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Before I Let Go is not for the kind hearted, it is one of the best book I have ever read that broke me in pieces I didn't think I could recover! The emotion is raw so raw you can see right thru it! A MUST READ BOOK!
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I feel like this novel started off with a lot of potential. However, the story went in a completely different direction than expected - or hoped - while at the same time it didn't really go anywhere at all. 

I really liked the story's setting: a small town somewhere in Alaska, far off the rest of the world. A protagonist who left this home and is now returning to it as an outsider. And finally, a girl with mental illness who never seemed to fit in and tragically committed suicide. This really sounded like an interesting novel featuring diverse characters and so-called "taboo topics" and I couldn't wait to find out where this would go. 
Unfortunately, all these interesting things got lost among the way. While I found some parts of the story irritating (e.g. the mixing up of genres - YA, then thriller-ish, then YA again) others just didn't seem to be logical at all (e.g. Kyra's parents' behaviour). The same goes for the flashbacks: I couldn't recognize any coherence there, it was more as if Corey was constantly repeating herself. By the end of the book, I was just plainly annoyed by it: the characters, their behaviour, the repetitive writing style, how the storyline seemed illogical. Towards the end, I was hoping that certain events would cause a certain reaction by the protagonist. But when that didn't happen, I finally lost patience and really stopped hoping for the story to make a sensible turn. 

If I had to put my finger on the main aspect that causes me not to recommend this book, I would say it's because even though the initial idea that started off this novel sounded good, it really didn't go somewhere from its starting point. Which is a real shame considering how interesting this seemed.
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I absolutely fell in love with this book. I have anxiety and depression myself and I feel like Corey and Kyra have an amazing relationship. I think that Corey could've been Kyra's saving grace had she made it home in time.
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I loved this thriller - atmospheric and tense set in the cold bleak Alaskan town of Lost Creek. Corey is trying to uncover why her friend, Kyra has died. She uncovers a town wide 'conspiracy' of silence and has to rethink her concepts of 'home', 'friendships' and 'truth'. Bipolar disorder is dealt with sensitively and makes you question how you see someone suffering in this way - whether or not you really accept them for who they are. The novel also raises the issue of collective responsibility and collective memories - are they truth or myth and what function do they have.

An interesting read.
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I think that this author's writing style is not my cup of tea.
Perhaps a case of "it's not you, it's me."
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This book was engaging and well written.
I think the kids at school will really enjoy it
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I wasn't sure what to expect with a Dutch writer writing about my unique home state, but Before I Let Go was an emotional, lyrical exploration of community, loss and storytelling.
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The story had me hooked right from the start. Nothing like short chapters to propel the reader forward. Unfortunately, the characters did not have much depth which made it hard to care about what was happening to them.
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Before I Let Go, the new book by Marieke Nijkamp due out in January 2018 (who also penned the best seller This is Where it Ends which is on my tbr list) was a strange and emotional book. It wasn’t quite a thriller but there was intrigue and danger and maybe a touch of super natural, or maybe just plain crazy, I don’t know, but it really worked well for this you d adult story.


I usually don’t like when a storyline bounces back and forth between past and present but it was executed well with this book and did not confuse at all as the main character gave us flashes of the past she had with her friend that tied in with the present moment.
One thing I had trouble with was the sheer repetitiveness of Corey’s conversations. Though I am unclear whether  or not that was intentional to add to the crazy or just the pressures of making a deadline.

 salmonberry-images-1024x826.jpg wp-1506135572092.jpg

To Corey, Lost Creek Alaska was her home until her mother uprooted her and moved to Winnipeg leaving everything she knew behind including her best friend. With promises to write and plans to visit she gets on a plane and watches as Kyra fades into the distance.

wp-1506135515743.jpgSeven months later and Corey has planned to visit Lost for her holiday break but a mere week before she is to go she gets a call that breaks her heart. Kyra is dead. Corey takes her trip early to say her final goodbye to the friend that was supposed to be waiting for her.


Things in Lost are almost nothing like they were less than a year ago. The citizens of the town are acting strange and she wonders about the circumstances of her friends death. As she tries to find the answers she desperately needs she quickly finds herself an outsider in the place she used to call home. Lost doesn’t like outsiders and as a result Corey no longer feels safe. Can she find the answers she seeks before she leaves Lost? Or will the secrets of this town take her down like they did Kyra?


All in all it was a good book. Did I love it? No. But it did make me feel and it was well written, interesting and good. I felt sorry for the main character and heartbroken for her and her bestie. If that ever happened to me and mine I would be forever crushed.


I would definitely recommend this to my fellow YA readers. My booklings, please, give this book a chance and let it settle in your mind and heart and see how you feel yourself.

I give it a resounding 3.5 stars out of five.


