Cherringham - Death on a Moonlit Night

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 10 Aug 2017

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Having recently been disappointed by the first Cherringham full-length novel I was pleased to now read another of the short stories. I still very much like Jack and Sarah, their relationship and the cosy setting but I do still find the writing a little odd. There are too many short jerky sentences that read like they've not yet been properly fleshed out. These stories definitely work better in novella form. This is a quick and cosy entertaining mystery.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bastei Entertainment for the ARC.
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I am never disappointed when I visit with Sarah and Jack in Cherringham.  The characters are realistic and engaging.  The mystery is always well developed and enjoyable.  This is the perfect way to spend a couple of hours.

I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.
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A mystery book in novella length… what’s not to like? I really like this kind of book. A true mystery book, in a small town, starred by local people, with a little ongoing story at the background.

Well, this is the 26th novella of Cherringham cosy crime series, and I admit that this is the second one I read. I read the first novella and then jump straight here, so admittedly I felt a bit lost in the background story. However, not to worry, the main mystery story was completely a stand-alone. You could enjoy it whether you’ve read previous books or not, and I did. I enjoyed this book very much, and now I really would like to read book 2-25 to catch up on the background story while enjoying the main mystery story.

The story was quite simple. A man, one that many didn’t like, got murdered and all evidences pointed out to his sub-ordinate. Our main characters, Sarah and Jack, didn’t believe he did it, and off they went to find the real culprit. Not many twists and turns, but kept me interested anyway. Great read!

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This was a great read. Characters are warm and mystery definitely keeps you interested. I was surprised at who the culprit actually was. Highly recommend to anyone who loves a cost mystery.  Thank you for the opportunity to pre read.
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This felt like an outline for a novel more than it felt like a novella or short. There was just not enough space for an actual murder mystery here. Sometimes, I felt like I was reading an outline instead of a story. (Grace, so excited. Relieved!) It looked at times like the kind of notes you write to yourself during the revision process. 

I'll admit I haven't read many shorts, but I have liked several mystery ones I have read. This one just felt like too much was left out.

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The mystery is just barely passable here, which in 94 or so pages is an admirable feat, but what really set my teeth on edge with this novella is the tic-y writing style.  So many italics and em dashes and ellipses,  and italics with ellipses? That is a hill too far. These wooden characters think and speak only in question marks or super obvious "deductions"; at one point our main detective is like, "hmmmm, he seems stressed" after a potential suspect is literally pulling the hair out of their head.  You think, Sherlock?!  Anyway, this is a hard pass for me.
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