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First, thank you thank you thank you Disney-Hyperion, NetGalley, and Stephanie Kate Strohm for letting me read and review this early! I can't even tell you guys how pumped I was when I got the email saying this was waiting for me on my NetGalley shelf. I screamed and jumped up and down and my sister thought I was crazy, but I wanted this so bad. So double thank you!

This book was so amazing. Honestly, it was better than I could have hoped for. I will be buying a hard copy of this book for my shelves because this is probably one of my all-time favorites. It reminded me a lot of my other favorite book, Royally Crushed (which is a set of three books), they were both sweet, quirky, and funny royal romances. But this one had more family aspects, which is part of why I loved it so much.

I loved Dylan as a main character. She was so funny and genuine, I found her super easy to relate to (even though she's years younger than me) and I think younger teens will love her too. In fact, I really enjoyed all the characters in this book. Ronan and Dusty were adorable together, Dylan and Dusty's mom was sassy and strong, Jamie was swoon-worthy and quirky, Kit and Heaven were totally hilarious, and everyone else just fit super well into the plot. While it felt like I was there with everyone, going through all the reality TV drama, I found myself wishing I was really there. I was so captivated with the characters and setting and drama and romance I wanted it to be real so badly.

What really made this book special for me was the relationship that Dusty, Dylan, and their mom had. I have a younger sister and we grew up with a single mother too so this was like reading about my own family. I can relate to Dylan's life being 'just the three of us' and by the end I was fully in tears because this all just strengthened their relationship. While this book has a lot to do with the romance between Jamie and Dylan, the side story that featured Dylan and her family was what really got me. I don't think I've ever related to a book so fully before, and I loved every second of it. If you're a sister, older or younger, you'll love this.

The romance in this is subtle and sweet, but that didn't make it any less romantic! This book gave me butterflies and made me giggle because it was so sweet, and I loved it. I haven't read a romance in a while that made me feel that way and I was obsessed! I wanted a Jamie of my own, a ridiculously adorable British beau who recited poems and literature like it was second nature. How perfect does that sound?

This book packed a ton of drama, too. I believe Heaven was the one who said "This is too many plot twists. Too many. I can't handle this many dramatic revelations on one episode of Prince in Disguise." Boy, was she right. There were a ton of plot twists but they just made me want to read more and more and more! I think I devoured this book in two or three days, and I'm sad I finished so quickly because I could have kept reading forever. It was an adorable holiday read that was really like reading a Christmas fairy-tale.

