An Amish Christmas Love

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I enjoyed this collection of Amish. Christmas romance stories very much. It is refreshing to find stories that are clean and have a focus on God.
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I really enjoyed this collection of Christmas stories.  These stories covered the elderly, young people, children and even pets. Each was during the Christmas holiday and gave a warm, happy glow and touching ending that closed each story beautifully. Wonderful collection for my holiday reading! 

I requested a copy through NetGalley, no review is required. My review is voluntary.
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This is book is so awesome. A realy  have to read book if you love amish books. The writers did a fine job. to start the book and not wanne put it away.
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Four stories by four great Amish fiction storytellers. I especially enjoyed Ruth Reid's Home for Christmas and Amy Clipston's The Christmas Cat. Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman had plenty of humor to start things off as the first story in the book. Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin brought a conflict of worlds as David Byler had to choose between his Amish sweetheart, and the Englisch girl who won his heart years ago, left and has returned to reclaim it.

In Home for Christmas, Ellie Whetstone inherits her aunt's home in northern Michigan. A showdog handler, she has a short break between dog shows to travel to check out her property and get it ready to sell. Her time there is a comedy of errors - at first. Born Amish, she's searching for her roots as much as anything. When she discovers a community that she feels she can fit with, will she give up the only world she's known for the chance at a love she never imagined? I loved this particular story so much, and actually found myself wishing it was a full-length novel.

I definitely would recommend this book as part of your Christmas book reading, especially if you love Amish fiction!
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Take a reading break from all your Christmas preparations.  An Amish Christmas Love is a collection of four Amish novellas written for us by Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin and Ruth Reid. 

Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman

I enjoyed this story of the three Stoltzfus women who all happen to be single living together on the family farm. Grandmother Ruth is a lonely widow, Barbara, also widowed is the mother to Naomi, who has never been married.  As luck or a Christmas wish would have it, three single men, working on a construction project have rented the Daadi house. What follows is a heartfelt, sometimes humorous story of love for all the ages. 

The Christmas Cat by Amy Clipston

 A big yellow barn cat adopted Emma Bontrager on Christmas Eve, her first Christmas without her beloved Henry, who passed away last July. Not one to allow cats in her home, the cat is persistent and undeterred as Emma tries to shoo it away.  A group of young people stop to visit and bring Emma a gift.  During the course of their visit, they are interested in hearing Emma’s story of her courtship with Henry.  A simple snowstorm turns quickly into a visit and all are snowbound at Emma’s, along with the big yellow cat.  What follows is a delightful story of how kind gestures can develop into lasting friendships.

  Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin

This is the story to test one’s faith. An Amish man falling in love with an Englischer during his Rumspringa.  Molly Shrock loves David Byler but he has yet to commit.  Could it be he hasn’t settled down yet?  David is content to be back among his family and is about ready to propose to Molly when his other love returns to add enough confusion to turn his head.  Will he choose Molly or Bobbi McGregor?  Can he be happy living as an Amish man with Molly after the thrill of the other lifestyle in Bobbie’s world?

Home for Christmas by Ruth Reid.
Ellie Whetstone parked her motorhome near the farmhouse she inherited from her aenti.  Short on cash she is bent on selling the home quickly and getting back to her profession as a trainer for competitive dog shows.  Ezra mistook the quirky Englisch woman for a burgler when he found her in his kitchen.  After directing her to her aenti’s home on the same property, he thought he was rid of her.  However, the beautiful English woman and the handsome young widower continually ran into each other.  Just when one thinks they are going to be rid of the other, the good Lord shows His hand and what follows is a wonderful story.

Four stories written by the masterful hands of award winning authors.  I recommend this collection as one to read and one to keep to re-read for seasons to come.
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This is a collection of four different Amish novellas by four different authors set around Christmas time. Each story had its unique feel. Major themes were love, second chances, forgiveness, belonging and more. The first one was my favorite. Nonetheless, these were all sweet stories and I recommend them to readers!
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I love Christmas stories, even if read at a time other than Christmas.  Ruth Reid, Kelly Irvin, Amy Clipston, and Beth Wiseman are some of my absolute favorite authors.   Romance is alive and well in these four novellas.  Readers will be delighted to follow along in the lives of many special characters.  
        I am giving this novella collection a 5 *****star rating and highly recommend it to readers.
         I received a copy of this book from netgalley and Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.   All opinions expressed are my own.  I was not required to post a positive review.
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I love reading Christmas novels during anytime throughout the year and happened upon An Amish Christmas Love, by four extremely talented authors, Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid, and Kelly Irvin. In this delightful collection of four novella's each of the authors shares a wonderfully sweet Amish romance all tucked inside this book. This is perfect for busy readers, who can just sit down and read one at a time, and still feel like they've read a full length novel.

In Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman, three generations of Amish women find love with the wonderful men who they rent out their rooms for a construction job nearby. All of them have various reasons for wanting to find the right man but will they all be successful in their endeavors as Christmas is coming.

The Christmas Cat by Amy Clipston finds a lonely widow as Christmas Eve approaches with no one to share the day with as she fondly remembers her husband Henry, until a wayward cat finds her home during a winter storm. With it comes changes she never expected in her life, when she realizes she is never really alone.

Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin pairs an Amish couple up with the past one of them wishes would never come back to town. Now that she is here, will those old familiar feelings from the past threaten a relationship already on rocky ground?

And finally in Home for Christmas by Ruth Reid, a young English woman returns to her Aunts home she has inherited as a winter storm approaches and finds her GPS directions have led her to enter a home she thought was her Aunts, but turns out to be a Amish father and her young daughter. But did she really take a wrong turn after all?

I received An Amish Christmas Love by Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin and Ruth Reid compliments of NetGalley and Thomas Nelson Publishers. Each of these wonderful stories generate a wonderful sense of love, family, faith and hope and truly feel like you've gotten 4 novels in one. I have to say my favorite one might just be the Christmas Cat, because it reminds us that while we might missing a loved one's presence here, their memories are never gone! At the conclusion of each, you will find some discussion guide questions that are wonderful for book clubs. For me, this collection really is worth all 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.
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Winter Kisses

It must be hard to get a good love story in the length of a novella. Let me just say, Beth Wiseman can handle it. In fact, she can handle 3! Yep, I said it, 3. You get three sweet love stories in this novella, one for each generation represented. It was fun and charming. Ruth brought so much excitement to the storyline. I found her to be a delight to read and very refreshing as an elder character. This is a novella that both young and old will enjoy.

The Christmas Cat

It is not surprise that Amy Clipston would write a story with a cat, knowing her love for them! And while the cat was cute and fun, I truly found this to be a beautiful love story. Most Amish fiction concentrates on current characters. This story focused on an elder Amish woman sharing her love story with four young people. Yes there was heartache. Yes there was struggles. But this was a powerful love story that will stay with me for a long time. This is a definite re-read!

Snow Angels

First, I loved the setting of this story. I don’t think I’ve seen too many Amish stories in southern Texas! Second, I loved Lupe and Diego. Though not main characters, they brought fun and wonder to the story. Seeing things such as snow was so new and foreign to them, and I found their point of view fresh and inspiring. And third, the David/Molly/Bobbie triangle was very entertaining. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I will say that it left me one satisfied reader.

Home for Christmas

What a sweet yet heart wrenching story. Allison and Lulu absolutely stole the show on this one. Both girl and dog had my heart from the very beginning, and I could tell I was in for a ride with them. It proved that people and dogs really do have a connection, something I’ve always believed in. This wasn’t just a love story between Ellie and Ezra, although I enjoyed reading about them. It was more of a story about what it means to be a good neighbor, and learning to find your own way. It was the perfect ending to this novella collection.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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How can you believe in love and not believe in God's love for you? 

Christmas is all about love and these short Amish stories reflect the love of Christ during the season of hope.

Winter Kisses-Barbara Stoltzfus a widow lives with her daughter Naomi and mother-in law Ruth. Barbara has never desired to remarry. A broken heart is difficult to watch. Naomi seeing the pain of her mother has guarded her heart as well however, Ruth has no walls around her heart and in her own spunky way, encourages the other women to find love. Just as God is mysterious in his ways, love is as well. Love finds each women differently during the Christmas season and a reminder of those who wait will be blessed.

