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A great mystery that will have you trying to puzzle it out to the end!
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I wanted to enjoy this book more than I did. The premise was promising but it just didn't play out well. It was boring through the first 2/3, I had a hard time wanting to keep going with it. I think I really just didn't like the main character, I can't explain why, I really felt she should have been able to handle herself better. The last part of the book the action picked up and then I found it interesting but then the ending just fell flat again.
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Thanks Netgalley.  Brilliant! A book that had me on tenterhooks. Packed with tension and twists, this is an amazing, unputdownable page turner. Felt for Rebecca and was with her every step of the way. This is a thought provoking, sensitively written, brilliantly executed story of ordinary people stretched to breaking point. Loved it.
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Rebecca and her husband Chris are by all immediate appearances a normal couple going through with the routine of life. One day Chris goes missing along with a teenage girl from their small English town. It is unclear if the two disappearance are linked but an investigation begins with the primary hope to find the Kayleigh, the missing girl. Assumptions grow and accusations are made leaving Rebecca as a target of the townspeople's hostility. 

From the very start of the book, we are given a glimpse into Rebecca's world as the woman left behind. As the only person in town who believes Chris's innocence, she is subjected to sideways glances and little help in the effort to find him. Her belief in him is constantly put into question and it begins to crack along with her own mental state. Rebecca's character was so thought-provoking and unique in a very populated mystery genre. I often asked myself, "what would I do?" 

I would have liked to know more about Chris and Rebecca's relationship. Her breakdown seemed to be so heavy but I didn't relate all of that back to their relationship as the only context I had around it was the difficult year the two had just encountered. Also, as there was no correlated relationship between Chris and Kayleigh, I was never convinced the two disappearances were related. The plot twist was not "breathtaking" as noted on the cover, but rather predictable. I would have loved to see the story move along at a quicker rate as it did begin to drag after a time. 

As a psychological thriller, this book was just ok for me. It worked for me in terms of a fiction novel set around Rebecca and her journey through the disappearance and accusations of her husband, but not necessarily as a mystery thriller.
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She loved murder mysteries…until that became her life.
Kayleigh, a 14 year old girl goes missing. The same day, Chris, a grown man from the same small town is also gone without a trace. Are the two cases linked? It would appear at first that Chris did the unthinkable and took off with the young girl. Whatever the answer, his wife Rebecca is left behind to face the wrath of the townsfolk. It's also up to her to find the reason behind her husband's disappearance.
This was so long and drawn out for the first 40% I considered putting it down. It seemed to lack any real direction. Just an endless loop. As well, I had difficulty connecting with the lead character Rebecca.  While the speed did pick up in the second half, I still felt it was lacking…
Just not for me. Hope others can connect better than I did.  

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Sarah Wray for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.  

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What if your husband failed to come home?  What if a young girl from the village disappeared on the same day?  What if over a short period of time, everyone begins to assume the two events are related?  Reported Missing examines the despair that envelopes Rebecca Pendle, when on July 17, both her husband Chris and young Kayleigh Jackson disappear.

Rebecca wants to trust that her husband had nothing to do with the disappearance of fourteen-year-old Kayleigh, but the town has already decided.  When Chris does not return within a few days, Rebecca begins sliding into deep depression.   Four months later, no trace of Chris or Kayleigh has been found. 

Unable to stay in the home she and Chris shared, Rebecca moves to a caravan park where she spends months drinking too much and sleeping with the aide of pills.  The story quieted down for a while, but a planned vigil for Kayleigh's fifteenth birthday stirs the town up again.  After teenagers discover where she is living and harass her, Rebecca decides to conduct her own investigation to prove her husband's innocence.

But Rebecca isn't a confident heroine with a clear plan.  She is a confused and despairing woman who finds many of her best memories of her husband tainted.  Much of what she learns does little to improve her hopes.  How well did she really know her husband?

I wasn't at all sure that I would like this book, but I ended up engrossed.  It isn't fast-paced, but it is an intimate examination of a woman going through a terrible emotional trauma and eventually managing to try to take charge of her life.

Reported Missing is a fascinating debut novel.

Read in May; blog post scheduled for July 6.


Psychological/Suspense.  July 14, 2017.  Print length:  356 pages.
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Very slow moving, not a lot happens. This is a good premise, but just doesn't deliver.
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My attention was grabbed by the books description I was equally grabbed once I started reading. Excellent writing and a real page turner. Rebecca the main character had my full sympathy throughout the book at at times i could really feel her heartbreak. With her husband missing and a teenage girl who went missing exactly the same day the book goes through her emotions and the hidden secrets she finds out along the way. Did she really know her husband? The hatred she has to put up with from the locals only adds to her anguish and fear. Loved the story and loved the twists and turns and never expected the ending. A fab read
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My actual star rating for this book is 4.5

Four months ago Rebecca Pendle`s husband Chris disappeared on the same day as 14 year old Kayleigh Jackson

Rebecca wants to believe that it's all a coincidence but with the police,angry town and the media all believing that Chris has abducted the teenager it is getting harder to trust his innocence.

Rebecca tries to discover the truth but what she uncovers shocks her more than she ever thought.How well did she actually know the man that she loves?.

