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This was a great start to a new cozy mystery. I thought the protagonist was really interesting and I enjoyed learning more about her and her issues with her family. The mystery was also multi-faceted which is uncommon in the cozy genre, and I appreciated that it wasn't quite as straightforward. The setting was also fun - I love libraries, and the haunted element was a unique element. Finally, the love interest introduced intrigued me and I can't wait to see where this series goes. My only complaint is that there seemed to be so many characters introduced quickly that I had to pause a few times to remember who was who.

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I enjoyed the book, and I liked the premise. But I felt that the characters weren't very clearly drawn. It seemed that they behaved in the way that the plot dictated, not that the plot went where the characters went. I hope that the characters will take over in the next book, because I will probably read it.

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Death Overdue is the first of a new series by Allison Brook and it's a great beginning to the series.

Carrie Singleton is visiting her aunt and uncle in  Clover Ridge, Connecticut, and is about to leave when she is offered a permanent job as head of the program and events department  at the library where she had been working.   She takes the job and meets the resident ghost, a former librarian.  Her first event is the retired homicide detective,  Al Buckley, who handled the murder of a library aide 15 years before and claims he knows who killed her.  When he collapses and dies during the event, Carrie feels responsible for talking her boss into letting him come when her boss thought they should drop the event.  Carrie is determined to find the killer and justice for Al.

The mystery is great, the story progresses at a steady pace, the characters are well defined.   I see this series becoming a favorite with cozy readers.

Please note:   I was given a copy of this book by the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.

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Carrie Singleton is excited to take on her first big event after becoming the head of programming at Clover Ridge’s haunted library (it has a ghost!). Carrie invites retired detective Al Buckley to speak. Buckley believes he know who killed library assistant Laura Foster, fifteen years ago. During his talk, he fall down dead, but this was no heart attack. The detective had been poisoned. Carrie feels responsible for the man’s death. She believes the same person who killed Laura killed Al, to keep him quiet. Determined to find the killer and get justice for both Laura and Al, sets out to unmask the killer. Even her own friendly, resident library ghost may be able to keep Carrie safe. I got such a kick out of this story! As a librarian who is constantly asked if my own library is haunted (sadly, the answer is no), I loved Carrie and her library ghost

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I have read a lot of cozy mysteries which I am a big fan of . I really enjoyed this book it was brilliant , it was unusual as Carrie wasn't the normal sluth.,and Dylan is dark horse I hope Carrie and Dylan get together. Well I was suprised as to who the murderer was I never guessed. Many thanks for letting me review this book . Look forward to the next one by this author..

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