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Not going to lie, this book is like 50% spicy scenes with a little bit of light breeding kink thrown in. Loved the main pairing. The big, tattooed motorcycle mechanic who falls first and the tough chick who “swears like a sailor and bakes killer cookies” make such a great combination. They meet at a Halloween party and sparks fly. Despite both of them being a little gun-shy from past betrayals, the two just can’t stay away from each other.
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All I want for Halloween by Marie Harte.
When Sadie Liberato is cajoled by her brother to attend a costume party a month before Halloween, she had no idea she'd fall for a handsome devil in a mask.
I really really enjoyed this book.  Read In one sitting.  5*.
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I had a very hard time following this. Unfortunately, I had to mark it as did not finish. I was not able to get into the story at all. I had been so hoping for a fun Halloween read too. I struggled related to the characters.
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Interesting main characters who were not the typical romance fare, fun secondary characters and well written. Nicely done!
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Well written and an enjoyable story. I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more by this author.
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Marie Harte has given us a sexy stand-alone story, that nonetheless links to her two series currently ongoing (The Donnigans and Body Shop Bad Boys Series), but if you haven’t read those series don’t worry, this story is AWESOME all by itself.  Sadie is a fabulous cook/baker extraordinaire, but lately her personal life has been a little…flat.  So even though she is reluctant, she attends a costume party with her brother and soon finds that her entire life will never be the same.  Gear on the other hand has a plan, he is attending the costume party to not only put a permanent end to the media madness that has taken over his life, but to also find himself a sexy no-strings-attached lover for the night.  They both get something that neither expected and when Gear decides to track down Sadie she isn’t interested in a relationship with him, but he is just too sexy to turn down flat.  Beginning a sexy fling with Gear she quickly finds herself the center of attention of not just Gear himself, but the whole town and the media that is still encroaching on his life.  Gear was a fun guy to get to know and he is obviously a lot more than he has been forced to show the world in recent years. It is time for him to rebuild his life and thankfully he sees early on that Sadie needs to be a part of that rebuilding. He was hot, sweet, lovable and beyond a good influence in Sadie’s life.  Sadie obviously needed a kick in the ass and a reason to move forward in love and life, and Gear was that kick.  She is brilliant, sarcastic, funny, and amazing in the kitchen, so I of course felt an instant connection with her ;).  The two of them from the very first moment they meet are burning the world down around them and the longer they are together the hotter they get and there is no way that those around them would ever say they were a boring couple.  I loved getting to see these two and of course the previous characters from the other two series coming together to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year.  I am looking forward to seeing these characters in future novels, and I REALLY want Elliot to find love before the curtains close of this group of connected individuals. Marie Harte is a master of weaving together lives and loves and there is always the chance that you will find a new character to love, even if they aren’t the main folks in the story.  Keep the magic coming Marie… in case you forgot Christmas is coming and I bet Elliot could use an awesome Christmas present!
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I could not stop reading this book once I picked it up and began reading. Sadie had me from the beginning and did not stop. What a character. Once you get to the first masquerade party and she Gear met not knowing each other. What she does at the party is classic. But it does not stop there, she has one escapade after another and you do not want to be on the opposite end. Whether you are Gear’s ex, a reporter, and his ex, even his parents are at first are taken back with her when they met her. Her character for me makes this story and though Gear is also a part of it and his story goes along with what is happening in the book, for me her character really makes this book and adds to the story. Overall a very good book.
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Stunning book highly entertaining, loved reading it, would recommend to lovers of contemporary romance
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For a smexy good time, Ms. Harte is my go to author.  Her stories consistently deliver blazing sex and hot chemistry between the characters.  In this latest one, Sadie and Gear heat up the sheets with delicious raw erotic scenes.  This story is more than just sex.  

The plot in this story burns me up.  Gear Blackstone is a reality star for a Motorcycle show.  He's had a falling out with his fiance and best friend.  They have painted him as a jerk, basically projecting all their flaws onto him.  Based on how TV can make things up and take things out of context, it isn't surprising.  Personally, I have a low opinion of the mass media and Ms. Harte demonstrates why.  I felt really bad for Gear.  He was given a raw deal and they made him to be terrible when he wasn't.  His disadvantage of not being public relations friendly is definitely a problem.  Some people should just not be in front of cameras.  Lucky for him, Sadie may be just as direct but she is not a PR nightmare.

