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Free On Kindle Right Now, But I Don’t Know For How Long – Book Seven Of Nine In The Dewey Andreas Series, The TRAP THE DEVIL by Ben Coes (2017).  

‘A group of some of the most powerful people in the government, the military, and the private sector, has begun a brutal plan to quietly take over the reins of the U.S. government. They’ve begun to remove the people who stand in their way—and replace them with their own sympathizers and puppets. They’ve already taken out the Speaker of the House. . .’

Who’s Next?

You have to read the book and find out. ;)

TRAP THE DEVIL, the first book that I have read in the series is a fast-paced narrative that shocked me from page one and even more so as the story progresses. 

I love reading books from a series, be it a journey that begins with Book One or, in this case, Book Seven—an easy-to-follow standalone that entices you to read and learn more about Dewey Andreas, the main character, and the various foes that cross his path. 

Highly Recommend!

Thank you, NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press, for providing me with an eBook of TRAP THE DEVIL at the request of an honest review.
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Trap the Devil, by Ben Coes, is a fast paced, multilayered government thriller. This isn't my normal type of read but the story was easy to get into and I found the characters & their backstories well developed & interesting. 
The main character is Dewey Andreas, a former member of the US Special Forces. And he just might be the only person who stands between powerful villains, who're planning a treacherous takeover of the United States, and their destructive plans. 
Some of the most powerful leaders in the US government, the military, as well as select citizens, have started to carry out their barbaric scheme of secretly taking over the U.S. government. They’ve already started replacing the people who they feel are in the way. The Speaker of the House was one of their first victims and now they're going after the president and vice president. Next comes war.
Dewey Andreas is in Paris after being sent by the CIA Director. Since the Secretary of State is already there, Dewey's there to provide some extra security. Unfortunately, everything goes very wrong.
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St. Martin's Press sent me a package of some older Dewey Andreas book when I asked after I got the "The Island". The series gets worse at it lengthens. This one is in the same vein as #6, "First Strike" – government scheme gone wrong – but it is even wackier and outrageous. This time it is government officials assassinating other government officials in a plot to take control. Dewey is supposed to be taking it easy while recovering from the last book and goes to Paris as part of the security team for the Secretary of State. The Secretary is murdered. Dewey is framed and somehow or other this is a Muslim plot. It seems that in the world that Ben Coes and his readers inhabit, Muslims are always the bad guys and they smell bad too. I am pretty tired of it. And what are the FBI doing in Toronto?
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People are trying to kill the President and the Vice President.  The Secretary of the State has been killed.  Everyone assumes that Dewey Andreas killed him.  But did he?  As I was reading this, I became very frustrated and angry that Dewey was in trouble, and wished that I could have been there to help him find the people who were trying to plan a coup,  
It leads us on an intelligence investigation that spans three countries and has us cheering the good guys along the way.  
This book was very action packed.  It left me not wanting to put the book down, until I knew the bad guys were identified and caught or dead.  I wanted to also keep reading to find out who was a part of this coup and see that justice was served.
If you like political thrillers of any kind I would definitely recommend Trap the Devil.
This is my very honest opinion.
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Another great read by Ben Coes. Interesting that though I knew NY was an island, I never realized how easy it would be to cut it off from the country. This is what sets the stage for this thrill. Dewey is there to save the day.
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After a slow start this book by one of my favorite author's, Ben Coe, this story quickly became a page-turner. Dewey Andreas is a strong protagonist and I'm looking forward to the next installment in this series.
