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This story was cute. I liked the way that drug abuse was addressed and the serious tone that it gave to the book. The characters were solid and I truly wanted to love this book and have a quick and easy romance read.
The reason I had to give three stars is that the writing wasn't believable to me. These are 18 & 22 year olds who speak like they are 60 years old. Even if they are highly educated, (which they weren't) I have never met a 22 year old that uses the term "rear" or "mustn't." I appreciated the lack of gratuitous cursing, but opting not to curse and sounding like you are stuck in the 50's are two different things.
Yes, I do understand that plenty of times Colton was joking by overdoing the language. Which was funny! It was hard to see the joke when even the stream of consciousness sounded like a 60 yr old.
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This was a good read. Great plot, great characters, well written. 
Moira is Colt's manager and after failing rehab she hauls him to her cousins very isolated farm to sober up. He's a train wreck. Haven runs the farm and takes care of her mentally unstable mother.
She's got a brother who is no where around. She runs the farm (huge acreage) and expects Colt to help too. Guests, which he really isn't and he's sleeping in the bunkhouse with an outdoor shower, something this spoiled pampered Hollywood bad boy isn't accustomed to. Haven is pretty closed off.
Moira keeps tabs on both of them and Colt soon finds himself enjoying the farm and Haven. 
He decides to give Haven a birthday present for her 18th birthday, with Moira's help he pays down some of the outstanding heavy duty bills she owes. She's both angry and grateful. Colt is still a spoiled boy and there are times when I wanted to knock him in the head. He's 22. Their ages surprised me a little but didn't effect the story. Colt steps in the manure more than once and does a great job at it. 
When her brother who is a total jack hat returns home, drinking and running his mouth things really spiral out of control, just when their relationship seems to have reached a safe place for both of them
Never get comfy in this one, things come crashing down around Haven and with Colt gone she makes a beeline back to help her. Colt follows although he's been warned off. He feels like he needs to be there for her. 
This was a soft peddle romance with very light sex only a couple of non dramatic scenes so I would deem this book safe. It's a good story and an easy afternoon read. I would have liked a little more spark between them, but consistent with their characters I get why they were soft peddled.

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This book was in deed amazing I don’t want to give it away because it is just that good and I don’t want to spoil it . I read this in one day that’s how much it impact me. The stories was definitely relatable to anyone in real life and you can definitely imagine the world building in your head while read. I really fell for both of these characters in the story but Havens was just heart drenching.  I was so happy that I read this book I really needed because I am going through something and knowing that there is positive thing coming our way is always a good sign. This is definitely a reread for me in the future and I can’t wait to get my own copy.
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A very easy read, doesn't challenge the reader to much which allows the reader to be absorbed into the world quickly and easily. In 'The Actor', there a quite a few different issues that the characters both have to overcome, some of these issues in other books have been tackled separately, but in this book the author tackles them together, which shows that not every romance novel starts off with rainbows and lollipops and finishes with fireworks, it shows that a book can start off in a dark place for both characters but still make it to the sunny side. I believe that is what makes this book different.
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The Actor is a sweet romance, a little saccharine for my tastes, but enjoyable nonetheless. It's not escpecially unique, not especially special, but it is cute, innoffensive and a pleasant bit of escapism. Other reviewers have expressed surprise at how young the characters are, and I have to agree with them on that - I can see why it was written that way, but I'm not sure it worked in all ways. All in all, a nice enough holiday read for when you don't want to have to think or feel too much.
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I don't usually read romance novels with actors as the hero or heroine and unfortunately The Actor by Savannah Addison didn't do much to change my mind on that.  I found myself unable to connect with the characters, Colton and Haven, during the story.  Part of that may have been because they were so young, but I think a bigger part of it was that I found Colton to be a little too much of a cliché.  The "bad boy actor" reminded me too much of tabloid stories of Justin Beiber And Haven seemed pretty young to be running such a huge farm all by herself, while taking care of her mother and brother.  These things combined made this story a little too unbelievable for me to really connect with.
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The Actor, Savannah Addison

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, New Adult

Usually I read review novels more or less in the order I get them, but this one had one of my hooks, actors/Hollywood so it got an early read....sadly though it was an OK read, it wasn't one of the best for me. 

I know this is a NA read, but didn't realise they key characters would be Quite that Young! I found given the ages of Colton and Haven (22 and 17) it was hard for me to believe in them. I just couldn't see a 17 yr old running a farm worth millions of dollars alone. There's mention of contractors in for the harvest but the rest, the chickens, horses and cattle, she does alone. Nope, animals need a lot of care and the amount they must have to make up this value would need a dedicated team of workers. 
Then there's Colton, failed at rehab, multiple times, yet doesn't get any health issues giving up? Would you really throw someone like that to your young cousin who's already got far more to cope with that she needs? 
Later we get all the issues with the farm, her mother and brother and like the problems I have believing in Colton and Haven and what they can/can't do these problems also lacked credibility. Things just don't happen like that in the real world. 

I think this is Savanaah's debut novel, and its clear she's got a way with words, can create fictional settings well, but for me it needs a bit more fine tuning, a little closer look at what can really happen as opposed to what she wants to happen to move the story along. 
The story is potentially good, the psynopsis certainly drew me in, the writing is good but the plots just lacked badly, very badly in the believability factor for me. 
That meant I found it really hard to get behind the issues thrown up, to see the characters as real, to sympathise when things went wrong. 
There's the stuff I've covered, but also things like legalities of what happens between her mother and brother, what could happen to the far, etc. I feel the practicalities and legalities don't work for someone like me who needs them to feel genuine, to give a story I feel is real. I know its fiction but its not fantasy.....
Having given us a day to day start of the book the last few pages covered a time span and events that last months. That kind of glossed over me as unreal and felt a bit jarring, as though the author wanted to wrap the story up quickly, without going into too much detail. 

I did like the start and there were some snappy lines that were fun, and I'm sure others who don't need to believe in characters and feel plots could be real will love this. For me it was just over Didn't Like, just under Good. 

Stars: 2.5, a good idea but lacking reality for me.

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