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One could argue that the real victim in this scenario is Rebecca. She has committed no crime other than being married to a suspect in the disappearance of a teenage girl. There is no concrete proof other than the fact that both Chris and young Kayleigh vanished on the same day. Does a simple coincidence have more sinister connotations or has Chris been leading a double-life?

The public believes Rebecca has been harbouring a deviant and they also think she supports him. The fact that she is searching for him seems to imply a sort of complicity. Her actions would be perceived as those of a caring and worried wife under other circumstances.

Rebecca starts to admit to herself, as the story progresses, that perhaps her life with Chris wasn’t so picture perfect. She has a selective memory, which is probably why she finds it hard to accept the reality of his betrayal.

As I mentioned before, I think Rebecca is the real victim. She is completely vilified by nearly everyone she encounters, especially a certain group of youngsters. Her life has disintegrated into a fog of sleeping pills and alcohol. Her husband is presumed guilty just based on circumstantial evidence and a heck of a lot of rumours.

Wray has written a cracking read, there is no doubt about that, but I believe she deserves a kudos for perhaps unintentionally calling out the media and society for pointing fingers without proof. For showing the negative aspects of social and mass media where fake news and false rumours are prevalent and reputations are destroyed in the blink of an eye, and the actual truth has become almost inconsequential to the majority of people.
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Rebecca's husband, Chris, disappeared 4 months ago at the same time as Kayleigh Jackson, a 14-year-old girl.  People around town believe that Chris abducted Kayleigh, but Rebecca is trying to prove them wrong.  As she continues her investigation, she learns things about her husband she never knew.  How well did she really know him?

The book was relatively slow-paced, and the ending was somewhat disappointing.  It wasn't terribly suspenseful, and I'm not sure I would call it a thriller.
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Reported Missing is a book that grabbed my attention ever since I saw the gorgeous cover and read the blurb. I was expecting an exciting, fast thriller with loads of suspense and tons of characters I will have my doubts in. Now, while I certainly enjoyed it I must say I expected a bit of different read. Which doesn’t mean it was bad, it could be just my reading preferences in question.

This book is definitely a slow burner, it starts of slow but then again many great psychological thrillers do. It kind of is a good thing because it gives the readers a chance to get to know the main character better and get inside their heads. While I certainly respect this and it did gave me the opportunity to get to know the main character, Rebecca much better, it did drain me to certain extent. The book opens with Rebecca’s husband missing about 4 months and the police still hasn’t gt a clue to where he is. Not only that, even Rebecca is puzzled as she doesn’t know why her husband would just up and leave on one hot July day. To make things worse, the very same day, 17th July, a 14 year old goes missing. The whole town thinks these two events are somehow connected and they suspect that Rebecca’s husband, Chris ran away with the underage girl. This kind of makes Rebcca a persona non grata in the small town. She’s got one good friend but is mostly unkind to her during the stress and is drinking most of the time. She’s got no one to turn to for help as everyone think of her as ‘the wife of the pervert’. We follow events from November to late December (Christmas day) as Rebecca does a bit of research on her own to find out the reasons of her husband’s missing and possibly track him alive. At the same time, she needs to consider the possibility of her husband running away with 23 years old younger girl. She has a lot of stuff on her plate which is why she turns to drinking even more. Why would Chris run away from her? It’s true that things between them have been kind of colder ever since their move from London, but as far as she knew, it wasn’t such a big deal to make Chris leave her. However, as Rebecca starts her research she starts wondering, did she really knew her husband as well as she thought she did? She finds out he lost his job just a week before going missing and yet he kept it a secret. He was taking money from their joint account without even telling her. Why? As you see, Rebecca is in a really bad place.

Now, while all of this is definitely a good base for a novel, my biggest issue was the slow pace. It felt like building and building and in the end, made me care not so much about the big reveal. But what I loved the most is the author got me interested in Rebecca’s life and personality. Even though Rebecca is not the most likable character I loved her inner dialogue and the flashbacks from her life with Chris. I didn’t really think she was doing a great investigation, but then again, I wouldn’t want ever to find out how I would investigate if my husband went missing. Of course she was clumsy, irritating and anxious most of the time, as she didn’t have a single answer or many people who would help her.

