Blood and Stars

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OOOOOhhh!  I loved this!  This is just the kind of story I like.  I hope there is a sequel as I would love to read it.  More please!
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Blood and Stars is the fifth book in Jaime Lee Mann’s Legend of Rhyme series. It continues Ariana and Asher’s story started in the first book but also expands the universe out to follow multiple other story-lines, each one connected but not necessarily in the same time period. As such, it reads very much like a collection of short stories, before bringing them together in the finale. This format works particularly well as the individual stories are quite different; but my favourite part of the way the novel has been written is the fact that each section begins with a poem (rather befitting of the series’ name).

The poems are a rather enjoyable method of summarising key information relevant to the following section and provide some hint as to what is to come. This was particularly useful for me as I have only read the first two books in this series so was missing a large amount of plot. Despite that, and with the help of the poems, I was able to follow the book reasonably well. There is a glossary and family tree at the end which also helped provide key information of past plot points but, as I was reading on the kindle, I did not get to it until I had already finished the book.

As I mentioned, there are multiple story-lines within this book. We have Ariana and Asher who must come to terms with their destinies, Calla who is bound in a dying slumber and her only hope being her evil sister Elora, the mermaid Teagan who is determined to find her parents and Grimblerod who longs to be reunited with his one true love. As you can imagine, a lot happens in Blood and Stars but Jaime Lee Mann does an excellent job of keeping hold of all the various threads and tying them up neatly at the end of the book. At no point do you feel lost or overwhelmed, or even frustrated by cliff-hangers.

Even though this is a novel for younger readers, it is very much readable by anyone – the novel is easy enough for children to understand, but there is enough occurring within the pages to keep you interested. The world Jaime Lee Mann has created in this series is fascinating, with so many facets that you feel like you could keep on exploring it forever.
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The series has definitely matured since it first began five books ago and I've loved being a part of it and seeing the writing, the plot and the characters all mature to the point that we're at now.

It had been a little while since I read a Legend of Rhyme book and I love that there is both a character guide to help bring you back up to speed AND there are lovely little rhymes at the beginning of each 'story' to remind you of what has happened previously. 

The author's introduction mentions that she reads each and every review left for the series on Goodreads and Amazon, and in response to these she decided not to end this book with a cliffhanger, and true to her word this one is wrapped up so satisfyingly and yet still poised for the next installment. In fact, this book on a whole revealed a lot of information and resolved a lot of threads that had been left loose in the previous books. 

This one was cleaner and easier to read than the previous book which I really appreciated. This is a really strong new book from [author:Jaime Lee Mann|10142051] in a series that also broaches topics of family relationships, raises awareness on issues of climate change and global waste and manages to wrap it all in a fairytale-esque container that is truly entertaining and exercises the imagination.

Legend of Rhyme is a lovely fantasy series with a little something for both young and old. It's the sort of series I can envisage reading to my little one when she's old enough.
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Finally, after leaving everyone on tenterhooks, the fifth book in the Legend of Rhyme series is here. Blood and Stars by Jaime Lee Mann continues on from the tense ending to book four, finally resolving a lot of loose ends. With all the favourite characters from the series, this book transports readers back into the fantasy world of Coraira for more adventure and magic.

Blood and Stars is split into four stories, which eventually all merge together in an explosive climax. Firstly, as expected, the main characters, twins Ariana and Asher, have found themselves separated from each other once again. With Ariana destined to rule Coraira, legend suggests that Asher will be the opposite – a ruler of darkness. But, is there a chance he can be saved from this fate? Meanwhile, the present ruler of Coraira is dying. The only person who could potentially save Calla is her evil twin sister Elora, the infamous witch in the previous books. Can she be trusted enough with such an important task?

Concurrently, in the ethereal world of the mermaids, readers are reintroduced to the mer-queen, Starla and her apprentice, Teagan. Abandoned at birth, Teagan is hoping to discover what happened to her parents; however, her curiosity leads her into the lair of a sea witch. Be that as it may, some dangerous situations result in silver linings. 

