Every Last Lie

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Clara has just had a new baby Felix. She already has a 4 year old Maisie. Nick, her husband is running a successful dental practice-or so she thinks. 4 days after her son is born he rings her on his way home to ask what she wants for dinner. 

She gets a visit from the police, her husband was speeding round a bend with his daughter in the backseat and he is now dead. 

She doesn’t understand why he would do this with their daughter in the car. Maisie’s upset continues and Clara believes there more to it after Maisie tells her more about what happened. Clara also believes another woman could have been involved from Nick’s past. 

Her neighbours Emily and Theo had a run in with Nick but have always been fine with Clara. Could they have something to do with it. The story follows Nick before the accident and Clara after to pick up the peices.
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I found this book very slow initially and as the story enfolded I found it frustratingly slow. The main characters were easy to relate to and the plot interesting, however I cannot really recommend the book as I really did not enjoy the pace, sorry.
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I read ‘Don’t you cry’ by Mary Kubica last year and really enjoyed her writing so I knew that I wanted to read more from this author, that’s why I grabbed the chance at reading this book.

This book is told from dual perspective of Clara and Nick Solberg, they are husband and wife with a four-year old daughter and a new-born baby, they have a great life.  Nick has his own dental practice, they have a great network of family and friends and are blissfully in love. Until one day Nick and his daughter are involved in a car crash, unfortunately Nick is killed but Maisie the daughter is unharmed. It’s only when the little girl starts mentioning ‘a bad man’ and becoming terrified of a certain car the Clara starts to investigate the death of her husband herself and unravels secrets that Nick has been keeping from her.

Ahhh this book, I have mixed feelings. The story telling  was great, the tension and the mystery had me questioning and trying to second guess everything that was going on… I was really invested in the story and then  it came to the ending – oh it was so anti-climatic, I felt a bit cheated, I am not going to say much because I don’t want to give anything away but be warned.

I liked the characters and the alternate POV kept things interesting, we have Clara and then Nicks POV before the accident happened so we get an idea of what their life was like before.Clara’s character was really well written you could feel the anxiety and feel how exhausted she was from the writing, but she also did some things that were questionable and downright stupid. There was something lacking in this story which I can’t put my finger on and obviously the ending.

Overall this is an enjoyable read, a great build up and tension for a mystery/thriller.

I rated this 3 out of 5 stars
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I received this book off Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I was a bit disappointed with this book! It was brilliantly written as Kubica's books always are! But I think in comparison to her others, it weren't as good!!

The character development was good and I did get immersed in the drama! But it wasn't the psychological twists and turns I'm used to
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Every Last Lie

I'm ashamed to say this was my first book by Mary Kubrica but it definitely won't be my last!
I really enjoyed this book, it's dark, disturbing and full of suspense. It gets four stars from purplebookstand!

I was lucky to be provided with an advanced copy of this book and voluntarily reviewed it.
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Every last lie started off fantastic, halfway through it was a little slow moving but had a good ending but there were a few unanswered questions.
Clara is married to Nick and have Maisie their young daughter and newly born Felix. The chapters are split into Clara and hers are now and Nick which are before. The before and after relate to the car crash that killed Nick and the police say was caused by driving too fast but when Maisie starts reacting to seeing black cars and screaming 'bad man', Clara presumes he was murdered and sets off trying to find out by who.
Overall this is a good read and kept me reading to the end but the middle did get a bit slow and at the end I still had questions that needed answering but this did not spoil my enjoyment of the book. The characters were all very believable and I felt Clara was a good lead character portraying well her grief and tiredness!!
I would like to thank netgalley and HQ for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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The desperate search for answers when someone close dies in an accident is handled beautifully. 

Emotions were are conveyed perfectly and the anxiety was palpable through the pages.

Fabulously written and a brilliant read.
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This book starts out brilliantly and kind of loses the plot along the way. Nick and Clara are happily married, they have a four year old daughter Maisie and a new born baby Felix. Nick is killed in a car accident. The police say he was driving too fast but Clara believes he has been murdered. She struggles through the book, with barely no sleep, delusional and suspecting absolutely everybody of Nick's murder.
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I am reviewing Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica. Here are my thoughts:

^^ Imagine you have the perfect life, with the best husband and child you could ask for. Then, after a freak accident, your husband dies and amidst your grief you discover your husband's life was very different to the one he had with you.

^^ This is just what happened to the main character Clara Solber in this gripping tale that unravels her husband, Nick's double life.

