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I received a copy of this work from netgalley for an honest review. 

I enjoyed this book greatly over the holiday season. I found it to be predictable and just kept waiting for the shoe to drop but that didn’t stop me smiling at just how lovely the characters and setting were. I had some issues with the ending being a little too realistic for the unbelievable story I was just asked to enjoy. I would recommend this book as a good fluffy royal romance.
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This was a cute read.  I enjoyed the characters and the plot twists.
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This really is just a Hallmark Christmas movie meets the Bachelorette in a YA form. While I enjoy a good Hallmark Christmas movie, I don't think they have enough substance for an enjoyable novel. Just a bunch of fluff. Also, the at least five different Disney movies referenced seemed a little self-aggrandizing as Disney-Hyperion is the publisher of this book.
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What a wonderful story! This is a story, if you're in a reading slump or looking for that perfect YA funny story that has drama and romance in it this is the book for you. I absolutely loved this book. Stephanie is a fantastic author and this is my favourite book from her so far. I cannot wait to see what she writes next because I can tell it's going to be so good. I can't recommend this book enough!

I love Dylan. She is such a fun character to follow. She has been thrown into this world she's not a fan of. Her sister is getting married and they are of to Scotland but, what makes this wedding different is that this is getting filmed for a reality TV show. Throw in some drama, a cute groomsman, a mother in law who doesn't like the thought of her son getting married to Dylans's going to be a crazy time and not to mention it's all getting filmed and, what is Jamie hiding?

Dylan is kooky and I love her. This book is one of those you can just pick up and not put down until you've finished it. I really loved reading about these characters and all the craziness that followed. I love Jamie. He's so wonderful and nerdy and just really tops this book off.

I can't recommend this book enough!
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A cute, light romantic read that still manages to deliver some poignant messages about family dynamics and healthy bf/gf relationships based on friendship first. A must-purchase for our library collection!
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Stephanie Kate Strohm’s Prince in Disguise is fun, predictable YA read 

With Prince Harry’s recent engagement to Meghan Markle, The celebration of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s 70th anniversary, and the excitement surrounding the Duchess of Crambridge’s pregnancy, the British royal family has never been more popular. This makes the timing of Prince in Disguise perfect, except for one major element that comes at the end.

***Spoiler Alert***

The problem comes with Jamie’s somewhat secret identity — as the sixth person in line for the throne! That’s right. He’s right in line after Prince Harry, and Dylan is completely clueless until the end. No one ever mentions it. No one ever uses his title. This takes the whole premise from unlikely to unbelievable, and it ruined the end for me. If only the author had chosen a more obscure relative.

***End Spoiler***

Prince in Disguise is a silly modern-day fairy tale. But it’s an addictive silly. It’s easy to get swept up in the story and imagine it playing out on the small screen like a Hallmark movie. Many people won’t have a problem with the “big twist” at the end (see spoiler), but I found it a bit of a letdown. Overall, though, Prince in Disguise is harmless fun that many readers will enjoy binge reading.
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Before I jump into my review I would like to thank Disney Hyperion and Netgalley for providing me with an advanced reader copy of Prince in Disguise in exchange for my honest review. And now for my review...

This was a cute and cheesy romance that takes place in castle in the Scottish Highlands (*cue Outlander theme song*). I liked the concept of a reality show and how life can become impersonal when cameras are constantly following your every move. There was just enough drama to keep readers reading, although some of it did seem a little bet contrived.

Dylan was a good character and I loved watching her come to terms with her sister's upcoming wedding and having her life constantly documented. I also loved her love interest, Jamie ( even though he isn't Scottish, he reminds me of another fictional Jamie *swoon*), and how down to earth he was. I really want to read more of him and I hope there will be a sequel.

