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Enjoyable. I was not familiar with the author.
Honestly, I don't know if I would purchase her books myself.
I just wasn't really into the characters.
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I did not get to read Dubious first!!!!! 😭😫

I did really love the chemistry and intensity between Gabriel and Valentina!
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A well written part two of this series. You have to read DUBIOUS first to get the background. It is not a standalone story.
A story where a lot happens. Sometimes this can be confusing. But this part is way better than the first. I like the unexpected twists and that you can predict some things but also gets surprised.
The chemistry is better here and the mix of danger, drama, love, personalities, family, killers and emotional ups and downs makes the story worth the read. It keeps you on the edge to know more.
It has a bit of darkness that suits the story.
Worth the read and ending of this two part series could not be better.
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I received this book free fr review from Netgalley.

This is the sequel to Dubious.
This one was great honestly my enjoyment of it was about as high as the first book. I still felt like the characters stayed strong and the plot line was a good continuation.Obviously there were a few plot points that really bothered me and at times the story felt a little rushed but I still really enjoyed it.I most likely would continue with this series.
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Consent by Charmaine Pauls is book 2 in The Loan Shark Duet and continues right where Dubious (book 1) left off. This fast paced, addictive, emotionally charged novel will have you hooked and totally engrossed in the pages of this story.
Charmaine takes us deeper into Gabriel and Valentina's complex relationship and life and thoughout this novel there was never a dull moment. 
So many emotions, so many twists and turns, it will all have your head spinning and have you wondering what's next. 
Told in dual POV we are given both parties feelings and insights which make them both so much more relatable. Apart from these two well-developed main characters, the secondary characters continue to lend support and balance to the story. 
Although a duet, this book is so different from the first book and I loved how Charmaine switched up the plot. Yes Gabriel continues to be the domineering male he always was but Valentina was so much stronger in this story. I loved it. 
Charmiane Pauls outdid herself with this novel. She gives life to these characters and weaves a tale that's so utterly fascinating you will not be able to stop reading for one moment. This well-written page turner is worth way more than five stars and I would highly recommend it. 
*I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.*
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This book was dark and gritty! The writing was fantastic and I loved the twists and turns in the relationship. This was mob romance at its best!
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If you haven’t read this book, get on it fast! Such an amazing love story and and you won’t regret reading an epic series! You’ll definitely laugh and cry over this mind blowing couple!
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This is the second book in this series. This book picks up where the first one finished. So glad I had this book after the cliff hanger ending from the first one. This book is the perfect ending to this series. Again amazing characters with an exceptional story. I can't wait to read more from this author in the future. 

Highly recommended
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book
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Consent: The Loan Shark Duet (Book 2)
I did not read the first book but I didn’t have a hard time understanding what was going on in this part of the book. Some Spoilers*****

Valentina – is a beauty woman who has suffered a traumatic event that had changed her life. She is basically forced into servitude to Gabriel. She works as his maid and his lover. 
Gabriel- is an overpowering gangster who dominant over his domain including Valentina. He is intimidating and many fear his family and their connections. After experiencing his own personal trauma and the discovery that Valentina is pregnant he wants to change into a better person. A person that his son can be proud of and not follow in his father’s footsteps. 

Some of the best parts of the book where when Valentina was on the run with her bother Charlie. The intensity that went into that part of the book was great and a page turner. Left me wanting to finish this book in one night. However, the book slowed down a lot when Gabriel found Valentina. She was confused about their relationship and where she stood and what Gabriel’s feelings were toward her. 
The later part of the book was predictable and drawn out. I found myself putting the book down and coming back to it a day later or so later. The supporting characters Rhett and Quincey were interesting because they were described in the book as being tough guys and body guards that were responsible for protecting Gabriel and his family however once Valentina had the baby they turned in to something else ( Mother Hens). Plus, they went from making what I assume was a lot of money to none at all once Gabriel died. I guess that I just over thought this book. Some of the storyline was a little too farfetched especially when Valentina was able to figure out that Gregor Malan was really Gabriel with face surgery. Overall the book was a good read but at times I did several eye rolls at Valentina continued weakness and lack of confidence.
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Consent by Charmaine Pauls is Part 2 of the Loan Shark Duet.  Consent begins with the cliffhanger that Dubious ended on.  For that reason, I would suggest reading Dubious before Consent.  

