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Unfortunately, this was a DNF for me.  I really didn't care for the characters or the story-line.  The relationship was kind of crude and unbelievable.  I tried several times but kept putting the story down.  It just wasn't for me.
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Sadie had been watching Motorcycle Madnezz  and Sadie thought about how dull he life seemed in comparison to the reality show and how much she preferred it that way. She groaned when a commercial came on and it reminded her she couldn’t put off getting a costume  much longer. Her brother Elliott had forced her to accept a costume party invitation. When Sadie asked why she couldn’t skip the party Elliott said anything to get her into something besides her sweatpants. He also added she was turning into a store hag, limp hair, no sense of style and she growled at their customers. Then he said important people wanted a face to the fantastic food. They could easily build more business Elliott also felt Sadie should be dating, having fun. Enjoying life, and laughing more. Elliott said all Sadie did was hang out at the gym. Then Sadie thought maybe she should find a guy at the party. Something physical might cheer her up and clear her mind. Even though elliott annoyed Sadie he was her best friend and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her and she loved him. Harrison “Gear” Blackstone counted to ten before answering her younger brother Thor. He noticed his sister acting like she wasn’t listening in, Thir had a brain like a computer and if anyone could figure out a way for Gear to get out of the mess his life had become it was Thor. Gear was being forced to go to the costume party by his contract. His sister told him just be the jerk you are on the show after some time on camera change his costume and hang out until for the rest of the mandatory time he had to be there. Gear’s dream of running one of the best custom shop had come true but at a price’ His ex fiance and ex best friend Brian had put him through the wringer and got rid of him which still hurt. Gear’s gift of everything mechanical has\d transformed into love for the motorcycle. Sahara had been Gear’s fiance and Briand his best friend until they cheated together at Gear’s pain. Iris told Gear he had always been upfront about who he was and what he wanted. Those people who are your friends know this. See who is still around after all the garbage was over. She also said don’t get mad get even. Elliott went to the party as the Phantom Of The Opera and Sadie was a warrior princess. Then Elliott pointed out the guys from Motorcycle Madnezz. Sadie thought Gear was hot. He was dressed as Batman’s Joker. Sadie found a shadowed area with a table for her food and drink.Then she noticed a real hot Devil with a drink in one hand and a plate of food in the other and a woman was manhandling him. When he finally got away from the woman he asked Sadie if he could sit down and she said he had earned it. He had a great body and smile. Then Sadie seen Elliott looking for her and she asked the man to just go along with her and she kissed him Soon Sadie forgot everything but the kiss. Sadie had never been so out of control She found some foliage that pretty much hid then unless someone was really looking and she and the Devil had sex there. Gear was in shock when the girl he had just had sex with punched Sahara in the face after Sahara had slapped her. Gear went to Joaquin described Elliott and asked who the woman was and told Joaquin what had happened. Joaquin said he would act like he had no idea could have hit Sahara. Joaquin also told him to try Sofa’s to  find the girl. Sunday at Sofa’s the bakery/ coffeeshop that had expanded into a catering business also saw the siblings -Rose, Elliott and Sadie spending time together before they opened at eleven. Every weekend Sadie, Rose, and Elliott mixed, prepared, and frosted the  most delicious treats from healthy salads to sandwiches and baked goods. Sadie wouldn’t admit it but she loved their family time. Sadie had little in the way of needs: a gym membership at Jamesons, subscription to Netflix and Hulu, and an addiction to frilly underthings, and white chocolate raspberry truffles . Gear showed up at Sofa’s with the sword from Sadie’s costume and Sadie realized her devil had been Gear. Then Gear invited her to dinner but it would have to be at her house or his because of paparazzi. Sadie made it clear she didn’t want a boyfriend and Gear said after his disaster of an engagement he didn’t want a girlfriend anytime soon. 
This was a great story and romance and I loved it. I loved the plot and pace. I loved how Sadie and Gear came together and were so much alike. I was sorry that Adrian and Sadie’s best friend had hurt her so bad as well as the hurt Gear went through with Sarah and Brian. I know Sadie and Gear fell pretty quick but in this instance it was just right. I loved Sadie and Gear’s family. I chuckled at times while reading this book. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this story which is always great when it happens. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.
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I've had my ups and downs with this author's work, and lately it's been more of a down than an up, but I was very pleasantly surprised by this novel!

