Dark Man

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Vance's friend, Seth was murdered and he gets a lead that the last place Seth was seen alive was at The Catacombs which turns out to be a MM bondage fetish club. So Vance goes there to try and find the person who last saw Seth and who may have killed him or at least knows what might have happened to him. 

Tac is the owner of The Catacombs and he's also a vampire. He lures Vance into the club and seduces him into using the club's facilities while having a sexual relationship with him. Vance has no idea in the beginning that Tac is a vampire or what lies beneath the club until later. 

Tac is one of the original 7 vampires that were left alive after a disease wiped out all the other vampires centuries ago. His club is also a place where the vampires he's turned can find willing blood slaves since he has a strict no killing humans policy and can only take blood from willing blood slaves. 

Tac let's Vance find out about the vampires beneath the club as well about what he really is. He was hoping that Vance would willingly become his blood slave but Vance has no plans on willingly becoming a slave to Tac even though Tac has made it clear that now that he knows about vampires, he'll never let him go back to his old life. He might not be a blood slave but he's not free to leave either. Tac tries to seduce Vance into his new role but he's just not having it even though he has real feelings for Tac and thinks Tac has feelings for him. Tac isn't used to having such strong feelings for a human but he knows that his feelings for Vance are different than what he feels for his other blood slaves. 

These two were so hot together and when Tac would bring another person into their sexscapades, it just made it even more hotter. Tac and Vance ended up burning up the sheets so this book was a really fun read. I do love a sexy vampire who knows what he wants and goes after it with both barrels and this guy sure does that and more. 

I was given a free advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review but all opinions are my own.
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2.5 stars

Dark Man is an Okay read. 

If you like your stories with a  convoluted and confusing plot , an extraordinary amount of  almost non-stop sweaty , horny , kinky vampire sex , then Dark Man is the story is for you.  

I think I have never said this before in a review , but I will say it here, at one point , all the sex scenes got boring and repetitive .  Hey, no rolling your eyes at me , I am being honest here. 

Besides, this is only my opinion, check the story yourself , you might like it. 

I received a free copy of this book via #NetGalley  and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Quick, hot read! Would love to see and read more about Vance and Theron and all of the other hot vamps and blood slaves in this world.
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“Dear Publisher, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this book . At the present moment, I am unable to finish it, because it isn’t holding my interest. If I complete it at any time in the future, I will follow up with an email. I look forward to hearing about your future titles. Thanks again. Regards, Blogger
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This is a new to me author, I enjoyed the writing style and the story line is hot.  This story is the third in the series; I have to admit I was a little lost at first but the pieces started to fall into place for me.  I will be going in to read the first two very soon.  If you don’t like reading books about paranormal or same sex partners and BDSM, then don’t get this book; but let me tell you, you are severely missing out.  The characters are hot and the scenes with the vampires are even hotter (hehe, all sex scenes are with the vampires).  This story has suspense, romance, and betrayal not necessarily in that order.  I look forward to reading more from this author as much as the vampires lust for blood. 
***I voluntarily reviewed this ARC for an honest review via NetGalley, this is my honest opinion and has not been influenced by the author, Publishers or NetGalley in anyway.***
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As with the first 2 books in this series, I felt this book was too short to give any real depth to the story. I really didn't feel the love connection between Tac/Theron and Vance, lust yes love no, apart from the sex scenes everything else felt rushed and skimmed over.
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When I requested this book, I didn't realize it was part of a series.  That's my fault as I didn't pay attention.  So, I was not as into it as I would have been had I read the previous two books. The storytelling was great though, so I recommend it to those who have already read the first books.  I don't know if I was lost or not because I didn't read the other books first, but I think in my head I was.  Therefore, my enjoyment of the book was lessened.  Again, that's on me.
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Title: Dark Man
Series: Blood Slaves, 3
Author: Kyann Waters
Publisher: K. Ink
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Pages:  94
Reviewer: Redz
Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MQU27WX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_Zp38ybSTATQVF

Publisher's Blurb
Vance is determined to discover the secrets hidden in The Catacombs, an exclusive all-male fetish club. Someone there was the last person to see his ex-lover alive and he intends to seek revenge for the brutal murder. Once in, he meets Tac, the owner of the club. He’s secretive and hot as hell. The BDSM sex is unlike anything Vance has experienced. Tac is becoming an obsession and keeping him from the truth. 