I enjoyed Consent more than I did Dubious. With the first novel, I had a hard time getting past the way Gabriel made Valentina his property. Gabriel's past abuse tainted how he could express love, and Valentina wasn't as much of a prisoner as it seemed, but it still bothered me. In Consent, this changes. Gabriel and Valentina learn of a shared connection from their pasts. Due to this, they get free of his mother's hold over them. Although these past events were a terrible way to gain that freedom, it works to their advantage. The twist was welcome. I also loved the way their story unfolds so that they can be together. Valentina gains control and is no longer at Gabriel's mercy.

Be warned this is a dark romance. There is a strong domination/submission theme in this book. I had slight issues with their story because of Gabriel's possessiveness, but in the end, I thought it turned out beautifully for the couple. I applaud the author for ridding my unease with Valentina's relationship with Gabriel. I recommend giving Dubious and Consent a try. 

All opinions are my own and may not match that of others. I encourage readers to come to their own conclusions. I voluntarily received an ARC copy of this book through NetGalley.
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I really wish I had something nice to say about this book but it's getting tiring reading the same old trilogies with (barely) a new skin on it. Woman owes a debt, man comes to collect, after fighting they realize they are meant to be together. I get it.
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Consent (Book 2) picks up where Dubious (Book 1  in the Loan Shark Duet series) left off.  This is only my second review for NetGalley and I have to say I was blow away by the book and the author. The author, Charmaine Pauls did a fantastic job maintaining a balance with both the male and female characters. Gabriel was ruthless but kind and loving and Valentina was innocent and sweet and yet strong and powerful. This is a well crafted and absorbing read that I couldn't put down. I'm definitely adding this author to as a "must read"
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Whoa! What a fantastic finale to the Loan Shark Duet! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! This series has been one hell of a wild and twisty ride. These characters are so frustrating at times but it was awesome to see their growth in this book. Highly recommend this duet!
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What an excellent read.  Picking up right where Dubious left off.  Valentina scared as the news she has just found out will change everything for her.  She grabs Charlie and does the only thing that she can do, run.  When returning home Gabriel realizes that she has left and he makes it his mission and does not stop searching for her.  It is only a matter of time before Gabriel does find her.  With twists along the way this book keeps you anticipating what is going to happen next.  The love and chemistry that Gabriel and Valentina have is one they can never resist.  The ending left me wanting more, of course as you put yourself in the book and want it to never end.  The character change in Gabriel  as Valentina enters his life and world brings out a man of great love and devotion to his woman, to loving and protecting her at all costs.
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I was soooooo excited about getting to review this book. 

After the ending of the last book, I was climbing the walls with anxiety and nerves. I enjoyed very much the second part of this saga. 

Highly recommended!!
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The first book in the series was great. The second was phenomenal. Extremely fast paced, the story went exactly where I was hoping it would. The two main characters grow individually and together as a couple. There were a few light moments and some that were sad and tense. Of course there's the sizzling sexual element that is handled well by the author. The description of the seedy underbelly of South Africa is raw and evocative. The description of the beauty and savagery even more so. An extremely good read. Highly recommended.
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Consent starts right where Dubious left us. We jump right in with Valentina and is another wild ride. The second part is even darker, anguish and shocking. Just when you thought you have read it all, this part comes for more.

Valentina now has a lot of more to protect, and she will go beyond her limits to save her and her loved ones. We see new sides of her and she has to face things that would break the hardest soul but she deals with them like the brave woman she is. And then we have Gabriel, OMG! I've seen characters evolve and change but never like him. You sort of expect him to change but he goes beyond our expectations.

The story is addictive like the first part. Anytime you think you have something figure out a new surprise comes and knocks you off your feet. There are some scenes and moments that are way too hard to read (I don't want to spoil anything) but if you are emotional you will found hard not to cry. 

I loved the relevance of the secondary characters. They make the story even greater, each one brings a unique quality and enriches the story. 

I totally recommend both books. If you liked dark romance, beautiful characters, twists, and drama, you should read these books.

*** I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. ***
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What an amazing conclusion to this mind-blowing Duet!! I seriously could not put my kindle down!!! I loved everything about it!!! Quite the emotional rollercoaster that had me enjoying every part of it!!!! Valentina makes stuff happen in this one and in the best way possible. Rhett & Quincy are my all time favorite friends & protectors for her and I love their banter., I have no words! He is def one of a kind! 

Another homer in Read! Be sure to check out this duet!! You will love it!
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I loved this series!  The author did a great job making me connect with all of the characters.  I was fully invested in the story from page one all the way to the end.  Loved it!
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I really enjoyed this book it had a lot of good plot twist.  It shows you how deep someone can love.  Let's you know that when you find your soulmate no one else will do and hard it is to live without your soulmate.
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