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Boy, did I have serious problems with this book.  It started out so well: the main character, Vivian, is a CIA analyst, married with 4 children, and she comes to suspect that her husband in a Russian sleeper operative.  As you are reading, you can't help but think about what an awful position she is in, and how terrifying it would be to trade places with her ....  It sounds terrible, and then it all gets worse, and she has herself to blame for just about everything.  She makes horrible decisions and she also seems incredibly naive.  Honestly, if our CIA is made up of agents like Vivian, I am seriously worried for our country.  I figured out just about everything in this book way before it happened, including the "twist" at the end.  Ugh.
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This was a fast paced, impossible to put down, keeps you on the edge of your seat read!  
The story line had realistic and relatable qualities sprinkled with excitement and thrill.

It starts when Vivian a CIA analyst discovers a secret about someone close to her. This causes many internal and external struggles. She has a decision to make....Does she choose her family or her career and her country?The characters were very well defined, believable, and the plot was excellently constructed. Great dialogue, some very good twists and turns.
I loved it. I need a sequel........SOON
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The only good thing about this book is its pace, which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of 1.

Anyone can probably become a CIA analyst if the dumb as bricks protagonist can become one. She is an agent who does not question anything and accepts ludicrous excuses. She writes algorithms yet just asks her husband to test the program without even trying to verify on her own or use her own resources. I kept reading hoping that at some point she will be back to her senses and recognise the such luck. There is a lot of flashback which makes you hopeful but alas no, most of it just filler. There is a lot written about her kids but not in a way that makes the reader care about them.
This is not a spy thriller.

I thank Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book.
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LovedLovedLoved this story with all it's twists and turns! Can you EVER really know somebody, and what lengths would you go to for your kids? Viv has to address these issues and more as this story unfolds. 

This is a fast read - I couldn't put it down as I read how Viv and Matt worked together to "fix" what could be a national security threat. I couldn't predict how it would play out as Viv needed to make a decision after decision regarding her job and the safety of her four children.

Loved the ending! Highly recommend to those who are looking for a contemporary sophisticated read.
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What a fast-paced thriller! This one really kept me on the edge of my seat. I literally felt sick for the main character as she made some impossible decisions. I LOVED it until the epilogue. I honestly wish it wasn't there. I had guessed that it would go in that direction, but I was hoping it wouldn't. That's all I'm going to say about that, so I don't give anything away, but it was still a fantastic book overall!
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Maybe it was the hype but I was excited to read this just didn’t completely deliver. It was good and I read it quickly, but it wasn’t as tightly written as I hoped it would be. Moments of predictability mixed in with some twists and turns.
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I couldn’t remember exactly why I originally requested this because it wasn’t my usual type of thriller but I was hooked from the start. The Russian sleepers and CIA talk was thrilling during a particularly interesting time in history. Bringing Vivian into so many situations that were terrifying and exhilarating.
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Wow, this was a great Russian spy book- full of unexpected surprises! Loved how the author craftfully turned extraordinary dilemmas into very relatable and accessible scenarios. I highly recommend this page-turner. Thank you NetGalley, author and publisher for the advanced copy. All opinions are my own
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This was such a wild ride. I love crime dramas and thrillers, and this was exciting. One of the "stop everything and read, do not even eat" sort of books. 

The story centers on Vivian, a CIA analyst who is researching Russian sleeper agents living in the US, and has come up with a computer algorithm to find them She gets into a Russian's computer and BAM, everything in her life changes. 

As for any thriller, certain tidbits will ruin the story, I knew only the blurb and I loved the ride this took me on. 

Read this, don't stop, it's amazing.
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This is a favorite type of mystery/thriller. I liked all of the characters and the fact that it read fast. Will make a great tv show or movie.
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I was so impressed with this book, i did not except to like it as much as i did!! lots of suspense and you did not know where thew book would take you..
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Riveting! You'll want to strangle Vivian Miller, and you might even keep shouting at the book, "No, don't do it!" but you won't be able to put this modern spy tale down.
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My coworker and I read this at the same time and it was a MAJOR page turner. We both rate it 5 stars! I usually don't read the spy or political thrillers but I am sure glad I read this! Makes me think a sequel is in the works..........
Thank you for the copy of this one. Would definitely recommend!
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This novel grabs the reader from the start. Vivian, a CIA analysis working with uncovering sleeper cells world falls apart with just one picture. This was a fast-paced suspense novel with a few twists. Vivian was quite naive and the story was predictable at times. It was a fun book that most will who enjoy.
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4/5 Excellent read. Fast paced, interesting and characters who kept the action going. I truly enjoyed the story line and the ending! Highly recommend.
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I give the book 4.5/5 passports. 

