well.

I've called a sci-fi comedy type book because that's the easy description, in truth it's more a wry superhero comic story. Two schoolboys go on a trip and develop buglike superpowers. I think that alone qualifies it as a warm and affectionate parody of many origin stories. Throw in some nice touches of rural Britain and you end up with a pair of very British superheroes. I have the obvious benefit of some familiarity with the world but the footnotes would undoubtedly make it more accessible to readers of other backgrounds.

The book offers more than just fun though. Touching on some pretty intense topics this book doesn't shy away from confronting some of society's less pleasant aspects. It could be uncomfortable reading for some but I believe it handles the delicate issues well. It takes a certain courage to consider including them, and Hoffman displays a lot of skill in negotiating them the way he does.

A great read, and an impressive debut from this author. Definitely someone to watch.
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