^^ Clara is heartbroken, when she thinks of the sacrifices they made as a married couple to bring two children into the world, the things they've been through in their relationship only to leave her grieving and shocked by the lies he must have told. Or is this just the way she sees it? What's the truth really?

^^ This is written in first point of view from two different perspectives - Clara in the present time and Nick "Before" the accident.

^^ I must admit I found the title a little misleading. Was I meant to? In a way I felt it built me up to think the husband was a cruel liar and deserved everything he got, but in actual fact he was just a blooming unlucky guy, where his problems start off very innocently, but soon one problem follows another and he is forced to take matters in his own hands. I wanted to hate him, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. His troubles are not really his fault.

^^ What secrets is Nick keeping from Clara? When does an omission become a lie?

^^ This is one of those stories where I couldn't help but think how different it would have been if he'd just come clean in the first place and told the truth. But then again, if he had of, there wouldn't be a story would there?

^^ Clara was getting quite confused as to who killed Nick, and desperate to get answers. Is listening to the words of a kid something she should rely on? In a way, I think she acts strangely out of character. Is that because her mother has dementia, and she's following suit? Or is it because of the huge amount of stress she is going through, coping with his death, bringing up two children, worrying about her parents. It's enough to drive anyone mad, or at least make them hard to think straight!

^^ Either way, Clara's confusion definitely got me guessing, too. Who was responsible for his death?

Overall: This was an entertaining read, with a kind of double (or maybe a treble) twist at the end. It was also a very emotional read at times.
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Mary Kubica is my go-to author for a guaranteed suspense/thriller novel - and Every Last Lie did not disappoint!

It can be very difficult to fully build solid characters to generate empathy in a standalone but Mary does it brilliantly. Every time. Without fail.

The story switches between Clara in the present day as well as Nick in the months leading up to his untimely death. This only creates more suspense & tension which made it difficult for me to put down.

I recommend to everyone - all the time!

Thanks to HQ for allowing me to read this arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Clara Solberg's world falls apart when her husband, Nick, is killed in a car accident just days after she has given birth to their second child, Felix. Her daughter, Maisie was in the car accident that killed her father and appears unscathed until she starts having nightmares about a bad man in a black car. In her grief, Clara begins to believe that Nick's death was more than an accident and that someone wanted him dead. Her obsession takes a firm hold when she gradually realises that Nick has been lying to her about a number of matters. Very readabke but Ihavereservations about this book being described as a thriller/mystery as, quite frankly, there is no mystery. However, it does show how someone suffering from profound grief can have illogical thoughts, denying that their loved one could be at fault for such a terrible accident.
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Mary Kubica's books just get better and better!  I have loved them all, each time the latest one becoming my new favourite - and the latest one is no exception.  It has everything - it is mystery, a psychological thriller and an emotional page turner. The characters were so real. Yet again with one of Mary's books, I had to order take away food for dinner because I could not put it down. Fabulous, highly recommended.
Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Kubica likes to twist the truth and stretch the lies to create the kind of read that makes you doubt and wonder whether everything is as it seems. Her characters are always balancing precariously on the boundary between good and evil. Grey areas are her forte instead of the usual black or white ones.

Clara is in the stressful and tiring months of taking care of a new baby. She has a picture perfect family, even if she is a wee bit too tired to notice at the moment. So exhausted that she doesn’t notice her husband and young daughter haven’t returned home. She is completely overwhelmed by the news of their accident and unable to process that she will never see Nick again.

Her grief is overridden by the suspicion that Nick was murdered and she is determined to prove it. The niggling doubt in her mind or rather her refusal to accept the official truth makes her seem unreliable and possibly unstable. All the doubts and disbelief are compounded by the nightmares Maisie starts having, and the things she has to say about the night of the accident.

What I liked the most about this particular Kubica story was the obsession. Clara is completely consumed by the thought that her husband was killed, as opposed to the accident just being a careless quirk of fate. She doesn’t care about the facts, the possible scenarios or plain old common sense.

It is an incredible mixture of emotional turmoil. Kubica has combined the various stages of grief with the constructed frame of a psychological thriller, and the result is an unexpected pleasure. Clara is like us, faced with the normal banality and difficulties of life. A hungry baby and a distressed young daughter, an empty bank account and the responsibility of taking care of her elderly relatives.