I don't think I could fully explain how much I loved this book, it's definitely one of the best I've read this year. I feel completely honored to have received an ARC of this gem, and I hope you all pick up a copy when it comes out this Tuesday! I can't recommend this enough, it's a perfect young adult romance and coming-of-age story.
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While super cute and super fluffy, my main issue with PRINCE IN DISGUISE is Dylan. I liked her, to an extent... but she was just so horrible to her older sister, Dusty. I found it hypocritical that as someone who hates being recorded all the time, she wouldn't think of how it could possibly affect her sister.
However, the book definitely had a light, enjoyable feel to it otherwise. If you're looking for a snowy royal read, it's worth checking this one out.
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I really enjoyed this book! The dynamic between sisters Dylan and Dusty was fun and enjoyable to read. The elements of the reality tv show being filmed, the family dynamic, friendship, first young love, and other aspects of the story were just a lot of fun. Some of the story was predictable but not in a way that makes you not want to read the book. Dylan was a relatable, interesting character who was easy to identify with and relate to. I really appreciated the ending of the story as well, open ended and realistic for the most part, in a way that isn't roll your eyes corny or unlikely. I'd like to think things work out positively in the future, but the fact that Dylan and Jamie are both teenagers and treated as such makes it work! An entertaining read for sure. I hope the author considers a sequel in the future so we can see where everyone ends up down the line!
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My real rating for this is about 2.5 stars. Overall, this was an enjoyable and silly story--reality tv meets fluffy royal meets regular girl and falls in love type of story. It was also a quick read and easy to speed through in one sitting and I really would recommend it for that purpose. I normally do not rate those types of stories as 5 star reads because they never become part of my favorite books. The only thing keeping this from being rated 3-4 stars is that I am from Memphis, TN which is pretty close to Tupelo. The characters in this book, while cute and quirky felt almost like caricatures of people from this region--do these type of uneducated hillbilly hicks with no manners obsessed with fame exist? I'm sure they do, but it was hard to read at times and just felt over the top. Likewise, though I'm not at all familiar with Scottish culture, the Scottish characters in this book seemed a bit over the top and unbelievable as well. Still, looking beyond the over the top characterization, the story was cute and fun to read. I loved seeing Dylan's "reality check" thoughts in the midst of all these crazy fame-driven people and I loved to see her relationship progress with the love interest.
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When I first heard of this book I wasn't in too much of a hurry to read it. Not too many people were talking about it so it wasn't high on my TBR. But then I ended up reading the first couple pages... and then I kept reading and reading. 
     Dylan is the sister of the beautiful "Miss Mississippi," Dusty, who has also landed a "Prince in Disguise," a reality TV show and a husband. Dylan is to be Dusty's maid-of-honor, so they fly to Scotland.... Where Dylan's world is filmed for the entire world to see. She's not excited about being there, but there is one thing that's keeping her happy: Jaime. 
     As such a huge fan of contemps, I can honestly say that this was utterly fantastic. I was hooked. It had everything that I love about contemps, from the swoons, to the laughs, to getting mad at the characters and their stubborness. And it was an added bonus that it was a holiday read too! It was in a very cold setting, but it will make you feel warm! (Yeah that was cheesy, but it's true! lmfao)
     I also loved the characters! The main characters and all the supporting characters were what made the story for me. I liked even the smallest characters and those that weren't introduced until a good portion of the book was over. Everyone had such an important role and I loved reading about everyone. 
     I know I like a book based on how much I have highlighted. In this one, there were times when I had alsmost entire pages highlighted! Strohm haad so many great quotes and I wanted to remember them ALL. Granted most of them just made me laugh so hard I had tears leaking down my face, but I still wanted to remember them all. 
     Then there was the romance. Ok, it's RARE that I tell my husband about something that one character did and even he says, "What kind of teen is he? He made ME swoon." lmao That's how I KNOW it was super sweet! And I also loved how it just got swoonier and swoonier. By the end of the book I was literally smiling ear to ear! 
     Being honest, there wasn't anything that I didn't like about this book. From the very beginning I liked it, and I'm sure that everyone else will too!
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I love the premise of this book!  I also love finding books that the covers are unique and the kids want to instantly pick up the book!  This helps us as educators no matter what the book is about it definitely helps to have a gorgeous book cover!
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Dylan is used to being the plain sister of reality TV star Dusty, who fell in love with a Scottish lord filming hit show Prince in Disguise. Unlike her camera-ready sister, Dylan avoids the camera like the plague. But when Dusty and her "prince" head to Scotland for their wedding, Dylan is dragged along too—and the draconian production crew makes it very clear that the gloves are off on the kid sister. Fortunately, things begin to look up with the appearance of a nerdy and incredibly friendly English boy, and soon sparks are flying between camera-shy Dylan and geeky Jamie.

A cute and fluffy read that goes by very, very quickly. There were some laugh out loud moments, and some moments where I admit I did tear up a little, but like a reality TV show this had a lot of what were they thinking?! moments. However, despite me constantly asking why Dylan wasn't thinking with her head when she's so smart in other areas (*cough cough* NOT Jamie *cough*), it has a lot of heart and is an adorable holiday read. 

I received this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.
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If you are looking for a young adult, fun, and charming romance this is for you. Where  Mississippi, Scotland, and England are combined for a laugh out loud good time.  I look forward to reading more books by this author.

I received an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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DNF 33% - The premise of this book seemed like it was going to be really cute. In reality, I found all of the characters immature and annoying. It also made Scotland/England feel like a fairyland which would annoy the heck out of me if I were from one of those countries. I just couldn't make myself keep reading it.
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One Line Review: I'd wrestle an earless seal for this book.

This was absolutely wonderful! Stephanie is clearly an incredible storyteller. The characters were relatable, fun and entertaining. I had to hide in my room just to read this book to avoid all the weird stares I kept getting from my family from all the laughing I was doing. Because trust me, you'll be doing alot of that when you read this. 