What I also liked is how the book raises the question of trust. How untrustworthy are people sometimes, judging the first chance they get. Also, the flip side of the coin…what if we trust too much and end up hurt, realizing after so many years we knew nothing about our closest people. This book did make me wonder and I loved this. It’s thought provoking and brings up such delicate question, like trust, loyalty, addiction.

Rebecca kind of reminded me of the main character from The Girl on the Train, drinking heavily and being really messed up. Also, she’s the only narrator so we see only her point of view. While the book deals with two persons missing, it’s more about how these events impact the lives of those who’ve stayed to cope with this loss. It’s kind of a deep exploration into what goes on into the life of the one who stayed, who has to deal with all the hate, prejudice, not knowing, helplessness.

While I was absolutely blown away with how Rebecca got under my skin and revealed so much about herself making me feel all sorts of emotions (pity, rage, compassion) I have to say the slow pace made things a bit difficult. While there were certain twists I didn’t expect, I found this one to be a bit predictable.

Overall, while I’m certainly used to faster thrillers, I’m glad I read Reported Missing and would definitely read another one by Sarah Wray. It’s obvious she loves digging deep into the human psyche and has a great knack for creating unusual characters.
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Quite a good story but none of the "thriller" twists I expected
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Rebecca's husband is missing. At the same time, a young girl is also missing. Are the two incidents related? The police seem to think they are and so begins a witch hunt. People are more sympathetic to the fact that a 14 year old girl is missing, much more so than a grown male. Especially one that has a reputation now of a pedophile. Therefore, Rebecca has trouble finding anyone to help her. She no longer works but spends her days wandering the streets in hope of finding her husband. I had trouble liking Rebecca. She was someone that I wouldn't call a strong personality. She drank a lot, felt sorry for herself a lot, didn't to anything to help her situation, made enemies.....a lot. She allowed teens to bully her, which I didn't quite understand. I wanted to scream at her to fight back!! She was a weak character that I couldn't bring myself to like. As for the was ok but nothing memorable about it. I couldn't fathom why the police would keep thinking that the two disappearances were related? So they both went missing on the same day. That's what links them together? I don't know, the whole thing didn't work for me. Nothing much happened throughout this story. You basically just "watch" Rebecca bumble through her life. If your looking for a shocking thriller.....look elsewhere. There were no shocks, thrills, twists, basically anything that makes a good thriller. In the end, I found this book to be quite boring. 

**Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The premise of this book had me really wanting to read it, but unfortunately it didn’t live up to expectations for me. The book started quite slow, I was constantly waiting to discover some answers to what had gone on. When the truth started to finally come out I did get drawn back into the book, but then that truth only covered part of the mystery. 

I was left a bit disappointed if I’m totally honest, and I hate feeling that way after really looking forward to reading something. Thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for providing a copy.
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Reported Missing

by Sarah Wray


General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 14 Jul 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of Reported Missing through Bookouture and Netgalley:

Four months ago Rebecca Pendle's husband went missing as did fourteen year old Kayleigh Jackson, was this merely a coincidence or was it something more?

Another girl comes out soon and says Chris approached her as well.

The entire town angry at her Rebecca must find out the truth, but will she be ready for whatever she finds?  Will she be putting herself in the danger?

I give Reported Missing five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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I thought the plot was very interesting and the book well written. 

I found the book lacking in tension. I wanted the slow pace of the story to build up and then out of nowhere grip me and take me on a journey of suspense, unfortunately it  just didn't manage it.