I received this book from Netgalley for a fair and honest review.
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This book was just okay. I didn't find it captivating or entertaining. I actually put it down to read two other books, but eventually finished it just to see if it had any redeeming qualities. If you read the book jacket, then you've basically read the book. The question, "what happened to Kyra," is eventually answered, but only after you've read over and over that she was bipolar and painted when she was manic. Kyra didn't fit in with her small town, the town people were weird, and she died. Basically, that's the story, and you can read all of that within the first few pages. I despise repetition and that's what 80 percent of the book is. I would not recommend this book.
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Very lyrical story about a girl who returns to her remote Alaskan hometown to say goodbye to her best friend, who recently committed suicide.  Loved the writing in this, but there's a lot that's left unexplained and the story delves into being predictable.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading this.
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The setting of the novel works and it is pretty much a fish out of water narrative as the character finds themselves in a small town of Lost Creek in Alaska.  It has an interesting premise but at times the narration feels a bit forced and at times it is a story about nothingness and how it is hard to fit into a small town that is very closed knit.  Though at times, it is interesting there are other times where I felt the story didn’t quite accomplish what it was setting out to do. 
There is a psychiatric development in the story that doesn’t always ring true.  I do have to say that Nijamp does create a mystery story and there is the overall feeling of dread and loss that creeps within the narrative that is very effective.  The writing style has it’s own pacing and at times, I do feel that the average reader will need a little patience to work through the novel. 
The ending is a bit forced and doesn’t really have the pay off that you would hope would be a satisfying conclusion but it was a bit flat.  Overall, it is very well written and feel that there is a definite audience out there for this but it is a book that is not for everyone.  If you like a book that is full of atmosphere and an exotic location where you fill in the blanks yourself, then you really can’t do no wrong with this novel.
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There's not a lot I can say here except I struggled to get into this book and found the characters to be under developed. I didn't particularly feel the depiction of mental illness was handled very well.
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The atmospheric language of this novel directly transports you to the remote Alaskan township of Lost Creek. I found this novel weird and creepy, but in the best possible way.  Whilst many questions are left unanswered at the end of the book, the author's writing skill keep you engaged and guessing until the very end.
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I really struggled with this book, I found it so slow nothing seemed to happen. I found Corey repetitive and really quite selfish, this book had so much potential but I was left finishing it with lots of unanswered questions and feeling generally quite confused.
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When I requested this ARC, I didn't realize it was written by the same author as This Is Where It Ends -- though I should have guessed based on the cover. I enjoyed the book and it kept me engaged, but whole time I was reading, I was waiting for a twist that never fully materialized. The end was a bit thin and unsatisfying.
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Story felt a bit disjointed to me. Enjoyed the writing and short chapters though. Strange people in a strange town = strange story. Unfortunately, this book was not for me - perhaps meant for a much younger audience.

Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I really wanted to like this book but it dragged on at times.  It had potential but too much narrative and not enough action.
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Unfortunately, this book was not a good fit for me, and I am declining to review it. I loved the author's first book, but I didn't click well with this one. I'm still looking forward to seeing what else the author writes. Thank you for the approval.
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So this was a pretty quick read, but it almost pained me to continue reading. It was almost a "lost interest" or "did not finish" - but I pushed through because I was hoping there would be some sort of an ending to this mystery that made the journey less boring. Alas, I was disappointed.

Before I Let Go is the story of Corey, a girl who returns to her hometown of "Lost" after finding out that her best friend Kyra has died. Once there, Corey strives to find out how exactly Kyra died, and is met with all sorts of mystery and road blocks. 

The story revolves around Kyra and her bipolar disorder and the stigmas surrounding it. The setting is pretty cool - it's a very small ghost like town in snowy Alaska, where there are auroras and old hot springs. Half of the book revolves around "outsiders" of this town, and turns the townspeople into some sort of cult that worships the girl who they once ignored. As Corey gets to the bottom of the so called "mystery", you have to sit through a bunch of repetitive, flowery nonsense about storytelling, being an outsider... being "Lost" - ha, cause that's the town name... big mystery. There is a whole lot of build up - like 300 pages worth - with seemingly only like 2 characters (and one is dead). And then when you get to the climax of the story, it's like 3 pages and doesn't even have and end result. I was hoping that this story would go somewhere, but it really seemed like more of an attempt at flowery words, emotions, and trying to make something into a literary work of art.. something that just ended up being a whole bunch of words with no meaning. 

If you want to read through 300 something pages of thrilling literature, you're not going to find it in this book. I was never at the edge of my seat, and I never really got a supposed resolution. Maybe someone else can read more into the fluff and see that as art instead of the half-plot, but I just couldn't.

I received an ARC of this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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