I admit that I don't normally enjoy reading books where the story starts quite slowly,I love action,twists and cliff hangers.Very often if a story takes too long to get going I find myself losing interest and end up not finishing the book.This book does start off quite slowly but the story had some intreguing elements that held my interest and I really wanted to know what had happened to Chris and Kayleigh.

The whole story is narrated by Rebecca who is not a very likeable character.You really feel like you should feel some sympathy for her because of everything that she going through but she really didn't help herself at times and her constant whining and feeling sorry for herself became very frustrating and irritating.

Most of the other characters where unreliable and unlikable although I did like Julie,Rebecca`s Mum Averil and Rebecca`s best friend Jeannie.The authors portrayal of Averil`s fear,confusion and frustration due to her dementia was chillingly realistic and Rebecca's treatment of her mother only helped to intensify my dislike of her character.I feel it would have added more intregue to the story if there had been a couple of cryptic chapters narrated from Chris point of view or even narrated from the point of view of a mystery character that could have been Chris but that's just my opinion.

Don't go into this book expecting happily ever afters because that's not what happens in real life,not every story can finish all wrapped up nicely with a pretty little bow.It's a well written thriller that does have some intense danger moments as the story unfolds.I did enjoy the debut thriller and would happily read more books by this author in the future
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Sadly this book didn't really live up to my expectations, I did enjoy it but I wanted a bit more from it and I didn't find the ending that great.  I thought that the build up was quite slow and the story didn't really pick up any pace until around half way through, to be honest, I'm more of a reader that needs to be drawn in from the first few pages with this kind of book and that meant that I didn't really connect with the characters and it did affect my enjoyment, but that is not to say that it would be the same for all readers.  If you are into books with a slow build up this is definitely one you would love but sadly it wasn't a 5 star read for me, 3.5 stars from me for this one rounded up to 4 stars.
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"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true. The other is to refuse to believe what it is true."

Four months ago, fourteen year old Kayleigh goes missing. On the same day, Rebecca's husband Chris disappears as well. Is it a coincidence or is there more going on? The town where Rebecca lives is quick to jump to conclusions. What really happened on that day?

Reported Missing didn't quite turn out to be what I was expecting. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you. There are a few twists and turns and while the ending took me by surprise, it also left me a bit disappointed. It's a super tense ride though, albeit it not action-packed.

Some might say this book is quite slow and in a way it is but I actually enjoyed that. Watching Rebecca struggle on a daily basis was incredibly heartbreaking and thought-provoking as she not only has to deal with the fact that her husband is gone, but also with the accusations and angry glares from the town residents. A town that is clearly unfamiliar with the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Rebecca finds herself guilty by association and the town doesn't make a secret of it.

You can't help but feel for Rebecca or wonder how you would deal with a situation like this. I was rooting for her all the way. No matter what her husband has or hasn't done, she's the innocent party here. He's not her responsibility, a fact most people forget in a heartbeat. 

All in all, a really well written and thought-provoking story of ordinary people being thrown into turmoil and trying to find a way to keep their head above water.
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Brilliant! A book that had me on tenterhooks. Packed with tension and twists, this is an amazing, unputdownable page turner. Felt for Rebecca and was with her every step of the way. This is a thought provoking, sensitively written, brilliantly executed story of ordinary people stretched to breaking point. Loved it.
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A clever, complex book about the pain caused by keeping secrets and how innocent lives can be torn apart by coincidence.
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A very slow, dragged out book! It took me a while to get into the book but I stuck with it. I just couldn't get gripped by the slow pace which at times was boring and frustrating!! The ending left me underwhelmed. Thank you netgalley.
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This book was such a great day and I highly recommend checking it out
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Becky Pendle’s husband, Chris disappeared without a word. taking their life savings with him. The same day he went missing teenage Kayleigh also disappeared and before long, the police, press and public have all linked the two together and tried and convicted Chris in the court of public opinion. Forced to move into a tiny trailer, with her money running out and at the mercy of the locals who have grown to blame her for the girl’s disappearance, Kayleigh has to wonder if her husband was really ever the man she thought he was. This small and angry town made me claustrophobic, but I liked Becky’s growing independence and resilience
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I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley.

When the story opens four months have passed since Rebecca's husband, Chris, disappeared. On the same day as his disappearance, a 14-year old girl called Kayleigh also went missing. There has been speculation that the two events are linked and Rebecca has moved out of her home and into a caravan to try to escape from public hostility.

I found the first third of this novel extremely slow and depressing and I would not have continued with it, had I not agreed to review it. Rebecca drinks too much vodka, goes for a swim, is treated kindly by the caravan park owner, is bullied by teenage friends of Kayleigh, ponders the fact that she has no money and is living off her credit cards, wonders where Chris is, drinks more vodka and so on and so on. Rebecca was hard to like and I never really worked her out - one moment she was brave and defiant, the next she was intimidated and afraid, she treated her best friend badly and often behaved in a way which seemed odd to me.

It picked up to an extent once we learnt more about what Chris had been like during the months before his disappearance, but this was revealed excruciatingly slowly and Rebecca continued to be her own worst enemy; I spent the whole time I was reading the story wanting to tell her to move back home, go back to work and stop feeling sorry for herself. On the plus side, the uncertainty she began to feel about Simon was well portrayed and I thought the novel was generally well-written.

The ending was a little underwhelming, but by then I was glad to have got to the end.
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Excellent book.  Great main characters and plot.  I would recommend this book.
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