Prince In Disguise was written from the POV of Dylan, the sister of the bride. Most of the time, it just felt like Dylan was in the room speaking to me. She was so real it felt like she was someone I actually knew and not just  a character in a book I was reading. And let me tell you, accomplishing that is a very rare gift in an author. 

I truly recommend this to everyone!

PS: Stephanie if you're reading this, a sequel for Jamie & Dylan is an absolute must. My life depends on it.
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Posting on the Blog December 8th,2017

Prince In Disguise is one of those books that had me laughing out loud so many times. This isn't something that easy to do for my cynical romance heart, but Dylan and Jamie have the best banter. 
Dylan is the younger sister of Dusty the former Miss Mississippi winner and the Prince In Disguise bride to be who is going to be married to a Scottish Lord!
Dylan is the less popular, more athletic sibling and has tried to stay out of the reality show and finds it all to be rather annoying. But now she can't escape it and is forced to be apart of it and her big sister's wedding. The plus side is she gets to visit Scotland and meets a certain someone who helps make it all worth it. Jamie is a groomsman in the wedding and is the same age as Dylan. This makes them the youngest in the group and automatically makes them have to spend a lot of time together. The good part of this is that Jamie knows all the secrets of the Castle and shows Dylan a good time even if the camera's are following them around the whole time. 
We slowly start to see a romance form between them and for a change I really loved it, they still had witty banter and it wasn't just all about them. Dylan was still concerned about Dusty after learning certain things and was willing to do anything to protect her big sister. 
It wouldn't be a type of reality show though if we didn't have some family drama added in as well, which means that a absent family member suddenly shows up and upsets Dylan. Jamie has his own secrets as well and it might be more than Dylan can handle on top of everything else. 

Overall I loved this book. Not only is it full of witty banter, but the side characters were the best as well. Kit and Heaven were the most unlikely pair to work together, but they did and they made something pretty amazing happen. Plus they both had witty comments and comic relief all while still being their for there friends. Nothing was left out in this book and it all worked. 
It's going to be the perfect holiday funny read that you won't want to put down!
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Fun. Cute. Sweetly romantic. Prince In Disguise is the perfect read for those who are obsessed with all things Royal, especially in light of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming nuptials. Dylan is a relateable character and I looooved that she was tall! The holiday setting was fun as was the banter between Dylan and Jamie. This is one I can give to pretty much anyone to read.
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I’m not a huge fan of holiday themed stories as they can only go two ways: amazing or awful. Prince in Disguise is duhh, amazing! Plus, we’re getting stories about Scottish and British royalty AND a real life fairytale romance! What perfect timing. But don’t be fooled because Prince in Disguise has a surprise ending for you lot. So, I will discuss that a little so here’s a spoiler warning for you lot. Read on if you’re curious!

Sugary sweet and heartwarmingly adorable, Prince in Disguise caught me defenceless and wormed its way into my cold, dark heart. Best part about it? I read it when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement was announced and let me tell you that my heart was about to burst because if that wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

Dylan has always been Dusty’s shadow, the awkward to Dusty’s glamorous, and she’s perfectly fine staying there. But, when Dusty stars on a reality tv show documenting her marriage to a Scottish lord, Dylan is dragged along onto the ride to fame. Naturally, she hates it. But wait, in Scotland, she meets her partner in crime, Jamie. And la-di-da, you can imagine what happens next. It’s a Lifetime/Hallmark movie in the making, complete with cozy scenes by the fire and romantic sleigh rides. 

Prince in Disguise is charming, delightful and heartwarming in every sense of the word. I would definitely classify it as a Christmas read as the book is set in the days leading up to Christmas (Dusty’s chosen wedding date) and one that pretty much encapsulates the Christmas miracle cliché.

The plot is pretty much how you would expect it to go except with a twist at the end that you probably didn’t see coming. Boy meets girl, they like each other, they fall in love in the snow, girl has to overcome her insecurities, turns out boy has insecurities too.

But what I really love about it, are the characters!