Overall, it was a cute read although some of the other characters were annoying. It was also slow in some places. However, this is the perfect read if you just want something cute and fluffy to read by the fire place this is the perfect read. I am giving it 3/5 Stars.
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This book is the perfect antidote to the current climate of reality television and royal weddings. Dylan is the younger, awkward sister of pageant winner and reality star Dusty. When Dusty's wedding takes place in Scotland over Christmas break Dylan finds herself in a castle in front of the camera falling for a groomsman. Prince  is Disguise is the sweet, heartfelt story of first love and finding out what matters most. Dylan and Dusty's contentious relationship leads them to some intriguing sisterly conversations. Overall, I enjoyed the love story the most, but I was touched by Dusty and Dylan's realizations about themselves and about family.
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I received a review copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

When Dylan’s sister fell for a prince in disguise—okay, really a lord, but no one else besides her seems to think this matters—her life was turned upside down. Now with realty TV cameras following her sister’s every move, Dylan has gotten none of the peace and quiet she desires and instead finds herself more in the spotlight than ever as the wedding quickly approaches.

Heading off to Scotland for the Christmas Eve nuptials, all of Dylan’s plans to be as boring as possible fly out the window when she meets Jamie—a funny and witty groomsmen who’s a complete book nerd , and who she can’t seem to get enough of. But at the end of all this will it be Dylan’s life that gets turned into a realty show?

Prince in Disguise is a smart young adult mix of a TLC wedding show and like a Hallmark Christmas movie—like everything I’m completely trash for. It was completely glorious and everything I could want.

First off, I LOVED being set in wintery Scotland. I’m all about Scotland and set amid winter—which I hate but love all the cute things that come with it—like I couldn’t handle it.Dylan was an absolute joy to read. She’s introverted, sarcastic, and just so real. She’s over this fake life her mom and sister are putting on and sees no need to pretend or even try to be in the spotlight. Everyone’s always surprised that she’s Dusty’s sister, and while that hits the vulnerable part of her (because her sister is seen as beautiful and perfect) she also doesn’t try to be anyone but herself.

And like as much as we all (guiltily) enjoy and swoon over these fairytale wedding and royalty shows and movies, we also snark over how ridiculous and unreal it all is. Dylan is so that inner monologue we all have.

Now Jamie is my kind of boy. Like literally, beyond literary. A little socially awkward, when he doesn’t know what to say he’ll start quoting famous literature, which I find beyond adorable. And as a fellow reader, that makes him a dream boyfriend right? Like we could sit and read

The supporting characters were just as great—all sort of caricatures, but as I said this is all kind of based off that realty-TV show/Hallmark movie outline, so it works.

This is definitely a story you should pick up this holiday season, no ifs ands or buts about it. It’s beyond delightful. You can find Prince in Disguise on Amazon and the author at
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Simply put? A really fun, cheeky YA story. I loved. REALLY LOVED it. While the premise is nothing new, the writing makes the story fresh and interesting. Plus you'll absolutely love Dylan and Jamie. They make everything fun, interesting, intellectual, and add the perfect level of angst and excitement.

I've never read this author before, but I will not hesitate to pick up another YA novel by her. There's something about a well-read English character who can set my heart aflutter. The book is worth reading and would recommend to anyone who enjoys this genre!
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This was pretty good, if not rather predictable. It made for a good Christmas read though, and I thoroughly enjoyed most of the characters.
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A very sweet book that takes a unique twist on the ordinary-girl-meets-a-prince routine. Likely to find fans in kids who like romantic stories, royalty, reality tv, and realistic characters.
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Dylan is a simple girl from Tupelo, Mississippi who only wants to spend time with her friends and revel in her anonymity. She feels like the ugly duckling with her newscaster mother and beauty queen older sister, but Dylan finds that she would rather have that role that constantly be on camera like her mom and sister. Dusty, her older sister, wasn't content with just being Miss Mississippi, she had to catch the eye and heart of a Scottish noble. Their love affair becomes the stuff of reality television legend. 

Dylan manages to stay out of the spotlight until Dusty informs her that the network will be filming special footage leading up to her marriage with the Scottish aristocrat. Dylan will not only have to give up her winter break plans, but she will be traveling to Scotland to attend a wedding on Christmas Eve while having her every waking moment filmed. To make matters worse, the network is trying to paint Dusty and Dylan as the American version of the Middleton sisters, a role that Dylan has no desire to fill. While she has no choice but to board the plane to Scotland, she is determined to avoid the cameras whenever possible.