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Trap the Devils is another high speed suspense adventure with Dewey Andreas from Ben Coes. This time Dewey has a simple task of protecting the Secratary of state in France while recuperating from wounds he got in First Strike. While there things go sideways when the Secratary is murdered with Deweys gun and he has to run. While trying to proove his innocence he finds out that the Speaker of the house also died supposedly in a drowning accident. Soon Dewey is on the tracks of an old CIA group called Order Six that is planning to make some changes in US government. This is another great book by Ben Coes and I must thank @netgalley and @stmartinspress for making it available to me.
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Dewey Andreas is back and better than ever in Trap the Devil. Non stop action and this is a thrill
ride from start to finish. Fans of Mitch Rapp and Scot Harvard will enjoy this book! If you haven’t started reading Ben Coes I would recommend starting at the beginning with Power Down. Read these books in order as the build off each other!
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Our hero, Dewey Andreas, is once again the right man for a tight spot.  TRAP THE DEVIL is another installment in the series with Andreas and it’s a good, scary thriller.  For two decades, a small group of fanatics have been planning for revenge.  The problem?  They are hiding in plain sight in our own government.  They seek revenge for 9/11 and personal losses associated with Islamic extremism.  Will their plot be discovered in time? This is a good stand alone but the characters are worth getting to know in the series.  It’s a fast, twisty tale and fun to read. I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalley.
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With Dewey in the story, you know there will be plenty of action.After a slow (for Dewey) start, the action ramps up and never stops.
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Another great edition to the Dewey Andreas series. There is a secret organization in the state department that is out to reshape the US government.  This was a neat different angle to take rather than the typical isis/terrorist plot.     Dewey is sent on an easy security detail, but it turns into much much more. (Don't want to give too much away here). The pace of the story was excellent and kept you engaged as a reader.  There was a lot of action throughout. There was an important reveal about an event in Dewey's past that was very interesting. Only negative is similar to other Coes novels, I felt Dewey could have been more involved earlier. Over all a very good read.
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This is one of those books that I highly recommend you both read and listen to via audiobook. I definitely think this might be the best book in the Dewey Andreas series. Right from the beginning this book takes off full speed and the action and suspense do not stop until the end. It's sad that the antagonist's daughter is killed by a suicide bomber in the beginning and then he wants to set things right by wiping out the Muslim people. His strategy is so convoluted it includes killing the president and VP of the United States. I loved every moment in this book. Classic Ben Coes plot and endless action mixed with strong character development makes this a great espionage novel. I have read the entire Dewey Andreas series before but find this second reading of "Trap the Devil" much more better. Richer, more vivid details provoked my imagination this time and made me feel like I was experiencing everything myself. This book has my highest recommendation and I celebrate Author Ben Coes as being one of my favorite action thriller authors.
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Ben Coes and Dewey Andreas are a welcome addition to the thriller genre. They are hands down two of the brightest and best that we have seen in years. I have to admit, I was skeptical when I first picked up Power Down years ago. But, I was hooked! I have recommended Ben Coes to many, many people and they have all loved him and Dewey. Trap the Devil is just another great example of a writer coming into his powers. It is unputdownable!
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(I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)

