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This follows Rebecca as she tries to find her missing husband while dealing with the accusations that he is responsible for 14-year-old Kayleigh's disappearance. As she deals with the hate from strangers and classmates of Kayleigh's, Rebecca finds herself spiraling and wondering if her husband isn't who she thought he was. 

I found the plot very promising and interesting. However, I found myself disappointed. 85% of the book was slow and seemed to drag on. The last part of the book was thrilling and made things go faster but I was even more disappointed by the ending. There was more that could have happened and I found the way it ended lacking.
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Was unable to finish this story.  I found the plot somewhat overly complicated and felt there was no real finalisation, I didn't feel a connection to the main characters either unfortunately.  Just wasn't for me.
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I love a good mystery. This one wasn't my favorite. It was a little slow. I had a hard time getting through this one. I feel like the story line lost it's luster around the middle somewhere and didn't really pick back up.  I think it needed more action to keep my attention to the end. Not the worst one I have come across but not something I would recommend to a friend or to a bookclub.
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I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley.

This book was too slow for me. I read thrillers for fast pace non-stop action. This story just dragged for me. It was very hard for me to finish. 

I enjoy those slow burn books as well, but this one just never really grabbed me or made feel invested in the characters. From the synopsis it sounded so promising, but it did not hit the mark for me.
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This was an excellent tale with a great storyline.  The characters were likable and this was a page turner.   I would recommend this book.
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This book is way too long with a distinct lack of anything happening. I managed to persevere to the end but overall the book was very disappointing.
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Reported Missing by Sarah Wray is a slow burner with an intriguing storyline.  A missing teenage and a husband going missing on the same day.  A great premise but a little lacking on twists and turns.
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I really wanted to like this book. The plot was good and interesting. However it was slow and for over half of the book nothing seemed to be happening, I understand developing the story and the main characters state of mind but it went on far to long with nothing happening. I almost gave up on it a few times. Towards the end things really started to get going and we found out what happened to the girl and that part was good and interesting. However with Chris, we never really figured out why he left or what is motive was. I don't mind leaving ending up to the reader but the way this one was done it felt unfinished that things were missing from the end.
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Reported Missing was a great book.
Both teenager Kayleigh and a former teacher Chris disappear, have they gone off together or it a coincidence?
I could not put it down, a great read.
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Thanks for the opportunity to have read this great novel.  It was a slow and steady read, keeping me glued to the book and I just couldn't wait to see what happened to Chris and Kayleigh! Was it a coincidence they disappeared on the same day? Or did Chris abduct Kayleigh? Well written.
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Sorry I missed the date for this. 

I really enjoyed the book - thank you.
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Reported Missing by Sarah Wray 
Publisher: Bookouture

Thanks to NetGalley and publisher Bookouture for the ebook ARC of Reported Missing by Sarah Wray in exchange for an honest review.

Rebecca Pendle’s husband, Chris disappears four moths ago. 14 year old Kayleigh Jackson also disappears. Just a coincidence? Rebecca wants to believe it is.
But, as police start to investigate, and compare the disappearance of Chris and Kayleigh, it becomes harder for Rebecca to trust that her husband is innocent. With an angry town that believes Chris has abducted Kayleigh, Rebecca tries to find out the truth. But what she finds shocks her more than she ever thought. How well does Rebecca truly know her husband?

I give this book a rating of 2 stars. I found that it was a very slow read. Yet, it made me want to finish, to find out the truth about the characters. It only picked up almost near the end, and the ending wasn’t really what I was hoping for. It was well written, just not really a book for me.
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A page-turner from start to finish... Highly recommended.
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I didn't remember reading this book!  I kept seeing it on my list and thinking - that looks good I need to read it!  However I already did - months ago!  I don't feel there was anything really bad or unlikable about this book.  I did finish it.  But it was just completely meh - 75% of the book was the dreaded sagging middle.  There was nothing memorable about at all!  It was a bit dragging, the characters were sort of dull - nothing made them stand out or feel real.  For me this would be one I'd say to skip.
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Four months ago our protagonist Rebecca Pendle’s husband Chris went missing. She thought they were happily married and there was no signs that there was anything wrong so his disappearance is a massive shock turning her life upside down.
On the very same day 14-year-old Kayleigh Jackson also goes missing. She had gone to meet up with her friends but she never made it there.
Is it just a coincidence or are they both connected in some way?
A search was made looking for the missing teenager and only Bec is actively looking for her husband.
As the search goes on with no signs of Kayleigh the 2 disappearances appear to be connected but no solid evidence to confirm it.
As with any small town rumours are ripe, there is the accusation that Chris is a paedophile, that there was child pornography found on his computer, that Chris used to spend a lot of time with Kayleigh and consequently he has either killed her or he has her captive somewhere. Or maybe they have run off together?
The story is told from Bec’s point of view and her life since her husband disappeared.
She has been living in a caravan for four months and is shunned by almost everyone as they hold Chris responsible for Kayleigh’s disappearance.
It is only Bec that doesn’t believe there is any truth in the rumours but as she starts her own investigation into what happened that day four months ago she discovers her husband has been keeping secrets.
She discovers that Chris had lost his job which comes as a massive shock to her because he had still kept up the appearance of going to work, taking his packed lunch she makes for him every morning and she was waving him off to work as normal.
How could she not know? Why had he not told her and where had he been going everyday?
If he could hide that from her what else didn’t she know about her husband?
As she continues to search for answers strange things start to happen. She starts getting strange phone calls, things have been moved in her house and even things have started to go missing from her mum’s room in the care home.
This book is quite a slow burner and I did find it a struggle at times to carry on reading it, even though the book is really well written it failed to grab and hold my attention unfortunately. But i had to finish the book as i needed to know how it ended, sheer curiosity kept me going to the end!
It was just to slow for me but this is a book that you need to read for yourselves and make up your own mind as we are all different, some books fit different people in different ways.
This book is a bit like Marmite, you will either love it or hate it!! 🙂
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Reported Missing immediately caught my eye because of the blurb. How could the disappearance of a young girl and an older, married man be connected? There are lots of possibilities, and I was excited to see the connection between these two disappearances. I've become increasingly interested in crime based stories, so this sounded right up my alley.

