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Dragonfly Song

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David S, Reviewer

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I must admit, I enjoyed this book, it is about a young girl who doesn't have a lot of luck growing up back thousands of years ago in Crete.  She is destined for more out of life then she starts out getting.  And so with this book we get some historical fiction with nice sprinklings of mythology on top, so I was always hopeful of a good read with these ingredients.

Why the dropped star.  From a personal point of view, and know others will give more credence or praise for this, but the regular sporadic use of poetry and verse put me off.  That's just me.  I also, and reason I selected this book was to share a little with my young son (8) as he loves anything with Greek mythology in it.  But he never got into or showed any interest, but aware this is aimed more at YA then him.

So a well written, interesting read and one that has introduced me to a good author I will keep an eye on.

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