Sadie and Gear match up so well together.  I love how they are transparent and say it how it is.  Sometimes it can be brutal, but it works.  Their open communication is the style I like and it makes everything above board.  At times, sort of saw Sadie and Gear as Kat Von D and Jessie James.  Their ability to come together, rise above the drama and in the manner of which they did it was impressive.  This erotica romance is recommended to readers who like characters who are raw and gritty.
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Thank you for allowing me to read and review this book. I am just not interested in this book anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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I was hoping for a book about Sadie since we met her and her brother Elliot in A Sure Thing. 

While the story is not noted as being part of the Donnigan series, this book features Ava’s crazy cousin, Sadie and her brother Elliot.  We met them in A Sure Thing and they were hilarious.  They reminded me of Will & Grace and it is funny that that show has just returned to TV.  Since this book wasn’t noted as part of the Donnigan series, I didn’t realize until I started reading who was featured in this story.  I hope Elliot gets his own story someday as well.

I loved that Sadie for all her snarky humor is an introvert and prefers to stay in rather than socializing.  Even when Elliot forces her to attend a Halloween party for the purpose of socializing and promoting their business, she finds a quiet corner to hang out in so she can be by herself.   She then meets a masked devil (Gear Blackstone) and they have fun together in their hidaway and their good time culminates into hot sex in the dark corner and turns their lives upside down.

Although they are both masked, a check with the host garners Gear the name of his hot Xena Warrior Princess and he goes to the shop the next day to return Xena’s sword which she left behind.   Sadie was quite distracted when she left the party since after the hot sex, she managed to punch out Gear’s ex-fiance.  Gear’s exes (finance and best friend) had an affair and managed to steal his show/garage where he made custom bikes. Not only did they stab him in the back, they made Gear out to be the bad guy and since Gear is as unfriendly as Sadie, it wasn’t hard to get the public to believe that all the show’s problems were caused by Gear.

I liked how Gear and Sadie’s unsociability linked up in a fun way rather than just being two grumpy people barricading themselves against the world.  They were funny and entertaining.  They both had issues with being mistreated by people who they thought loved them, leading to some fears about trusting again, but overall it was a really entertaining story.

This was a fun, light-hearted story and while there are some drop ins from the other Marie Harte series, this could definitely be read as a stand alone.
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When self-proclaimed homebody Sadie Liberato is made to attend a Halloween party she plans to stake out a corner and fill up on the food.What she doesn’t plan on is hooking up with a masked devil or punching his ex-fiancée in the face.  Sadie quickly learns her  one night stand is Harrison “Gear” Blackstone, a custom motorcycle designer who was just kicked off his own reality show by said conspiring ex-fiancée  Gear and Sadie's chemistry is undeniable but they've both been hurt by love in the past and just want a friends with benefits situation, if only it didn't feel like everyone around them wanted them fall in love.

Honestly, if I've reviewed an author twice they are already on my keeper shelf and this is another keeper. Harte  has this great way of developing round characters with rich backstories, motivations and chemistry that makes them so easy to root for. And her dialogue is on fire; the characters talk in this part joke-y/part heckling manner--trading jabs back and forth that is just so fun to read once you get the hang of it. Speaking of fun, this was the first Halloween romance I’ve ever read and it’s a really amusing theme for a book because Halloween is all about frivolity and silliness. Between all the scenes about relationship angst and DTR moments, characters are munching on candywatching scary movies and wearing silly costumes.

Sadie Liberator has to be one of my favorite contemporary romance characters ever. She's such an interesting hodge podge of tropes. Typically it's the hero who is the emotionally distant, buff, gym rat but in this case it's the heroine. The book often describes her as being more masculine, not traditionally pretty and obnoxious, which she is, but then she’s also a pastry chef and just likes to create yummy treats. I felt like she could have gone in a “I’m not like the other girls” direction but it really doesn’t.