Nothing can endanger the vampires’ existence. Theron, known in the club as Tac, will destroy any who try. He is dominant and dangerous—in total control of his world. He lives only for sex and blood. He has never been emotionally involved with anyone. Now, a human has slipped into his life and under his skin, making him want more than meaningless sex with blood slaves. But Theron will never allow a mere mortal to bring him to his knees. 

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of smoking-hot men engaged in multiple-partner sex and bondage. 

Dark Man is the third book in the Blood Slaves series by author Kyann Waters. This is also a reprint, and not much has changed from the previous printing of this story.  
This book is also  the third in a series. I highly recommend you read this series in order. There are things going on, that would be lost if you picked this book up out of order. 
Now what your really want to know, what did I think of this story, totally absolutely loved it. There is action, violence, BDSM, and love all wrapped up in this book.  There is a ton of story going on.
Tac/ Theron wants Vance's total submission. Tac is a vampire. And he wants Vance to be his blood slave.  He is slowly setting the lure, in hopes of catching the evasive human and making him his forever.
Vance he gets the nickname of Dark Man. He refuses to be a blood slave. But he wants Theron.  
Theron is a master and Vance is a submissive. They really play well off each other. There is a deep love here and the BDSM aspects only strengthen that love. 
There is also a kinda murder mystery going on in this book too. So lots to pay attention to.  I would suggest reading this one when you have time to really sink into a book and the characters within it.  I cannot wait for more from this series. I love it and am addicted to reading it.
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Steamy paranormal read.  Vance is trying to find out who killed his friend which leads him to the Catacombs, an all-mail fetish club.  He meets Tac, the owner who is very secretive will Vance learn the truth?  This is a fast paced read with lots of suspense, I loved the characters and the chemistry.  Once steamy read.  I really liked it!
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Dark Man was sexy and steamy and had me on the edge of my seat. Highly recommended!
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An interesting twist on paranormal and slaves. While I didn't totally LOVE this book.. it was entertaining and I would be willing to give the author another shot. I may have enjoyed this book more..had I read the first two books in the series..
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Extremely NSFW! Bondage, multi partner sex, and vampires!
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First times reading from this author and I can defently stay I can't wait for more. I don't usually read a book in the middle of a series knowing I won't know what's going on and this is just that case. Right from the start I was the owner into a scene that was like 'what the heck?' But after a bit I caught on to what was happening. Lots of a x, bloodlust and a combination of the two were happening a lot. I

Can a human man get under the heart of an emotionless bastard  of a vampire?

Copy was voluntarily exchange through netgalley.com
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Dark Man
Blood Slaves Book 3
KyAnn Waters
4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One hot and sexy vampire novella. Vance is determined to find out who killed his friend. So he wants to find out the dark secrets of the sex club The Catacombs. But the owner of the club is super secretive and sexy hott. While exploring the club Vance goes underneath and sees a man chained to a chair and 2 vampires feeding from him. He realizes The Catacombs is not a place he wants to be and that Tac is someone he can't trust. 
Tac brings Vance back to the club to convince him to be his blood slave. Now Vance has to choose between staying and going. 
This was a dark read. It involves BDSM, m/m, and vampirism. 
Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.
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Dark Man is the first book I've ever read by KyAnn Waters. It's the third book of the Blood Slaves series and takes place in a private sex club that is run by a vampire. Without having read the first two books in the series, I easily dropped into the story and gained perspective. 