Only one man stands between a powerful cabal planning an invisible coup of the U.S. government and their brutal goals—Dewey Andreas.
A group of some of the most powerful people in the government, the military, and the private sector, has begun a brutal plan to quietly take over the reins of the U.S. government. They’ve begun to remove the people who stand in their way—and replace them with their own sympathizers and puppets. They’ve already taken out the Speaker of the House—whose death was made to look like an accidental drowning—and the president and vice president are next. Once they have their own people in place, they plan to start a bloody, brutal war on an unimaginable scale. 
On restricted duty while he recovers from injuries incurred on a previous mission, Dewey Andreas is sent to Paris by CIA Director Hector Calibrisi. The Secretary of State is going there for secret talks, and Dewey is to be an extra layer of security above the State Department team. But what should be an easy mission couldn’t go more wrong. The cabal has sent in a hit man to take out the Secretary of State and lay the blame for this murder at the feet of Dewey himself. 
With the Secretary of State dead, shot by Dewey’s weapon, Dewey is on the run and out in the cold, desperately trying to unravel the plot before the conspirators succeed in killing millions of innocents.

This is the 7th book in the Dewey Andreas series. I haven't read any of the previous instalments but that will be changing soon enough.

Multiple, complex plots are a bit of a favourite of mine. Throw in some politics, current events and a "hero" that brings all of it together and you have a winning formula. At times, I felt like I was reading a Jason Bourne novel - the action sequences are quite breathtaking - at other times, I thought the political intrigue was straight from the Tom Clancy "Novels 101" handbook...

...but Ben Coes does it better than both. 

And part of the beauty of this book, and what makes Dewey such an impactful character, is that the entire novel doesn't revolve around Dewey. He comes into the story when necessary, allowing more scope for the author to expand on the goings-on around the world. This feels more realistic to me than being stuck in the head of the hero the whole time. Things happen around him. He gets injured a few times. He isn't perfect...but he is such a great character that I need to read more - and is there any higher praise than that?

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I loved this  book  .I loved that the hero of this book is actually  human compared to other fictional  spies .There  was   some continuation of the  previous  novels of this series. You can  read this book without  reading the other books.  I can't wait for the next one because  it will be interesting to see what will happened next
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First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Ben Coes, and St. Martin's Press for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

Ben Coes brings Dewey Andreas back for yet another explosive thriller that will have series fans sitting on the edge of their seats. During an FBI operation in Toronto, a group is seen entering a local mosque and killing everyone inside; their intent, to rid the world of Muslims under any circumstances. This foreshadows a larger and much more ominous plan that could soon play out within America. Meanwhile, Dewey Andreas is still trying to come to terms with everything that happened on his last mission, forced to synthesize his thoughts and actions with a psychotherapist. While the recommendation is that Andreas take some time off behind a desk, he negotiates a calmer mission, sent to France to protect the Secretary of State during a tension-filled secret meeting. The Secretary is visited by a woman who delivers an explosive terror plot, though Andreas cannot make it back before someone is sent to assassinate the Secretary. By the time he returns, Andreas learns his gun was used in the killings and he is detained. While being interrogated, Andreas must do all he can to get out and catch the killer, suspecting that elusive woman he saw in the vicinity. After organizing an escape, Andreas begins his hunt for the truth, but INTERPOL's release of his prison escape alerts the world to his status and presents his key enemies with a chance to locate him and end his life once and for all. With key the deaths of key political figures imminent, Andreas must work within the CIA and use his own intuition to find those who plan to overthrow the country's stability. Andreas has enemies coming from all sides, leaving him to fight both those known and unknown to nullify the plot before it is too late. A wonderfully fast-paced thriller that will keep series fans begging for more and could easily lure new readers into starting this fabulous series.

Ben Coes has the ability to craft a strong political thriller without getting caught up in all the fodder that seems to be a common theme within the genre at present. While ISIS was once the buzz topic, a shift to explore the other side, homegrown terror cells to rid the world of Islam seems to be a new take and one that works well for Coes as he places Dewey Andreas in the centre of the firestorm. Andreas is a complex character, a tough exterior that acts to protect a man who has suffered much loss. Adding an interesting cast of characters to complement and offset Andreas, Coes has been able to keep the flow of the story strong and the plot from lagging. Speaking of plot, the story moves forward on many levels simultaneously, with Andreas in the crosshairs as he tries to foil a plan that could change the entire political landscape in one afternoon alongside the race to exterminate a woman who has all the secrets garnered from an overheard conversation. The reader races through the short chapters to find out just what awaits, unsure if Andreas might have finally met his match. Coes shows why he is the master of his genre as he crafts the perfect summer novel that will leave readers looking over the shoulder at every turn. 