Thank you Netgalley, Bookouture and Sarah Wray for allowing me to read and review this book.
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Four months ago 14 year old Kayleigh vanished from her hometown without a trace. On the same day Rebecca Pendles husband disappears too. Rebecca believes this to be a coincidence but pretty much everyone else believes somehow they were linked. As she is ostracized by an angry town she strives through a fog of alcohol and depression to discover the truth. But as more secrets about her husband come to light even Rebecca begins to have her doubts.
This book wasn't quite what I was expecting. For me it was more a domestic drama than an out and out thriller. It's a study of an innocent woman who finds her self facing off a town who thinks her husband is a paedophile and she knew about it. And she isn't coping. Instead she's barely recovering from a nervous breakdown and heading straight to been an alcoholic. It's only as she decides to take matters into her own hands that she starts to come out of the darkness. But as she tries to cope she begins to uncover secrets about her hometown that could put her in danger. Despite (or maybe because) of it not been what I expected I really enjoyed this novel. It's well written and nicely paced with a well thought out plot. Rebecca is a sympathetic and quite likeable character that is easy to empathize with - even when she's been a bit of a cow it's easy to understand why.
An excellent story of lies, blind trust and heartache with a darned good mystery to boot
I received this from Netgalley and Bookouture for an unbiased review.
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This book was so creepy and chilling and I cant say enough good things about it. This book was a book that made me lose sleep and trust me I like my sleep. Highly recommend.
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This book is hard for me to peg down completely. It is a good story but it definitely had its weaknesses. I had trouble staying engaged in this book so it took me 12 day to complete.

 anxious-depressed-man-in-tunnel-300x199.jpg 800px-slot_machine.jpg
The synopsis of this psychological thriller:

Rebecca’s life is a mess and her husband is missing, the worst part is, so is a local teenage girl, both disappearing the same day. So it only makes sense to many that the two are related and Rebecca stands by her husbands innocence and receives major backlash. Eventually as things progress she starts to have doubts too, its just too much coincidence.


Okay, first off, the idea behind the story was good. You feel sorry for Rebecca because even you as the reader have been brainwashed into not believing in coincidences and the harder she believes in her husbands innocence the more backlash and harassment she receives from the missing girl’s friends. The plot twist is good, I’m not going to spoil it for ya tho 😉 , and there wasn’t a fairy tale ending. Not to say the ending was bad, in this case I think the ending suited the story quite well.


The excitement was a bit on the dull side for about the first 70% of the book. When you start to reach the climax it gets interesting enough to push through to the end.


My biggest hang up was the writing. The first half of the book the sentence formation seemed choppy and fragmented. I’m not sure if was done on purpose due to the first person point of view or not but it really bugged me. It got better and flowed a bit easier through the second half of the book.


My rating for this one is a 2 out of 5 stars as the writing bugged me and though the story was good and was dark and yes there was mystery, I didn’t think it quite suited the genre of psychological thriller.
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A good pshycological thriller and would recommend for people who likes a slow burner -  I unfortunately don't. For me more needed to happen instead of her constantly being in her own head trying to figure out exactly what has happenend.
The writer has a knack for the anxiety driven prose and I say she is one too watch
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I am a victim. A cover love victim. There was no way my eyes would not catch the beautiful contrast of colors and the tagline that hints to my favorite trope: the suspect husband! No wonder why I don't want to get married, haha! 

The title gives you a good idea of what to expect in this book. Missing people. A teenager. A man. Coincidence? Crime stories and newspaper headlines have taught us not to believe in them, so I could totally see why the town, the police, and every Tom and Harry would think those two disappearances were connected. I would probably have thought the same! Yes, the police are supposed to “investigate all leads” but don't we hear that the easiest explanation is the right one? Can we really blame them for looking at the first facts and drawing conclusions? 

Rebecca trusts her husband. Trusted. But while his life got “suspended”, hers kept going, the town had to find someone to blame, and her life took a turn for the worst. Living in a caravan, she is only the shadow of herself. With a head full of questions, bottles around, and weeks since she's heard anything from the man she was supposed to spend her life with, there is not much for her to look for anymore. I first felt so sorry for Rebecca. I understood her need to stick to her husband's side, and I felt the unfairness of how the disappearances had been handled. After all, people go missing every day. The fact a young girl and a former teacher vanished the very same day could only be a joke from life, and I couldn't help feel angry at the police for the angle with which they handled the case from the beginning. If Chris only had disappeared that day, the police would have treated the information differently, and I couldn't help thinking he did not stand the same chance as a beautiful and lively teenager. 

