Anxious for Nothing

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 13 Sep 2017

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I’ve always found that books by Max Lucado are soothing and inspiring. In his latest, he takes the reader through the Bible and shows them that God really does have everything under control. I think sometimes while we know that—we don’t really “know”  that. At least it’s true for me. I always feel that I have to jump in and fix everything. At times, I’ve been known to wake up in the middle of the night feeling  so much anxiety over something, that I can’t go back to sleep.

I can honestly say that I felt so much of this message was meant specifically for me, and I am glad that Max pointed out that I can give all my cares to God, and stop  worrying. I think that idea finally starting to sink in! This is not a long book; it has 240 pages.  Each chapter covers something a bit different, and each one offers help that I’m sure we all can benefit from. This is a book that would end up being highlighted from one end of the other, and the pages  dog-eared from turning down the corners if I had the hardcover version.  

I highly recommend this for everyone.
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A powerful, uplifting reminder of the Heavenly grace available to all of us and the victory over circumstances we can all enjoy.
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I would simply say about this book, to drink from the riches of the fountain is the only thing that can make you anxious for nothing and Max Lucado is the guy who gives you the opportunity to drink.  What great insight and love Max writes with just simply to get us to Jesus and more out of this world of chaos.  I just love thinking about what a simple prayer can do for our souls when our eyes are on the perfecter of our faith.  I am going to encourage both my 14 year old and my 12 year old to read this book as they prepare themselves for the challenging years of teenage world and drama.  There is nothing they need to be anxious about especially if they understand that they are loved by the King of the Universe.  Oh, to get that deep into the hearts of our kiddos, but even to the hearts of our adults who struggle with worry, stress, and the burdens of this world.  Great resource to help with that.  Let's give out some water.
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Max Lucado has once again written a reassuring, hope-filled book that reminds us of God's enduring, unconditional love. Highly recommended, especially for these troubled times.
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Anxiety is defined as worry, nervousness or unease about an impending event or uncertain outcome. If anxiety is left unchecked, it can lead to disease. Max Lucado shares stories and wisdom based out of Philippians 4:6-7. We don’t have to worry and feel defeated about the uncertainties of life, we are to lift our requests to God and live in His peace. We shouldn’t dwell on yesterday, or worry for the future. Live today. 
This book came to my attention at a crucial time in my life. Several changes have been happening which made me feel anxious and confused. What do I do? How do I deal with my new life? I was at my wits end and distraught every day. When I started reading this book, something changed. Things that other people had told me finally clicked. I couldn’t wrap myself in worry because that was just going to get me sick. I had to take my requests to God and live in the present. I think this book can help many people with the anxieties of life. It has helped me. Thank you, Mr. Lucado!
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This is a brief and simple read and, usefully, the text is followed by a full listing of all the Scriptures quoted within the book. Max Lucado gives examples of the kinds of things people worry about and why. He gives concrete examples of situations and times when he himself has known anxiety, fear, and guilt. This is helpful, as is his statement that anxiety means we are human; 'it does not mean that you are not a Christian'.

Concentrating on Phil. 4:4-8 but drawing on many verses in the Old and New Testament, Lucado equips the reader with God's promises and scriptural advice, reminding readers of the importance of rejoicing and thankfulness, of casting our anxieties on Jesus, of the importance of prayer and being specific in our prayer requests, and of abiding in Jesus. As someone who keeps trying to 'earn' salvation (I know!), I found encouragement in the section about the fruit of the Spirit which can be summarised as 'But how do you bear this fruit? Try harder? No, hang tighter'.

As I think *all* Christian books and discussions boil down to, the message here is to focus on Jesus.

I found this book comforting and interesting, I don't think it will get me back behind the wheel of a car (in this case, Max, the fear isn't of not having control but of having to take control) but I hope to use it to combat anxiety in a changing workplace environment.

Finally, if I were to buy this book, I know that I would much prefer to have a paper copy over an eBook - concepts are built up over pages and chapters so it is the kind of book where I want to flick back constantly.
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