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This book was not for me, 
It was a little to sappy but it wasnt very long so I enjoyed the quiet reading I had for an hour.

I do know someone who will love it so it is on my gift list
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In the world of mafia where everyone and everything is in danger and the head of the family has a million and one responsiblities. Because once he has a family, it's not just him anymore.
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I voluntarily read this advanced readers copy of this book.  Strong characters and great story line.  I so can't wait to read the next book of this series and go back and read the first five to get caught up.  Blake has finally resided to make Elizabeth his, but someone has taken her in a home invasion before he can tell her how he feels.  But is he willing to risk it all to get her back?
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I really enjoy this series and am hooked. This family is special and in this book Blake will need his sons and daughter to help save the woman he loves. It also gives the background on the men when they were just boys and Emily and Trent. You learn more about his first marriage and some of it will be a complete shocker

I gave this a three because the book I was given as an ARC did not state that this was an uncorrected proof. It seemed to be in final format, and simply had too many errors. If or when I receive a published book, and it is fixed I will adjust my rating.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Senator Blake Hamilton received several notes requesting him to move  his vote other direction.Because he did do what they asked they kidnapp Elisabeth.He pulled his team(his family) to help him rescue his future wife from kidnappers.When Senator Blake Hamilton  see who his children work well together he is so proud.The book is amazing.When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Keep up the good work.I received an ARC from NetGalley for honest review.
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4.5 Stars 

His Family is a fast paced, romantic suspense novella and the sixth title in the HIS series. 

I wasn't sure what to expect with Blake's story, he's never been a real central character in the series, rather more appearing as a cameo character within the other titles. 

I must say that I loved this story it was intriguing, full of romance, drama and suspense it didn't dissapoint. Through Blake's story, readers will discover more of his past, and the events that led up to Trent's birth, and ties in nicely with the previous title in the series. 

I love the chemistry, connection and sense of family, and the dynamic that this series, and the Hamilton siblings seem to exemplify. 

I cannot wait for the next title in this engaging, entertaining and well written series.
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This is the sixth book in the series and is Blake and Elizabeth story it sucked me in right from the start really well written a fantastic addition to the series.This was a really sweet read a fantastic romance and i just loved it and would recommend.
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His Family is a nice little romantic suspense tinged with sweetness. Senator Blake Hamilton is finally going to propose to the love of his life. But, first, he has to get her back from her kidnappers. To do that, he'll need his sons' help (and daughter and daughters-in-law) and their HIS organization.

I really liked this novella. I haven't read any of the other books in this series, but it was easy to pick up on all the relevant issues and figure out what was going on. Blake and Elizabeth are easy to like, even once Blake revealed some of the secrets of his past, secrets that could have easily ruined their relationship. They have a smokin' chemistry, one that can't be rivaled by younger people in their 20s and 30s. There's a lot to be said for people in their 40s and 50s. Experience is sexy, and Blake and Elizabeth wear that experience well.

If you like your romantic suspense with steamy chemistry and heavy on good old fashioned family love, then I highly recommend His Family. I definitely plan on reading the rest of this series now!
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Blake, the man who created the family of  "HIS"  has gathered everyone together, and the siblings aren’t sure why. Senator Hamilton is powerful, he’s been standoffish, and he has an illegitimate son, Trent, who he didn’t claim until very recently. He is finally open to explore his future.. The woman he loves and wants to marry, the woman he brought the family together to meet, has been kidnapped. Blake is going to need the help of his kids and HIS to save the woman he loves. I like big family series such as this one. I enjoyed this well written, action packed book.
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'His Family' by Sheila Kell is book Six in the "His" series.  This is the story of Blake and Elizabeth.  
In addition know that this is a Novella with about 107 pages. 
I haven't yet read the other books in this series (but plan too soon after enjoying this one!). So for me this was a standalone book. 
Blake is wanting to introduce Elizabeth to his kids but a home invasion changes that ..now he needs help from his kids to get his women back.  
This was a very enjoyable quick read.  This is my first book by Ms. Kell and I look forward to finding more books in this series to read!
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A fantastic romance 

I received a free copy of this book and loved it SO MUCH, I purchased a copy.

Nothing like starting a series at book 6 BUT with the characters were older like me attracted me as a reader. This was enchanting as a book. I truly loved it and couldn't put it down. I will definitely have to go back and read the rest of the series. The characters and plot were so well developed that I hated to see it end.

I highly recommend this book to anyone
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In HIS FAMILY, you will learn that Sheila Kell knows how to keep the R in romance until the very last sentence.

Everyone needs assistance sometimes. Even a high-power US Senator. But, in Blake Hamilton case help may come sooner than later. When he received several notes requesting him to swing his vote; one he didn’t take the notes seriously and two he didn’t know the issue that this person what him to vote for or against.

When on a special weekend away with his family. Where he would introduce them to Elizabeth the woman who completes him in all ways. But with one home invasion, and the love of his life taken. One vacation turns into work for the HIS group, but this time it becomes personal when their father hires them to find and extract Elizabeth the woman he decided to claim forever.

HIS FAMILY is book six of the HIS Series written by Sheila Kell. This book like all the others is standalone with an HEA.

HIS FAMILY is right on par with the other books in this series. With a fun-loving adventure and great chemistry between the two main characters. Plus, the question of what happened in his marriage that made Blake forsake his vows is answered.

HIS FAMILY was a great read from start to finish. It was nice to see what the Hamilton children were like as children even though it was short lived.

HIS FAMILY I will recommend to anyone who loves romantic suspense. HIS FAMILY was only 107 pages long but well worth the time it takes to go on another adventure with the Hamiltons.
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This is the 6th book in the His series.  It's a fun quick novella that ties the whole family together.  Here you get some history about the Hamilton family from Dad, Blake, as well as a suspenseful read.  Senator Hamilton has finally found a woman that he loves enough to marry again, Elizabeth Page.  He has a grand weekend planned with the family for her to meet them and to propose.  However someone has other plans for them, and throws a wrench in those works.
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His Family was a short, sweet read about the head of the family Blake Hamilton. I loved the way the story started with a flashback from when the kids were young. Many questions are answered and it was great to see Blake find love again. The story is full of suspense, love, action, and drama. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of his book in exchange for an honest review from the Publisher through Netgalley & the Author
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This novella finishes off a long series focused around the Hamilton family.

Blake and Elizabeth are a 50s couple, moving towards marrriage.  I've seen this happening a little more in romance fiction: a romantic set up between older people and it's been kind of sweet.

Anyway, Blake's enemies break in and kidnap Elizabeth, this setting up an opportunity for his grown children to come to the rescue, and let the readers see that a 50-something man has still "got it going on".  

This was a great novella that nicely wrapped up the story of the Hamiltons.
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I really tried with this, I just couldn't get in too it,
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I really like this series very much. Each book gets better each time. Has a great storyline with a fantastic characters around it which makes this series so fab. Really do like this book and author. Well done Sheila Kell. Would recommend
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Quick and easy read.  My copy needed an edit, but it was still a good romantic suspense.  My favorite part was the prologue that flashed back to when his children were still young and he was eavesdropping on their conversations.  I greatly enjoy this series.

This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion
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