I liked the romance between Sadie and Gear. It was definitely different, and had a good deal of humor in it. I enjoyed the secondary characters as well, and wished we could see more of them. There were even a few cameos by characters from her other series, which tied it into her larger "universe". I especially appreciated the Halloween themed setting! However, my chief complaint with this book was that it was too short! Things felt a little rushed because of that, and I really feel that it detracted from the story overall.

I would definitely purchase this and recommend it to others!
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This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader’s copy of this book. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
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Thanks to Netgalley for providing a review copy of this book! This was so entertaining and fun! Sadie and Gear are my kind of characters - antisocial. That made them so easy for me to relate to. They were blunt and I found myself laughing at the things they would say. They may come off mean but to me, it was thoroughly enjoyable. This is my second Marie Hart book and it won't be my last!
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ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN is a standalone romance but has many favorite characters from Marie Harte's "Donnigans" series. Harrison "Gear" Blackstone -- tv personality and all-around rugged hottie -- has been betrayed by his best friend and his woman at the opening of ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN. When Sadie Liberato wallops his cheating fiancé, she becomes his hero and goddess. People tend to give Sadie a wide berth because of her blunt speech and intimidating Amazon-like stature. The fact that Gear seems to appreciate, and be attracted to her because of, those qualities make him attractive to Sadie.

Gear is a guy who enjoys the simple pleasures in life and working on bikes. When he got a TV show working on bikes with his buddy, it started out as something fun but soon soured when drama and egos took over. Sahara, Gear's ex, is all about the superficial, consumed with the need for fame and fortune, and has little regard for others. Sadie is the antithesis of Sahara, which is perhaps why Gear finds her so refreshing. Sadie is comfortable in her own skin, and family and friends are everything to her. It's ironic that Sadie and Gear first meet while they are wearing costumes that conceal who they really are when they wind up fully revealing themselves to each other over the course of ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN.

As with other Marie Harte books, there's a fun and zippy quality to the dialogue in ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN that makes this story irresistible. This is a story that will make you laugh as well as cause your pulse to race. The chemistry between Gear and Sadie works and having personalities that mesh makes their erotic encounters that much hotter. I like when the hero and heroine have a lot in common and don't clash constantly. The small obstacles to their happiness together have more to do with getting a few things straight in their minds, rather than the machinations of his loopy and shallow ex or the celebrity-hungry press.

ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN is full of tricks, treats, and true love. This is another story in which Marie Harte focuses on family, and has them pull together to help a couple work things out. Sadie's brother Elliot is a dish and a charmer, and I hope he gets a love story of his own. I eagerly await Marie Harte's next book.
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Loved this book!  Sadie and Gear meet at a Halloween party and instantly click.  Gear is coming off of a bad break up, and Sadie is too into making her business work to spend time on a relationship, so they agree to keep it light with some fun in the bedroom.  But good intentions and all that.  Before long, they're wrapped up in each other's friends and families--(The Donnigan's)--and have found that they have true feeling for each other.  This book was a great, fun, quick read.  It wasn't bogged down with angst and drama, just lots of sexy fun times.  I would definitley recommend this to everyone!
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Marie Harte celebrates the spooky season with All I Want for Halloween. At thirty-two, baker Sadie Liberato is done with the party and dating scene. She’s more than content to spend her evenings hanging out in sweatpants and watching Netflix. Unfortunately, her brother insists she attend a Halloween party and promote their fledgling catering business. Grumbling, Sadie dons a warrior princess costume and shows up. She hopes to make use of the evening to hook up with a masked stranger.