I loved Dylan from the very moment we meet her cramming saltines into her mouth in an attempt to beat the world record. It sets the tone for the kind of down-to-earth girl that we will spend the rest of the book with. She’s sassy when she needs to be and adorkable almost all of the time with a curiosity for adventure. It’s absolutely clever that Dylan is a tall girl yet all she wants to do is hide from the world in her peaceful, little corner. Jamie is your classic romance novel heartthrob complete with husky-blue eyes, a winning smile and height. He’s so amused by Dylan’s American-ness and complete lack of, for lack of a better word, fortune-hunting. 

But, what makes Prince in Disguise even better is the relationship between the women. Forget about Jamie, you know he’s a happily ever after kinda boy. When we meet Dylan and Dusty and their mother, their relationship is incredibly tense. Dusty and Mom sit on the cusp of stardom, chasing the bright lights and the big city, and it’s a life that Dylan just cannot stand. Dylan resents Dusty and Mom’s Barbie looks, happy to resign herself to looking like a tomboy and never wanting to be like “other girls” (cue eyeroll). But, I’ll admit that when Dylan stood up for Dusty and recounted all the times she was just a big sister who loved her and Dylan loved her back, I cried. After all, I have a baby sister and if I said I didn’t love her, I’d be lying (shh, don’t tell her I said so).

Not to mention, because this book is published by Disney, Prince in Disguise is littered with Disney references, making Dylan a huge Disney geek. I’m a huge Disney geek. Avery Approved. And both Dylan and Jamie are Potterheads. Need I say more?

Prince in Disguise is the book to snuggle under the covers with and drink hot cocoa while the lovely waltz theme from The Princess Diaries is playing in the back. So, what stopped me from giving it a full five stars?

Prince in Disguise is one of the whitest books I’ve ever read. I think Dylan’s best friend, Harmony, is a POC but I can’t be sure. It’s never clearly stated as far as I am concerned.

Just like Elsa said, you can’t marry a man you meet in a day. Well, you can’t fall in love with someone you’ve only known for a few days. You don’t even know anything about him! I was at about 30% of the way in and they’re already declaring their love for each other! Definitely a Disney thing. 
Dylan’s lack of knowledge about British customs and culture seems unrealistic. For a Disney geek and a Potterhead, she knows next to nothing about the culture/food/customs. Which, let me tell you, is unlikely for someone who loves Harry Potter. Plus, you can practically stream Skins just about on any platform. Or Sherlock. Or Downton Abbey, for fuck’s sake. It makes Dylan seem extremely sheltered and uncultured. 

But what do I know? I’m not American, nor from the South.

Spoiler Alert:

Okay, I promised you a spoiler alert so look away.

Are you looking? 

Skip to the end to avoid.


There is no happily ever after. Dylan and Jamie part ways. Without even trying. Thus is inconceivable. It’s just a Christmas fling! No. You can’t do this to my heart. Ugh. Okay, I’m done. 


Prince in Disguise was an easy, cheesy but lovely read. It was a much needed dose from my spree of fantasies and science fiction and it didn’t disappoint. Will it be one of my favourites? I don’t think so. But is it a Christmas book I would recommend? Definitely!
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This book shot to my top favorite reads for this year! It is full of heart, romance, quirkiness, hilarious and just the right amount of snark and bite. Thank you Disney-Hyperion and NetGalley for providng me an egalley copy in exchange for an honest review.

Life is real enough for Dylan, especially as the ordinary younger sister of Dusty, former Miss Mississippi and the most perfect, popular girl in Tupelo. But when Dusty wins the hand of the handsome Scottish laird-to-be Ronan on the TRC television network's crown jewel, Prince in Disguise, Dylan has to face a different kind of reality: reality TV. As the camera crew whisks them off to Scotland to film the lead-up to the wedding, camera-shy Dylan is front and center as Dusty's maid of honor. The producers are full of surprises-including old family secrets, long-lost relatives, and a hostile future mother-in-law who thinks Dusty and Dylan's family isn't good enough for her only son. At least there's Jamie, an adorably bookish groomsman who might just be the perfect antidote to all Dylan's stress...if she just can keep TRC from turning her into the next reality-show sensation.

I am normally not into books that put romance up front, but I was genuinely surprised how well the romance and the rest of everyones story balanced out. Jamie has become my new book boyfriend (Stand in an orderly line to fight me for him) and his wit and charm will sweep everyone off their feet. When I began the first few pages, I was confused because it seemed like there might have been a previous book on the Leigh sisters and Dylan's best friend, Heaven. But a chapter or so later everything started to come together and I realized this is the first book (standalone I believe). 