All I Want for Halloween is filled with equal parts Halloween hijinks and romance with a few tricks but also oh so many treats.
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Who’d have guessed when Ms Harte first released them that the McCauley Brothers series would lead to so many great books!! 

We met Sadie Liberato in the the first Donnigans book (she’s one of Dr Ava’s crazy nosey cousins).

Sadie’s a snarky, fun, hard working, family loving gal.
Burned by previous b/f and her supposed bestie, Sadie now has real trust issues (as in lack of!!) when it comes to the opposite sex and the thought of relationships!! Understandable really! 

Harrison ‘Gear’ Blackstone is one of the stars of a motor bike tv reality show, and like Sadie, he’s been betrayed by his other half and best friend.... though the betrayal is only the start of it!! All he wanted was to build custom motorbikes, not turn into tv’s next star couple, but things kinda went off plan for him!

This pair meet at a party neither wants to be at but it’s probably the best thing they did! Their chemistry is off the charts explosive. Neither are looking for anything more than a quick, fun release but when their evening takes an unexpected turn Sadie makes a real impression with Gear and he can’t get her out if his head!! 

I really enjoyed the development of their friendship and the beginnings of a relationship. They were funny together and had so much more than cheating exes in common! Gear’s determination to be more and Sadie’s fear of what she could ultimately lose add to their appeal. 

Throw in 2 crazy families - it’s tough to say whose is nuttier!!! - some conniving, media mad reality z-listers as well as a few rabid journos and you have another great, funny and smokin’ hot read from Marie! 

All I Want For Halloween gets a definite 5* rating from me!!
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***ARC Provided by the Publisher via NetGalley***

I loved the start of this book.  The reality tv star, the woman who wouldn't usually have anything to do with him, and a masquerade.

The beginning had everything that I needed to really engage with the story, to love it, and to not want to put it down.

Unfortunately, after about 45% I felt like the book lost all of it's steam...both in the plot and in the chemistry with the lead characters.  It became about her family, and her sister and the brother who was mad at her, and the other reality tv characters, and the romance dropped away.

Unfortunately, it never got back for me, and I was left feeling like there was a lot more that could have happened in the book.  I found myself wanting to skim, and while I resisted, it is never a good sign when you don't find yourself all that engaged in the sex scenes in an erotic romance.

This started with a lot of potential...but it didn't really meet it for me.
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All I Want for Halloween is funny, snarky, hot and sexy! Perfect for those who want something entertaining and steamy for Halloween.

Sadie is a tell it like it is, take no s*** from anyone kind of woman. She's tall, she's beautiful and she's mostly comfortable in her own skin. When she runs into a hot guy at a costume party her brother forces her to attend, for the sake of their business, she's all for some casual, but hot party sex with the big, muscular guy in the mask. But when she finds out the hottie is Gear, the man whom she just saw on a reality show, she's unprepared for how hard she will end up falling for him.

If you like your heroines big, bold and sweet and your heroes, big, sexy with big hearts, 1 click All I Want for Halloween today!
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ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN  by Marie Harte is a stand alone, contemporary adult, erotic romance story line set in the world of the author’s McCauley Brothers, The Donnigans, and the Body Shop Bad Boys series. This is reality star and mechanic Harrison ‘Gear’ Blackstone, and bakery shop chef Sadie Liberato’s story line. ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Sadie and Gear) ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN follows the building relationship between reality star and mechanic Gear Blackstone, and pastry chef Sadie Liberato. A month before Halloween Sadie found herself up against the wall, in the throws of passion, with a man she knew only as the tall, dark and brooding Satan. Enter Harrison ‘Gear’ Blackstone,  a man whose entire life had been exposed on reality TV, as his best friend and fiancé, took their  secret relationship into the public eye. Tired of the bullsh*t, fame and constant paparazzi, Gear walked away without a backwards glance. Meeting Sadie Liberato, the feisty pastry chef, and ardent protector of everything Gear Blackstone, started our couple towards a happily ever after that could have ended before it all began.