Soon-to-be ex-reality TV star Gear Blackstone is equally reluctant to attend the party but is contractually obligated to do so. The two meet and commiserate over drinks—and end up having a fast, steamy encounter in a dark corner. When Gear’s cheating ex-fiancée confronts Sadie afterward, their conversation quickly deteriorates and Sadie punches the other woman. Gear is amused and determined to pursue the intriguing woman. When he barges into her quiet life and refuses to leave, Sadie is stunned. She can’t deny the attraction, though, and agrees to keep seeing Gear. Sadie keeps insisting to her friends that seeing Gear isn’t a serious thing. Gear keeps telling his family that hooking up with Sadie is just casual. Sadie’s busy coping with a booming bakery business, courtesy of her notoriety after punching Gear’s ex-fiancée, and Gear is facing life-changing business decisions. Will they ever take time to talk about the “l” word and what it means for their future together?

This book is so much fun it ought to be illegal. The snarky, sassy and sexy pair are complemented by a story with lots of heart and enough plot twists to keep the reader engaged. Read with a fan and glass of ice water near at hand.
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All I Want for Halloween is a quick fast read that is more about finding yourself and love rather than the day itself. 

Sadie Liberato, a career gym rat is forced by her brother to attend a Halloween party where she has to interact with people when she'd rather sit at home all night on the couch and watch tv. But she happens to run into Gear Blackstone, the reality tv star of Motorcycle Madnezz. One thing leads to another and they find themselves in a compromising position. 

The attraction between Sadie and Gear is instant and even though the timeframe for their relationship is slim, the author does not make it cheesy. They have some hot and heavy sex scenes which makes it all the better.

This is a fun and quirky novel. The banter between the characters will have you laughing out loud and wondering if these people exist in real life. 

This is my first book by Marie Harte, but I do plan to read more of her works in the future. Hopefully some of the supporting characters in this book will star in their own. 

This novel was received as an Advanced Reader Copy from Net Galley
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When Sadie Liberato is cajoled by her brother to attend a costume party a month before Halloween, she had no idea she'd fall for a handsome devil in a mask. Or that she'd have one hellishly fine encounter in the dark. But when her masked devil turns out to be Gear Blackstone, fallen TV reality star of the super popular show, Motorcycle Madnezz, she wonders if this is a match made in heaven or hell...


The thing I loved most about this book was the witty dialogue, not just between Sadie and Gear, but everyone in the book.  I loved that these two spoke their minds, except when actually confessing their feelings, that was like pulling teeth for these two.  But the dialogue and the stepping around their feelings was half the fun of the book.  It really had me laughing all the way through.  The book is extremely sexy too.  Sadie and Gear had chemistry from the moment they met, even when in Halloween get-ups.  And if I did not already love Sadie from the first page, I loved her more once she knocked out was awesome.

The Halloween lover and geeky girl in me loved that it was set around Halloween.  Plus, Gear's parents owning a renaissance faire was a great addition.  Another thing I think the Author did was combining a wide range of characters into this story.  You have Gear's parents who are a hippy and a MC member, a brother who a professor, then Sadie's dad, is he or isn't he with the  I liked the variety.

If you are looking for a sexy, fun Halloween read, I would recommend this  book.

*I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
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I absolutely adored Sadie and Gear, they are unique personalities and their total honesty set the pace of this book. I do believe though that All I Want For Halloween won’t be for every reader. Now, I happen to love Marie Harte’s work and would never hesitate to pick up a book by her. Yet Sadie and Gear are completely in your face, tell it like it is if you don’t like it tough, a bit of a mean streak, definitely snarky, sassy and hot. They are real life-like in many harder ways. This is not your swooning, anything you say is fine babe type of couple. And I loved them even more for their reality punch.

Neither Sadie nor Gear have a filter between their thoughts and their mouth. If they think it, they say it. I have a friend like them, if you don’t want her honest opinion… don’t ask because she’ll tell you far more than you ever wanted to hear. So, I’m comfortable with these characters for I “get” them.

One Halloween party to cut loose, let whatever happens just happen and forget about the troubles of the rest of the world for a few short hours. What Gear and Sadie discovered was a hotter than hell relationship that fit them perfectly. Sure, there are some bumps along the way, but at their core they understand each other as no one else seems to. They’ll work out just fine, once they get over themselves.