Dylan's introduction to Scotland is less than welcoming when her escort fails to pick her up from the train station. This leads to an awkward introduction to a literary Brit, a pair of blue lips, and a charming Scottish pub. That is the moment when the spark of friendship between Dylan and Jamie is first kindled. They become virtually inseparable as Dylan explores the castle of her future in-laws and enjoys all the UK has to offer. Jamie makes an excellent tour guide and friend; he instantly won me over with his literary references - particularly those of a Harry Potter variety.

As Dusty's wedding looms closer, Dylan finds herself thinking of Jamie in ways that are not purely plutonic. I loved the romance in this one, but did find that it was somewhat predictable. I also loved the banter between the sisters. While they don't always see eye to eye, at the end of the day, they always have one another's back.

This is a fun and humorous read with a festive holiday flair that reminds us that appearances can be deceiving. Stephanie Kate Strohm has delivered another contemporary romance that warmed my heart in this cold December weather and had me craving a trip to the Scottish countryside. I also had to smile thinking of a Jamie in Scotland as it made my mind instantly jump to Outlander (hello, Mr. Frasier). I highly recommended grabbing a plaid flannel blanket, a hot mug of tea, and curling up with this one by the fire over the holidays. It is the perfect sort of read to give you a break from stress and a hectic schedule this holiday season. 

One Last Gripe: Ronan's mother was such a snob.

Favorite Things About This Book: I am a sucker for a Scottish setting and a dash of sweet romance. In addition, I also love how Strohm writes leading ladies who are a bit unsure of themselves and don't try to put forth a perfect front.

First Sentence: Tears coursed down my face as I tried to fight through the pain.

Favorite Character: Dylan

Least Favorite Character: Kit - he annoyed me more than made me laugh
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First I have to say this definitely had moments where things felt slow or a little too fast. But overall it was incredibly adorable and a fun fast read that will make you smile. Definitely a great story for the holidays that everyone can curl up with by the tree or fireplace. I absolutely adored Jamie's character and this book was full of romantic moments and sweet family moments that I loved.
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I liked this book so much, even though I'm older than the target audience. I was looking forward to reading a lighthearted, funny story after finishing several books containing serious or suspenseful material, and I'm glad to say it definitely fit the bill!

Dylan's sister Dusty has always been popular and in the spotlight for as long as Dylan can remember, and to top it off, Dusty is the star of a reality TV show that is keeping track of every detail of her relationship with and engagement to a Scottish aristocrat named Ronan. Unfortunately, Dylan is included in the show and has to do what the producer wants. All Dylan wants is to get her privacy back, but she has to wait until Dusty's wedding is over. Dylan's stay at Ronan's home in Scotland is only made pleasant at times by Jamie, Ronan's good friend and groomsman. As Dylan and Jamie begin to care for each other, Dylan finds it difficult to keep their relationship off camera. A few secrets come to light as the story progresses that will threaten the girls' happiness. Will both girls find their happy ending?

This was such an entertaining book! I enjoyed the humor and the many references to well-loved stories and pop culture. I found myself laughing out loud many times as I read. Though the story line is used often and is unrealistic, it didn't stop me from enjoying the book at all. Other than the mild profanity and one plot point I won't reveal, I really liked the book and recommend it to those who enjoy a good laugh and stories about relationships.

I received an eARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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I can't remember when I've had so much fun reading a book. This was a delight in every way. I laughed out loud more times than I could count. The characters were excellent - I would happily spend more time with them. Everything clicked for me with this book. This is one of my favorites from 2017.
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You ever watch one of those wedding shows on TLC and wonder what it might be like to be behind all those cameras? To be scrutinized by the public eye? To have all eyes on you, even during moments you might consider private?

Well, this book explores this situation through the eyes of Dylan, the introverted sister to the glamorous and highly extroverted Dusty who has agreed to have her wedding televised for all the world to see. Dylan rejects the idea of having the camera focused on her and her life, but she finds herself not being able to avoid the crushing attention as she travels to Scotland to attend her sister’s being wedded to a Scottish “prince.”

The author does a well enough job conveying the suffocating nature of television and the entertainment industry as a whole. I do feel as if more time could have been dedicated to diving into Dylan’s mindset to clear up the source of her anxiety when being filmed. Was Dylan bothered by TV because of its intrusiveness or was she simply shy, I couldn’t really tell.