I got this book from Netgalley. This is a very gripping story, yet very annoying also. The ending was a bit frustrating for me. Ah, I wanted to smack Vivian in the head to stop doubting her instincts. To trust her woman's intuition. But to think about it, it wasn't that easy for her also granting the situation and all the circumstances and the things she would have to lose. This is story presents a very complicated dilemma of following your heart for love of country or for the love of your family. It's a choice between either breaking her heart and family or committing treason. Which would you choose?

I haven't read Karen Cleveland before and I totally enjoyed this thriller. The pacing is just right and the mix of characters is just perfect to mislead you who's who. Being an avid fan of thrillers, mysteries and spy novels, in a way, I had an inkling of what the story is going to be. When Vivian discovered that one of the Russian sleeper agents was someone she knew, I had an idea then who it was and I was right. Then after that, you will start to get lost in the story. Lost, not because you will be confused by the next events but rather you'd be so entrenched and involved in the story. I became Vivian's ally and the only other person who knows her secret and the moral dilemma she's battling with. I too was dumbstruck what to do. It was unbelievable that she was able to avoid detection. I knew that someone else had to be in it also inside the agency. There has to be a mole or a sleeper agent who has gotten inside its walls. 

Wow! Definitely the Russian got one point in this story. The conspiracy was well-planned and was laid out even before Vivian came into the picture. It was so well-planned that Vivian was actually targeted and how her career progressed was also part of the whole scheme. Incredible! I hate the guy. I can't say which guy is it because that will then unravel everything and would just spoil the story. But the guy that's very close to Vivian wasn't anything he was claiming to be. I am not even sure if he really loves Vivian. It was all part of the mission and Vivian helplessly feel into it. What she had to go through wasn't worth it just to protect that person she thought had her and their families best interest at heart. No. It was Mother Russia right from the start. 

I give the book 4.5/5 passports. This is like "How to be a Russian Sleeper agent in the US." With the author being a seasoned CIA analyst, she had made the story so believable and so engaging. My heart goes out to Vivian and I wanted to be her ally and help her see through all the deception and lies that was fed and being fed to her. It's like having a friend who's in an abusive relationship and you wanted to help that friend but the friend is bent on helping the other party rather than herself. She's being manipulated and you can't help but stand and watch because you've been told to stay out of it. This story is delicious yet leaves a bitter taste in you mouth because of the ending. It was another revelation on itself on top of all the lies and deception. What else is there? I think this story needs a sequel because I wanted to know who else is on the conspiracy. Who else was lied to and manipulated? Who else was used as scapegoat and how deep does this go? This story makes you think which do you value more--duty and love for your country or your love for you family? Both are the same it's love. But which love is greater that makes you want to defy everything else?

Like knowing the bad news is better than knowing nothing at all.
- Karen Cleveland, Need to Know - 

Thank again, Karen Cleveland and Netgalley for the copy.
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Action, adventure, mystery, and intrigue away you in this book.

It's the story of CIA counterintelligence agent Vivian Miller.  She's a loyal, proud American wife and mom to four kids.  

Things begin to unravel as she's working on a Russian case, will she be able to trust those around her or is she being set up to take the fall?

This book was really good and hopefully we might even see a sequel.
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Wow! This is one awesome spy novel! I couldn't put it down and ended up finishing it in a day.
Vivian is a CIA analyst who works on algorithms in an attempt to locate Russian sleeper cells and handlers. She is lucky to have a terrific and responsible spouse who bends over backwards to show his love for her and their young family. That is until her faith and trust is rocked to the core when her successful computer work uncovers that he might just not be who she has always thought he is. Ethical choices are weighed against the struggle to keep her family together. Ultimately it would seem there is no way out of this tangled web.
This book has all kinds of thrills and kept me guessing from one page to the next. Refreshingly, "Need To Know" combines an old school spy novel (think Robert Ludlum or Ken Follett) with modern edgy family suspense (like Gillian Flynn or Tana French).
I hoped for a neat and tidy resolution. Still that would be too easy and ultimately more than a little disappointing. This one is a wild read and worth every minutes.
My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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This book was very suspenseful and even funny at moments. I didn't know which way I even wanted the plot to go or which character to root for because I connected with them so easily! Even now that the book is over, I can't think of a better way I would've ended it.
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Great suspense/thriller!  Very difficult to put down.  I can't wait to read more by this author.
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