Dylan is a very likable and relateable 16 year old girl who just does not want to be in her older sisters, Dusty, shadow. She wants to be left alone and out of camera and America's sights. Dusty was roped into expanding her reality tv experience much to Dylan's distaste. After being flown off to Scotland on her own for Dusty's upcoming nuptials, Dylan meets Jamie under funny circumstances. Throughout the story we meet a slew of interesting and hilarious characters. The dynamic between the two sisters are interesting and sometimes the flow is a little clunky, but comes together well in the end. You'll laugh and cry and will want more of these characters after this book. Prince in Disguise releases December 19, 2017. Perfect timing for the Holiday season.
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Disney published this book, and although the Disney references were spot on, it felt a little obvious to me. This story is fluff, and that's okay. But, it made me think that this was possibly going to be made as a Disney Channel movie, but then they decided to make it a book instead. Dylan is the overshadowed younger sister who gets dragged to Scotland when her sister is on a reality show. A little over half of this book is filled with the typical mean girl, sister angsty teenage drama. The last part though almost redeemed itself with me. I think if you are a teen who loves The Bachelor and is a Disney fan you'll find this light and funny. It has many cute moments and I did love the ending. 

Verdict- borrow

Two stars because I liked her more by the end.
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I started reading this and then skimmed to the end. It is cute and has its moments, but this was too fluffy for my tastes.
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A great rom-com about reality shows and finding one's prince. 


Dylan's perfect older sister was part of a successful reality show where she unknowingly fell in love with a lord from Scotland. Now she's about to get married, the family needs to spend a too long a time in his estate back in Scotland, being filmed for a special follow-up. And the big house comes with all the clichés, secret passageways, mean mother-in-law, and cute boy with a British accent. Maybe it's not going to be so bad for Dylan having to live with cameramen following her all around after all.

I was so happy to be able to read another work by Strohm so soon! Her quirky style had left me wanting more after finishing The Date to Save. Perhaps, my higher expectations this time made feel Prince in Disguise wasn't as entertaining, but I'll still say this: it's a great book. Back to Strohm's style, I appreciate how she doesn't go for a surprise with her plot but with the focus she'll give in the story.

So, what I really liked in this one book was, first, the characters. Most of them were very well constructed. Some did seem to act a bit with a clear purpose, like Dylan's mother and Jamie's mother, for them I didn't see enough depth. I should also add her best friend Heaven, she was funny but again because the writer wrote her in to be funny. But those with actual depth were really lovely. Even Ronan, Dylan's soon-to-be brother-in-law, who didn't do much during the book, showed to have an interesting personality. Dylan's sister Dusty spent most of the book just being a nasty but perfect older sister, but got me in the later half, she was great! I almost wish we had a prequel to see her falling in love with Ronan. Their backstory was so subtly entwined with this one I would believe if anyone told me Prince in Disguise is actually the sequel, it's like all that had really happened.

Now onto the main characters, Dylan and Jamie were the romance that I thought had failed in The Date to Save. They were just so cute together Dylan and I both thought it was too good to be true. But was it? That's the main question in the book for me.

Which brings me to my real issue with the book, we had such a nice mystery to solve but not enough thrill surrounding it. As a result this great story lost rhythm after the first half and dragged a lot. If Strohm wasn't so good at presenting different aspects of a situation, especially in this case with the schemes from the reality show production trying to control Dylan's impulsiveness, I'm not sure this would have earned as many stars from me.

Talking about the reality show, bonus points for being able to shine a new light on what could have been the dullest cliché. To be honest, I was ready to be bored by it and instead this plot saved the second half, in my opinion. 

It seems when I want a funny contemporary YA, Strohm is turning out to be a go-to author.
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Prince in Disguise is a good, sweet, fluffy romance that was a great read in the lead up to Christmas. Dylan is the younger sister of Dusty, the winner of the titular show, who is now preparing for her wedding to Ronan (who, actually, is a Lord, but still...). Roped into the filmed special about the wedding, Dylan goes to Scotland for the Christmas Eve wedding and finds that, while a lot of what she feared about having a camera in her face 24/7 is true, there are some benefits to being there too.