Eventually, with the majority of the book already concluded, another character is brought back into the story. Grimblerod is still under the curse of an evil king, but he now has hope that it can be broken. As long as his love for Freya does not fail, Grimblerod’s patient determination will lead him back to where he belongs. 

With a mix of new and old characters, Jaime Lee Mann smoothly draws her fans back into the storyline with a (mostly) happy ending. There are a couple of things left incomplete, but nothing that will majorly irritate readers. There is no dreaded cliffhanger. 

As it may have been some time since children read the last book, or parents and teachers are only just being introduced to the story, the author has provided an in-depth character guide in the end pages to bring everyone up to speed. 

Blood and Stars was a more straightforward story than previous books. It resolved more issues than it created. There will be a final book coming (hopefully) soon, but there is no way of guessing what it will feature.

Legend of Rhyme is a series suitable for girls and boys. Mildly scary in parts, the adventure of the twins and their companions will entertain children and their parents. With discussion questions at the end, the books make readers think more about the storyline and help them to understand and interact with the narrative. This is certainly a series for young fantasy lovers.
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Blood and stars by Jamie lee Martin. 
Thirteen-year-old Ariana Caine has woken in Coraira, and is torn between finding her brother Asher and learning how to rule the magic realm while Calla is under a protection spell. Beneath the sea, Starla the mer-queen is bringing her apprentice, Teagan, to the Chamber of Memories to learn more about her parents. But when Starla is beckoned by one of the Ancients, Teagan is approached by a stranger, who promises to lead her to her mother and father. Meanwhile, the sea witch and her sisters are poised and ready to usurp the queen’s reign, and will stop at nothing to gain her powers. On top of it all, Elora, the infamous witch who has caused so much heartache, is now asking for trust one last time. 
Will Ariana choose Coraira over her brother?
Will the sea witch have her wish? 
What are Elora's true intentions?
An absolutely fantastic read with brilliant characters.  I have read all of this series and I love it. Can't wait for next part.  Highly recommended. Must read. Definitely worth more than 5*. Although a bit sad.still fantastic. Netgalley and Digi writing.
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*Honest review for Arc*

I have followed this book series from the very beginning, each story developing the characters I have learned to love and expanding this new immersive world with each adventure. You root for the good while hoping the bad changes their hearts, you love the adventures while hoping there will be another, and you laugh at the antics of a pair of mischievous pixies! Continue this series please!!!
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I really enjoyed myself in this book. The story just pulls you in and only lets you go because either you finished the book or you have to take care of your primary needs (like food or sleep). Because these books aren’t too long, you can just read them in one sitting and you can also start with this book in this world because there is a guide in the back, but I would recommend the first four books as well because I adds more to the story. And with that said, I am really keeping my eyes out for the next installment in this magical series.
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Ariana awakens at home but she finds her twin missing.  She really wants to find him but the queen of their land is in a coma and may not recover.  She's next in line for queen, so she has to stay home and out of trouble.  At least that was how it was supposed to work out...

Blue Moon Publishers and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 12th.

This series is all fantasy.  There are sprites, fairies, mermaids, octopuses, and more mixed in the magical people's world.  

One mermaid is trying to contain a certain family so she can use their powers for her gain.  She's also insane which becomes apparent as the story goes along.

Elora, who was turned into stone, comes to life again when Ariana makes a wish.  She's asking them to trust her but she had turned into a dark one and betrayed them before.  Can they really trust her now?  She does save her sister, the queen.  Maybe they could trust her?

