The Toilet Papers: Places to Go, While you Go

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 06 Oct 2017

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This was an amazing compilation of short stories. The stories were  very diverse and captivating. A must read.
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The title says it all. A fun book of shorts to keep your mind occupied when,well, you know.
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Thought it could be entertaining but I just can't take that much talk about other people's poop
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This is a series of short stories which are for all intense and purposes, expected to be read on the toilet. I didn’t do this, though I did try and read at least one story a day. As with any short story collection, there were some I enjoyed and some I hated, I’d say there were a few less in here that I enjoyed than what I’d have expected though.

Maybe some of these stories are more a males cup of tea? Since they stereotypically spend a lot more time on the toilet than us women?

I still think this is a fantastic idea for a story collection, and would at the very least make for a fantastic gift for people to add to their own bathrooms and toilets.
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It seems like every guy I know loves hanging out in the bathroom which is a phenomena I don’t understand. Doesn’t your butt and leg muscles begin to hurt at some point being in that position on a hard surface?

For those that answer “NO” to that question and have been deemed to need to start paying rent for the amount of time they spend in the bathroom then THIS is the perfect gift for them.

Surprisingly humorous and well written for a book that is essentially designed to be read while hanging out half naked baring your most private body parts. This is probably a good place to read it because some of the humor will have you laughing so hard you’ll be glad for the position you’re already in so there’s no worry about your body’s reaction to suddenly going into spasms and emptying itself.

I liked the wide variety of stories in here because even if you don’t like one you will surely find something to keep you coming back.

It’s definitely one of those great stocking stuffers, the gift you get for the person you don’t know what to buy for or that roommate who already spends so much time in the bathroom at least this way it’ll give you peace of mind what they’re doing in there.
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Do you ever read on the toilet? Although I usually read wherever I can, the toilet is not among my common reading locations. I know, I know, who I'm interested in those details,  that's pretty intimate stuff ... I agree, and I'm sure I would never have this theme on my mind if the author, Jaimie Engle ,did not get the idea of writing a book (more precisely, merging numerous short stories in one place)that everyone would want to have by their side in the case of an emergency (toilet-emergency, so that there would be no confusion).
I have to admit that the title and description of the book really intrigued me, to the extent that I decided to push this book to the very top of my list of titles awaiting reading. The idea of stories intended for reading on the toilet, though quite unconventional, or perhaps for that very reason, was so humorous and fun and I really felt that it would be a great material for a light summer reading. Maybe not some high-quality material, but  striking and fun, something we all need from time to time.
So, „The Toilet Papers: Places to Go. While you Go“ is a short book, divided into three very interesting chapters: Number One, Number Two and a more complex chapter with equally complex stories called Farfrompoopin (Intended, I suppose, for those cases when you stay longer on the toilet). Again, it seemed to me like a genius idea. But ... You could already smell the „but“, right?
Maybe the problem was in me. I rarely like short stories to the extent that I like numerous longer books. Sometimes it is difficult to get close to the characters, enjoy the action, and sometimes it's just about stories where the action is almost gone, and the characters just seem to disappear and there is nothing that could keep you in touch with the story.
I admit, maybe my problem was that I did not read these stories in the toilet, but in the whole book I did not succeed in finding a story that I could relate myself to, and that was something I expected.
There are really a lot of stories here, from dark horror stories, stories from other worlds, from other planets and galaxies, from the future and the past, indeed  something for everyone... But ... There was no soul in them... And isn't  that the thing we are looking for in the stories we read?!
It seems that sometimes the gap between the good idea and its realization is quite large, and for me this was the case with this book. I would still buy her as an interesting gift to a friend who spent a lot of time in the toilet and had a really big collection of toilet literature, but I would not discuss the quality and content further. Perhaps this booklet would be a hit for many, but it failed in turning me  into a toilet-reader.
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Now this is a novel idea for a book - a selection of short stories of various lengths, to peruse whilst you are using the toilet! There are stories of less than 1,000 words, longer ones at 5,000 words, and ones somewhere in the middle, depending on how long you intend to be hidden away in the bathroom! This is a fun idea for a stocking filler-type gift, or just a quirky gift to give someone for no reason other than 'just because'. Although the idea is great, I did not find the stories were that well written, and some were a little baffling. Some easier to read than others, but on the whole they weren't stories that I really enjoyed. A great idea, but execution not so good unfortunately.
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