My Rating: 2 ❀'s
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense 
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I really wanted to like this book more than I did. I wanted to know the stories of Kayleigh and Chris, how they were connected--if they were connected--and find out what had happened to them. However, the novel didn't deliver any real answers because it was told from the point of view of Chris's wife, Rebecca.

At the beginning, I thought Rebecca would begin to look into these disappearances herself, possibly uncovering things the police had missed, or overlooked. But as the novel went on, the focus was less on what had happened, the connection of these two missing people and was instead focusing on the fallout Rebecca was suffering. She had become something of a pariah because it was assumed by the public that her husband, Chris, who went missing on the same day as Kayleigh, had something to do with Kayleigh's disappearance. That he was a criminal who had taken this young girl and was abusing her somewhere. Rebecca could not believe that this was true, but then where was Chris? Why had he disappeared? And why were his actions leading up his disappearance so questionable? Rebecca cannot help but wonder.
The novel is an exploration of happens to the loved ones of crime victims--or this case, of a missing person. It's exploration of what it might be to left behind, to be connected to someone who is a violent criminal, as Chris was thought to be.

That wasn't the novel I thought I was getting into, and therefore, I was disappointed. Even so however, I have to say that not all of Rebecca's activities and choices made a lot of sense to me. I could understand her inability to work, even her need to lose herself and therefore drinking way more than she should have been. However, I can't understand why she would seek Kayleigh's friends to find out more about Kayleigh. I suppose her depressed state of mind and constant state of doubt could be used to explain away her behaviour, but I did not feel connected to Rebecca. I found her drinking excessive, her daily activities non productive and her conversations with others never lead to any bits of the mystery being unraveled. Sadly to me, this character came across as rather two dimensional and immature. I really wish I could have connected with her more.

The ending cleared up all the questions, but I found it too quick and easy and way too much of it happened off page and then was never explained. I really was disappointed with how this book played out, from beginning to end. Maybe that's because I was expecting a different sort of novel, one more focused on the crime, but this was not a page turner in my books. It may be for other readers however, and I admire that the author tried a different tack in depicting a crime story.

A copy of the novel was provided to me from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Happy Reading,
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An interesting premise that didn't completely work for me but still kept my attention. I found it to be a little too slow-moving for my liking. It's a debut for the author, and I do think the writing is solid, just lacking the action I expected from reading the synopsis. I'm looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with. It's as much about Rebecca's breakdown as it is about her missing husband. 

There are sporadic moments in the book which are sensitive, Rebecca's visits to her mother who is at a care facility, her persistence inspite of opposition, her belief in her husband, her intentions are appreciated. Rebecca's investigative methods are different but they lead to results at the end of the book, barring a few details which are not explained.
There are few areas that I have to mention... If the author's intention was for me to get irritated, yes she succeeded. If she wanted me to read the book real fast, without enjoying, yes she succeeded. Rebecca just drinks and drinks and drinks and then wonders why she gets irritated fast and why her reactions are slow. Which all just reminds me of Girl on the Train... another book that didn't stick with me. I have no idea how so many people enjoyed that book.
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I don't like giving a negative review but sometimes it has to be done. This is the story of Rebecca whose husband Chris went missing on the same day as a teenager from the same village, Kayleigh. The local people have accused Chris of either kidnapping or murdering Kayleigh. Consequently Rebecca's life has been made hell. She stumbles drunkenly through the story trying to find Chris and Kayleigh. Her character was not very likeable and that didn't help. Sorry!
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