All the Light There Is

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First of all, what a beautiful cover this book has, it caught my attention right away. Secondly, the writing is fantastic, and the kind of book that you will want to keep reading, even when you have other things you should be doing instead. 

I love books where the characters make you truly feel something for them. Especially the kind where you want so badly for a couple to work out and find their way in the face of great adversity. This author is excellent at building characters that fit this kind of description and keep you hoping for the best. 

The dialogue in this novel is written wonderfully and feels very authentic and I loved the setting. There is a feeling of danger and uncertainty early on in this book and as the characters move along in the story, the tension mounts, keeping the reader turning pages in anticipation of what comes next. In my opinion, this was a great ending for a wonderful series. I definitely recommend this book and the previous books to anyone looking for characters they can fall in love with and a story full of surprises and unforeseen twists. 

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The final book in The Healing Edge trilogy, All the Light There Is, finds Cate, Ben and the rest of the MacGregor Group at Mercier Lodge. Skeet invites the MacGregor Group to Mercier Lodge as a part vacation, part working week to discuss the team’s gifts and introduce them to part of Skeet’s team as well. Skeet wants to give Cate her inheritance from her father, who died over a year ago, and show her the beautiful lodge that her father was one-tenth owner in. Ben is overly concerned about letting Cate go to the lodge with all the mystery surrounding Skeet’s research and the possible implications in her father’s death. 

This series is easy to read and touches on many of my favorites categories; paranormal abilities, romance and mystery. Cate recently joined the MacGregor group and is dating Ben, her boss. Ben is head over heels for Cate and has made it is life goal to protect her from harm, which Cate has a way of finding without even looking for it. Each member of the group represents a certain paranormal ability and their skills are needed to figure out what is really going on at the lodge. 

Even though this is the last book in the trilogy I am hoping that Eden will continue the series as many authors are now doing by starting a new series that focuses on another aspect of the characters and their stories.
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The Healing Edge Series is about Cate Duncan’s journey of self discovery, both with her empathic talent, her familial psychic talents, and her feelings for her new boyfriend Ben. All The Light There Is starts up where the previous novel leaves off, with Ben and Cate enjoying their new relationship while on a trip to Washington DC to show off her groups talents in an ancient power circle.  This double kheir enhances each of their talents enabling them to extend their psychic reach. With this power they will be able to increase their healing efforts in those who come to them for help. Unfortunately, evil finds Cate and her friends, wanting to use their talents for commercial gain, and she must “bite the head off the snake”to put an end to this other organization.

This was, by far, my favorite book in the series. Cate and Ben’s love for each other was not physical, because of rules of celibacy during her training, which really put the focus on their emotions. As an Empath therapist, Cate has helped heal clients by creating portals which allows her to sift through their emotions. With Ben, the portal is shared and when open, their feelings are deeply felt. I have never run across these types of descriptions in a romance novel and really enjoyed how that gave the characters added depth and allowed the reader to share in that connection rather than be a voyeur in the bedroom.

The other cast of characters in these novels are unusual and likeable. I’ve mentioned before that my mother is a hypnotherapist and some of the techniques described in these books were familiar to me, which made it fun to read. I think that even if you’ve never gone to a psychic for a reading , had Raiki, or your aura cleansed, you will enjoy all of these characters for their lively interaction with each other and their diversity. Cate and Ben’s love story is at the center of these books but the main attraction is the exploration of the psychic arts. Anise Edens talent lies in the intermingling of the two.
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I had a bit of a difficult time enjoying the character of Cate.  She is always needing to physically be touched by Ben.  She is an empath who does not seem to show any empathy.  She does not truly ever seem to contribute to the team in any way with her special powers.  She is only there because of who her father was.  Now the story and drama behind her father is what made the the book readable.  Finding out the back ground, who the killer was, and why was the interesting part.
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This is a very light paranormal suspense.  It's well written and essentially everything is built around the character's connection to the paranormal.  The author also does a good job of recapping some of the events from the previous books, so you don't feel lost.  The suspense wasn't very suspenseful, you knew who the bad guys were and what they wanted.  Sure there were some aspects that you didn't know but during the big reveal, they didn't matter or have any impact.  There is a build up of sexual tension between Cate and Ben that we as readers never get to see or read to fruition.  Cate is kind of a selfish character even though she's an empath, she constantly takes from Ben emotionally and other characters but doesn't seem to reciprocate.
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3.75 stars

Plot: 4.5/5
Characterisation: 3/5
Prose: 3.5/5 (1st person POV, heroine's)
How much I enjoyed it: 4/5

In a world where psychics are finding their way to use their talents, its easy to envision evil forces trying to exploit these talents for their own use. Apart from the characters having psychic talents and the history of "kheir", the story is more of a romantic suspense than the usual paranormal romance. I did not have any trouble picking up the paranormal backstory without reading the 1st two books. 
Also, its a nice change of pace having the main characters already a couple deepening their relationship instead of starting it. Even with the fact that they knew each other less than a month, their relationship was more of solid trust than insta-lust. I do wish the plot pacing was a little faster.
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