Rebecca feels in her guts that her husband has nothing to do with what happened to Kayleigh, but as time goes by, she can't help but wonder, and when she witnesses strange happenings in town, she decides to dig a little. Only the digging brings doubts, and I can't blame her for that! I can blame the alcohol and bad decisions, though. This is when I started to detach myself from her distress. I know not all women are strong and ready to fight for what they believe in, live for and whatever, but I was so frustrated to see Rebecca wonder and wonder without doing anything to prove her husband's innocence, and her naivety and helplessness got on my nerves. I could only take so much of drinking, sleeping pills and feeling sorry for herself. She did not deserve some of the things that happened to her, but I was hoping it would trigger something, a reaction from her, and make things more exciting, but Rebecca never really left her shell. 

I appreciated that the story explored what happens to the other side, the ones left behind with a wall of questions, a deafening silence, and a broken heart. I only believed it took too long for the plot to move on from the poor victim Rebecca to tangible facts and events. I admit I was wondering about Chris throughout the story, and as information was given to us, the shadow of a man appeared, a very different man than described by his wife. Rebecca is caught in the past, the good memories, and the life she had, and she cannot cope with the assumption that something happened. Except it did, whether or not the disappearances are connected. I wished a hundred times that I could shake some sense into her. 

The mystery and possible link between the cases weren't enough to keep me turning pages like a crazy lady. I struggled to finish the book. Maybe a more resilient main character and a slightly faster pace would have helped. I couldn't find a way to connect and get curious about the teenager, and her friends did not help. I did however enjoyed the answers I got and the open ending. I felt it was perfect for this particular book. My only regret is that it took way too long to have me interested in what was happening. 

Reported Missing could satisfy readers looking for a different perspective on missing people cases and lovers of assumptions, if they can handle a slow pace and a load of self-pity.
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I have received this as an ARC book from NetGalley intern for an honest and truthful review. I love murder mystery books, I saw this one on NetGalley and knew from the moment I read the preview I had to read it. When reading the first few chapters I wasn't drawn to the characters at all, but within a few chapters they had me wrapped around their fingers. It was well written and let me tell you I couldn't put the book down after I started reading it. A spouse and someones child that suddenly goes missing (or is accused of a crime, or both), and the remaining wife and parents desperately tries to figure out what happened while refusing to believe what others insist is true. It draws you in because you want to know the end of the book and if they find him.
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This has an interesting premise that could have/should have been gripping but which sadly didn't follow through on its promise.  Rebecca starts off strong as she deals with grief, the suspicion of her friends and family, and her need to find out what happened to both her husband and Kayleigh.  I was with her till about halfway through when suddenly things seemed to slow down.  There are any number of novels in the wife-trying-to-solve-mystery-of-husband genre and it could be that I've just read too many of them.  Thanks to net galley for the ARC.
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Rebecca Pendle is depressed but it is very understandable because 4 months ago she had a lovely house, a job, an husband and money in the bank but now she lives in a caravan, hanging by a thread with her job, a missing husband and escalating debt! To top it all off though on the same day as her husband disappeared so did a 14 year old girl from the small seaside town where they lived. Neither of them had been seen since. What a difference a day can make. Just one day and none of it was her fault, she was just collateral damage left behind in the whole scheme of things.
This is such a hard hitting and powerful story about Rebecca, the kicking post for a town that didn’t have any answers to where her husband Chris and the young girl Kayleigh were. Had he abducted her or worse? Were they even connected to each other? I mean surely the wife knew something was going on. All the normal assumptions that people that haven’t got a clue make.  Rebecca was constantly tortured mentally and physically by a gang of teenagers, friends of the missing girl and shunned by a town that should have known better. The whole story is very heart breaking in so many ways.
There is no escape for her, she is determined to be there if or when he comes home and also for her mother in the care home in the town suffering from dementia.  There are some very touching moments that even with her mum being in such a state she could still find comfort and protection just by being near to her. Rebecca battles with bouts of hiding away and throwing herself into some rather dodgy situations in order to find out the truth. Some of which she wishes she could undo and never know. As the story progresses the pace quickens along with the tension.
I really enjoyed this story that high lighted the innocent victims by association of a suspected crime, looked at from different angles including the police investigation.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher, this is my honest and unbiased review.
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would describe Reported missing is a mystery thriller. We have a missing man ( Chris Pendle) and a missing teenage girl ( Kayleigh) - both have gone missing on the same day and the question of whether their disappearances are linked hangs heavy in the air especially for Chris's wife Rebecca who has been left behind not only to figure out if it's just a coincidence but also to face the gossip, the whispers and the smear/ bullying campaigns that she has been subjected to. Local gossip and rumors having already decided it's more than a coincidence and that her husband is a peodophile or child kidnapper. It seems no one in this sleepy, coastal town has ever heard of the term innocent until proven guilty! Rebecca begins with an unshakable belief that her husband is innocent but as we move through the book and  as links are founds and the connection between the two missing people grows, we see Rebecca's desperation and confusion escalate as she begins to question the trust between her and her husband. Did she ever really know him? This is the story of a normal wife pushed to breaking point as she lives in a self imposed exile while she desperately seeks to uncover the truth.