The setting being in Scotland, I liked the mysterious castle that belongs to Ronan's family and the description of the Atholm Arms, the local pub. I might have appreciated a bit more description of the landscape and what have you, but considering it was the middle of winter and shortly after Dylan arrives and it snows heavily, I'm not terribly upset, especially since this weather did lead to some fun dates.

Dusty meets Jamie, a groomsmen of Ronan, who turns out to be a great friend and, eventually, date material. Not quite sure I'd say boyfriend, but romantic interest for sure. Bonding over their dislike of being filmed constantly, their friendliness grows. Jamie is a boon for Dylan, with his constant quotes and sense of adventure. Exploring the castle, secret passages included, is a relieving activity, considering they have to deal with Florence, Ronan's mother and Dusty's #1 fan (HAH! Not really...), and Pamela, the coordinator of the show who DOES NOT CARE about anyone unless there's value to the show and even then she's a horrible person. I get that she has a show to create, but I didn't get a good sense of her humanity, if it exists. These two were easily the "villains" of the piece, what with their behavior and the shenanigans they orchestrate/get up to.

Dylan has a strong family and you can really see it. Dusty and her aren't the closest siblings for two reasons: Dusty is a bit older than Dylan (ten years at least is my guess) and they're interested in different things. Dusty was a pageant princess and is more interested in all the accompanying activities and Dylan is interested in running and eating (food challenges, etc.). Their mother, who raised them mostly on her own, is doing the best she can in the scope of reality t.v. and even with that hovering over their shoulders, she has her Mama moments when you see the kind of person she is off-camera.

One of my favorite things about the book was that, while there was a romance for Dylan, it wasn't a forced instalove situation. Both she and Jamie do mention that they could love each other, and they certainly like each other quite a bit, but they never have one of those over-the-top I Love You scenes. I think it would have been one step too many for their budding relationship. It's not certain whether these two sixteen-year-olds will stay together at the conclusion of the story, primarily because they live on separate continents, the way in which the final page ends is hopeful and I like to think they do.

The big "twist" in the book was not quite obvious; I think I figured it out about half way through, but up to that point I will say that I didn't suspect it. It was kind of an "oh s*&$" moment when I realized where the story was going and I was excited to get to it, rather than realizing what it was and being disappointed. There was also one other small "twist" that I thought was well written, particularly when we got to see the main cast and others reacting to it, Dylan's keeping it a secret, and then the reveal, both to Dylan's family and the show's staff.

All in all, this was a fast read I would recommend for when you'd like a fluffy read. It was relaxing and easy to sink into. The only thing I might have liked a bit more would be seeing Ronan more, but as this was Dylan's story more than Dusty and Ronan's, I was happy with the glimpses we got. The reality show process cannot be easy and while I might not like the majority of them in real life, reading about Dylan's experience made it obvious on the page that there are real people behind these cameras, these personas that the network wants to create. Whether they're good or not is another story, of course, but in this instance, Dylan and Jamie and their families were wonderful. Funny, caring, intelligent, and sometimes unexpected.

What a great way to spend Christmas: at a castle in Scotland or, at least, reading about it. :)
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 I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review. 

Dylan just wants to be a normal 16 yr old and live her life in the shadows. But her sisters rise in reality stardom throws her into the spotlight. Meeting her undercover royal fiancé Ronan on a show called Prince in Disguise has led to Dylans sister Dusty being on another show. 'Count Down to the Crown' will feature Dylan and her family meeting Ronan's family and planning the wedding in Scotland. The last thing Dylan wants to do is be on camera so she plans to be as boring as possible. Things don't go quite the way she hopes. Her unexpected romance with Ronan's friend Jamie keeps the cameras on her at all times. 
You'll just have to read the book to see what happens. 

This book was well written. With this storyline it could have easily gotten super cheesy but it didn't. Dylan is a well rounded character with insecurities and family drama. I loved all of the literary references, especially the Harry Potter ones. I really enjoyed the setting of this book. All of the historical details and secret passageways. It definitely made me want to got to a Scottish castle. 
4/5 ⭐
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