The book is full of intense emotions and sexual tension. Lots of hot sex and angst. A little bit of story line, glimpses into the main characters and a whole lot of sex. If you want a steamy story with attractive characters, look no farther. You have arrived. 

The beginning of the story threw me off at first because I didn't understand that the characters had clothes on. I had to go back and re-read a few paragraphs to confirm that. The way the opening is written, I would have thought that they were already naked. That happened a few times. 

It's a fairly fast paced story with a lot of heated exchanges. A run romp to read! My curiosity has been hooked and now I want to know more. Vance and Tac are delectable. I want to know more about them and the vampires. The chemistry sizzles between Vance and Tac. The conflict is hard to believe in and that's with me trying hard to stay within the parameters that the writer had written into the story. At least the way it comes about and is resolved.  I'll definitely get the first two books to see what I missed.

Overall, I'd recommend Dark Man as a fun read for anyone looking for a hot, fast read.
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I really enjoyed this steamy romance novel. I highly recommend it!
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If you like MM erotica, paranormal fiction, vampire fiction, any or all of these you will be sure to love Dark Man. Although it's apparently the last of a series, I haven't read the first two and understood the plot early on, so it seems to stand alone for the most part.

Vance is a human whose friend, Seth, has been murdered and he's trying to find out who killed him. He gets a lead that the last man who had seen Seth alive was at The Catacombs, a MM sex club, so Vance has gone there to find the man and any information he can glean about Seth's murder. While there he gets drawn into the dark, sexy world of Tac, The Catacombs' owner. They engage in a strictly sexual, kind of kinky relationship, but feelings are quickly developing between the two. Tac has a huge secret, though, and when Vance finds what it is, it will rock his world in more ways than one. You see, Tac (Theron) is a Master Vampire, one of 7 vampires left after a blood disease ravaged his kind centuries ago. Since then, Theron has ruled the sect with a strict hand: no killing humans, just feeding off willing Blood Slaves. Blood Slaves have to willingly submit to becoming slaves and all that it entails. So, when Vance discovers Tac's secret, he vows to never become a Blood Slave, no matter how much he's attracted to Tac and wants to be with him in every way. Tac has said he will never bite Vance unless Vance wants him to, but will Tac be able to keep his promise? Every time he's hungry, he wants Vance, not just for sex, but for his blood, but he refuses to bite him until Vance begs to become his Blood Slave. He wants Vance's complete submission, but Vance isn't a submissive in any way. So a clash of wills ensues between the two. A very sexy clash that is as erotic as it is intense. I love seeing how hard Vance fought submitting, and how very seductive Tac was as he tried to seduce Vance into submission.

I really liked that Dark Man isn't so heavy on the vampire lore. It's more erotica with a slight paranormal twist. I have to say I didn't quite buy Tac and Vance as being heavily in love, but I do believe their lust could possibly have lead to love if the story had been extended. I think they were getting there, just hadn't quite gotten there yet when the story ended. Their chemistry is electric, the sex scenes are seriously steamy and Vance and Tac are really hot together. I also really like Drake, one of Tac's other Blood Slaves and am hoping he might get his own story. I like Dark Man so much I am definitely going to check out the first two in this series, and more of KyAnn Waters' writing.
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Vance, a young hot blonde guy is infiltrating a gay sex club in hopes of finding the man (or unbeknownst to him... vampire) responsible for the death of his former lover. Only Tac, the club owner who takes a liking to him, might actually know more about the case than he lets on. Tac isn't interested in connecting outside of the club, but he knows it's only a matter of time before Vince will submit to him and become his blood slave.

Sex clubs run by vampires are an interesting theme (that every other gay themed vampire book seems to pick up).. Dark Man didn't even try to put a new spin on things, and with the characters acting all superficial and predictable, it left me rather cold. 

2 stars!
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I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.  The story of Theron and and Vance is very erotic. Loved the book and it is well written.  I would highly recommend this book.
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