Baby Animals Playing

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I'm probably a little biased because I personally loved this book. Is "too cute!" too bad of a term for a grown woman to use in describing her personal opinion of this book? Because that's the best I can do. Aside from that, I loved this book to show my child and incorporate it into his schooling. He loved the photos the most, of course, because he couldn't read the book on his own. However, as far as it being a read-along, the text is just as engaging as the photography for a child. We had fun reading this book many times, discussing various animals with their moms and/or siblings, and creating fun little exercises to coordinate for ourselves that sort of matched the play of the baby animals. Overall, this is a very engaging book and I would definitely recommend for parents and teachers alike.
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This was a very cute and interesting book that I think young animal lovers will enjoy.  The pictures were very clear and I completely envy the photographer in her adventures with these adorable and precious animals.  3.5 stars, rounded up to 4, as the young me was squee-ing for all she was worth.  #softspotforbabyanimals.  

My thanks to NetGalley and Owlkids Books for an eARC copy of this to read and review.
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Suzi Eszterhas has created a book that is both visually stimulating and educational for children of all ages!  This non-fiction text introduces students to a variety of baby animals from the well known, like raccoons and chimpanzees, to the more unique like the capybara and jackal.  She shares interesting facts about WHY the animals play and how it factors into their adult lives.  The short authors note at the end is still easily accessible by students and the "bonus" photographs and facts at the end are also fun for kids and adults alike!  I especially liked that she points out that she would not touch the wild animals without special permission and experts, as that is something that many wildlife photographers wouldn't think to point out to curious kids!  This will definitely be a great addition to my classroom!
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Wildlife photographer and advocate Suzi Eszterhaus put together one of the cutest books ever. It's all right in the title: Baby. Animals. Playing. Who wouldn't squeal at just the expectation of what's to come? Full-color photos of baby animals (and their parents) at play will make anyone fall in love, instantly. Brief nonfiction text gives some background information on how Momma bears teach their cubs to fish for salmon, or how jackal pups fight over who gets to play with a ball of elephant poop. Which will, doubtless, be most kids' favorite part of this book (it was for my 5 year-old). Eszterhas invites readers to connect with animals and nature by looking at photos, reading books, and going outside and immersing themselves in nature, just like baby animals do; it's a nice call to get the kids outside and away from TV and electronics.
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It was fantastic to see baby animals in their dwelling place with wonderful pictures.......
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This was an adorable read to share with my daughter.  It flowed well with our current studies of animals and their habitats.  We read about the baby animal, then I lead her into a discussion on where that animal would live.  It read best on our kindle fire, because it was filled with gorgeous full color photographs that captivated her.  A short read, but one that she keeps pulling out to flip through the pages and occasionally make up her own stories about the animals she sees.
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The world is awful, so why not take a break and look at some adorable baby animals being adorable? Baby Animals Playing delivers exactly what it promises and it's exactly what you need right now. Perfect for young kids and jaded adults alike. Because some days, we all just need to some some baby animals playing.
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This book shows many animals playing with their mothers and siblings. Their purpose for play is exercise as well to learn how to behave as an adult. They need to be able to fight to survive in the wild when their mothers are not around to protect and defend them anymore as well as how to gather food and take care of themselves and their own families. The illustrations are beautiful photographs taken by Suzi Eszterhas, who is a wildlife photographer and animal activist. All the photos in this book are of baby animals playing in the wild.  The text that is included are short anecdotes describing what is happening in the pictures as well as identifying the animals. This is a great read aloud story for young children. Discussions about human play and how it relates to animal play could also occur during and after reading. A great non-fiction book to add to school and family libraries. A good book for any animal lovers.
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Suzi Eszterhas is a wildlife photographer and animal activist who travels around the world taking photographs of animals and helping raising money for animal causes.

In this book she presents some outstanding, stunningly beautiful photographs of Baby animals playing in the wild - all free - no captive animals included.

There are pictures of cheetahs, chimpanzees, jackals, lemurs, bears and many more animals playing with their mothers and siblings. While playing they are learning how to be an adult animal in the future - how they will fight to survive in the wild when their mothers are not around to protect and defend them anymore.

The photographs are very high-quality and pitch perfect.

I am a Biology book collector - I collect animals books and this one is sure to be in my collection in the future!

Recommended to animal lovers - children and adults alike.

Thanks for reading my review and enjoy the book!
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Baby Animals Playing, by Suzi Eszterhas is a delightful non-fiction children's book.

Within twenty-four pages, this non-fiction book features lovely full-color photographs and focuses on adorable baby animals, as they play to learn and practice vital skills. Also, it's the first book in a new series.

Baby Animals Playing is an easy-to-read book that's geared toward young children, particularly ages three to seven. 

Note: I received this book from NetGalley, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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I do love a book on baby animals so was delighted to be able to read this one.
The images are nice bright and clear and the accompanying text is great.
Really enjoyable little book - 4 stars
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