I’d recommend All I Want For Halloween to any Romance reader. Allow yourself to understand two hard, in your face people and watch how everyone has someone that is simply perfect for them. Full of hotness, humor, secondary characters that I want more of and a truly real life couple.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.
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4.5 Stars

Sadie Liberato runs a business with her siblings. After being talked into attending a costume party that they are catering, she decides to make the most out of the night... and find a nice anonymous guy to hook up with...

Harrison 'Gear' Blackstone's life has imploded... in front of national TV. After discovering his fiancee and his best friend in bed together, he is beyond ready to leave the reality show they are all a part of. With one last appearance scheduled, he can't wait for it all to be over and for him to be able to move on...

When these two people who have every reason to be relationship weary experience some earth shattering (not so anonymous) sex... how could either of them stay away...

I loved this book! Sadie and Gear are not your typical couple. They are both gruff, dislike people and would love to avoid a relationship. Sadie cracked me up with her tough woman attitude, and Gear with all his macho feelings. 

With the exception of the exes, I really enjoyed all of the characters! I love how this author ties her books together, so if you have read any of the authors previous work, you almost always get a glimpse of a past favorite. 

Fun, sexy, entertaining and a definite must read!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.
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A highly entertaining, sexy, humorous romance that will definitely get you in the Halloween spirit! All I Want for Halloween by bestselling author Marie Harte is a fun, hilarious, emotional roller-coaster of a story. The main characters are raw, unfiltered, unapologetic, and absolutely fantastic! This story will have you laughing out loud at the quirky and witty banter, cheering and sometimes cringing at the in your face attitudes (but still laughing all the same), watch as these two who aren't looking for a relationship steam up the pages with their sizzling chemistry, and fall hard and fast anyway. 

Harrison "Gear" Blackstone was a reality TV star until his fiance and best friend both betrayed him in the worst ways possible. Forced by his contract to attend a Halloween party where he endures more drama and trouble from his now former fiance and bf, he decides to hide out until he can leave, but he finds her instead, realizing that the party may not be as bad as he thought. 

Sadie Liberato is a co-owner of the Sofa cafe with her brother and sister, which is also catering the Halloween party that her brother insisted that she attend, which is the last thing she wants to do. While trying to hide away from her brother and the rest of the party, a sexy Devil finds her, which turns into a scorching hot encounter. Why not? They're never going to see each other again, right?!? 

With lots of drama, sweet, quirky, and extremely blunt characters, angst, humor, and very steamy encounters, this is a fantastic story you won't want to miss! 

I strongly recommend this book and outstanding author. 

I have voluntarily reviewed this arc provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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3.5 Satan vs. Zena Stars

I didn’t expect your sister, and I for sure didn’t want to fall in love. But somehow, her big mouth and big feet ran me over without me realizing it.”

When I first started this journey called smutty romance reading via kindle, Marie Harte was a go to author for me. I enjoyed the mostly northwest U.S. settings, the likeable characters and the reliably hot sexy stuff. 

All I Want For Halloween continues that tradition but with the added bonus of two characters who ALWAYS speak the truth.

“So, ah, I just wanted to return your sword and let you know how much I loved that punch.”
“Not half as much as I loved giving it.” Sadie gave him her mean smile. 
“Oh yeah. That’s sexy.” She blinked in confusion.
“That inner bitch of yours. Hot. As. Fuck.” 

These two had absolutely no filter when it came to laying out exactly how they felt and despite the abrasiveness of it, I loved it.

It's funny. It's sexy. It's Halloweeney. Nothing wrong with any of that.

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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A good read by a good author. Will  read more by this author.
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LISA:This was a weird read for me, and it felt quite a bit weaker than the last Harte I consumed.  Her writing kept me interested, but her choices a lot of the time kept me from enjoying it.  What did you think, Sara?

SARA: I’ve never read this author so I had nothing to compare with.  Overall I’d say that I liked the book.  I’m so used to reading books with aloof characters it was a pleasant change to spend time with grounded, normal people like Sadie and Gear.  The humor and relatability of the characters kept me reading despite the thin storyline and some questionable actions by the main couple.