Dylan as the main character, however, was well-rounded, believable, and fairly realistic. At times she was ridiculously childish, but circumstance and age (16) could excuse her more frustrating behaviors. Some of her dialogue/humor felt very forced but I was mostly unbothered by it.

Her love interest, Jamie was definitely my favorite. He was odd, sentimental, sensitive, and bound to literature. And he was never short on charm and wit. Cliched? Sure. But everything about this book is cliched. Purposefully, I hope. And though some fairytale-like romances can be slightly tiresome and dramatic, I can’t say I’m completely bored with them yet. Dylan and Jamie’s relationship and frequent banter were certainly the highlights of the book. It was a bit insta-lovey and not always realistic, but still extremely adorable.

The other characters were a bit more caricature than character. There’s the malicious, snobbish mother that opposes the marriage. The uptight soccer mom. The rebellious sister vs the perfect sister. The charming prince type. The token black friend. And on and on. Even so, I can’t say the the cast of characters weren’t fun and lively! They each had their faults, but they were fitting for this story in particular.

Is this a perfectly written romance? No, not really. But it’s incredibly enjoyable and re-readable, and a great book to curl up with during the holidays!
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This books comes out tomorrow and if you are looking for a feel-good, cute story, then this is definitely for you. From a literary standpoint, no, this book won’t win any awards, but if you are looking for a swoon-worthy love interest then this is the story for you.

As I mentioned above this story has a super loveable love interest, and his name is Jamie. He is the perfect boy for basically any girl who has ever breathed – he’s one of my new favorite male love interests. He was funny, witty, smart, kind, caring, PERFECT.

Another aspect I loved in this book wasn’t just romantic love, but also the familial love that was present. I loved that it was real and didn’t hold back from the unattractive times that families go to, but in the end, they still loved and cared for each other.

I am glad that they showed the real feelings of a girl meeting her dad for the first time in 16 years, and I think the way that she reacted was valid and true for most everyone who has gone through something similar. I like that this book didn’t shy away from the real parts of life.

Sure, this book is unrealistic in some parts, I mean it revolves around a girl whose sister’s wedding to an undercover royal is being broadcasted on their version of TLC. That alone is unrealistic, but more than anything this story was so much fun. It’s the perfect book to curl up with a fire on and a nice warm beverage of your choice.

As I mentioned above, this book comes out December 19th and I strongly suggest you checking this book out! I ended up giving this book a 4/5 stars.
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Royalty, reality TV and a Christmas Eve wedding come together for a light frothy holiday read that readers should enjoy. Dylan, the sister of reality bride to be Dusty, ends up in Scotland for the Christmas Eve wedding that is being filmed by The Reality Channel (TRC). There she meets bridal party member Jamie (groom's side) and romantic hi-jinks ensue. While the plot twists are predictable and some of the characters may be over the top, I found myself really enjoying the story which does unfold like a Lifetime movie (at least one of the comedies). I would recommend for anyone who enjoys light romances and/or reality TV. It is also a great choice for any teens who may have  royal engagement fever.
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This was the contemporary romance that I never knew that I needed. As soon as I saw Scotland, I was SOLD! 

I really loved the concept of a reality show following this family around Scotland as they prepared for a wedding. Poor Dylan is caught in the middle since she is the Maid of Honor and has to be filmed helping her sister prepare. All she wants is to be invisible from the cameras but TRC is not letting that happen, especially when Dylan meets a potential love interest. 

Dylan's character was very likable and relatable because there are many families out there that have the perfect, gorgeous sibling and the "ugly duckling" sibling. She's sick of people being surprised that Dusty is her sister just because they do not look alike. 

The romance between Dylan and Jamie was incredibly adorable. I mean, a handsome English boy who manages to keep rescuing you all while planning perfect dates? Sign me up! I will admit, I guessed the "twist" of the story a mile away. Even though I figured out the plot early on, it did not take away from the story. 

Without giving too much away, if you enjoy light, fluffy reads, you will most definitely enjoy this one. I just hate how much of a fast read it was, and I'm hoping for an update to Jamie and Dylan's story.
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