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This book is broken into ten chapters. It seeks to take you through the who, what, where, when, how and why of the bible. There is a chapter devoted to each. The how is split between two chapters, one for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament. The RSV-CE translation is used for the scripture included in the book. I love that since the RSV and NSRV are my preferred translation. 
Each chapter includes a review, an invitation and a God prompt. The review is a quick rundown of some main points of the chapter, which I appreciated because sometimes a summary is needed. The invitation allows us to apply the scripture and chapter to our lives. 
The God prompt is a practical example of Lectio Divina using the LOVE acronym to move through the steps. This section invites us to allow scripture to come alive in our lives and to LOVE the Word. L-listen O-observe V-visualize E-entrust. I loved this section because I got real live examples that I can work with and learn from. I got to look and move through a variety of scripture that I can now go on my own, apply the steps and dig deeper into scripture. This book is a very good practical resource. Great for use on your own or with a group study.
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A book that has some fresh perspectives on chapters of the bible, I didn't realise it was a catholic centric book but I still found it insightful and I learnt a lot.
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