LISA: I had mixed feelings about Sadie; she had backbone and spunk, and her narrative voice was really funny, but her crassness sometimes grated on me.  She is very much a  ‘not like the other girls’ kind of girl and Sahara is held up as the epitome of the ‘other girl’ (overtly sexualized and thus, in the author’s mind, overtly evil/catty). Harte at least does a good job noting Sadie’s hotheadedness and how she might learn to hold her temper to improve herself.  Did you like her better?

SARA: I also have mixed feeling about Sadie.  Initially I enjoyed her direct approach and lack of filter with her family or with Gear.  Over time though, the plain spokenness got old and around the midpoint of the book I noticed that she really hadn’t grown much or changed from how she was introduced.  Most books take the main characters on some kind of a journey so that they learn from mistakes, become better people and find love along the way.  Here, Sadie says in virtually the first chapter that she’s happy with who she is and doesn’t bother to find ways to improve herself.  I guess that’s intended to hammer home the point that she and Gear fall in love for just being themselves without any pretense.

LISA: I noticed this; the narrative very much supports Sadie’s point of view, even when she’s dousing journalists with icewater and brawling with Gear’s ex in public; she’s always in the right. I liked Gear a lot more; he was instantly winning, and felt like much more of a rational adult to me.   How about you?

SARA: Gear makes this story.  Where Sadie remains the same from beginning to end, Gear changes and has enough presence of mind to see where he’s gone wrong with his attitudes or in his approach to his fame.  He’s the first to realize that he and Sadie together are something special and he’s the one willing to work at the relationship. The violence kind-of goes hand in hand with his characterization as the big, bad biker type. Considering that both times he’s in a fight he is provoked, I gave Gear more leeway in dealing with it through force rather than words.

LISA: What did you think of their romance?  I thought the chemistry between them was fine, and personality-wise they made sense together. Then again they seemed to have two ways of forming a bond – ‘acting misanthropically together’ and ‘having lots of sex.’  Their mutual denial of feelings is understandable but really irritating, especially past the halfway point, especially when they are having deliberately unsafe sex and talking about wanting kids while being still uncomfortable with commitment.  (Also the book’s blurb makes a huge deal about them searching for each other after their first encounter but they find each other within pages – pretty sneaky!)

SARA: The chemistry was there and I liked how well suited they were from their first meeting but together they seemed less like thirty-something adults and more like teenagers in heat.  Their casual attitude about unprotected sex and Sadie’s mental math on her fertility were all indications that the maturity level of both characters is questionable.  Sadie’s insecurities about her looks as compared to Gear’s ex-fiancée’s linger for too long and poison her every time he says he likes her appearance and personality.  It’s only towards the end of the book when Gear has to make serious choices about his future where I believed in their relationship as adults.  Sadie – in her frank manner –  shows Gear that he’s loved and supported in whatever decision he makes.

LISA: I think you hit the nail on the head; their unified emotional development happens so late in the plot that it’s hard to root for them.  Speaking of said plot, I almost felt like the author’s choices re. Brian and Sahara were far too shallow.  I wish Harte had given them a bit more depth instead of making them so simplistic, especially Sahara; every time I saw her described as a ‘skank’, I winced because that was all there was to her entire (highly slut-shamed) existence in the novel, and I absolutely couldn’t understand why Gear would’ve fallen in love with her in the first place, in spite of his protestations!

SARA:  Unfortunately all of the secondary characters are rather shallow but Brian and Sahara as foils to Gear and Sadie are terrible.  I guess it’s difficult to have villains with too much personality when the main couple themselves are a little one-dimensional.  The pot-shots taken at Sahara may have been deserved but they were overly cruel so as to show Sadie in a better light.  A better way to present both women (without the slut-shaming) would have been possible if the focus had been on how they see Gear’s fame.  Sahara used it as a tool with no care for the man whereas Sadie only wanted the man and hated the exposure.

LISA: What about the other supporting characters?  I thought Elliot was a little too overinvolved in Sadie’s life (what is wrong with being thirty-three and single?!), and I feel like a lot of the characters were colorful for the sake of being colorful without their occupations impacting on their existence (Was there any point in Elliot being a model?).  If you’re going to have your background characters run a combo Renaissance Faire/metal festival, make it about more than costume creation!

