Emma in the Night

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This book grabbed me from the beginning and wouldn't let go!
Our narrator and MC seems to be a bit unreliable....  the story starts out with a missing girl suddenly showing up on her mother's doorstep after 3 years.  Slowly the details unravel and we learn about where Cassie has been and what happened to her and her missing sister.  It is a long and rough road and it gets even more twisted.
A nice change of pace for the slew of psychological thrillers out there...  unique story with details all tied up neatly with a bow!  
Definitely recommend for fans of Mystery, Thrillers, and Crime Novels.
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Great story by Wendy Walker!!  Really thrilling read, great characters and an enjoyable story.  Highly recommend to others!!
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I enjoyed this for the most part, but was a little disappointed in the way the mystery was executed. I thought the ending/twist was really clever, but didn’t really care much because none of the characters are likeable and the narrator was very unreliable. I look forward to checking out more from this author.
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I feel that perhaps because I don't read many thrillers, I enjoyed this book despite its execution and pacing issues. The suspense and mystery was there, as well as the emotional aspects, and I overall found it enjoyable as a random, light read. Again, there are times when I was a tad bored and/or felt some things were predictable, but for the purpose of passing time, I didn't regret reading this book.
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Emma in the Night is Wendy Walker's second novel, though I haven't yet had a chance to read All is Not Forgotten. This novel tells the aftermath of a broken family trying to put some pieces back together when one of their two daughters returns after randomly vanishing in the night three years ago. Cass returns to her mothers house, pleading for everyone to find her sister Emma. Cass managed to escape from the island where they'd been held, but her sister Emma is still stuck, along with Emma's daughter. Will the police, FBI and forensic psychiatrist who were on the sister's case beforehand be able to wade through the messy family dynamics to find and save Emma in time? 
      I've really gotten into psychological thrillers lately, and I kept on trying to get more out of this then I was actually getting. I didn't feel a good connection with the characters, something felt off the entire time. I'm usually very easily able to get attached to the characters, but whether it was the narrative in which the story was told or the writing style, I had a hard time feeling empathy and anything but anger at the mother. The novel ended with a well thought out twist that thankfully tied up all the strings in a satisfying way, but because of the lack of emotional connection, I wasn't as happy a reader as I usually am and like to be
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This book blew my mind.  The ending shattered my expectations.  There was a little too much repetition, and at times I wished that she would just get to the point.  However, with that being said Cass was an interesting character, her relationships with other characters all of it made so much sense.  I didn’t want to put this down.  This story is a must.
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I really loved the setup of this novel. I love a good thriller that leaves breadcrumbs to keep you guessing and following along the way without giving too much away. The author did this marvelously!

Character development was strong. Abby was probably my favorite and how clever she was.

However, I did hit a point about 3/4 of the way to where I felt like it should be closer to wrapping up than it was. 

The plot twists at the end we're really well done. Over all the book was fantastic. I just felt like it could have moved a little faster to the actual big reveal and lead up. Would definitely read another book by this author.
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This book took me forever to read, which is why I'm only giving it 3 stars. Often, I need pulled in by a book and I just had a hard time connecting with this one.
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I liked this for the most part.  The few surprises along the way kept me interested.  Being told what happened instead of bringing the reader along was definitely a drawback, but the psychological disorder of narcissism was interesting.  Also, there were times of confusion as to who was talking or what timeframe we were in or if it what was being shared was true or not.  Overall, I still enjoyed it.  (3.75/5)
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I was not expecting the twists in this novel! I loved the switching perspectives and the drama within drama within drama. There was so much going on, and I was surprised right up until the end. This one is coming out August 8th, and I would definitely recommend it!
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I realize that this book might look a lot like dozens of other thrillers that are published every year. The cover, the title, the subject matter--teen sisters go missing, one comes back, psychological chaos ensures--they're not necessarily unique. (But is anything, anymore? Still, I digress...) What made this book stand out to me was the author--I previously read All Is Not Forgotten and greatly enjoyed it--but if you don't have previous experience with Walker, allow me to give you a few reasons to select her book over another:

--Walker doesn't mess around with her words. Clocking in at a succinct 300 pages, Emma doesn't waste your time with scenes or descriptions that are mere fluff. It's a fast and tightly edited read.

--Like unreliable narrators? Then you'll like Cass, Walker's heroine, who walks that fine line between traumatized teen and master manipulator like it's in her blood. Oh, wait--it is. Which brings me to reason #3:

--The family drama in this book is so out and out crazy, and yet, these characters never feel like caricatures. I've read quite a few thrillers where I just never quite connect to any of the players, or where the villains feel one-dimensional. But even if I didn't necessarily like Walker's characters, I understood them. She's a master at creating psychological suspense with people who seem completely normal on the outside, and almost a little bit sympathetic.