The Christmas Cat - Emma Bontrager has lost her husband and reflects on her marriage this first Christmas without him. A stray cat wanders into her home and seems to connect with Emma as she remembers her husband of 45 years. A group of young adults come calling on her to see how she is fairing and she reminded again of young love and what is important. Both Emma and her young visitors learn from each other the importance building the foundation of love.

Snow Angels- David Byler is confused when Bobbie McGregor comes back in his Amish world. He has been courting Molly Shrock but with Bobbie making a play for his heart, he doubts what he really wants. Molly learns firm patience with David as she has to play a fine line of how true commitment thrives. Does she let him go without a fight and lose him to the English world or is she able to fight for love that is pure and lasting? 

Home for Christmas - Ellie Whetstone a Englisher has been a left the farm from her deceased Amish aunt. With her prized dog in tow, she makes a wrong turn and ends up at the farm next door belonging to Ezra Mast a widower and his young daughter who suffers from seizers'. Ellie's dog and Ezra's daughter hit off splendidly however, Ezra and Ellie have a ways to go to build trust. Ellie is desiring to sell the farm however, discovering her aunts journals that give Ellie's heart life, she begins to know her Amish neighbors as family and discovers what home really is.

Each of these short stories reflect the spirit of Christmas in anticipating great things that God is doing. Each story reflecting on faith and love. A great Christmas read for any time of the year.

A Special Thank You to Thomas Nelson and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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ARC provided by Netgalley - Thomas Nielson.

This was a nice cozy read in the run up to Christmas, I liked all the books but enjoyed some more than others. 

Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman 4/5
This was a lovely story of 3 generations of women finding love and not in the way they imagined, I like how it showed how death had affected them all differently. I wish Eli got some help with his dad though. 

The Christmas Cat by Amy Clipston 3/5
This was a different take on the typical romance, I liked that we got the beginning of some relationships and the ending of others. I really liked the group and how they found a way to help Emma. 

Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin 2/5
This one wasn't my favourite but I liked the secondary story with the foster children. I feel like if David told the truth at the beginning everything would of gotten solved a lot quicker. 

Home for Christmas by Ruth Reid 4/5
I haven't read many books with an Englisher coming in to the community so this was refreshing. There were many comedic moments as well as some serious ones with Alison.
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Wonderful written stories by some very amazing writers. So stories are so funny and so will have tears in your eyes. I can't wait for more from all of them.
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I have read a few books about the Amish or Plain people, but most have been mysteries. This book is made up of four heart warming novellas. They all take place at Christmas time and have various themes such as Lost Love, Grief and love remembered, forgiveness, friendship etc. Each story can be read in one sitting. I am not going to go into detail about each story, you can read that in the book description, but suffice it to say that they are heart warming stories that show us God's grace and love. There is love in all four stories and show what the meaning of Christmas really is. I have not read any books by these authors, but suspect that some of the characters and their back stories may be told in their other books. Because these are novella, there is not a detailed plot in the stories, but they are a refreshing read for this time of the year. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a sweet, romantic, clean story.
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Winter Kisses -- Naomi, her mother, and her grandmother all live together, Naomi's mother, Barbara, and her grandmother, Ruth, are widowed, and Naomi has never married. They decide to rent out their daadi haus to some men who have moved to the area for construction jobs, Wayne and Jethro are widowed, and Eli is the youngest. 

Ruth is quite the character, opinionated and unstoppable in her search for a husband. Wayne and Barbara are surprised by their attraction to each other, and Barbara is hesitant at first, but Wayne's constance and patience win her over. While Eli and Naomi find love too. 

I loved the humor in this book, that made it a very quick and enjoyable read!

The Christmas Cat--Emma and her husband, Henry, spend their first Christmas together with some unexpected visitors. A cat shows up and makes himself right at home, and a group of young people get snowed in with Emma. The cook, eat, and recount stories. I loved how considerate and kind the young people were to Emma, while they were snowed in with her.

Snow Angels--Molly and david have been courting for over a year now, and she's been dropping hints, but he hasn't seemed to notice. But when a girl from David's past shows up and and he can't seem to keep his eyes off of her, Molly wonders if this is the end for her and David. 

Bobby is English and her father owns a ranch, she's home from college because her father had a heart attack.

Will David be able to make a decision or lose them both?