It could happen to any of us, which is why this read will probably resonate with a lot of readers. It combines the fears we have and perhaps even the realities we have had to endure. When a tragedy occurs it sends most people into a tailspin, some never completely recover from them. It only takes one moment of distraction or recklessness to change many lives, and I suspect that thought is the one which will remain with most readers after reading Every Last Lie.
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I really enjoyed reading Every Last Lie, so many twists and turns to keep you guessing. You think you've worked out everything and then BAM another sharp turn in a different direction.
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A cleverly written novel, full of suspense and suspects. An engaging read that keeps you hooked right from the first page.
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This review is written with thanks to HQ and Netgalley for my copy of Every Last Lie.
Clara Solberg's husband, Nick, recently died in a car accident. The police insist there was no-one else involved and the crash was caused by a combination of the weather conditions and Nick's speeding. However, when their four year old daughter, Maisie, has nightmares, Clara is convinced that Nick's death was not an accident. She needs to find out the truth about what happened to Nick, even though what she discovers will make her question everything she knew about Nick and her marriage.
Before reading Every Last Lie, I'd heard a lot about Kubica and her ability to grip readers from start to finish and she uses several techniques to build the tension to an almost unbearable level. I just had to find out how Nick had died, and by alternating narratives between Clara (in the present) and Nick (in the weeks, days and hours leading up to his death) Kubica presents the reader with a number of possibilities as to what happened, and there are many characters who were potentially involved, all with their own back stories and issues. This gives the novel depth, and I enjoyed learning more about each character as it progressed. However, in the novel's greatest strength lies its greatest weakness. It is clear that most, if not all, the characters have traits which cause them to be unreliable; for example, we know that Nick is keeping secrets from Clara, Maisie is a four year old child with limited understanding of the situation in which she finds herself, and Clara's mother is suffering from dementia. This made me question everyone, and although this makes the novel very tense, the sheer number of potential outcomes made it feel disjointed in places for me.
If you read my reviews regularly, you will know that I love a novel with a twist. As Every Last Lie reaches its climax, there are a few twists, and this means that the ending promises to be very exciting. However, when Kubica reveals what happened to Nick, I couldn't help but feel slightly underwhelmed.
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It is safe to say that Mary Kubica has done it again. Her track record for excellent psychological thrillers is impeccable. In Every Last Lie, the characters are so well-developed. They seem like real life people in real life situations and it only ups the stakes. Kubica does a great job at building up suspense and writing a very clever story. Equipped with an actual mind-blowing twist I have never seen done before, this is sure to be the next big psychological thriller of the year. Readers in need of a book that will keep them on the edge of their seat, look no further. Every Last Lie is the one for you! Be sure to check out today.
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I have read and enjoyed all other Mary Kubica's books and she is one of the authors whose books I buy without even reading the blurb, as she always manages to surprise me and I've learned to 'expect the unexpected' with her books. Unfortunately, there's nothing unexpected in Every Last Lie. It is exactly what it says in the title - a book about lies. The narration alternates between a new mother of two, recently widowed Clara and her deceased husband. There are plenty of lies that are gradually revealed but mostly the story is about how tired and exhausted Clara copes with grief and motherhood. The essence of the plot is based on something a four-year old child mentioned in her sleep, which just didn't ring true to me. It was more of a domestic drama than a thriller, which got rather tedious and repetitive in places. The ending came as a bit of an anti-climax and left me disappointed. This is definitely not my favourite Mary Kubica book. 
Many thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the advance copy.
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Another great  tension filled psychological  read from Mary Kubica.
Nick and Clara have the perfect life- married with  4 year old Maisie and newborn Felix they  have everything going for them. Then, just after Felix is born Nick takes Maisie to a ballet class to give Clara a rest and things will never be the same again.
Told from the point of view of Clara in the present and Nick in the time frame leading up to the event, this is he story of Clara's desparate need to know what has happened after Nick is killed in a car crash on the way  home to her. Was he murdered as she suspects , was it suicide and what secrets was Nick keeping from his family?
Gradually all is revealed though Clara's relentless investigation and Nick's narrative from beyond the grave.
All characters are well described including Boppy, Clara's father, caregiver to Clara's mother who is suffering from dementia.  The reader feels immense sympathy for Clara who suffers a terrible loss and then continues to suffer as she realises that Nick was not entirely honest with her for reasons she cannot fathom.
This is a well written book that examines a difficult situation. There are many twists and turns as the novel progresses but one begins to wonder at some points whether Clara is entirely rational in suspecting various people of being the "bad man" Maisie claims to have seen at the scene of the crash.
My only criticism would be that on a couple of occasions Clara's behaviour seems somewhat excessive, particularly as she is accompanied by a 4 year old witness.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for my arc in exchange for an honest review.
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