Sadie Liberato has been burned in the past; her former lover cheated on her with a friend, and now trusting any other man brings back too many bad memories for our heroine to let loose and fall in love.  Sadie is a strong willed, hold nothing back kind of woman who is willing to protect the people in her life including the man with whom she is falling in love.  Gear Blackstone had enough of the fake ‘reality’ of Motorcycle Madnezz, but finding Sadie brought everything into perspective including the desire to step away from the fame and fortune of his own television show, and back into the quiet solitude of owning his own garage. Battered and bruised by the cheating scandal between his co-stars Gear walked away without looking back if only the paparazzi and his former co-stars would leave him alone.

There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including Gear’s parents Otis and Orchid Blackstone, his sister Iris, and his brother Thorvold aka Thor; as well as Gear’s ex-fiance Sahara, and best friend Brian ‘B-Man’ Gandanna, and fellow bike mechanics Smoke and Chains.   We are introduced to Sadie’s father Tony Liberato,  her brother and owner of Sofa’s Bakery Elliott, and their sister Rose and her husband Joe.  There is plenty of back and forth, quick witted banter between siblings, parents and friends.

The world building focuses on the behind the scenes turmoil of a reality television series, the fall out of infidelity, secrets and lies, and the potential life altering changes when two people find one another in a darkened corner, as they hide away from the real world.

ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN is a fun and sexy read. The premise is engaging; the characters are colorful and animated; the romance is seductive and energetic, without the over the top, sexually graphic language and text. I am looking forward to future story lines focusing on the Liberato and Blackstone siblings.

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I had such a good time reading this book! It was a great pre Halloween read. I love the idea of masked meetings which turn out to be so much more than they expected. If you are a fan of Marie Harte you won’t be disappointed by this book!!
It was well written and full of scenes that just keep you turning the pages. 
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book provided by NetGalley.
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On Halloween you can be anyone or anything you want to be. But what if you want to be invisible to the public? A good story with a fine cast of characters.
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This book was not for me. O thought the Halloween setting would help, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. Doesn't make it bad, but I can't really recommend it obviously. The main character is a woman who never really relaxes or has fun, but finally does at a party. A bit of a predictable plot follows.
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Marie Harte’s new single title All I Want for Halloween is all kinds of wicked deliciousness. A reality television “star” whose life has become a publicity nightmare thanks to his now ex-fiancée cheating on him with his best friend meets a warrior princess at a costume party who is as outspoken, honest, and unimpressed with celebrity and has no problem stealing food off his plate, so he can’t help but be a little bit impressed and enamored especially when she has no problem doing him against the wall at a party. Smart, sexy, and funny but chocked full of emotion All I Want for Halloween is another fantastic addition to Marie Harte’s body of work.

All Harrison “Gear” Blackstone wanted to do was built custom bikes, but between his best friend and his girlfriend turned fiancée, he found himself part of a reality show where his lack of people skills didn’t help ratings, but thanks to the recent scandal he has more publicity than he ever cared about and his name is being raked over the coals.
Sadie Liberato loves working with her siblings in their bakery and catering business, her work fulfills her, she enjoys working out at the gym and living a quiet life but after a rather eventful evening at an early Halloween party, Sadie finds her life turned upside down by Gear and his gruff, charming ways.

It’s always fun to watch two people who are bound and determined not to have a relationship fall into one and that is exactly what happens to Gear and Sadie. Having both been burned by love they are good being “fun buddies” and denying their ever growing feelings for one another. Gear appreciates everything about Sadie especially that fact that she always lets him know what she is thinking so when things get serious, he knows she is struggling because she clams up and runs. I loved the Gear didn’t give up on Sadie, that he realized she was scared and understood that he had to let her figure out what she was feeling and come to terms with it. One thing was for sure on a physical level these two were well matched and had no problem expressing their needs and desires. Both these characters were so easy to love even with their baggage, bluntness, and lack of people skills because they refused to change just to please other people and that right there is why they were perfect for one another.

I loved the cameo appearances by some of Ms. Harte’s characters from a couple of her series and both Gear and Sadie’s families were hysterical, a bit crazy, and thoroughly entertaining. While this books is billed as a single title, I really hope to see some of the secondary characters in this book get their own stories at some point.

Fantastic banter, two dominate people, shockingly sexy times, and a brilliant cast of characters, All I Want for Halloween was an exciting, fun story and a devil of a good time
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