It's a very well written novel with a tight plot and strong storyline  but it's a slow reveal, a slow almost claustrophobic look inside the life and thoughts of the wife left behind. If you like cliff hangers and adrenaline fueled thrillers that rock you to the core then this might not be your bag but I personally believe a slow burner isn't a bad thing and being character rather rather than action driven can offer just as enjoyable and satisfying read if you don't compare but take it on its own merit. This story gave an incredible insight into the mind of the main character and as someone fascinated by people's psychology I really appreciated this. This is almost more about the mental breakdown of Rebecca than about a crime and it makes for fascinating reading.

Sarah creates a brilliant tension and the tone of the book is melancholy and slightly morose which suited the plot perfectly, proving she is skilled at creating the setting and atmosphere.

Rebecca the main protagonist is struggling, desperate to find out what happened to her husband. She is now holed up in a caravan, drinking heavily and running out of money. Still in their home town she finds herself a pariah who is cold shouldered and snubbed. I felt her loneliness and isolation and thought what an unenviable apportion she had found herself in.The scenes where she is subjected  to physical attacks by groups of unpleasant teenagers left me cringing, at their cruel was and I felt for her in that respect. She cut a lonely, unhappy figure whose whole life had fallen apart and I couldn't imagine how it would feel  left wondering if your husband really was the man you thought he was. However despite her circumstances I really struggled to like her as a person. I found her attitude towards her dementia suffering mother to be selfish and unsympathetic and I didn't warm to her her complaining or self centeredness. But despite not liking her I appreciated that this made her a more believable character, humans are multi faceted and never perfect, so Rebecca was human and therefore a very well depicted character. I am sure most of us would'nt behave perfectly under the stressful circumstances.

The whole book is written through Rebecca's eyes and if I'm honest I was somewhat disappointed that we didn't get some alternative narrative from either Chris or the missing teenager. This would have made for more depth and mystery to the story, I felt this would have made the read a much stronger and intriguing one with the potential for some real insights and clues, whereas at times this singular perspective became a little laborious. Flitting between the two would have mixed it up and bit and could have added some cliff hangers at the end of each persons chapter- leaving us guessing. Although as the story was told I was still separate to find out what had happened? If the disappearances were linked and if so how Chris was involved. Had he kidnapped Kayleigh? Had they fallen in love and eloped? Had he murdered her and run away? This was still enough for me to keep turning the pages long after I should have switched off my kindle!