Home for Christmas--Ellie's father was Amish, but when she was young, her mother took her away and they lived in the English world, but when she inherits her aunt's farm in Michigan she gets a chance to go home for the first time. She doesn't know where she's going so when her GPS directs her to the wrong house, she meets Allison and her father, Ezra who live there. Allison bonds with Lulu, Ellie's dog, and even seems to be able to sense oncoming seizures. But Ezra thinks that Lulu causes the seizures. As Ellie get's used to her new home and reads her aunt's journal, she comes to understand some things that she has been looking for all along.

I loved how different all the stories were and how they all came together. I loved Grandma Ruth, Emma's visitors, how Ellie finds a home, and Snow Angels was my favorite with how it all came together in the end! Fantastic Christmas read for fans of romance and Amish fiction!

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Perfect for the season, different tales but the same satisfying feeling of peace at their end.

Of a type, but excellent examples therein.
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This is a very enjoyable set of four Christmas novellas.  These are all sweet and make you cry.  
The first book is Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman.  This is a story of romance between neighbors.  Will the three generations of women fall in love with the three men who rent the David Haus from them.  
The second book is The Christmas Cat byAmy Clipston.  Emma learns to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas again.
The third book is Home for Christmas by Ruth Reid.  Ellie is a wonderful character.  She has to decide what she will do with her life.
The fourth book is Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin.  I liked Molly.  I don’t know if I would have been quite so patient.
I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
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Literary Foursome Strikes Gold!

When Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, and Ruth Reid get together, you know you’re in for a treat.  What a group of stellar authors to collaborate!  And these collections are so satisfying – you can read for a while and already have finished a story.  The latest collection, An Amish Christmas Love, does not disappoint.

Here’s a brief synopsis on each novel, as well as my take on each one.

Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman tells of three generations of Amish women living together:  Naomi, who is young but has already given up on marriage; Barbara (Naomi’s maam), who is widowed and uncertain about ever marrying again; Ruth (elderly widowed mother-in-law to Barbara)…who is as spry as a Cheshire cat – and constantly on the hunt for a man!  

When three eligible men rent the women’s’ daadi haus for a month, is there a love match for each?

My Take:  A wonderful novella full of fun and a bit of intrigue.  Each character is winsome and worth knowing!

The Christmas Cat by Amy Clipston tells of newly widowed Emma Bontrager, who is experiencing her first Christmas without her beloved of 45 years.  When a plump orange cat appears at her doorstep, she tries to scram the critter away….until he finds a way into her home and her heart.  Then on Christmas Eve, four youths appear at Emma’s home to bring her some Christmas cheer.  As the five gather around, Emma reminisces about the love of her life.

My Take:  This was such a heart-warming novella.  I really enjoyed the love of the younger generation towards Emma – if only more youngsters were that way!

Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin shares the story of David Byler, who couldn’t decide which world he wanted to belong to, has finally found sweet, endearing Molly Shrock.  But when his red-boot-wearing, Englischer ex-girlfriend, Bobbie McGregor comes back home – she wants David back.  Now David can’t decide what world – or what girl.  And what about poor Molly?

My Take:  Fans of Irvin’s Amish of Bee County series will be thrilled to finally flesh out David’s story.  It was also great to catch up with Lupe and Diego.  A satisfying end to David’s storyline.

Home for Christmas by Ruth Reid tells of dog-loving Englischer Ellie Whetstone, who heads to her deceased aenti’s home that she inherited.  When her GPS takes her to Amish Ezra Mast’s house, he is quite surprised to find an Englischer and her large dog in his home!  How will this story resolve, especially since Ezra has a child with an exceptional health problem.  Read and find out!

My Take:  This was a very charming novella.  I was hooked in as soon as Ellie plopped her RV behind Ezra’s barn.  The characters – including (if not especially!) the dog – are fantastic.  Definitely my favorite of the four novellas.

I was given An Amish Christmas Love in exchange for my honest review.  I found the stories engaging – to the point that I wanted to keep reading to find out more about each character!  This literary foursome has struck gold again – add this to your TBR pile – even if you don’t get to it before Christmas!
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Very sweet collection of Christmas themed love stories! Short enough to read a story in an afternoon but long enough to give a well rounded out story. Very happily ever after feeling. Loved each story. Felt some parts of the stories were a bit rushed but still liked the book. 
I received a digital copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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