The frog is bartering for his human life.  The ice dragons are coming again.  Will Ariana's twin get to come home?  Who will be left alive at the end of this book?  Read it and see.  This writer's books get better the more she writes.  Give it a try.
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This was not my favourite book in the Legends of Rhyme series, but it neatly tied up a number of threads from the preceding four books, and set things up well for the coming sequel.    
The book is divided into four short stories, each of which starts with a poem of rhyming couplets which introduce the story, and lay out some of the back history.  
The first story revolves around Elora and Asher.  The overarching theme here is the nature of evil.  Are people born evil?  If someone is told they are evil, do they need to become so?  Can a person change their destiny, their soul?  While a young Elora and Asher are in the Dark Realm, Ariana, Freya and Sibley in Coraira are trying to rescue Asher, and to wake Calla, who is still in a coma following her battle with the Jagwa demons.
The second story revolves around Teagan and the Sea Witch, Krystal, with other mermaids (such as Starla).  Teagan wants to find her real parents, and goes with Starla to the Chamber of Memories to find out where they are.  Meanwhile, Krystal, and her sisters, need Teagan’s blood for a spell to make them (or preferably just Krystal) rulers of Starla’s empire of the sea and sky.  Again, there is a discussion about what constitutes evil?  Is someone evil when their bad actions are driven by mental ill health?  Do they need vanquishing, sympathetic help or both?
The third story revolves around Calla and Elora, and the difficulty – yet necessity – of forgiveness, and how that can heal many wounds.  Sacrifice is another theme in this tale.
Finally, the fourth story revolves around Grimblerod, and his undying love for Freya.  What would he be prepared to sacrifice to be reunited with his love?  This was my favourite of the four stories.  I have always had a soft spot for Grimblerod, and wanted so much for him to have a happy ending.  
Actually, all of these stories have happy endings – of sorts.  They do not always turn out the way you think – or hope.  But there is little to really distress you, and no cliff-hanger at the end, though plenty of material left for the next episode.  
The motifs running through all the stories are the natures of evil and goodness, sacrifice, the importance of family, love and friendship, and the unity that all three seek.  
This book lacked a central story line, so was not as compelling as the previous books in the series.  But each short story was excellent in its own right, and together they created a necessary addition to the Legends of Rhyme.
I look forward to the next episode.
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Blood and Stars is the best from the Legends of Rhyme series so far. The author’s writing ability has gone up a notch.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Considering this is children’s fiction events take quite a dark turn. 

Blood and Stars is a bit more complex than the other books in the series and all the more enjoyable. 

There are a few different storylines in the books that gradually converge into one and different narrative viewpoints. The storyline was easy to follow.

Blood and Stars is a great read.
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I feel like Blood and Stars is Mann's best - and strongest - work so far. It  In this book, we are introduced to the realms within the oceans, to fascinating new characters, and despite the characters being separated by time and space and worlds, Mann impressively manages to bring them back together to wrap up this arc in a satisfying manner.

     Overall, Teagan's arc felt the most developed in terms of plot and characters. In comparison, Asher's arc felt the weakest and least feasible, whereas Elora's was a nice mix of the two. Ultimately, I think Elora's story - and a redemption of sorts - shone through in how it offered hope that despite how dark things may seem, there is always the possibility of something good to come out of it. 

     I definitely appreciated how Mann ends this series arc on a strong note, with the potential for a new (and hopefully different) series to spring forth from within the worlds already introduced (and there are plenty of them!). I would look forward to learning more about the different worlds through the eyes of new characters (and adventures), and I also look forward to seeing more of Mann's works in the future.

Note: This e-ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. But thank you Talia and Blue Moon Publishers!!!
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Note: *** To read the first four titles in the Legend of Rhyme series, please email Talia at***  [This book really needs to be read as part of the series.]

Excitement is at a high level as big changes are afoot. The reading is fast-paced. The writing is engaging. Our settings are In Rhyme, In the Pixie tree, in Coraira-- the mystical land of magic, and in the sea with Mermaids.. All the  parts of this book tie together for advancement of the story.  It has taken generations to come this far, will healing come, or more uncertain futures?