SARA:  Elliot was cute, if a little OTT.  I figured we were getting a better outline for his character because he’s sequel bait.  Considering Sadie has no real friends to talk to other than her siblings it was necessary for Elliot to be hyper-involved in her life to push Sadie when necessary and give the plain-speaker some tough love.  Gear’s parents were adorable but both seemed plucked straight out of central casting.  I wasn’t quite sure if we were supposed to like them for their quirks or sympathize with Gear for having to deal with two eccentric role models growing up.

LISA: That’s another problem with the Sahara/Sadie mess – there aren’t any other friends or kind central female figures in the story outside of Gear’s mom, and that really impacts the narrative.  Harte’s writing reminded me of Jackie Collins this time out; it was solid and snappy and gossipy. How did you feel about it?

SARA:  Ha!  Marie Harte has a good contemporary voice.  While I didn’t like everything about Sadie I could see myself saying a few of the things she does with my own friends and family.  The story is tuned into today’s values, where going viral or acting out on camera are the benchmarks for fame and glory.

LISA: What’s your ultimate score?  I’d give this one a D+; good chemistry between the two leads, but the characters were a bit one-note and the work done on them showed little development (and frankly both Sadie and Gear were uncharming, I’m still boggling about them whining about Gear’s mom hating the word “gypsy” and bragging about their non-political correctness as if it were an attractive feature), and the conflict between heroine and hero was very on the surface and never lasted.  You?

SARA:  Perhaps I’m more forgiving as this was my first Marie Harte book. I’d grade it a solid C.  If there had been more development of Sadie’s character and more thoughts behind her relationship with Gear other than how awesome the other person was in bed this could have been a recommended read.  Will Gear and Sadie go down as one of my favorite romantic couples?  No, but there were a few funny moments and I liked members of their extended families enough to give the series a second chance.
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Not going to lie to you one bit. I only requested this book because it was a Halloween theme. Who knew I would end up loving this book and finding a new author to fan girl over! Gear and Sadie have both been burned when it comes to love and decide to let loose at an Halloween party for one night only. As fate would have it they are reunited and they can’t deny there is more to them just the one night. At first I thought this was going to be one of those insta love stories that I don’t really care for in a long term book. I’m happy to report it was the complete opposite. Granted the couple did develop feelings right away they both struggled with their feelings and didn’t want to rush into anything. I loved the push and pull. The back and forth between the couple.  Plus, I LOVED the secondary characters aka the meddling family members. Man, I felt like I was part of the family and loved the dynamics between them all. This was the first time I’ve read anything by this author and I was pleasantly surprised with how invested I was in this story. The writing was good, we had several laugh out loud moments in this book. The story flowed plus it was Halloween themed!!! I was left with a huge smile after I finished and I can’t wait to catch up with the gang!
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Loved the book!Sadie and Gear had off the charts chemistry and that made it a very sexy fun book.I loved their banter and the way they were both so devoted to their families.I enjoyed the Donnigan family series and I love the off shoots of the series.Its fun to see characters from the other books make appearances.I am definitely looking foward to the next book by Marie Harte!
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What a fun, fun book! I loved Sadie and Gear and all their abrasive ways. They are both “take me as I am” characters and I can’t imagine either one of them with anyone else. Marie Harte did an amazing job developing this couple and all their quirkiness. Sadie and Gear are not what you’d call people persons. They are harsh and in your face and I never thought I’d love such personalities as I did them.

I thought Gear might be a hard sell when it came to love but as his relationship with Sadie deepened, he accepted it for what it was. And to top it off, he was protective of her in his own way because Sadie is not the type of heroine who needs or would ever accept protection. 

This was a fast paced read with so many entertaining secondary characters that highlighted this couple’s families. (I’m hoping Iris and Smoke get their own story.) The sex is sizzling, the humor spot on, and the drama always handled well by both Sadie and Gear.

An absolute must read if you can handle characters that don’t know the definition of nice and sweet.

This is an honest review of an advanced copy provided by NetGalley.

Dual POV
OW drama but the hero never bats an eye her way and the heroine knows just how to deal with her
No apparent triggers
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