So now that I've convinced you to read this book, why are you still here? Go grab a copy and curl up for a binge-reading session!
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I requested this novel based entirely on the fact that I loved the author’s previous novel All is not Forgotten. I’ll be honest and say that Emma in the Night wasn’t quite as good but it was still an engrossing read. The novel is about two sisters who disappeared and now one of them is back. She tells where she has been and what happened but it doesn’t add up so a psychiatrist is trying to see through Cass’s story to try and work out the truth of where Emma is. I did get hooked on this story and didn’t fully work out what had happened, I enjoyed the slow reveal.
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One of the things that I like was how little Goodreads gave away about the book, there is two sisters that disappeared and then three years later one of them, Cass, returns without Emma.  When Cass returns, she starts telling this really detailed story about the how her Emma planned their disappearance and how they had this help from these people and how they were then taken to this mysterious island where the two of them were held for almost three years.  The problem?  Dr. Abby Winter, a forensic psychiatrist, who has been involved on their disappearance isn't quite convince of all the story, there is just something that is not adding up and she needs to look more deeply into Cass's dysfunctional family to find out the truth and looking she will.

Dr. Winter starts to dig deeper and deeper and she starts to believe Cass's mom is a narcissist and more and more secrets are hidden and even though she doesn't believe all of Cass's story she does believe that Cass is probably leading them to a dangerous territory, even the possibility of crime.

When you start reading and get to know Cass and her story you get to wrapped up on the story that she is telling that by the end of the book you don't even realize where she was leading you and that?  That was really well done, I wasn't expecting the twist and it was good and it kept me guessing throughout the book, there were times that I thought Cass wasn't herself anymore, many she was really going crazy.  I really don't want to give too much away but be ready for a few twists along the way for sure.  

I really enjoyed this one, 4 out of 5 stars.
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Emma in the Night is Wendy Walkers second psychological thirller which is told from alternating points of view centering around the disappearance of two sisters.
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It had been quite a while since I read an adult thriller when I picked this one up. EMMA IN THE NIGHT is the story of sisters Cass and Emma who disappeared when they were 15 and 17. Now, several years later, Cass has returned, without her sister. Her story is one of an isolated island and the couple who trapped them there. Forensics specialist, Abby Winter, knows something is off.

The narrative toggles between Cass and Dr. Winter. The further Cass gets into her story, the more Dr. Winter is certain that Cass is leading them somewhere else. But where?

This was a compulsive read for me, as thrillers ought to be. Of course it is filled with family secrets and unlikable characters, as is often the case in thrillers as well.
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Emma in the Night is the tale of Cass who return after being gone for a few years and now must tell everyone where she has been and what happened to her sister who left with her but never returned. This tale has many twists and turns when it comes to the Tanner sisters, we see a crack in her home life that showcases a family that has many problems, to say the least. We see a mother who is hanging by a thread and a stepfather and stepbrother who don’t have the best intentions.

Cass’s story of where she and her sister were all this time is kind of sketchy to the police, they think some of what she is saying is true but they think there is definitely more to her story than she is saying. So we are left to figure out what if any of her stories are true. This story has layers upon layers of secrets and lies that when unfolded gives us the real and true story of Cass and Emma’s life. When everything is finally revealed I was shocked and truly felt for Cass, she lived a life that was hard but in the end, she was free to live a life that she deserved.

Emma in the Night is part thriller part mystery but what regardless what you want to call it, bottom line the story is amazing! It definitely draws you in and keeps you engaged until the last page is turned. So if you like a story that has any of these elements this is surely the book for you.
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Once again a great psychological thriller- Wendy Walker has done it again. "Emma in the Night" is well-written and will grab you from the very beginning and keep you engaged and guessing to the very end. I highly recommend it..
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EMMA IN THE NIGHT is the second book I have read by author Wendy Walker. I read ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN a dark complex psychological thriller, with high levels of suspense and tension. This book was mind-blowing and definitely one of the best novels that I have read in 2016. The reason being is that not only does this story grip you from beginning until end…it will remain with you for days to come. Then when I saw she had a new release, I couldn’t wait to read it. For me, this was an okay read but not as great as her debut.

One night five years ago, the Tanner sisters disappeared: fifteen-year-old Cass and seventeen-year-old Emma. Three years later, Cass returns, without her sister Emma to tell her story. Her story is one of kidnapping and betrayal, of a mysterious island where the two were held. 

But to forensic psychiatrist Dr. Abby Winter, something doesn't add up…a dysfunctional family and a narcissistic parent held control. 

This is a disturbing and a twisted psychological thriller that is filled with dysfunctional and calculating characters. The story was well-written told from two different perspectives which focuses mainly on Cass and her story of what happened to her during those missing years and Dr. Abby Winter asking questions about what happened to the still missing sister, Emma. 

This was a satisfying read and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future. 

Many thanks to St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for my digital copy.
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An intriguing read. that captured my attention from the start. and  held it throughout the book. A gripping psychological thriller that has you guessing as to what the outcome is going to be.
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This intriguing thriller focuses on what happens when 15-year-old Cass, who had disappeared three years earlier, along with her 17-year-old sister, Emma, returns with a story of being kidnapped and living on a mysterious island. Class, now 18, insists that Emma is still being held there. Law enforcement and the family are skeptical because the story seems so outlandish.
Dr. Abby Winter, a forensic psychiatrist, looks at length at Cass and her family, uncovering secrets along the way. And Cass is determined to free her sister, no matter what it takes.
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