I really enjoyed Sarah's style of writing and found her to be a talented story teller, all in all an impressive debut and o look forward to reading more from her on the future.
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The premise of Reported Missing has a ripped from the headlines feeling; a woman's husband goes missing, coincidentally a young girl goes missing as well.  Of course, those in the media, law enforcement, and even the general public are drawing connections and assigning blame.  The wife cannot reconcile the husband's character with the possibilities that keep being conceived.  The pacing of the book was slow in the last third for me.  Sarah Wray weaves a really good tale, lots of twists and turns. I, along with the wife, changed my mind several times throughout.  If you like a book that doesn't reveal too much too soon, this would be a good choice. The only thing I had trouble with was the characterization of the wife; at times her actions didn't seem to fit the picture I had formed in my mind, and it was hard for me to accept some of her thinking and reactions. It did however make it easier for me to to accept the wife's confidence in her character portrait of her husband and her inability to conceive his actions.
Overall, I would be happy to recommend this novel, and I would definitely read more from Sarah Wray.
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'Reported Missing' gave me the heebie jeebies, I'm not gonna lie! Two people missing, both at the same time. The only difference is; one is an adult, the other is a fourteen year old girl. Heart in mouth moment, anyone? Did Chris abduct the teenager? We wouldn't be human if we didn't think the worst, and that includes situations like these. I assumed the worst. For me, two people going missing at exactly the same time, a male and a teenager, I felt sick. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of readers think along the same lines, not at all.

'Reported Missing' is a bit of a slow starter; there's a lot of setting the scene, getting to know the characters, whilst slowly building the level of intensity. Sarah Wray has been extremely clever with her organisation of the storyline as she also incorporated multiple dead ends, red herrings, as well as quite a few head funk type situations. If you like storylines like that, then you'll really enjoy 'Reported Missing'. Whilst I do enjoy the head funk type novels, sometimes the slow pace irked me a little bit as I couldn't sink my teeth into the storyline. Information was delivered throughout the storyline in dribs and drabs - ideal to keep you engrossed in the storyline, although not so good if you're an impatient reader who just wants to find out the 'whodunnit' and the gritty parts of the investigation.

I was engrossed. I was also impatient. So all in all, my opinion of the overall novel is pretty mixed as sometimes I felt that the slow pace worked well with the plot, and other times I felt like it was hindering the storyline a tad. Either way, 'Reported Missing' was able to get multiple reactions from me, it was able to keep me hanging, as well as eager to reach the conclusion. Can't really complain at that really, can I?

Thanks Bookouture.
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I really enjoyed the fact that the start of the book takes place after the disappearances I thought that this was a great way to plunge the reader into Rebecca's personal nightmare. Along with trying to piece together the clues to find out what happened to her husband. It was awful to see the effects on Rebecca and how she was treated in the aftermath of the events. 

I have to admit it is a slow burner of a story so if you like a thriller that hits the ground running you may feel disappointed. However I quite liked that the story was more centralised around the characters namely Rebecca. I also couldn't resist the mystery of what had actually happened to Chris and Kayleigh. Due to the pace of the story I felt like I got to know Rebecca better as you follow her struggle to comprehend what everyone is saying about her husband. She is completely in the dark and you can feel the pressure and tension that she is under. Rebecca is a compelling character and there were plenty of occasions where I just felt so sorry for her situation. Then on the other hand she could go into something without necessarily thinking things through but I guess she is just so determined to prove everyone wrong in their assumptions about her husband. 

The question remains is her husband innocent or is he guilty? 

The story is an intriguing one especially as it shows the repercussions for loved ones after any disappearance. I found myself quickly working my way through Reported Missing as I just had to know the truth and to find out if Rebecca would ever find out for herself. It was great that I couldn't see where the plot would go next it isn't as if there were twists and turns galore but I felt just as in the dark as Rebecca was.

Tense and intriguing!

With thanks to Bookouture & Netgalley for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.
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