If you are not sure what's what since you last read one of these books, there is a summary of sorts at the end (if you are really rusty, read it first!) Again, though, the summary is not enough to start you here with this book. You should definitely read these books in order to understand the characters and the complexity of emotions and connections.
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Ariana has woken in Coraira.  She can't decide if she should try to find her brother or learn how to rule.  What will she do?  Meanwhile Teagan is taken to the Chamber of Memories by the mer-queen.  Teagan hopes to learn more about her parents.  I don't want to spoil this last story as I am assuming that you too have read the previous books.  I do want to say that there are characters added with a background as to how they fit in the story.  The characters continued to be spell me as I read it today.  Do read it as it's an excellent story.  The author did a great job with writing this book.
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Praise Jaime Lee Mann!
This is the fifth installment in the series, and although it could be read as a standalone, this series should be read in order. 
The writing style is clear and engaging. We can see how the story develops from the first book to this one, like a child's mind, we get the base of the story with great unforgettable  characters and an epic plot, that will develop into something more complex after each installment. 
I think this is a great tool for bonding with your kids, starting from an early age the love for storytelling and hopefully to read. 
The Rhymes are perfect for a bedtime story and the this book is great for interacting with kids, asking questions, it will definitely grow and fuel the imagination. 
Would love to see more from this author.
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Once again I read Jaime Lee Mann in one day, in one sitting. The stories she writes are so engaging!
This one covers the continuing adventures of the Caine children. 
It is usual with this series to flick back and forth between the main characters to keep the time line development in sync for the reader, as this book is no exception.
I liked that the story of Teagan continues in an undersea world of mer folk, that Asher is still susceptible to the Darkness in the world. There are some new characters introduced to give depth to the story and these have back story to describe how they fit in. 
Jaime Lee Mann manages to write such good stories, they are enjoyable for adults and children alike. Do give her Legend of Rhyme stories a read and then share them with your friends and family.
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I enjoyed Blood and Stars better than the last two.  The story lines, although interweaving as before, didn't get me as tangled up and I easily understood where everyone was.  The poetic interludes that gave subtle recaps helped immensely.  When we read the series in class, students still tend to struggle a bit with all the various characters and their shifting allegiances.  I wonder if the little poems will help this as well.  Often we have to map out where everyone is and what they are doing.  It's not bad as a group activity, but has caused some of my more struggling readers to give up when attempting to read on their own.  Personally, I am very curious to learn what will happen to the characters being tempted by the dark side.  It truly feels as if victory or defeat is just a breath away from each of them.
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Blood and Stars is the 5th book in the Legend of Rhyme series and is suitable for middle grade children.

Our heroes find themselves scattered:
Teagan is with Queen Starla in the Chamber of Memories hoping to find clues about her parents. When Starla is called away Teagan is lured by someone who promises more information about her parents. Can this someone be trusted since Krystal has a trap waiting? A trap and a diabolical plan between Krystal and her sisters to rid the sea of mer Queen Starla.
Ariana and Asher are separated with Asher and Elora trapped in the dark and an evil voice goading Asher into being a bad version of himself.
Ariana is in Coraira with Calla and is shocked to find she has received a crown to rule. Calla then falls under a protection spell, one which seems set to stay.
With Elora’s background no wonder no one can trust her, especially Larque, but as time is running out our heroes may have no choice.
Is there a solution for everyone or will our heroes find themselves in impossible situations? And as for Grindlerod – will he ever find the outcome he so desperately seeks?

This is another great chapter in the series and answers quite a few questions. The author promises no cliff hanger which she delivers, but the book ends well and still sets up for another story. I loved the way the book started with a poem that reminded you of what had happened in previous books and that poems were scattered throughout the book to summarise where you were or jog your memory as to what had been happening with the other characters. I like that the author doesn’t try to create too many tangents to the story at the same time so that concentration is not lost, especially considering the target age group for the series. It was interesting that the issue of mental illness was raised for this age group, but it’s never too early to start learning, understanding and empathising.

Not too much to negatively critique in this book, just a bit of a confusing moment when Larque was spelt Large and I had to reread the sentence a few times. I also felt that the battle with the ice dragons, even though it was necessary for the particular ending, felt a little random.

I enjoyed the story and recommend it for a good, quick and light read. Be prepared for a mix of happiness and sadness! Thanks to Netgalley and Blue Moon Publishers for the opportunity to review this.
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While these books are written for much younger people in mind they are books that I have really enjoyed a lot.  

The characters and ideas are very well thought and planned out.  

The only issue with this one is that the stories were split into 3 separate o as and it made it slightly more difficult to follow.  The poems that rhymed were very entertaining and a wonderful touch to a great story
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