Kudos, Mr. Coes for another sensational piece of work. I will surely be promoting it to anyone who might want to inject a little thrill into their reading.
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review. With this stated, my review is an honest account on how I view the writing and entertainment value of Trap The Devil.  am a huge fan of the author Ben Coes and the Dewey Andreas series of books. I believe with each book Mr. Coes is growing as an author and this series is getting better with each release. This is an outstanding addition to the series and I would highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of the genre or enjoys suspenseful action in their books. Once again, thank you to the publisher and NetGalley.
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This is the seventh book in the Dewey Andreas series, and the series just keeps getting better and better. Ben Coes is still at the top of his game, and he proves once again that he is deserving of a spot among the top international thriller and espionage writers. This novel packs all the action and expertly crafted plotlines that fans have come to expect from Coes. He takes you inside the command centers and government control rooms and gives you an inside look as the action unfolds. The action scenes are top notch and classic Coes. 

However, the shining element in this novel is the deeper character development of Dewey. Fans of Dewey Andreas have longed for a more intimate look at Dewey's life, his past, and answers to long pondered questions. What makes him tick, risking his life for his country on almost certain suicide missions? How does he cope with the PTSD that haunts him from so much death and destruction in his life?

In 1981, the director of the CIA launched a secret paramilitary unit housed inside the State Department to act as an added layer of security to the president. The man in charge of this unit quietly and methodically built a team over the next few decades with the purpose of taking over the White House and changing the world. The time has come for this shadow government to go rogue and implement their radical agenda. But they soon find themselves up against Dewey and a few of his longtime friends. Dewey himself is on the run after being framed for an incident that occurs on a light mission he is assigned to, triggering ghosts from his past to track him down. While tracking his target, Dewey must work diligently to stay ahead of the new threats that are hunting him while also avoiding the authorities that are after him. 

As the pieces and players begin to converge, the tension ratchets up and culminates into a large scale cat and mouse game that takes place on a high speed train. This thrill ride drives the book to a pulse pounding conclusion. I will eagerly anticipate the next installment in this exciting series. 

I recommend this book to fans of political and international thrillers and espionage. I received this as a free ARC from St. Martin's Press on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Trap The Devil is an engaging story. Dewey Andreas, the super hero of author Ben Coes' novels, has his work cut out for him as numerous threats need tending to. There is a lot of violence, a lot of blood, a lot of dead people. The novel qualifies as a thriller as it is fast paced and involves the actions of traitors in the US government who want to take over the country and kill all the lawyers, oops, all the Muslims!! From that point of view, it features some really ignorant people. I often wonder how a thriller could be written that does not take liberty with facts, does not need italics to heighten the excitement, and shows human weakness, even in super heroes. Trap the Devil does not meet those criteria. If it did, would it be enjoyable? I don't think so.
Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.
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Ben Coes first brought us the character of Dewey Andreas in 2010 when Dewey was working on an off shore oil rig.  He had been a heroic Delta Force operative but was forced to leave the army after being falsely accused by a member of the US government of crimes and misdeeds.  He worked on various oil rigs for several years in order to escape his past and make a living.
     Terrorists destroyed a major US Hydroelectric dam and than proceeded to attack the oil rig Dewey was working on killing many of the workers. It took Dewey to mobilize the situation and defeat the terrorists.
     Thanks to his actions on the Oil Rig Dewey is now a powerful force in America's anti terrorist network.  We meet him again in the current novel while he is recuperating from wounds sustained in action.  He is asked to join a new government group created to protect the American president anywhere and by all means possible.  The group is to include soldiers and operatives from any of the elite forces the country has and be responsible only to protect and defend the president.
     When the Secretary of State goes to Paris to take part in secret talks Dewey is assigned to become an extra layer of protection for him.  A group of terrorists coincidentally led by the very same traitor that brainstormed the attacks described in Mr Coes' first book has formulated a plan to take over the US government in a coup.  The idea is to than place their own president in office with the idea of attacking and destroying Muslim countries in order to insure "peace" in the world.
     Action and more action is the keynote in this 7th book featuring Dewey Andreas and the reader is swept up in the well described events and situations.  It will come as no surprise that the stage is set for the next novel featuring Dewey and certainly no surprise that faithful readers will be awaiting that one with bated breath.
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